CB Cash Code Review: 27 Questions Answered

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CB Cash Code






Overall Quality





  • Affordable price
  • Money back guarantee


  • Hidden upsells
  • Removed from ClickBank
  • Fake testimonials
  • Ridiculous income claims
  • No quality support





CB Cash Code Price: $37 + Hidden upsells

Founder: George Patterson

Type of product: Affiliate Marketing

Rating: 3 out of 10



What is CB Cash Code?

CB Cash Code is a training on affiliate marketing that shows you how to earn money online without any previous experience.

It’s a mediocre training with a very decent material. The founder claims to teach you how to make around $8.122 per day spending only 10 minutes.

Is this real or truth we will discuss further in my review.  I think 10 minutes per day means they are either don’t know what they are talking about or they are lying to you. Let’s find it out.



Is CB Cash Code Different from Other Programs?

The approach George Patterson uses in his training program is very typical and almost no different from many other make money programs I’ve seen for the past 5 years online.

Even the name of this program is CB which most likely means ClickBank because it mainly teaches you how to make money by promoting ClickBank products.



Who is CB Cash Code for?

CB Cash Code is for anyone wanting to learn how to make money online. But it’s only one side of the coin. There is also another side which is the training itself.

It’s very far from being perfect and it’s absolutely clear why. Because I’ve never seen quality training for $37 that could teach someone to earn $8.122 per day. It’s not completely useless though.



How Much Does CB Cash Code Cost?

CB Cash Code is $37 which is a one-time payment. I believe it’s affordable for most people.





But though George claims in the video there are no upsells, it’s not true. There are some other costs that are around $200.

It’s still affordable compared to other products but I can’t vouch for its quality. Because if I see lies on the first step of the program, how can I trust after that?



Does CB Cash Code Provide a Refund?

Yes, they offer 60-day money back guarantee which is really cool. But since it’s no longer a ClickBank product, I’m not sure if you can get your money back in case you decide to ask for refund. It was moved to ClickBetter marketplace.



Are There Any Other Upsells or Costs Associated with CB Cash Code?

Yes, there are two upsells aside from the main products which is sold for $37. One upsell is for $197 and the other one is for $147.

When it was on Clickbank marketplace, the commission for affiliates for promoting CB Cash Code was $240 which was possible only if the product price was much higher than $37.

The screenshot below is the proof of my statement. It clearly shows that affiliates earn $240 for each sale of CB Cash Code.



Is CB Cash Code for Everyone?

No, CB Cash Code is not for everyone. This product is mainly for those who have money to invest to grow their business.

Because it mainly focuses on teaching you how to pick digital products from ClickBank and then promote them through paid advertising using programs like Bing ads and Google adwords (PPC).

This type of advertising requires a lot of money and it’s very hard to get any results.

That’s why I believe CB Cash Code is NOT for everyone, especially for newbies. This type of programs are for experienced affiliate marketers only.



How Does CA Cash Code Work?

The idea of CB Cash Code is not new at all. As I explained above, you will need a solid advertising budget in order to get any results with the program.

You need to build attractive landing pages that will convert visitors into paying customers.

You will be struggling between spending money and earning income.

It will be very difficult to achieve any results and start making money with CB Cash Code.

Most likely you will waste your budget and quit the program disappointed because the quality of the training is far from being perfect.



CB Cash Code Training

CB Cash Code training mainly consists of PDF books, such as:




  • CB Cash Code Main Guide
  • Clickbank Cash Pro
  • ClickBank Book Plus
  • Clickbank Cash Code Secret Method
  • CB Cash Code Bonus Videos

Let’s dive into this and see what you can expect from CB Cash Code training.


CB Cash Code Main Guide is 41-page PDF guide which briefly describes what you are going to learn during your read. It describes affiliate marketing as explained above, i.e. making money through Clickbank marketplace.




Clickbank Cash Pro is more advanced course on affiliate marketing that teaches Clickbank business model like the previous one.

