Two Dollar Click Review – Too Many Complaints

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Product name: Two dollar click

Product owner: Unknown


Price: Free, Membership packages for $19.95 and $39.95

Verdict: Scam


Two Dollar Click is a relatively new site that has been around since 2011. The program is though new but in fact it copies other sites and is promoting the same opportunity.

Two Dollar Click claims that you can make $100 a day by simply clicking on ads and you choose how many ads you want to click on which means the amount of money you can make is unlimited.

They claim that they have over 2 million active members and so far they have paid out over 13 million dollars in commissions. They even promise that you can make $2000 a week.

Two Dollar Click has a lot of complaints and is not recommended for a number of reasons I’m going to explain below.




Pros of Two Dollar Click

  • None


Cons of Two Dollar Click

  • False promises
  • Unrealistic claims
  • No support
  • No payouts
  • Two upsells inside members area
  • Fake statistics


Inside the program

Nothing new

First off, Two Dollar Click is not the first program that promotes this type of fake opportunity. Among programs that promise you to make tons of money by clicking on ads or links are numerous programs and all of them have one thing in common: they never deliver on their promises.

Among such programs are link posting scams, “per refer link job” scams and banner click scams. All these programs have a lot of complaints because their unrealistic claims and false promises predetermine their fate.


No support

There is no support which is very normal for programs like Two Dollar Click. The only way to contact the owners of this “amazing” program is by email and even then you won’t get any reply from them.

If you watch a couple videos about this program on YouTube and read comments under those videos you will notice that many people complain of being unable to get any reply from the owners of Two Dollar Click. I think the overall value of this program is no more than $2.


You clicked the wrong number!

Once you get access to the members area you will be given an opportunity to click on ads and make as much money as you want 🙂






There are different types of ads there, ranging from $2 to $8 per click. They promise that you can view ads for 30 seconds, click on ads and make money. So, you click and it takes you to another pretty similar site or page with tons of ads and products, and the numbers you need to click on, an endless process…





I did it and I earned $2. Awesome. But when I clicked on the next number I got this message again and again and finally I closed the window. And it can’t be otherwise because no one is going to pay you for clicking ads or links. It’s a total waste of time.



There is a catch

But there is a catch inside the members area. If you click on the account overview you will see a red banner that says: You Are Not Earning At Your Full Potential!





That’s the aha moment when you think that you will buy some more membership packages and start making money. That’s just a dream.

The catch is as follows: once you get access to your free account you will see a few ads you can click on and in order to make more money you need to upgrade your account to see more “useless” ads that will make you more money.

And some people unfortunately buy these membership packages and of course they never get their money back. There are two membership packages, Golden monthly and Ultimate monthly.

Golden monthly ranges from $19.95 (one month) to $119 (6 months) and Ultimate monthly from $39.95 (one month) to $239 (6 months).

They also offer you to buy referrals from $10 (10 referrals) up to 500 referrals ($500). As you can see, Two Dollar Click system is designed in a way to empty your wallet. Total BS in my opinion.





More upsells

When you click on “view ads” it takes you to another page with numerous ads and sometimes you are offered some products like MOBE that is in my scam list. In short, Two Dollar Click system is not going to help you make money. It’s completely designed to make money off of you instead of helping you.




How Does Two Dollar Click make money?

Generally speaking, sites like Two Dollar Click earn money from advertisers who pay them for getting their ads to click on. They promise advertisers to send them targeted traffic while in fact this kind of traffic is never targeted because people like you are never interested in buying the stuff.

You just want to click on ads and leave the site in order to get paid. A total waste of time. But Two Dollar Click is most likely getting paid by advertisers and should theoretically pay you from their earnings, but in reality they don’t pay you anything.


Will you get paid?

Another major problem with Two Dollar Click system is that you can’t cash out whenever you want. You must wait until you reach $1000 threshold which is pretty annoying and dishonest in my opinion. Are you really willing to put so much effort and time without any guarantee that you will be paid at the end of this time consuming and boring process?


How to get paid fast?

When you join as a free member you get access to only $2 ads and of course most people will want to earn money fast and that’s why they buy membership packages thinking that this way they will be able to reach the payout threshold fast. But they don’t even realize that they will neither get paid by Two Dollar Click nor get their invested money back.


Payment proof

Their payment proof page looks like this. Take a look at it and ask yourself: does it look trustworthy? I don’t see any payment proof from Paypal or Payza. This page doesn’t look like a page that belongs to a company that makes or pays out millions of dollars to millions of their active members.





