Cash Formula Review: 26 Questions Answered.

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Cash Formula Price: $37

Cash Formula upsells: $197, $297 


Founder: Michael Green

Type of product: Affiliate marketing (Amazon FBA)

Recommended: No 



What is Cash Formula?

Cash Formula is an online program or so called course that claims to teach you how to make money online using affiliate marketing through some short videos, PDF books and paid tools.

What Cash Formula tries to teach you, I mean the idea itself is absolutely legit but as always, when it comes to realization of this project it becomes a waste of time or hardly achievable.

It is the truth that can be applied to many online programs like Cash Formula today.

Especially because Michael claims to show you how to make $5.000 a day and in this review we’ll see if this is true or not.



Who are the Founders of Cash Formula? 

Michael Green is described as a founder of Cash Formula who doesn’t really seem to be a real person.

The man that you see in the advertised Cash Formula video was taken from a stock image website, such as FreePik. This certainly is a bad sign for this program.

How can you trust such a program/company? But we’ll return to this fact further in my review.



Is Cash Formula Unique? 

No, Cash Formula is not unique at all. Michael tries to do what many other programs are already doing, such as affiliate marketing.

The only difference is that this man does it in an outdated way, sharing with you a few videos and PDF guides.

This type of affiliate business requires a more practical approach, such as step-by-step training, tools and quality support.



Who is Cash Formula for?

Generally speaking, Cash Formula is mainly for people wanting to start their own affiliate business.

But when we go into details of Cash Formula itself and quality of the program, we see many issues. I mean, the idea is good but from a standpoint of effectiveness, the program is low quality.

That’s why I can’t recommend it to be honest and can’t say it is a total waste of time.

If you look for something more practical and actionable, I believe Cash Formula is not what you need. 



How Much Does Cash Formula Cost? 

Compared to many other programs that teach affiliate marketing, Cash Formula offers an affordable price, $37 and plus two other upsells, for $197 and $297.

I think $37 is not a big problem for most people. When it comes to upsells, they are optional. To be honest, it’s up to you to buy them or not, but if you want to know my opinion, I don’t recommend it.

At least, because of many negative reviews of Cash Formula available on Google. This doesn’t mean the Cash Formula is a scam. Not at all.

Because there are many other programs, almost for the same price, but way more effective and with a good track record.



Does Cash Formula Provide a Refund? 

Yes, Cash Formula provides a 60 day refund which is really good compared to many other programs that take your money forever.

Before Cash Formula was on ClickBank digital marketplace and later was either removed or moved to another marketplace called ClickBetter.

Most of the time if a product disappears from a certain marketplace it means it was removed due to complaints.

In this case when it comes to Cash Formula, I don’t know if it was removed or moved. Anyway it is now on ClickBetter network and still you have a 60-day money back guarantee.

The only thing I recommend you to check with Cash Formula are the conditions under which refund is provided.

Some programs ask you to provide some proof that you took actions and failed to make money or otherwise they will not refund your money.

In that case, a refund will become a headache for you. Make sure that Cash Formula provides a “no questions asked” guarantee.   



My Top Recommended Program

    Program # 1 – Wealthy Affiliate





Are There Any Other Upsells or Costs Associated with Cash Formula? 

Yes, there are two upsells that come with Cash Formula, one for $197 and second upsell for $297.

Of course, these upsells are optional but again I have to say that upselling is not good in my opinion. To be honest, most people don’t like or even hate upselling.

You pay for the program, such as Cash Formula thinking it’s done and then realize that for faster or better results you have to pay WAY more in order to achieve success with the program.

But these two upsells are not the end of the story. You still have to pay for some tools, such as:


  • SiteGround (web-hosting) – $6.99/month
  • KWFinder (keyword research tool) – $29.90/month
  • EasyAzon (wordpress plugin) – $47 one-time
  • Quuu (Content sharing-traffic site) – $19/month


In fact, if you add all this to the total price you will get this:


  • One-time expense: $37+$197+$297+$47 = $578  
  • Monthly expense: $6.99 +$29.90 + $19 = $55.89


  • First year one-time expense: $578
  • Total per year monthly expense: $670.68 


As you can see, it’s a lot of money for a mediocre program that has many negative reviews. Do you think it is reasonable to invest so much money into a program that has no even a positive track record? I don’t think it’s reasonable.



