Is iPAS 2 a Scam?

November 2, 2015 14 Comments


Product name: iPAS 2

Product owner: Chris Jones


Price: $7 trial and then $47 + highly overpriced upsells

Verdict: Not recommended


iPAS (internet prospect acceleration systems) is a relatively new and revolutionary system created by Chris Campbell and Chris Jones in 2011 in order to help people make money online or to be exact to make the whole process as easy as possible and automate the it so that even people with zero experience can take advantage of this amazing system.

No doubt that these guys have made a lot of money and though there are quite a few complaints about iPAS and many people call it a scam I still don’t want to use this definition here.

I tend to think that iPAS 2 is not a scam, but in my opinion, the product is not for everyone, it’s highly overpriced, it’s not the best product in the industry and it’s associated with some other poor products such as Prosperity Formula and Empower Network.

There are many reviews of iPAS 2 on the internet, all of which are different and it’s really hard to understand for an average internet user if it’s really a good opportunity or just another waste of time and based on my experience in internet marketing I’m going to make an extremely realistic review to help you make a well-informed and wise decision.



The main idea behind iPAS 2

iPAS 2 is an internet marketing course packed with expensive upsells designed to help you earn high commissions. The product does provide some good training material, online marketing tools, private coaching and support.

The product is not useless and you can learn some good stuff but the main problem with iPAS 2 is that the main idea of this program is about promoting Empower Network, buying expensive membership packages and then inviting other people to do the same so that you can earn high commissions.

That’s pretty much the idea of iPAS 2. It’s not different from many other similar products such as SFM or MOBE.


Pros of iPAS 2

  • Money back guarantee
  • Mediocre training material
  • Support


Cons of iPAS 2

  • Unrealistic claims and false promises about giving you the world for $7
  • Many highly overpriced upsells
  • Training videos are too long (40 minutes each)
  • iPAS 2 is closely tied to Empower Network that has tons of complaints on the internet
  • Requires spending a lot of money on paid advertising to drive traffic to your site
  • Quite a few complaints




Inside the program

iPAS 2 = Empower Network

When you join iPAS 2 you in fact are going to promote Empower Network that follows the same strategy. To be honest, Empower Network is considered to be one of the hottest scams on the internet and if you want to know more about this program you can read my review here.

I have over 200 reviews on my website and very few programs have been rated by me as scams. Empower Network technically is not a scam, but I added it to my scam list because of a high number of complaints.

That’s why, association of iPAS 2 with Empower Network is not a good sign for this program in my opinion.


Can you really get everything for $7?

When you watch iPAS 2 video presentation, Chris doesn’t give any info about his product. He only promises to give you his entire system for $7 and you don’t even know what you are going to do to make money online.

In fact, when you get access to iPAS 2 members area you will have to pay another $47, plus buy some other expensive products if you want to make money as much as promised by Chris. I think such an approach is misleading.






Though iPAS training material is good I think it’s a little annoying because all the videos are too long. In fact, each of their videos is 40 minutes long.




Selling high ticket items is not easy

The idea of iPAS 2 is pretty much the same like Empower Network or SFM. You have to buy expensive products in order to be able to promote them and earn high commissions. If you don’t buy their products you can’t promote them.

The idea of buying and then promoting high ticket items is for the sake of making high commissions only. Theoretically you can sell expensive products and make money and some people are making money this way.

But the truth is that it’s EXTREMELY difficult to sell high ticket items to people you don’t know and who don’t know you. It’s much easier to sell a product for $20 than for a $1000.

Companies that sell such products have sales funnels and your task is to send traffic through your website to their sales funnel and they will do the rest of the work for you.

Sounds great but doesn’t work as well or easy as you might be thinking or expecting. And this is our reality.

On of my e-friends have been a member to SFM and spent a few thousands of dollars on paid advertising (Facebook ads), sent a few thousands of visitors to SFM and they could only convert one visitor into a customer and my friend made a few hundred bucks.

This is a total bummer. And of course he left SFM completely frustrated. How do you feel if you spend a few thousands of dollars and make a few hundred bucks? Pretty much the same applies to any other similar program such as Empower Network or iPAS 2.


iPAS 2 membership

As I told you above, once you’ve become a member of iPAS 2 you will realize that in order to be successful with iPAS 2 you need to buy some other products. They have several types of membership: iPAS 2 Pro, Silver, Gold, Black, plus some other products.


iPAS 2 Product breakdown:

  • iPAS 2 Marketing System – $47 per month
  • 6 Figure Shortcuts – $97 one time payment


iPAS 2 Memberships:

  • iPAS 2 Basic – $47
  • iPAS 2 Pro – $144.95
  • iPAS 2 Silver – $644.95
  • iPAS 2 Gold – $1644.95
  • iPAS 2 Black – $5125

The question is: How to pay such amount of money for such an amazing membership? There is a simple solution. Chris recommends to take a loan from the bank. The question is: Are you ready for that?

