Consistent Profits – Allen Gill can teach you how to make $300.000 in 30 days!

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Product name: Consistent Profits

Program Owner: Allen Gill

Price: free

Verdict: Scam


The product I’m going to review today is again the next binary options trading software that claims to help you double or triple your profit once you have made your first deposit into your binary account.

The program is being advertised as a free opportunity though it’s not actually free. To be exact, it’s free to join and that’s true. But to start making money with the system, you need to invest some money first which means it’s not free at all.


The main idea behind Consistent Profits

The main idea behind Consistent Profits is to teach you how to make money with binary options trading using specific software designed in a way to automate the whole process and allow you to make money on autopilot. Sounds cool? Right? Of course, it’s a noise made by the author around his software and in my review I’m going to show you exactly if it’s a good idea to buy into the offer or not.


Pros of the program

  • In an ideal world it sounds like you can possibly make some extra money with the software
  • A short training on how to set up your account

Cons of the program

  • Binary options trading is a risky venture
  • False promises about exaggerated earnings
  • It’s not a good option to provide you a good and steady income
  • The software can’t guarantee you any profit
  • You can’t get support from the owner of the program
  • To make good money you need to make a good deposit
  • No one is going to refund your deposit if you lose your money
  • The system is not much different from gambling where you can probably make some extra money and there is always a real chance to lose your money


Inside the program

1. First and most important fact about Consistent Profits is that it’s absolutely not different from other binary options trading programs, such as 30 Day Change, Magnetic Profits, Wealth Generator etc. It’s absolutely common to all authors of binary options trading softwares that they claim to invent an incredible software that help people make thousands of dollars on complete autopilot.

Or that they cracked the code to everything and now want to share this invaluable info with other people. This is of course not true and if you’re smart enough, and I believe you are, you will easily understand that it’s an empty promise and a classic marketing, deceptive move.


2. As I said above, though it’s being advertised as a free software, it’s not actually free. To make money you must invest money. If you invest little money you can MAYBE make some extra money and if you want to make serious money you must invest considerable amount of money accordingly.

But if you invest a considerable amount of money for a long term trade you will enter into a very risky venture because of a high probability to lose all your investments.


3. Allen Gill himself recommends to invest between $400 to $1000 though the minimum deposit is $250. As you can see on the image below, he even recommends that amount of money because the higher you invest, the more money you will make obviously! That’s not true at all. I would say, the higher you invest, the more money you will lose obviously!



4. To be able to trade successfully at binary options trading you need tons of knowledge and experience which means a proper learning to understand how the whole binary thing works. But this is a theory only. Then you need to apply your knowledge in practice which means experience and before you gain enough experience you’re going to fail many times. Are you ready for that type of risky venture? It’s up to you.


5. Also, I would like to point out that it’s not safe to get involved in binary options trading because some of their methods are not legit. You can read this document which clearly says that most of the binary options platforms are not complying with applicable U.S. regulatory requirements and may be engaging in illegal activity.


6. Allen Gill claims to have made $300.000 in 30 days and that anyone who uses his software can make that amount of money consistently! Do you really believe in this dream?


7. Allen also claims that he can easily charge $997 for his incredible software considering how much money it can make you, but he understands that it’s too much for an average person and that’s why he is giving it for free. Actually, this is not true. He makes money off of you each time you make a deposit into his crappy system.


8. The application Allen is promoting was not created by Allen himself. It was created by GT Options and creators of this software are not binary options traders.


9. Many people who tried binary options trading softwares were able to achieve 50% win rate and this is not bad but still not enough to make real money. Most people who tried similar softwares in the past, agree that trying to make money with binary options though requires some knowledge and experience but is still very similar to gambling because you never know how market will change. You can predict, but anyway your predictions are based on your assumptions. Even experienced traders lose a lot of money there.


10.You can also try the program with fake (demo) money to understand how the whole thing works before you deposit real money but remember that many people who had been able to achieve some success with demo money lost a lot of money when started to play with real money.


Final word on Consistent Profits

I can’t really recommend this program to anyone simply because I hate gambling and binary options trading is not much different from it. Instead of entering into a risky venture like Consistent Profits I recommend you to try another program that has been winning # 1 spot for many years in a row on the web.

The program I’m talking about will teach you how to build a real business online and start making money and the same program helped me to build my own business and I’m a premium member of this program. To learn more about this program click on the image below and if you have any questions feel free to ask me and I will reply within 24 hours.



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  1. Rufat says:

    Thank you for your comment man. I agree that binary options trading programs always try to make people believe that they can easily make thousands of $ with little to no effort on their part which is not true at all. Allen Gill exceeded all bounds by claiming that anyone can make $300.000 in 30 days and it’s really annoying and ridiculous. Unfortunately, most people don’t know all the truth about making money online and they still believe that it’s much easier than making money in real life. I agree that it’s possible to make money at binary options but it requires deep knowledge and experience and still there is no guarantee that you won’t lose money. There is always a risk to lose money when trading at binary options. And finally, most of them as mentioned in the document are not complying with U.S. regulatory requirements and may be engaging in illegal activity. With all the facts regarding Consistent Profits mentioned above and Allen’s false promises in mind, I don’t think his program is complying with U.S. regulatory requirements.

  2. edy says:

    Hello Rufat,

    Binary options is very risky. They always make it seems easy to be profitable. But the reality is NOT at all. In order to make those amount of money, one must invest at least $5,000 and have knowledge in trading. Without proper training, you can lose it all.
    Super misleading approach to get rich by Consistent Profits.

    Anyway, awesome review about Consistent Profits by Allen Gill.
    Thanks for your effort here man.


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