Prosperity Formula Scam Review

October 24, 2015 6 Comments


Product name: Prosperity Formula

Product owner: Adam Whiting


Price: $25

Verdict: Not recommended


Prosperity Formula is a program that promises you to make 6 figure income and if you want to know whether it’s true or not I can say that theoretically it’s true but technically, in reality of course it’s not true.

When it comes to a theory I can teach you how to make 6 figure income too, but the question is: Can I make 6 figure income myself? That’s the question.

One thing I would like to point out is that Prosperity Formula is in no way a unique opportunity. Actually there are quite a few Prosperity Formula sites that have been created by affiliates of this program. There is not a real product to promote behind Prosperity Formula.

Behind this product there is Empower Network and that’s why if you want to understand what PF is all about you should visit Empower Network site. But the difference of Prosperity Formula from EN is that the former provides more advanced training on how to promote EN and their training is not bad.

If you want to get access to all training modules you will have to pay for that. BTW, Dave Wood, the founder of EN tells in the promo on his website that though he is a millionaire thanks to his created system he doesn’t guarantee that you will earn any income at all and I really appreciate it.

Respect for him. It looks like he has created a system that is geared towards helping you become a millionaire. But there is a problem here.

Yes, some people are making money with Empower Network or through Prosperity Formula, but most people fail and as a result there are many complaints about EN on the internet.

All this means that though Dave and Adam have a desire to help you become a millionaire it’s not easy.

Let’s take a closer look at these programs so we can know definitely whether we should join Prosperity Formula or not.



Pros of Prosperity Formula

  • Theoretically you can make a lot of money
  • There is some training material (over 12 hours of training videos) on how to promote EN through SEO, Facebook, PPC, solo ads etc.


Cons of Prosperity Formula

  • Prosperity Formula is actually an Empower Network
  • It’s not different from other programs that promise to revel you a secret to success
  • You have to become a member to an MLM program
  • There are many complaints about EN, the main product you are going to promote
  • You need to buy more products aside from your $25 membership fee
  • You can’t try the program
  • There is no much info about the product until you sign up and make the payment
  • There are a few upsells (solo ad training, PPC training, wordpress training, Facebook training)



Inside the program

No information about product

First off, the first problem with Prosperity Formula is that like most other products they don’t explain in their promotional video what Prosperity Formula is about and since there is no free trial you actually don’t have any information about what you are going to buy.

Not having a free trial is ok, but providing no information before purchase is not ok. In my opinion, such approach is not acceptable. Instead of that they talk about how much money you can make with the system etc.

And they didn’t mention Empower Network at all. I don’t know why, but it looks like they are more interested in getting you inside as fast as possible and then throw tons of upsells on you.


Prosperity Formula training

Some bloggers online describe this program as completely useless, that there is nothing to buy etc. That’s not true. Once you get access to the Prosperity Formula you can watch over 12 hours of videos that will teach you how to promote Empower Network using PPC, Solo ads, SEO (search engine optimization), Facebook.

Also, there is some training material on a wordpress. So, the training is not bad though it’s not perfect either. SEO part of the training is a good idea and to be honest, I love SEO because it can bring you free traffic to your website.

As for PPC (pay per click) it’s very questionable method because you have to pay for the traffic and if your traffic doesn’t convert well it means you are going to waste your money. I’ve used PPC in my business a few times and had some success, so I know what I’m talking about.

If you’re a newbie, PPC is most likely not for you. As for solo ads, it’s not easy either. Again, you have to spend money to “buy” someone’s email list and send your offer to their list of subscribers in the hope that someone will make a purchase. It’s not easy, trust me.

Facebook is a good method too, but again you need to spend money. Aside from SEO, if you plan to apply all these methods you need to be prepared to invest more money. And there is no guarantee that you will make any money at all.

That’s why, I always recommend to focus on free methods first to see how it works for you, achieve some success and then spend money for other traffic methods. In this particular case, as I can see, Prosperity Formula is more geard towards making money off of you instead of teaching you how to make money.


Prosperity Formula upsells

There are a few upsells within the Prosperity Formula which is not a good sign because if you think you can pay $25 and get access to all what is required for your business you are wrong. This price doesn’t include everything. In my opinion, it’s very bad because you expect one thing and get quite another thing.