Tons of complaints

Finally, there are many complaints about Two Dollar Click on the web which proves that the program is a complete waste of time and money. You can read a few complaints below to get an idea of what Two Dollar Click is all about but if you continue your search you will find tons of complaints on social media sites, YouTube and other sites.

Sites that have a lot of complaints about Two Dollar

Web of Trust










Final word on Two Dollar Click

Two Dollar Click is a total disappointment and waste of time and money:

  1. No payouts
  2. Many upsells inside members area
  3. No support
  4. Many complaints
  5. Fake statistics
  6. Unrealistic claims



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  1. maria says:

    im a member of 2dollar but i cant find the site i type twodollarclick but i end up with sites like yours but not 2 dollarclick has it changed http if so can you send it to me it seems i cant reach the site can you reply

  2. Syed Saad Ali Qazi says:

    I have only 22 “Click links” left. What should I do to get more “Click links” ……. Please reply me as hurry as you can

    • Rufat says:

      I’m not affiliated with Two Dollar Click. So, I don’t know. You should ask from Two Dollar Click support team.

  3. duy says:

    I do not know if you have been cheated or not but I have received money from twodollarclick if you do not, then contact me by mail I will show you evidence (

    • Rufat says:

      If you received money from Two Dollar Click that’s a great news. I’m happy for you. But there are many complaints and many others have not been paid. So, if you have success with it then stick to the program. I’m not going to change my opinion because I can’t confidently recommend this program to others. In order to make my review positive there should be a good number of positive feedbacks. I don’t see it unfortunately.

  4. Reneea says:

    There are just too many scam artist out there. There are people who get up in the morning and plan how they are going to scam people out of their money. As consumers, we have to be vigilant and scrutinize every offer that is out there. I have personal dealings with WA and I can say that there isn’t another program out there like this Two Dollar Click

    • Rufat says:

      Exactly. We definitely need to investigate a program before joining it and if we do a proper research I believe we can save ourselves from falling for scams such as Two Dollar Click and the like.

  5. Michel says:

    I agree with your review and never even look at sites like this anymore. They are designed to snag internet newbies who are in a hurry to make money online.

    Problem is that nobody will smell a fish until it is too late. I have made plenty of mistakes like this in the past, but I am now focuses on building my own online business, which is a far better use of time and money.

    • Rufat says:

      Absolutely agree with you Michel. Most of MMO programs are a total waste of time and money and they exhaust our efforts in the wrong direction. Like you I did a lot of mistakes in the past and fortunately, I finally found the right program and now trying to help others.

  6. Riaz Shah says:

    Hello again Rufat,
    The name itself is rather misleading, 2 dollar click? Am I supposed to earn $2 from a click? It sounds like something I should watch out for, so glad you did a review on it instead.

    That $1,000 threshold is really annoying. Speaking from experience, that will take a few months if you’re new to Internet marketing and it really a dirty tactic they use to make people join. I hope they burn in hell these scammers.

    • Rufat says:

      Yes, this program is a waste of money at worst and is a waste of time at best. In reality making money is a long process that takes time and effort while these scammer behind 2 dollar click make it looking so easy.

  7. Tim says:

    What an absolute scam, you have to reach $1000 before you can withdraw!! What the hell… no one will ever reach that since this whole thing is clearly just a run around.

    Things like this make my blood boil. They promise people the world and deliver the most useless rubbish you ever laid eyes on.

    Thanks for reviewing and sharing this.

    • Rufat says:

      I absolutely agree with you Tim. You have to wait forever in order to withdraw your money and there is no even guarantee that you can withdraw because many people can’t. I think you are right. The program is a waste of time and effort and there are many other similar programs you can use to make some extra cash.

    • mina says:

      its possibe cause i made $322 in like 4 hours but dang scams

    • Rufat says:

      I don’t how you made $322 in 4 hours but I can only say that I found a lot of complaints about Two Dollar Click. So, I still believe that this program is a waste of time. If you’re happy with it I wish you luck.

  8. Christian says:

    At first glance, my first thought was that this site very much so reminded me of My Advertising pays, and it just didn’t make sense. You have to pay in, to ultimately get paid, and also, you have to create a lifestyle of clicking those ads. People aren’t going to do that, that’s an outright scam. Stay away.