You will learn how to drive traffic to your landing pages using methods, such as PPC, SEO, email marketing, display advertising.

You will also learn how to create powerful ads, how to do a keyword research and choose the right keyword for your content.

Unfortunately, all these strategies are explained in written form instead of videos. This is definitely an outdated approach.

For example, for SEO they provide only one page of info which sounds and looks ridiculous.

The same applies to email marketing and almost all other strategies. Though it’s more advanced, it’s still not as detailed as it should be to help new affiliate marketers.




ClickBank Book Plus and Secret Method also teaches you an affiliate marketing and growing your business through social media.

For example, Facebook method is not as effective as it used to be in the past and many affiliate marketers simply stopped using this method.

Instead they are now pay more attention


CB Cash Code Bonus Videos part consists of:

  • Intro (3 videos)
  • Affiliate marketing basics – Choosing a niche (7 videos)
  • Steps to get started with affiliate marketing (7 videos)
  • NEW! Fundamentals of choosing… (13 videos)
  • Comparison of major affiliate… (5 videos)
  • Driving traffic to your affiliate products (10 videos)




This part of the training looks new. It looks like they decided to launch this video part after a lot of criticism from bloggers like me who write their reviews.

And it’s good that creators of this program responded to the critique. But still the quality of CB Cash Code training is very poor and it’s not only my opinion.

Most blogs or almost all of them who wrote reviews or made videos about CB Cash Code are of the same opinion. And the reason for that is the quality of CB Cash Code itself.

The training doesn’t even explain how to create landing pages. For this you need to look for other sources of info like youtube or pay for other programs that give you ready made landing pages that you can customize according to your specific needs.



What Kind of Support Can You Expect from CB Cash Code?

Unfortunately, in programs like CB Cash Code you will never find quality support.

Because the price is very low which means the service is helpful enough to teach you and help you start making money online.

There is no community with thousands of members ready to help you when you get stuck.

If there is no community that means you can get support from the team of CB Cash Code only.

This type of support is very ineffective because they can’t help everyone.

From my experience I think CB Cash Code is not the right program for those interested in affiliate marketing and especially for beginners.



Can I Trust CB Cash Code?

I believe due to tons of negative complaints about CB Cash Code I can’t recommend this program to anyone though CB Cash Code training contains some useful information. CB Cash Code was removed from ClickBank which is a red flag.

Because normally programs are removed from ClickBank due to complaints and high refund rate. Currently CB Cash Code is sold through ClickBetter digital marketplace for the same price, i.e. $37.




And of course, 2 upsells are in place and waiting for you. BTW, in the video it’s said that there are no hidden costs in CB Cash Code which is not true.

Also, Patterson uses fake testimonials as if his students are making over $8.000 per day spending 10 minutes. How can you trust after that Patterson?



Are There Any Complaints About CB Cash Code?

I have no time to search internet because programs like this one are not worth my time.

In order to find complaints about certain organization it must be popular enough.

CB Cash Code is not so popular which is why you can hardly find many complaints about it.

But the fact that it was removed from ClickBank marketplace proves that there are many complaints which was the reason for removing it from the marketplace.



Any Income Proof from CB Cash Code?

Unfortunately, I can’t provide such an information. I don’t know of anyone making money using CB Cash Code training.

Many people including me are making money using the same strategy CB Cash Code teaches.

But the main issue with CB Code is that the training itself is not detailed enough which means it’s not helpful.

In order to start making money you need way more detailed training and way better support which is almost non-existent in CB Cash Code.



Is CB Cash Code up to date?

Generally speaking, yes, but some parts are definitely outdated. Or I would say the training is not super detailed to be outdated.

It covers all questions without going into details. What can you expect from a program that costs only $37 and promises you to make over $8.000 per day?

I think the answer is obvious. Over the years I’ve never seen any program that claims to teach you to earn over $8.000 per day and that costs $37.




