Is Profit Maximizer a Scam?

November 1, 2015 12 Comments



Product name: Profit Maximizer

Product owner: James Forley


Price: Free

Verdict: Not Recommended


Profit Maximizer is a revolutionary program that starts with a typical “Congratulations” message to make you believe that you’re one of those who have been selected to get access to a never before seen secret software that guarantees you to make money on autopilot.

James promises that he is going to reveal you the secret that will allow you to start making thousands of dollars and quit your job once you start taking advantage of his amazing program.

James claims that he is different from many other so called internet gurus, that he is not a guru, he doesn’t need your money etc. He is only interested in your success. All I can say I’ve heard tons of such claims and they don’t actually mean anything.

He is not different from others and of course his only goal is to make more money off of you. If you want to know if binary options trading opportunity is a scam or not I can say that it’s not a scam, but when it comes to binary trading programs, yes, most of them are scams.




The main idea behind Profit Maximizer

Profit Maximizer is just another software that allows you to trade binary options and make over $1000 a day with little effort on your part!?

All binary trading programs have one thing in common:

they promise to reveal you some sort of a secret to making lots of money on autopilot, they promise to give you a free access to their secret software, they have limited number of copies of the secret software, the software is completely automated. And of course none of this is true.





Pros of Profit Maximizer

  • You possibly can make some money


Cons of Profit Maximizer

  • Fake info about: available copies of the program, those who have made money with it
  • Unrealistic claims
  • No free trial
  • This type of opportunity involves a high level of risk
  • No money back guarantee


Inside the program

Fake info

The major problem with Profit Maximizer is that James is lying to you from the very start. On his website there is a little box that tells you how many free copies of his amazing secret software are remaining and the info is not true.

When you land on the profit maximizer page you will see that a little box displays the numbers between 40–25 of free copies and then that number will get down to 1 copy. The scenario is always the same which proves that the info is not true.

The number of people watching the video and the amount of money to be made with the system is always around 1500.

You can never see the number of people watching the video around let’s say 400 or 500 and the amount of money to be made around $500 or $3000.

The number is always around 1000 or so. Look at the images from different regions and you be the judge.



fake-numbers fake info



Fake bank account

During video presentation you will see a fake James Forley’s account as if he made millions of dollars with this amazing system which is not true in my opinion.


There is a website ( where you can pay between $5-$10 and get a real looking testimonial and it’s not hard at all to create a fake bank account and make it look like you have thousands of dollars in your account.




James doesn’t need your money

James claims that you can start making money after creating your account with Profit Maximizer and registering Option Rally account. He says that he doesn’t need your money at all which is not true.

All binary trading programs tell the same thing but in fact when you deposit money, which is minimum $300, Forley is going to get a commission from that amount and that’s why he is the most one interested in convincing you to deposit as more money as possible.

And the bad news is that there is no money back guarantee once you’ve deposited your money.


“Honest” reviews

Beware of some of the blogs that write “honest” reviews about programs like Profit Maximizer because in fact they are not honest at all. They do so purely for the sake of commission.

In most cases they show you their fake accounts as if they were making tons of money and an interesting fact is that they are always successful with the programs all other people fail with.

What does it mean? Of course this means they are lying to you.


Legit brokers

Also, you should be very careful when choosing a broker to trade through. If a broker has a bad reputation it means you will have problems. That’s why choose only legit ones, such as Topoption, Anyoption.


Get trained before trading

As a binary options trader, if you buy and sell currency in the wrong time you will lose money. To know when to do it you should have enough experience and know the market. It requires time and a lot of effort and you can’t automate the process.

Some programs like Profit Maximizer promise you to automate the whole process and they recommend you the best time to buy or sell currency in order for you to make lots of money.

In reality it’s not true. There is no software that is 100% accurate and that’s why you can’t completely rely on it. I reviewed many other binary programs and found many complaints about them from people who have lost their invested money.

Guaranteed Outcome

Millionaire Society


A warning from SEC

Organizations such as SEC warn people like you to not get involved in this type of business opportunity due to a high number of complaints they have received from the users of internet based binary trading programs.