    • Rufat says:

      Yes, it’s very similar to My advertising Pays. This is basically an advertising and revenue sharing site where you buy ad packs, i.e. become a seller of advertising space and simply make money until the site is taken down. There is also another program called Traffic Monsoon that is doing the same business. The difference from the first two sites, i.e. two dollar click and my advertising pays is that Traffic Monsoon is a much better alternative where you can make money and there are very few complaints online. When it comes to My advertising pays and Two dollar click, there are many complaints and huge red flags. That’s why I think it would be safe to stay away form the first two programs.

  9. Holly says:

    Hi Rufat,

    This type of online scam is complete rubbish and I still find it hard to believe that people are convinced by such claims that you will earn thousands a month. Come on really? There are legitimate programs out there where you can work from home and earn money but they are unfortunately very few and far between – either way you still have to work relatively hard. If you want your own business and have the potential freedom and lifestyle this can provide you must accept the fact that it won’t happen overnight. Fact.

    Thanks for another insightful post Rufat!

    Merry Christmas!


    • Rufat says:

      Like you say, there are tons of programs and it all depends on what you want from your online efforts. If you want to make some extra cash, there are programs like Inbox Dollar or SwagBucks. If you want to make a full time online income it’s possible too and there are programs like Wealthy Affiliate or Chris Farrell that can help you in that. When it comes to Two Dollar Click, this program applies to none of this because they simply don’t give you a real opportunity to make money online. Instead they are scamming people out of their hard earned money. This is a shame. In any case, you have to work relatively hard in order to make money. No work, no effort means no money. Plain and simple.

  10. Stanley says:


    Once again, thank you thank you so much for sharing and keep writing on these scammers and expose them so that more and more readers will know about them. Definitely you have gain an authority and recognized in this field of writing articles regarding scammers. I see an alert for this business. Good job and well done.

    • Rufat says:

      Yes, you are right. There is an alert for this business and this is a big read flag. This alert comes from organization and this is really bad which means that Two Dollar Click is absolutely useless program in my opinion. And there are many reasons why there is an alert for this program. They don’t make payouts, many complaints, many upsells, fake statistics, no real support. I think it’s the combination of all this that made BBB report about this program.


      sir my name is faisal .this site fake or real just thinking

    • Rufat says:

      My research shows that this site is not a good option to make extra money. I wouldn’t recommend it. But it’s up to you. If you want to try it do it.

  11. christian wijaya says:

    HI Rufat, thanks for saving us money. you are definitely good people. Although I have never heard about two dollars click, but I believe in your article. I can feel that you have bad experience also with two dollars click. I am wondering why there are many peoples recently want to make scam programs ? is this really good money? what do you think?

    • Rufat says:

      I think the only reason people like those who create programs such as Two Dollar Click do so for the sake of making quick money, but they simply don’t realize that money can’t be made continuously this way. Because once you start scamming people, bloggers like me start to review your program and within a short time internet gets filled with hundreds of negative reviews and it becomes an obvious fact that your program is scamming out honest people. In this particular case if you take a look at Two dollar click program you will realize that the program is out of reality due to its unrealistic and dishonest approach. I really never understand why people scam others instead of providing them with a quality program and support because in this case they make money ethically in the long run. I think complaints that I’ve found about Two Dollar Click is a clear indication that this program is not worth our time or effort.

  12. Neil says:

    I have heard of Two Dollar Click before, and it certainly has never appealed to me! Now I know why, after discovering the program is a scam!

    I don’t know how scams like this can get away with making false claims of easily making so much money because if it were true, we would all be making a lot of money online each day.

    Thanks for a great review, and the Two Dollar Click program really does suck! LOL.


    • Rufat says:

      Hi Neil. Absolutely agree with you. These two dollars or 5 dollars click programs come and go very fast because they simply can’t survive on the market. People are not as stupid as the people who stand behind these programs might be thinking. If you claim to pay for clicking and then don’t keep your promise, this gets known very fast on the internet. It looks like, these two dollars click creators don’t realize it and that’s why they disappear so fast. I think no payouts and fake statistics are the main killers of this program.

  13. Damebay says:

    I am very thankful to you for writing this review. I have been scammed many times, and have been taken for a lot of money.
    This is another site that will be added to my list of scam sites.
    I am involved with a great program right now, Wealthy Affiliate, which I think is the most honest and sincere teaching program on the internet today.
    You have done a great job, and I’m thinking you have helped a lot of people.

    Thanks again
    All The Best

    • Rufat says:

      You are not alone Alonzo. Many people have been scammed and myself too. Programs like Two Dollar Click are unethical and simply terrible because they provide zero value and shamelessly scam honest people. Like you I came across WA and since that time I have been feeling happy because I have my own business and I know how to spot scams now. I already helped some people and they are now on the right truck and building their business.

