Magnetic Profits Review – This Magnet Can Make You $19.428 Per Month on Autopilot

January 31, 2015 6 Comments

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Product Name: Magnetic Profits

Program Owner: Mike Lee

Verdict: Scam

Magnetic Profits has been launched recently and claims to teach folks how to make a lot of money on the internet.

The program owner even claims that with his “amazing” system you can make $1400 per day without working hard.

Just complete a few simple steps and then grab your money. This is exactly what the system claims to give you.

make $1400 per day



The main idea behind Magnetic Profits

The main idea behind magnetic profits is simple. The system actually is a binary options trading. I reviewed similar product here, 30 day change. You never know when you win or lose and it applies to all binary options trading programs.

Magnetic Profits is a binary options trading software. Using this software you can play with currencies. What I mean is that with this software you can perform currency trading ( currency pairs) and choose the direction in which the option will move. Magnetic Profits program will give you some best options and you will choose to accomplish the trade.


Pros of the program

  • You can make some money BUT you must remember that you can lose too.
  • Step-by-step training


Cons of the program

  • Currency trading is not much different from gambling
  • Empty promises about exaggerated earnings
  • It’s not a proper way to build a real business online
  • The software can’t guarantee you any profit
  • You can’t get support from the owner of the program
  • To make serious money you need to invest enough money
  • False promises




Inside the program

  • First off, most binary options trading programs that I know are scams or poor products that fail to deliver on their promises and Magnetic Profits is not different from similar programs.
  • What Magnetic Profits promises you, i.e. make $1400 per day or over $19.000 is absolutely exaggerated number. I’m sure you can rather lose $1400 per day than make it.

magnetic-profits monthly earning



  • To make money with this software you need to get proper knowledge and experience and ONLY then you probably can achieve some success after many tries and fails. And you must expect loosing money before you achieve even a decent success.
  • There is no software that can predict the market with 100% accuracy and always make you a winner. It’s simply impossible because market is unpredictable.
  • The owner of the program claims that he has a secret group of millionaires that gives you this amazing software. Does it sound real to you? To me, not. All those secrets to instant wealth or secrets to making tons of money are empty promises. This is what I know from my experience and I’ve been involved in internet marketing since 2000.

millionaire group

  • Another false promise made by the owner of the program is that he falsely claims that his program is free. Do you really believe you can make money with this software without investing any money at all? If you don’t invest in the program you won’t make money.

magnetic profits free program

  • As I said, your profit depends on whether your choice is right or wrong. Your task is predicting the option to increase or decrease. If you are right, you win, if you’re wrong, you lose your bid. You can make, for example $500 today and lose $1000 tomorrow. My brother was involved in similar business (Forex currency trading) in the past and lost over $20.000 and he was experienced enough.
  • Another fact to keep in mind is that even experienced people, real experts can’t always predict how things will go and lose a lot of money on binary options trading, not to mention people that get started.
  • There are two types of trades: Short Term Trades and Long Term Trades. As you probably understand, short term trades are less risky and you can’t make a big buck here. Long term trade requires much longer time and here you can either make a big buck or lose a considerable amount of money.
  • You need to understand that Magnetic Profits is NOT a proper way to build a successful online business. By successful online business I mean building your own website, creating content for your site, driving traffic from search engines and finally making money. As you probably understand, Magnetic Profits is NOT going to teach you all these things.


Final word on Magnetic Profits

Magnetic Profits is NOT a good option for you to start making money on the internet. It involves a lot of risk and disappointment. If most people fail with it that means it’s not as good as it’s falsely advertised. And there are too many false promises made by the owner of the program.

If you want to know all the truth about making money online and start an online business on the right foot and for free to see if internet marketing is exactly what you are looking for, I recommend you to read my article about starting an online business or read my # 1 ranked product to work at home below.

The method I’m talking about is a proven over years program that helped thousands of people including me to start a successful online business. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions and I will be more than happy to help you out.



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  1. Riaz Shah says:

    Hello again Rufat,
    Magnetic profits lol, what a childish name for a business. Happy to hear that you’re labeling it as a scam, binary options very risky as unlike forex, we cannot predict anything because its literally a gamble. They make so much money by referring you to their scam because everytime you lose and lost money, they get a percentage. Evil people they are, great review as usual man. I hope nobody will fall prey to this scam.

    • Rufat says:

      You are right regarding childish name for this business. I’ve seen many programs and can say that poor programs like this one always have such ridiculous names, like 30 day change, guaranteed outcome etc. If you have some experience in making money online you can easily recognize scam or poor programs by simply their names. You mentioned Forex and told that unlike it, we can’t predict anything to maximize chances of winning. You mean Forex is a better alternative to binary options. But I’m of a different opinion because my brother lost thousands of dollars at Forex currency trade. I think both these opportunities are risky and wouldn’t recommend any of them. But I agree that each time you invest money in binary trading program, they make money out of you. They are always in profit while you are not.

  2. Donald says:

    Very Nice! First let me thank you for this information. I have never tried anything like this and if I come across it, I will know that it is not as good as it is made out to be.

    I have invested into IQD currency when I was deployed over to the Middle East back in 2004-05 I think. It is almost worth the same amount that it was when I bought it. Not one of my best investments.

    I would like to ask that if I wanted to get rid of the currency that I have, where would you recommend that I do that?

    • Rufat says:

      I’m really glad I was able to save you from this one and unfortunately what applies to Magnetic Profits can be very well applied to most other binary trading programs too. They are being advertised as a complete solution to all your financial problems and they all guarantee you to make money on a complete autopilot. As for your question, to be honest I’m not a big expert in this field I can’t give you any specific recommendations. Probably you can do some research in Google and I’m sure you can find some programs or even financial consultants. As for binary trading programs, there are quite a few legit programs that provide training and support, but there is no program that can guarantee you an income. You are never protected from financial losses once you have got involved in this business.

  3. Nicki says:

    It seems that everywhere you turn on the internet, there’s another binary scam running under yet another name. Many times you don’t even know it’s a binary until you pay for the information. There really is no reason to buy into a get rich quick scam… the only people that get rich from them are the people running them. Thank you for a great review! The information you’ve given could save someone a lot of money.

    • Rufat says:

      I totally agree that the only people that get rich from Magnetic Profits are the people running this “amazing” program because each time you deposit money to your account they make money. Very simple formula of their success, not yours by the way. You will never get your money back once you deposited them. I received many comments on other binary trading programs on my website from people who had tried these programs and all of them were of the opinion that there was no software that could automate or make you money on autopilot. This is very risky and difficult process and many people lose their money, actually thousands of dollars. Note, I mean losing, not making. And these “amazing” people that running Magnetic Profits dare to guarantee you to make $1493 per day or $19.428 per month on autopilot. Can you imagine that? How they are lying to you. This is really amazing.

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