What I like in CB Cash Code

  • Decent training on affiliate marketing
  • Affordable price
  • Money back guarantee





What I don’t like in CB Cash Code

  • Hidden upsells
  • No quality support
  • Removed from ClickBank
  • Fake testimonials
  • Ridiculous income claims



Does CB Cash Code Guarantee Any Results?

CB Cash Code doesn’t guarantee any results. First of all, it’s impossible to give any guarantees and secondly the quality of training is so low and support is so ineffective that giving any promises in terms of income becomes almost nearly impossible.



How Soon Can You Start Making Money with CB Cash Code?

Considering that quality of CB Cash Code is not so good as well as the support and the program is advertised using fake income testimonials created by scam actors from Fiverr.com, it’s almost impossible to say when you can start making money with CB Cash Code.



Issues with CB Cash Code

I checked CB Cash Code website and it looks like there are some technical issues on the website and no one bothers even to fix them.

For example, on the “refund policy” page I see a broken image. See the screenshot below.

On the same page you can find broken links. Again, no one bothers to fix them.

ClickBetter support link on the bottom of the page is broken too.








And after that George Patterson claims that he can teach you to earn $8,122 per day???





Is CB Cash Code training step-by-step?

I can’t say CB Cash Code training is completely useless because it delivers some value. When it comes to step-by-step aspect, it’s far from it in my opinion.

Step-by-step means you will learn all you need in order to start making money online. This is not the case here.

Because CB Cash Code can’t even provide real success stories of their members. Instead they show you fake testimonials by scam actors from Fiverr.com.

If CB Cash Code training was sufficiently detailed and helped to earn money, then people standing behind this program would not have to pay freelancers from Fiverr to shoot videos with false income statements.





Can I try CB Cash Code for free?

Unfortunately, you can’t try the program for free. The only positive side of the program is that the price is affordable and there is a money back guarantee.

If you don’t like the product, you can ask for refund.



How Much Can You Make with CB Cash Code?

Creators of this program or so-called George Patterson claims you can earn $8.122 per day which is absolutely ridiculous.

For the most part to make this program work for you, you need to invest a solid budget in paid advertising.

So, you spend $37 for the main product, two upsells $197 and $147. Plus, you have to spend at least $500-$1.000 for paid advertising per month.

Considering that the quality of CB Cash Code training is very low, I can’t even say how much money you can earn.



Does CB Cash Code Work?

If you look at this program as an introductory course about affiliate marketing then it may be a good idea to pay $37 and read PDG guides.

If you look at this program as a solid course on affiliate marketing and hope it will help you make money online, I’m afraid it doesn’t work.



Is CB Cash Code Worth My Money and Time?

Like I said above, PDF guides contain some valuable info as well as videos.

But in my opinion and opinion of many other affiliate marketers, quality of CB Cash is not so good.

So, if you pay only initial price $37 that’s ok. But still don’t expect to make money with it.

If you plan to pay for two other upsells it’s not recommended at all. It’s not worth your money and time.



Is CB Cash Code a Scam?

I can’t say it’s a scam because you actually get some value from it. Plus, there is a money back guarantee.

But considering that so-called George Patterson makes some big and ridiculous income claims and uses fake income testimonials, I think CB Cash Code becomes a borderline scam.



CB Cash Code affiliate program

It looks like they have an affiliate program and pay commissions up to 60% to affiliates which is great.




But considering that it was removed from Clickbank due to complaints and refunds, do you want to promote such a program?

You will be spending money for paid advertising and making one or two sales and then lose your commissions due to refunds.



Any legit alternatives to CB Cash Code?



Final Rating of CB Cash Code

Rating 3 out of 10


My final opinion:

If you plan to join CB Cash Code you are free to do so. If you are looking for legit alternatives to CB Cash Code

I recommend Wealthy Affiliate or Income School, programs that I’ve personally tried. Both programs are legit and their approach is suitable for most beginners wanting to earn their first dollar online.




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