  14. Elma says:

    Hi, Rufat!

    I like your two dollar review, and you mention My advertising pays. I have tried it about a year ago and of course, it was a waste of money, but there are mistakes we have to learn from this was mine, or one of them.

    It is easy to read and understand, good work I hope a

    lot of people will read it.

    Wish you luck with your site.


    • Rufat says:

      It’s really great that you share you want to share your experience with my readers and I think this way my review will be more convincing. It’s not surprising at all that you’ve wasted your time with that program because they neither teach people how to build a real business online nor they provide a real opportunity to make real money. We all use internet in order to build a business that will replace our regular income over time and we don’t need to waste our time doing things for which we will be paid pennies.

  15. Erik says:

    HI Rufat.
    I’m really glad you wrote this review. People often go to similar sites with a goal to earn some money but they only get abused… That’s why I think it’s important to uncover that kind of sites and business. There are way too many scams online. Good work

    • Rufat says:

      BTW, there are tons of legit paid to click sites that can make you some money but they can never help you replace your regular job income. This one is of course a time waster.

  16. Richard says:

    What a blatant scam! It is hard to believe that people would pay the large sums you talk about in order to upgrade. As with so many scams they know how to lure people into thinking they can get rich fast! I’m so glad there are people like you to warn others about these kinds of sites. I too have fallen for a couple of programs that were a waste of money. I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate now. This is a real program with real support from a great community! You have a review on your website about this program. I would encourage your reader to definitely check out this legit opportunity and they will see for themselves. Keep up the great advise on how to avoid the scams that are so prevalant on the web these days. . Best wishes, Richard

    • Rufat says:

      It’s really hard to imagine that some people still fall for this scam, spend their hard earned money and get nothing in return. These guys know how to lure people and the worst thing is that compared to other legit PTC sites this one doesn’t even pays his members which is really bad. Just imagine that people do some work, spend their time and money and instead they get scammed. There are some legit PTC programs such as Linkbucks and you can earn some money but you shouldn’t expect a lot from it. For those that are looking for something more realistic in terms of earnings I can recommend a program that is given at the end of my review. Thank you for encouraging my readers to check out WA that is well worth the time and money.

  17. Hillbilly Vapor says:

    Thank for the helpful information.
    This should help a lot of people from getting scammed.

    Hillbilly Vapor

  18. Chris says:

    It’s simple math at the end of the day – I have been an ultimate member of Neobux for several years and they are the ONLY PTC site worth joining. The whole point of the PTC business is to be sustainable – the only way you can be sustainable is offering no more than $0.01 a click ( simple maths! ). ANY site that offers more than this will be out of business within six months taking it’s members money with them!

    • Rufat says:

      Thank you Chris for leaving a comment here. Always love getting comments form people with real life experience. If you have been a member of PTC site for several years I think this means a lot and I’m sure you haven’t become rich yet. I have never heard about Neobux, but I know about Linkbucks and Clixsense that are legit PTC sites. Yes, you can make some money through PTC, but the amount is so ridiculous and it’s so boring that I don’t believe someone will want to sit and click on the ads days long in order to make ends meet because this is exactly what you can expect from PTC programs. Recently I investigated a PTC site called Linkbucks and according to my estimation I should get 10.000 clicks to make $10. Can you imagine this? I think this opportunity is not for me, but maybe in the future I will take advantage of this opportunity in order to make some extra cash. As for Two Dollar Click it’s of course a waste of time because they don’t even pay for your clicks. Like you say, any site that offers more will be out of business and this exactly what happened to this program.

  19. Chloe says:

    Wow, this program sounds absolutely awful! I don’t understand how these people get away with scamming others for so long, I do wish there was more regulation.
    Unfortunately, because there are so many people out there that are looking to earn some extra money online, they get taken in by these scams.
    Thanks for the warning against this company. It’s one more for my list of scams!

    • Rufat says:

      I wonder too how programs like this can scam people for a long time but I know exactly that even if they scam people they are taken down very fast because of many complaints on the internet. Unfortunately, there is no any regulation when it comes to internet although I know that some scam program like Zeek Rewards were shut down by SEC (Security and Exchange Commission) because of some legal issues and some people are still trying to get their money back. People get taken by these scams like Two Dollar Click because they don’t want to admit the fact that making money online can’t be as an easy click process. It’s their own fault that get taken by these programs. I always try to warn people but only few take my advice and it’s because like you say they want quick money.

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