Wealth Generator X Review – Go from nothing to $3 million!

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Product name: Wealth Generator X

Website: http://wealthgeneratorx.com/

Product owner: Daniel Mason

Verdict: Scam


Wealth Generator X is a new program that promises you wealth and success in no time. The program is not much different from many other similar programs out there that make bold claims and promise what they obviously fail to deliver.

Instead of focusing on helping people achieve success, they mainly focus on making you believe that success online comes super fast and their program has been specifically designed for people like you to ease the whole process and allow you to grab the MONEY and live the lifestyle you want.


The main idea behind Wealth Generator X

The main idea behind Wealth Generator X program is pretty simple: with this program you can easily go from nothing to $3 million super fast 🙂 What Wealth Generator X is promoting to people is actually a binary options trading (currency trading system) and there are a lot of sites on the internet promoting similar crappy products.




Binary options trading is based on predicting market which requires knowledge before getting into the game and experience you can gain after many tries and fails and before you gain enough experience you’re expected to lose your money.



Pros of the program

  • Probably you can make some money


Cons of the program

  • You can easily lose your hard earned money
  • Empty promises about exaggerated earnings
  • It’s not the right way to get started online if you want to make money
  • The software can’t guarantee you any profit because market is unpredictable
  • You can’t get any real support from the owner of Wealth Generator X


Inside the program

1. First off, Wealth Generator X website starts with a typical video that tries to make you believe in the idea of easy money, the same approach used by many other similar crappy sites out there. This is absolutely a bogus idea and I don’t recommend you to get into this program simply because it’s most likely a waste of time.


2. Another lie is regarding their false claim that they have only 1 free copy remaining though it’s not true. It’s an old marketing move to make you believe that you’re going to lose this amazing opportunity if you don’t take the action. Don’t buy into it. Even if you come back to their crappy site in a month or two, you will again see that message.





3. Binary options trading is a risky way of making money because though you try to predict market based on your knowledge and experience it’s still like a gambling. You can probably make some money today and lose considerable amount of money tomorrow.




4. The main idea here is about using a software that tries to predict market which is far from being a perfect method of trading. I don’t know any software that can work with 100% accuracy. There are many other similar programs on the web and there are many complaints around them.

And I’m sure Wealth Generator X is not much different from them in this sense. Even experienced traders lose lots of money at binary options trading.




5. Remember that Daniel’s main idea and focus is on making money off of YOU instead of helping you to make money. He makes money when you get into the program and each time you invest your money to start trading.


6. Daniel claims that his system works on complete autopilot and you don’t even need to control the software. I’ve been involved in internet marketing since 2000 and can tell you with full confidence that any program that makes such bold claims is a scam.


7. Daniel claims that his program is free. This is not true because in order to start trading you need to invest YOUR own money. If you want to make more money you need to invest more. If you think you can invest a $100 and make $1000 from it you’re wrong. This will not happen.


8. I have a friend of mine who has been involved in currency trading at Forex for some time and he had some success but it’s not about thousands of dollars as you might be thinking.


9. Like with any other binary options trading software, you can choose a short term trading or a long term trading. With short term you can make little money and this option involves less risk.

With long term option you can make good money BUT this option requires serious investments accordingly which means there is always a high risk of losing your money.


10. I have already reviewed other similar products and if you read them you will realize that most of these programs are poor ones and will never make you rich overnight and most of the testimonials they use are fake ones. You can get such a testimonial for your business for about $20 at Fiverr.com


11. I even tried to create my account on Daniel’s website and here is what I’ve got. Look at this image:


12. Wealth Generator X software provides you with a signal and based on that info you make your decision on how currency pair will go, up or down. No software exists in the world that can guarantee you a 100% accurate signal.

That’s why, before you place your trade, you need to do a bit of research and here knowledge and experience come into play where you must know exactly what to do. Remember, the only way to make money with Wealth Generator X is through tries and fails which means losing money. But how much? I don’t know. Just keep this fact in your mind.





Final word on Wealth Generator X

If you like the idea of currency trading you can try it, but I don’t recommend it. My brother has been involved in currency trading at Forex and lost a few thousands of dollars. I don’t recommend to get into this type of risky venture without knowledge and experience. By the way, my brother had some experience and knowledge.

Instead of getting into this risky venture I can recommend you to learn more about the program that has been # 1 program for many years and actually I recommend it to anyone who want to learn internet marketing and start making money online.



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  1. IMY says:

    The writer of this blog has no idea what forex is compared to binary trading. He says WG is binary trading when its not, GET OUT OF HERE.
    All he is doing is promoting his own ideas. His relative lost money be cause he does not know what he is doing.
    WG employ worl class traders and over last 3 years since starting have never had a losing month.
    SEE YA

    • Rufat says:

      You say Wealth Generator is a super program that can make you millions of dollars in a few days or weeks. Ok. Why then there are so many negative reviews on the internet? All similar programs promise millions while people lose money with these automated programs. Maybe you know how to make millions but most people don’t know this secret. If you are really making millions I don’t think you would be sitting in front of your computer and leaving a comment on my blog. Anyway, everyone is free to try your Wealth Generator. I don’t stop anyone. If they want let them try it out.

  2. Kim says:

    Hi Rufat. Great article. I am a student in China Hangzhou studying international business. Im from Zimbabwe and as we all know the economic situation iin Zim is very bad. I am looking for ways to make money, and choosing to sacrifice the little i have to start something abd invest. Thats when i came across walter greens free money system video. I like your website and would like to try the wealthy affiliates program, hoping it will build me something big for my kids one day. Please help me out. Whats your email adress? Would like to talk more

    • Rufat says:

      No problem man, I can help you. Here is my contact page. Leave your message or write to my email address and I will be happy to help. Wealthy Affiliate is definitely worth trying out.

  3. Yemcy Gomez says:

    Great post Rufat, thanks for sharing.

    • Rufat says:

      Thank you Gomez for visiting my site and glad you found my article helpful. I hope it is not your last visit to my site.

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