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October 21, 2015 6 Comments


If you have a website, then chances are you’ve been asking this question many times and I assume you are still asking it because the answer is not simple. It requires a lot of experience and knowledge to know how to drive enough traffic to your website to make your online business profitable.

Without steady traffic your business will never grow and even if you have an epic content on your website and no one can find it, what is the point of creating it then?

All website owners are struggling to get traffic and most of the sites are closed down in the first few months due to being unable to achieve their traffic goal.

There are various methods to drive traffic to a website such as SEO (search engine optimization), social media, PPC, CPV, email marketing, video marketing, guest blogging etc. All these methods are great and can be equally effective. Any of these methods require effort, time and patience until you know how to apply them properly.

In this post I’m going to explain how to get traffic from search engines and also I will briefly explain how to be successful with other methods mentioned above. But I’m not going to put too much emphasis on the technical part of the traffic methods other than SEO.

I will rather try to explain how they can be effective so you can decide for yourself which one to focus on. And I’m going to be very realistic without any exaggeration or unrealistic statements.

I’m not one of those guys that promise you 100.000 visits a month if you follow my recommendations.

Very few sites can get this kind of traffic and those that get it they have been online for many years and their blogs are very popular.

I will be talking about the amount of traffic that can be achieved by the average Joe if they focus on their website and work hard. I will be talking about 10.000 –20.000 visits a month which is very realistic and achievable.

So, the main traffic source is of course search engine traffic and it’s not surprising because when people like you and me need something they Google it and they get the info in seconds.

In fact, the traffic potential of major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo is huge. I know blogs that are getting thousands of visits a day and the more traffic you get the more chances that you will make sales.



Your content must be original

In order to get traffic from search engines you need to create high quality content and publish it on your website. The content must be original because if you copy content from other sites and rewrite it, Google will know it and will never rank your content high.

Sometimes it may work but in most cases it won’t. But even if you copy from other sites, you must add your own voice, make your content different from all others and if you do it Google will notice it and will rank you high.

And don’t think that you can’t outrank sites like or You can and I did it a few times. It doesn’t happen often but it does happen. You never know.

P.S. Don’t blatantly copy other sites because you will be penalized by Google and will lose all your rankings.


You content must be substantial

Before creating content you need to do some research on Google to see what others are saying on the subject you plan to write about. This is really important.

If other blogs’ articles are around 1000 words around your subject then you’d better write your article around 1500 words.

If others have it around 2000, you need to write around 2500 –3000. But it doesn’t mean that you have to write useless stuff that no one will want to read. Your content must be engaging and helpful because you write for people, not for search engines.


Write consistently

When you start a new blog/website and have zero authority Google will not rank your content probably in the first few weeks or maybe months. In most cases it takes about six months to start seeing traffic. In the first few months your traffic will be increasing very slowly and will look like on this image, 5/15 visits a day.


And it will continue so in the first few weeks or months. If you continue creating content your authority will increase over time and Google will start to trust your site.

It’s the same as if you say Google: Hey guy, I’m going to write consistently, I’m serious about my blog.

It’s because Google can’t rank every other site and there are thousands of them. You need to write consistently, that’s it. If you write this week and forget about your blog the next week it’s not good in terms of building your blog authority. You need to be patient and it will pay off eventually.


How often to write

When it comes to writing content for your site many people ask: How often should I write for my site? The best schedule is writing every day. If you can follow this schedule this is perfect.

Google loves sites that are updated daily. The more you write the better it is for your blog authority.

If you can’t write every day, then write 2,3 times a week at least. This is the minimum if you want and plan to get a good portion of traffic from search engines.

And remember that not all of your content will get ranked high in search engines and that’s why you need to write more to get more traffic because traffic comes from pages that are ranked in top 20, i.e. that are found in the first two pages of Google search results.

Other than that brings very little traffic if at all.


Traffic fluctuations

But you should be ready for drawbacks and it will definitely happen and it does happen in any business. Traffic from search engines is free and that’s great. But it’s out of your control and that’s bad. Sometimes your traffic will go up and sometimes it can drop. So, traffic fluctuations is normal.


Your traffic may fluctuate between 200–300 visitors a day. Sometimes it may drop from 300 to 100 visits a day. This is normal too. I don’t know what your niche is but all niches are different. My site is in the make money niche which is very competitive.

I write product reviews, about make money programs, among which are scams and legit ones. Some programs, mostly legit, stay in search engines for years which means you can get steady traffic for years.

Some programs, mostly scams stay for some time and then as soon as the program’s website is taken down you start losing traffic for that product and that’s why your traffic may drop significantly.

I don’t think other niches are much different. If you are selling electronics, mobile phones and let’s say write a review about new iphone 6 you may have very good traffic in the first few months and then when a new iphone is released you traffic will drop.

So, this is very normal. That’s why you should always try to write more to maintain your traffic.



How to write effectively

Before creating content you need to do some research and find low competition keywords around which you will create your content. Finding the right keyword is the foundation of your content creation process. It’s because when people search for the info they use keywords (combination of words).

Some keywords generate thousands of visits a day, some generate a few hundred visits and some generate a few clicks a day. The higher the number of visits the harder getting your page ranked on Google.

You shouldn’t choose such keywords if you just starting online. Focus on keywords that are low competition keywords. To know how to find the right keyword read my article about Jaaxy.


Some other traffic methods:


Social media

Social media can be very effective if used properly. You shouldn’t expect tons of traffic but some traffic will definitely come in your way. You can install social media plugin on your wordpress blog which will allow you to share your content directly from your website.

Your visitors will do it too and of course it will increase your traffic. You can share your content among Facebook communities, Google plus communities, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.