Prosperity Formula and Empower Network

When you get access to Prosperity Formula you are actually going to become a member to an MLM program and promote Empower Network. The question is:

  • Do you want to promote a program if you don’t know what it’s about?
  • Do you want to promote a program that has many complaints on the internet?
  • Do you want to become a member to an MLM program? The answer is not simple.

Empower Network is one of the hottest scams on the internet and everyone calls it a scam for various reasons. I personally call a program a scam in very rare cases. Most of the programs on my website are rated as not recommended because it’s more safe in my opinion.

Scam is absolutely useless program. If a program does provide some value I add it to my not recommended list and explain why I don’t recommend it. When it comes to EN, it’s a scam in my opinion because there are TOO many complaints about them on the internet.



For more information you can read my review here. As for MLM, I have an article on my website about multi-level marketing opportunity and if you want to know my opinion about MLM and what MLM is all about you can read my article here.

If after all this information you will come to a conclusion that you want to join Prosperity Formula and promote EN, you are free to do so. It’s completely your choice.


Is Prosperity Formula really automated system?

The problem with Adam and his system is that he talks too much about automated system that will make you a lot of money with little work on your part because they will provide you with prewritten material etc. In my opinion, it’s all BS and won’t work.

What does work is your own effort and the time spent on your site to improve it and make it more helpful for your visitors. The idea of easy money or automation is not going to work.

BTW, building a website takes a few seconds or minutes vs what Adam tells you in his promotional video as if it takes time and will cost you a few thousands of dollars. This is not true.




What can you expect from Prosperity Formula?

I never recommend promoting MLM opportunities because if you want to become an MLM promoter you have to have sales person skills, you need to invest more and more money in order to buy more products and promote them.

And their products are always expensive. Your supervisor will be pushing you more and more products to make more money off of you. AND there are ALWAYS many complaints about MLM programs. You can find out more info here.


Final word on Prosperity Formula

My final conclusion about Prosperity Formula is as follows:

Is Prosperity Formula a scam? No, It’s not a scam.

Does it make false promises? Yes, it does.

Is it a good idea to promote Empower Network? Not a good idea.

Does Prosperity Formula price include everything? No, there are quite a few upsells.

Can you try Prosperity Formula before you buy it? No, you can’t.

Can you make money if you follow Prosperity Formula training? Yes, you can, BUT you will have to buy more products and work really hard to make it happen.

Do I recommend Prosperity Formula? No, I don’t recommend it.

Is there any other good alternative to Prosperity Formula with a good training, support, for a lower price AND which doesn’t make false promises?

Yes, there is a program I’ve been a member of since 2013 and you can try it for free. Read about it below and ask me unlimited number of questions and I will be happy to answer all of them.



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  1. Kris M. says:

    Hi Rufat,
    Your review on Prosperity Formula was very helpful, thank you. I had not heard of this program but I have heard of Empower Network. The simple fact that Prosperity Formula is linked to Empower Network is a huge red flag to me. It seems deceptive that they would call themselves Prosperity Formula, I bet that is because of all the bad heat that Empower Network has gotten. I will be sure to stay away from Prosperity Formula now too. Thank you for the detailed review.

    • Rufat says:

      I have to agree that the fact that Prosperity Formula is linked to Empower Network is a huge red flag and though making money with this program is possible, I don’t recommend it and there are a whole list of reasons to stay away from it.

  2. Adam says:

    Hey there Rufat, I wanted to stop in and let you know what a great review of prosperity formula program. With there being so many online business opportunities out there, it can be difficult to find out which one’s are scams and which one’s are legit. There certainly are more cons than pros. I will be sure to let others know to check your review out as well. Thanks, Adam

  3. Ehab says:

    Hello Rufat,

    Great post,never heard about this program but i found your review very informative & clear, seems like you described every single word in this program in a very easy way, glad to find scam reviews to help people know which is scam & which is not, thanks for sharing

    • Rufat says:

      Hi Ehab. I really tried to describe the program in an easy format so that my visitors can understand how the program works and what is behind this system. Though many people tend to call every opportunity a scam I never do so. It doesn’t make a sense. My method is pretty simple. I describe the program as it is and let my readers make their own decision. Anyway even if I try to conceal the info people will find out the truth on other sites.

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