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February 3, 2015 2 Comments

3million per year



Product Owner: Matt Driscoll


Price: $49 + many upsells

Verdict: Not recommended


My online business is a new revolutionary system that promises you to make $10.000-$100.000 per month and the best part of it is that it runs on complete autopilot. I haven’t heard such a bold claim for a long time.

Before I decided to review this “amazing” program I already knew that something was wrong about it and I was right. From my experience I definitely know that if a program promises you a lot of money on autopilot, this is the first red flag. The same is true for My Online Business and I’m going to prove that.


The main idea behind My Online Business

The main idea behind My Online Business is pretty simple. Once you pay Matt, you will get access to his “amazing” system to get trained and then start applying his methods to start making thousands of bucks on autopilot.

You will go through step-by-step training and learn how to promote different products and earn substantial commissions. Commissions vary from $50 up to $1000. Matt also claims to provide you with a free traffic source to help you with your business.



Pros of the program

  • 21-level step-by-step training


Cons of the program

  • Empty promises about exaggerated earnings
  • No free trial
  • My Online Business is by far not the best opportunity on the web
  • Not as easy as you might be thinking
  • No active community of like-minded experienced people where you can get help and support
  • Many upsells within the program
  • MLM Pyramid scheme (Bad reputation)
  • Many complaints

my online business program



Inside My Online Business

1. What I don’t like the most about My Online Business is that the owner starts lying to you from the very start. He promises that you’re going to join the system that can generate you over $10.000 per day!! What a lie! That is really a crazy statement. That means you can make $300.000 per month! Can you really believe in that type of claim?

I can promise you and even guarantee that you WON’T make even a $1000 per month with this system simply because it’s impossible. I can tell you very honestly that if you want to make $10.000 per month you need to work very very hard within 2 years at least to start seeing those numbers. There is no other way to expedite or simplify the process. It WILL NOT happen.


2. Another red flag is that Matt wants you to enter into a (NDA) non-disclosure agreement from the very start, to keep his “amazing” system in secret. What does that mean? Not a good sign for you, taking his bold claims about exaggerated earnings into account. Don’t trust him. I’ve seen so many similar false claims on the web simply because I’ve been involved in internet marketing since 2000.


3. You can’t try the program for free and this is not good at all. Just imagine, you’re expected to pay for the program you don’t know and without having any confidence if it works or not.


4. Matt promises to send you free traffic that you can take full advantage of and grow your business. Trust me, that traffic is absolutely useless simply because I know many similar products that fail to deliver what they promise.

Any internet marketer knows that to be successful online you need targeted traffic only. Targeted traffic comes from search engines and before you get that traffic you need to build your own website and write enough content for your website.

Not product, BUT CONTENT. Products can’t drive traffic to a website. Only original content can drive a massive traffic to your website.


5. Or you can buy traffic through PPC (pay per click) from Bing or Google but it will cost you money. For example, I buy traffic on Bing (Yahoo) and pay approx. $50 for every 230/240 visits. PPC traffic is very effective but it costs money.


6. Another free traffic source is Youtube or social media sites. BUT before you start seeing traffic from them you need to put a lot of effort into it.


7. Matt promises to send you free traffic without working from your side. Do you really believe him? Trust me, it’s another empty promise.


8. Like all other scammers, he promises that you don’t need any previous experience or skills and that to make a lot of money, you just need to follow 6 simple steps. Don’t trust him!


6 easy steps



9. You’re even promised to not make any sales because their team is going to do all the work for you and you only collect your commissions. Another empty promise. If they do all the work for you, why then they need you?


10.They promise to give you a “done for you system” that will generate thousands of bucks for you on autopilot. It looks like Matt is lying to you on autopilot instead of helping you.


11.Matt promises that if you don’t like the program you can always ask for refund. Ask yourself, are you sure you can get your money back? I’m sure, most probably you WILL NOT. So, think twice before you pay that guy.


12.When I was watching their promotional video I couldn’t stop laughing. Really, it’s so funny. You will see many scam artists saying you about making $10.000 in a single day, over 3 million per year, then they will show you their fake cheques,


fake checks500$ cash



luxury house, car that you can buy IF you join their system and even you will be guaranteed to make $500 cash if you watch their funny video until the end. And it doesn’t stop there.You’re promised to master the art of making over $10.000 per day in 6 easy steps AND you can master that art within a week.

luxury yacht



I believe you will like it if you have a sense of humour. I liked it 🙂 Thank you Matt.


Final word on My Online Business

I don’t think you need more clarification on this amazing system. This program has been heavily advertised on the web for a long time under different product names (My online business empire, Done For You Profit System). I don’t think it’s ethical to promote same product under different names and on different websites.

But you don’t have to worry because I’m here to help you with your online business. I can honestly recommend you the best program that I know on the entire web. The program I’m talking about is Wealthy Affiliate and you can read my honest review below. Wealthy Affiliate helped me to build my online business and it helped thousands of other people.

The program is absolutely reputable and legit and never makes any false promises to anyone and the best part of it is that you can try it for free. If you still have any questions, feel free to contact me or leave your comments below and I will reply within 24 hours.



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  1. Melissa Caron says:

    is there a system available to make money online that does not require a person to invest additional funds or require you to create a website etc??? Years ago I was burned and invested over $2000 in a system that provided several leads and I was required to create a website with domain etc through Go Daddy. To this day, if I come across ANYTHING remotely close to what I experienced, I run the other direction! I don’t mind work…but I have to at least know what I am doing! These advertisements don’t give enough info about these systems to make a $49 investment in my opinion. My fear is paying the $49 then be redirected to yet ANOTHER screen that requires funding in order to proceed. Then to find out, if you decline that offer, it is impossible to proceed which means you will never make any money or have access to any “amazing system”! What is real and what is fake?

    • Rufat says:

      Hi Melissa! I understand you very well and know what you are talking about. We all are full of these scams that get you into the program and then throw tons of upsells on you, product after product each promising you quick money on autopilot. Unfortunately, any serious affiliate marketer will tell you that you can’t have a successful online business without a website. You have to have one and work on it consistently. I don’t want to give you any false promises and will never do. I can only recommend you the program that I’ve tried myself and can vouch for its quality and legitimacy. You can read about it here. It’s absolutely legit and reputable and I’ve been a member of it since 2013. You can try it for free within 7-10 days. No credit card required. Thousands of people have already tried it and they are happy with it. If you are not willing to learn and work then this program is not for you. To be honest, I don’t know any program that can make you money with no work on your part. If you have any questions let me know.

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