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Why people fall for internet scams

As an internet user and someone who has been involved in internet marketing for many years I’m very well aware of numerous internet scams that scam honest people out of their money every single day and the number of internet scams is continually increasing.

One of the most obvious reasons that people fall for these scams is because they honestly hope to find some real opportunity online that can help them make money.

But if you have no experience in internet marketing you can easily get scammed because of the deceptive marketing methods scammers use to lure people into buying their products.

There is no such a thing as internet police so you can report a particular internet scam and get their website shut down. If it was so easy then everyone would be safe from internet scams.

Though there are some sites such as:

you can use these sites only as a database of scam reports to browse through in order to find a report on a paricular company and by doing so you can save yourself from falling for an internet scam.


How to spot internet scams

There are a few obvious signs to keep in mind in order to easily spot internet scams.

  • If a program claims that you can easily make thousands of dollars it’s most likely a scam
  • If a program claims to show you a secret method to making tons of money it’s most likely a scam
  • If a program lures you into buying expensive packages in order to make more money it’s most likely a scam
  • If a program claims that if you can click a mouse you can make as much money as you want it’s most likely a scam
  • If a program claims to show you a secret that no one else knows to start getting free and massive traffic to your site it’s most likely a scam
  • If a program claims to give you a “done for you system” that will make you money on autopilot it’s most likely a scam
  • If a program claims to teach you how to make money at the push of a button (most of the time it’s a binary options trading program) it’s most likely a scam
  • If a program claims that you don’t need a website, you need only internet connection and you will be making 6 figure income it’s most likely a scam
  • If a program claims that you will be making thousands of $ by taking online surveys it’s most likely a scam though taking online surveys is not actually a scam


How to report internet scams

1. If you come across a program and find any of the signs mentioned above I ask you to leave your comments below on this page or contact me so I can review that program and give my verdict on it.

Don’t stay indifferent to internet scams because even if you haven’t been scammed by a particular program many others fall victims to internet scams.

Remember that you can stop it by a simple action such as sending me an email or leaving your comment here and asking me to do a proper research on a particular program. You will save other people from internet scams.

2. If you have been scammed by a particular program please leave your comment below on this page so other people can know that it’s a scam and I will do my research.

If a program has been already reviewed by me you can find it on my product review page. If not, I will let you know by email once my research has been done.


When you report internet scam please provide me with the following info:

  • The Name of the product/program
  • The amount of money you have been scammed out of by the program
  • Why you think you’ve been scammed
  • Website URL



How to avoid internet scams

If you want to be on the safe side, the best way is join the right program that is legit, reputable and whose reputation has been proven through years. I will list a few programs below that are the best ones on the web. All these programs are absolutely legit and reputable.

My # 1 Program – Wealthy Affiliate – Free to try (first 7 days) no credit card required.

How to make money with Wealthy Affiliate


Some other legit programs:

Bring the Fresh

Chris Farrell Membership – $4.95 – first week

Affilorama– $1 trial


Report an Internet Scam Below


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  1. Connie Hutton says:

    Please help i am a widow and need help making money at home.Which company is not a scam’

    • Rufat says:

      If you are looking for something real and legit take a look at my recommended programs above. They are certainly not scams and you actually can try some of them for free. So, you have nothing really to lose.

  2. SCAM BUSTER says:




    • Rufat says:

      Hi Scam Buster, you have a nice name BTW. Plus your English is poor. If you think I’m not honest then I ask YOU to be honest or otherwise you are going to look like a windbag. In all my reviews I always try to be honest and provide arguments. What are your arguments? If you are a man, not a windbag I do ask you and demand to provide your arguments. You have to prove that I’m not honest and I will be waiting for your reply.

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