I don’t think so. Another question is: Does iPAS guarantee success with their amazing system? The answer can be found on iPAS FAQ page. Take a look at the screenshot from iPAS website.




Here is a membership breakdown:

iPAS 2 Pro includes:

  • iPAS 2 Success System
  • Empower Network Viral Blogging System
  • Empower Network Inner Circle
  • iPAS 2 Mastery – coaching and support


iPAS 2 Silver includes:

  • iPAS Pro +
  • iPAS Mastery Coaching Course
  • Daily Live Training Webinars
  • Empower Network Blogging Academy
  • Support ( Online Chat, Phone call)
  • 50% commissions on iPAS2 trials, iPAS offers and upsells


iPAS 2 Gold

  • iPAS Pro and Silver +
  • iPAS Mastery Coaching Course


iPAS 2 All in Black

  • iPAS Pro and Silver, Gold +
  • iPAS Mastery Coaching Training Course
  • Black Membership Card (gives access to special live events and huge discounts on iPAS products and if someone buys black membership through you, you will earn $3000 commission)


iPAS 2 and reality

The main problem with iPAS 2 is that they are trying to sell you a shortcut to making money online while in reality it’s not going to work. Instead of building your own business in a niche that you have interest in you have to promote Empower Network.

Promoting a program is not a problem. The problem starts when you are taught to promote one single product for the sake of commission only. That’s why iPAS may be appealing only to people that don’t care about the product they promote.

The second problem starts when you start promoting what you are taught to promote by iPAS. In order to promote it you need to apply various methods such as free traffic through search engines, social media, youtube, email marketing and paid traffic through Facebook ads, PPC, CPV, solo ads. W

hen it comes to free methods, it takes time, most likely months, up to 1 to 2 years. When it comes to paid traffic, it takes time, effort and money. Paid advertising means that you will be spending money and there is no guarantee that you will make any money at all.

Since you are going to promote expensive products it will be extremely difficult to make a sale if at all. Before promoting their products you need to buy them first which means you spend thousands of dollars including paid advertising and you don’t even know when you make your first sale. Does it look appealing to you? To me not at all.


Final word on iPAS 2

My opinion about iPAS 2 is that it’s not a scam but I don’t recommend it either.

1. Chris makes false promises that he is going to give you a million dollar business which you can set up in 3 easy steps and he promises you a lot of money. Any program that promises a lot of money directly goes to my not recommended list of programs and I think it’s a fair approach.

2. You need to buy expensive products without any guarantee that you will make any money at all

3. You need to spend money on advertising

4. It’s associated with Empower Network, a program that has many complaints and you in fact have to promote it.

5. There are much better alternatives than iPAS 2 with more realistic approach, without false promises and for a much lower price.



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My name is Adam. I'm the founder of Your Income Advisor. My goal is to help others succeed online, by exposing scams and reviewing top rated products. I can help you start your own business online

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  1. Viljoen says:

    I have seen so many of these programs that promote Empower Network. There are also other programs such as Big Idea Mastermind that promotes EN.

    It is about the only way to really make money with EN and that is buy building your own systems such as Ipas. Empower Network is just too expensive for most people and their upsells is ridiculous. Thanks for the warning.

    • Rufat says:

      Yes, it’s all about promoting EN and it’s very expensive. And the crazy thing about it is that they suggest that you take a loan from the bank. Can you imagine that? Total waste of time.

  2. Robert Basaker says:

    Rufat, thank you for the heads up on this company iPAS 2, I almost signed up for their program but 1st I thought I would do my research. I was searching online for reviews on this company and ran across your website.
    I am on a fixed income and I can’t afford to make any mistakes. I would like to start my own internet business but don’t know where to start safely.
    It sounds like they are a Multi-level marking business they are offering? Wow, the upsells are very expensive.
    I am going to take your advice and do some research on the company you recommend, Wealthy Affiliate, and see what I can find before signing up. It doesn’t appear I have anything to lose as I can start for free and decide after going through the training if there’s enough value to become a member. I will be getting back with you should I decide t join.
    Thanks for saving me money by giving me the details on iPAS 2

    • Rufat says:

      I’ m really happy to know that I save you from falling for this program. As you can see, they suggest that you take a loan from the bank which means a total BS in my opinion, especially if you are on a tight budget. That would be a great mistake I think. My recommended program is free and like you say, you can try it with zero risk to you. There are no upsells, no downsells. Just one single purchase and everything is yours within the program. I think it’s a much better alternative to iPAS 2 and much safer.

  3. Rawl says:

    I have attempted many multilevel marketing opportunities. I’m using the word opportunities lightly. There was MXM a skin care line, cell phones, pagers, water, fire extinguishers, Excel Communications, Advocare, another skin care health line and other ones in between that I don’t even remember the names of. Oh yeah Mary Kay and Avon.

    All of these are multilevel like this iPAS. They get you hyped up to separate you from your money without really having a viable product. The money is made through getting people in under you.