In my experience I can say that the best traffic comes from Facebook, then Twitter and then Google Plus. Sometimes you can get very good traffic from social media. I created a post a few months ago and shared it on Facebook and I got 89 visits in one single day. So, it’s possible.





PPC (pay per click) can be very effective too if you know what you are doing. If you are doing it properly you can achieve high CTR and pay as little as $0.05 – $0,10 per click. The higher your CTR within PPC campaign the lower will be your cost per click.

My highest CTR was 12% and I paid 0,14 per click which is pretty good result. I got 357 visits from Yahoo and Bing for $50. PPC can be both very effective and ineffective too.

You can spend money, bring traffic and make no sales. If you can invest $50 and earn $60 then it’s ok.

If not then don’t waste your money on PPC. The advantage of this traffic is that it’s highly targeted and if you have a good product you can be very profitable in PPC.




CPV is different form PPC because you don’t pay for the actual click. You pay for getting your ad viewed by others and that’s why this traffic is less effective compared to PPC traffic, but it’s still effective. But it’s much cheaper and you can get up to 3.000 views for $50 which is pretty good. The recommended site is



Email marketing

Email marketing is extremely important and in fact it’s the foundation of your business. It is the main source of your traffic. Any successful internet marketer will tell you that their main traffic comes from search engines and email marketing.

The more subscribers you will have on your list the more traffic you will be getting. And remember that people that come from email marketing, i.e. your loyal readers are the most responsive ones to your offers, both free and paid.


Video marketing

If you haven’t launched your YouTube channel you should do it. YouTube is the second source of traffic after Google and actually it belongs to Google. This is a fact that it’s much easier to get your video ranked on YouTube than getting your post ranked on Google.

The main idea of youtubing is driving people from your videos to your blog/website. You shouldn’t expect tons of traffic from Youtube because most youtubers don’t like reading.


They prefer watching over reading. Anyway, you can get a good portion of traffic to your website from YouTube.

Just create as many videos as possible and you will be fine. To know how to get ranked on Youtube read my article above.


Guest blogging

You can create high quality content for your competitors, contact them and some of the will agree to publish your content on their own website in return for a nice quality back link to your site. This can bring you more traffic over time.

Instead of writing content for every blog which in turn may bring to penalty by Google I recommend to spend some time to create high quality content and then contact one or two high quality authority blogs within your niche and get your content published there and if you can do it this one quality backlink will have more weight in Google’s eyes than having 100 useless links pointing to your site.

And remember that one quality backlink from a authority website may bring you more traffic than you can get from 100 useless low traffic blogs. I’ve been recently approached by two bloggers whose authority is higher than mine and I’m going to do my first guest blogging soon.

Finally, I hope I answered the question raised above and I believe if you follow my recommendations you can increase your website traffic.

If you are looking for a quality and legit program that will teach you how to make money online through getting traffic to your website I recommend you to try for free the program I’ve been a member of over the past 2 years.

Let me know if you have any questions and I will be happy to help you out.



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  1. dreamgirl93 says:

    Is it true that the more you write the better it is for your website?

    I have seem very successful websites that have only some posts but they are clear and concise.

    I currently have over 40 posts on my website and the organic traffic is 0. When I check Google Analytics I see that the traffic is just a returning visitor which is me and anyone that I have sent the link of the website to, sometimes.

    How many posts should a website have for it to start getting traffic for search engines. I started my website on sept 17th

    • Rufat says:

      I understand you very well. I was in the same situation a few months ago. You know, there is no guarantee that you will get a ton of traffic from search engines by just creating content. But you will get traffic if you keep writing. I don’t how much but you will get it. It depends on many factors, such as your niche, the number of competing pages, number of your posts, age of your site etc. I don’t why but it looks like Google favors some sites while abandoning others for no apparent reason. I have seen it many times. But I can tell you exactly that if you keep writing you will eventually start getting traffic. Don’t expect traffic in the first 6 months. This is not a rule though. Sometimes you can start getting traffic in the first 2,3 months. Most of the time you should expect it after 12 months of creating content on a weekly basis, at least 3 times a week.

  2. ImaDesigner says:

    Hi, Rufat.

    Great article! I like the part where you talked about writing content on a daily basis, or, at least, three times a week. This is in my opinion to the best thing to both practice (to get better at writing quality content) and get more and more traffic to your pages.

    It also reminded me that I have to write more and pick a schedule and stick to it.

    P.S. Great looking website and awesome YouTube video.


    • Rufat says:

      Glad you liked my article. Creating content is really important and if you focus on this, you can achieve great results over time. But it’s highly advisable to focus on some other ways too, like guest posting for building quality backlinks, email marketing and some other ways mentioned above. All this will ensure a proper SEO path for your website.

  3. Jesse says:

    Great and comprehensive article on how to get traffic to a website. I have to aggree with all the points you’ve made here. If you’re not paying for traffic it will be quite slow process to get that traffic that can be later monetized. Also a lot of people tend to overlook the e-mail marketing aspect. The most amount of money is always made through e-mail list. As you seem to be an expert at this, what is your #1 recommendation for people that are looking to start their first online business? Thanks a lot and hope to hear from you soon!

    • Rufat says:

      Yes, free traffic always comes slow, I would even say painfully slow. But this is how it works and we can’t do anything because search engines are out of our control. But we can change the situation by playing by their rules and by applying the right methods. The only way is through consistent efforts of creating new fresh content which can and will bring a good amount of traffic to your website. In fact, there are various methods to dive traffic, but like I said above, search engines and email marketing bring the best and most responsive traffic. I agree that the most money is made through email marketing but not everyone can use this method successfully. As for my personal recommendation I recommend Wealthy Affiliate because they provide a step-by-step training how to drive traffic to a website. But it’s not going to happen in a day or two and requires effort and dedication.

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