This proves again that not everything is as easy as you might be thinking. A software can’t guarantee your success and without knowledge and experience you’d better avoid such programs.




Fake testimonials

They have quite a few testimonials on their website and to be honest, I don’t think they are true. But I can’t prove that they are fake either. And I know that anyone can order a testimonial at Fiverr for $5.





Support at Profit Maximizer

The only type of support they have is by email. It’s not the best option out there and I’m not sure if they are really responsive or helpful.


Does Profit Maximizer guarantee to make money?

I don’t deny that making money through trading binary options is possible. It’s possible if you know how to do it. But even then there is no guarantee that you will make any money at all.

Even on the Profit maximizer website if you read their earnings disclaimer you will see some kind of a warning that trading binary options can be very risky and you can lose all your invested money.

In another disclaimer from another program called Smart Profits it’s said that trading binary options involves a high level of risk. That’s why if you invest money you can’t afford to lose it’s better to not invest it at all.


profitmaximizer-earnings-disclaimer smart-profits-disclaimer1-1024x215


If Profit Maximizer really free?

Although James Forley claims that his software is absolutely free to use, it’s not true at all. You need to invest at least $300 in order to get involved in the business and start trading.


Other binary trading programs

Most of the other binary programs have similar unrealistic claims and most of them are not recommended.

Larry’s Cash Machine

Self-Made Millionaire System


Final word on Profit Maximizer

Trading binary options is not a scam though I can’t vouch for Profit maximizer. Since most of them are scams and there are many complaints about them, I can’t recommend it. It’s up to you. If you want you can try it and see how it works.

It’s true that some people are making money but those are experienced traders and even they lose money.

Making some money with binary options is possible but making lots of money is just a dream.

You are not protected from losing money and all promises about guaranteed results are just empty promises.

Forley’s claim that his system is completely based on a loophole in binary options and you can safely make $500 a day is nothing more than just another empty promise.

Finally, I can’t say that it’s a scam, but taking into account a high level of risk I can’t recommend it either. It’s up to you to try it or not.



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  1. Jesse says:

    I have never heard of this program before, and i am glad i have not! It seems like it is a complete rip off, which is unfortunate because i bet tons of people have loaded there money into this program and came out with no return! I hope many people come to your review before giving there money to this scam artist! Thank you for this review

    • Rufat says:

      I think you are right. You missed nothing by not joining Profit Maximizer and the truth is that too many people lose a lot of money on binary options.

  2. Dave Sweney says:

    Hi Rufat,

    Thanks for your thorough review of the profit maximizer program. I had heard of similar programs and always shied away due to the risk, and this is one I had not heard of but it sounds like the same type of deal to me.

    The risk is very high as you say, and such purveyers make their money by getting the unsuspecting to risk their money on the front end for hich they get their commission.

    Whether you make money or not is immaterial to such shysters, because they have theirs. If they are lucky you may stick more money in if you are losing, and they win again, only you do not.

    There are more legitimate ways to invest in high risk investments I think, and for me I will stick to the tried and true methods. These kinds of programs obviously cause a lot of people to lose money, as evidenced by the number of complaints.

    I also like your idea of making money online using a tried and tested way (your banner link to the Wealthy Affiliate site) of putting work and effort to achieve success and make money:

    Putting in the effort in to create a site containing valuable information to interested people will draw in such people and over time you build trust and then can sell them something that has true value.

    Of course this is a longer term strategy, but makes a lot moe sense to an old-school bloke like me. The profit maximizer system you review here even has a scammy sounding name for me. Thanks again and Cheers!

    • Rufat says:

      I agree that most binary programs are promoting the same fake opportunity and in most cases it’s they who stand behind these programs who are making the most money. I know many people who have invested their hard earned money in binary trading programs and lost all their money. I would never recommend this type of business due to it being very risky. You are right, it’s more reasonable to invest your effort and time into programs like WA instead of wasting your money on programs like Profit Maximizer.