    What’s great about your review is your honesty about iPAS. I also like the detail that you put in it with the cost, the structure, the training and the continued costly upgrades. it’s much how multilevel marketing works.

    In my experience and opinion it’s only the people who get in at the beginning of these that make the money. It’s at a time when it’s fresh, new and no one has heard about it so people are excited to join. Then over time things fizzle out because there are no more friends and family to call up on to join.

    Thanks for a very thorough and well written review of iPAS and what a person can expect should they choose to join.

    • Rufat says:

      It’s really great that you left a comment on my post and anyone who will read your comment will realize that my review is honest. The program is not a scam, but it’s not a program I can recommend because it’s built to take your money, not help you. I agree with your explanation that programs like this one make some money in the beginning and then things turn worse and finally the program disappears. Very classic end.

  4. Daniel Aittie says:


    iPAS may be a good place to start off your online business and succeed but the overpriced membership puts me off totally. Not everyone one will get those amount of money to start a business. It is because most of us don’t have enough that’s why we want to pick up jobs and businesses to earn.

    The idea that you can take a loan from a bank is totally not good. Because there is no at least 90% guarantee that you can succeed.


    • Rufat says:

      That’s true. iPAS is not the best choice for starting a business online because like you say, it requires big investment and there is no guarantee that you will be able to make the same amount of money in order to get your money back. Plus, I know many other much better alternative places with the need to invest so much money. The idea about taking a loan is absolutely ridiculous. It looks like people who stand behind iPAS 2 are more interested in taking your money instead of helping you start online with minimum investment, which is possible. I think it would be safer to bypass this opportunity and look for some other program.

  5. Raphael Ali says:

    You did a great job ripping these programs open and revealing the shell game these people are playing without regard for the people they claim to want to help.
    Programs like these are reminiscent of 2008 and the traders on wall street only concerned with taking an ass model to Greece for the weekend.

    • Rufat says:

      Unfortunately, most of the programs I’ve come across so far claim to help people while in reality they don’t help at all. Let’s again take a look at iPAS2, make analysis and decide whether this opportunity can really offer us something worthwhile. First off their membership packages are expensive, they have many upsells, make unrealistic claims, you have to promote Empower Network ( the hottest scam), there are quite a few complaints, and requires investment on paid advertising. And there is no any guarantee regarding results. In fact, the main idea of this program is not teaching everything you need, but instead their main idea is selling you expensive packages in order to maintain their company and when you buy them you can promote the same stuff to other people. That’s it. Promoting expensive stuff is extremely difficult and requires skills you can gain only through private mentoring. So, the opportunity of iPAS 2 is not something I can honestly recommend.

  6. netp says:

    It just makes me angry to read about programs like this. I actually hadn’t heard of this before, but I’m pleased it’s come to my attention. One of my absolute pet hates is constant the constant upsell all the time from some sites or even internet marketer bloggers – making you think you just “have” to buy their next product or you’re really missing out. $5.000 for the top membership – that’s crazy. It’s a shame that people are chucking thousands down the drain when there is plenty of quality training available for people to make money online without having to spend anything like that much. Thanks for the report!

    • Rufat says:

      I agree with you Netp. It’s really annoying when you see that every website and money making program you com across is trying to upsell you instead of helping you, explaining the real state of things. They all use the same approach, as if you were missing out a mullion dollar business or it will be given out to the next person in line. An endless chain of upsells and empty promises and it does really annoy. I understand the position of people who stand behind programs like iPAS 2. They mainly focus on expensive stuff and that’s ok. But the problem is that it requires a lot of investment and the bad thing is that they don’t explain it before you buy their “amazing” product. Once you’ve purchased it, you need to spend money on paid advertising etc. The question is: When do you expect to earn your money back? There is no an exact answer to this question and that’s why many people leave programs like this totally disappointed and frustrated. It’s very similar to programs like SFM my friend was a member of and the left totally frustrated and for the same reason.

  7. Michel says:

    I have never heard of ipas2. I did however join empower Network to try them out when they first launched. There was so much hype back then but now it has died down a bit.

    It was a bit of a disappointment to say the least and I quickly got out. Highly over priced products that not many would be able to afford.

    • Rufat says:

      If you joined EN I can then imagine how frustrated you were. This program is still scamming folks and I think iPAS is their baby that they have created it in order to promote EN. I think the same may be be very well applied to iPAS 2 and I’m sure it will get a lot of complaints over time and they already have quite a few complaints. The idea of making money through selling high ticket items is becoming more and more popular which is normal. But when it comes make money niche, I think it’s not the best option to make money off of people instead of helping them and providing real support. Anyway, promoting expensive products for the sake of high commissions looks very appealing but in reality it doesn’t always work as well as you expect. It can only be achieved through mentoring. I mean someone who has experience in that should mentor you and show the exact steps from A to Z. BTW, I’m going to learn how to promote high ticket items soon and it’s going to cost me a buck. But I know it will pay off later. Without experience getting involved in this type of business is a waste of time and money.

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