  3. Dave says:


    I, also, have run across many other sites offering the same “Free to join” pitch for binary trading. I never did run across Profit Maximizer though. However, just as you said, all of them end up being a minimum $300 investment. I will have to agree with you that if you are not an experienced in binary trading, stay away from programs like these. Great Advice.

    • Rufat says:

      Experience is always required. Without it you can’t make any money either $1 or more. But all these programs like Profit Maximizer explain the process as choosing a social signal and the software will do all the work for you. You don’t even need to control the software. Like they say, set and forget and start making steady income on autopilot. The worst thing with most binary options programs is that once you invested your money and lost them you won’t be able to contact the owners to ask a question. Does it look reasonable to invest money without any real chance to contact the owners and get support or an answer to your question?

  4. Lee says:

    Hi there Rufat

    I’ve been interested in getting into this kind of trading for quite a while now and Profit Maximizer is a name that pops up again and again.

    It was the fact that he spoke about “not needing the money” that made me want to dig a little deeper as something didn’t sit quite right with me about it and how I ended up here on your review.

    I see now how he makes his money thanks to you, by commisions.

    That just proves to me that he is a liar and I certainly won’t be going back to his website.

    Thanks for the review, you’ve just saved me some money!

    • Rufat says:

      I think Profit Maximizer pops up again and again because they want to help us maximize our profit 🙂
      You are right, all binary trading programs promise that you don’t need to invest any money. You can start making money for free. And then you realize that you need to invest at least $250 and the worst thing is that this amount of money, actually a deposit is nonrefundable. It’s good that you found my review and saved yourself from wasting $250. Investing in this type of software is a waste of time. I mean making money with binary options is possible, but it’s not as easy as Profit Maximizer promises. Of course, they are interested in persuading you to invest money because they make a nice commission off of you each time you deposit your money.

  5. G.C.Horton says:

    Good job catching this scam.

    Binary options trading is very risky. Like you mentioned, James Forley gets a commission every time someone deposits money into his broker’s account. It can be a very, very expensive education.

    Binary options trading isn’t really investing. It’s merely a way the big traders keep the market fluid by enticing small, unaware traders to enter the market. They are quickly cleaned out.

    Thanks so much for warning people about Profit Maximizer. It’s a loser!

    • Rufat says:

      I can only agree with you that binary options is a sort of gambling and it’s really easy to waste all your money in no time with this opportunity. People that stand behind binary trading programs are always interested in taking your money because like you say every time you invest they have a share of it while you have nothing. It’s really disappointing when you invest expecting success and instead lose your money. I heard many of such stories when people invested their hard earned money and got a few bucks in profit. This is of course very frustrating. Education is the most important and critical aspect of any program. My brother bought various books about Forex trading and learned many different strategies and yet to date he can’t become rich and even he lost a few thousands of dollars. My brother is a good example for me and that’s why I never recommend binary trading programs, especially without a proper education.

  6. Alblue says:

    Hi Rufat, I decided to take a venture again in your web after looking for several reviews. It looks like this one is different from eMobile Code which I left a comment previously.

    I never heard about Binary trading, but I have seen some spam email or spam message in FB about ‘software that can automate online trading’. I thought it is a scam, but you said binary trading is not a scam.

    Do you mind to explain a bit what is binary trading about? Is it the same like stock trading?

    Thank you very much for your answers 🙂

    • Rufat says:

      As for your email regarding automated online trading it’s most likely a binary options software. At least I think so. There is no such a thing as automated trading and all these programs are just one big scam. Software can’t trade without participation of a human, it’s simply impossible. Regarding binary options, I have an article on this topic in which I clearly explain what it’s all about, should you trust it or how can you benefit from it etc. If you read it you will understand the subject. In short, it’s about currency pair, stock, commodity trading. You are not far from the truth. Though binary options opportunity is legit and there people who are making money in this business, I have to admit that most binary options platforms available online are unethical because they are playing on your feelings. They promise that you don’t need to worry because theirs software, in this particular case, Profit Maximizer will do all the work for you. In my opinion, the opportunity in itself is not a scam.

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