Is Cash Formula for Everyone?

I think Cash Formula is only for those wanting to build their online business presence by building an Amazon affiliate store and selling Amazon products.

This is called Amazon FBA. This may not be exactly what you are looking for.

Some people, like me, prefer affiliate marketing by promoting digital or physical products from other sites without building an online store. You don’t have to invest money in physical products.

All you need is just join other programs through an affiliate program which is totally free, promote those products and earn your affiliate commission.

If so, you better look for other programs, such as Wealthy Affiliate, Income School and the like.

Plus keep in mind that Cash Formula though looks pretty cheap, in fact requires a lot of money to spend on other products in order to achieve desired results. 



How Does Cash Formula Work? 

Ok, we now know what we have to pay if we decide to join Cash Formula. Let’s see what we can get from the program as members of this so-called amazing program. 

  • Cash Formula Affiliate Website theme
  • 8 Tutorial videos for setting up Amazon store  
  • Cash Formula Affiliate Marketing Guide (Techniques to boost your affiliate profit)
  • Amazon Affiliate Essentials (Increase sales through eCommerce platform)
  • Amazon Affiliate Blueprint (Building a business as an Amazon affiliate)
  • Fulfillment by Amazon Guide (A Complete Guide to Understanding FBA)




Now you can see what you can get for $37, i.e.


  • 8 videos
  • WordPress theme
  • PDF books


Now, as an affiliate marketer with 7 years of experience I can tell you that this is not going to work.

In order to achieve success in affiliate marketing or such a serious business as Amazon FBA, you need step-by-step training with high quality support ready to help you along the way.

8 short videos along with a number of short PDF books will NOT help you build a serious presence online especially when it comes to such a serious business model as Amazon FBA. 



What Kind of Support Can You Expect from Cash Formula?

I may be wrong but I don’t see any active community inside Cash Formula. No reports of any community support from anyone.

It looks like the only support you can expect from Cash Formula is email support which is an outdated type of support.

Imagine how all Cash Formula members (if any at all available) will be getting support from a questionable personality, Michael Green who hides himself and his image was taken from a stock image website.

I don’t think this is going in any way help you in succeeding online with Cash Formula. Fo example, as a member of Wealthy Affiliate I get support

through different means, such as private message support, live chat support, community support, technical support.

All this is not available in Cash Formula without which you can’t get anywhere.



Can I Trust Cash Formula?

This is honestly a somewhat difficult question. Basically, Cash Formula is not a scam because you will actually pay a small amount of $37 and get a mediocre training: 8 short videos and several PDF books.

As if there is nothing to blame Michael Green. But the fact is that with such an approach it is almost impossible to achieve success.

In addition, in the promotional video on the Cash Formula website there are many advertising tricks and big words that you will easily earn huge money, $ 5,000 per day, which already undermines the credibility of the program.

Moreover, it is almost impossible to achieve this with such mediocre so-called training.

Therefore, the credibility of the program and Michael Green is undermined in my opinion.

And so, if you want to buy the program and try how it works, then this is of course your choice.



Are There Any Complaints About Cash Formula?

I have not yet found any complaints about the Cash Formula program, and this is quite understandable. Because the program is relatively new and there haven’t been many complaints yet.

But as I mentioned above, it was either removed due to complaints or moved to ClickBetter platform by Michel Green himself. I don’t know the real reason.

From my experience in affiliate marketing I can honestly and confidently say that programs with such a low level of training, if only it can be considered as a training at all, and with such big promises that you will be earning $ 5,000 a day, I believe complaints about Cash Formula will appear as soon as the search query expands on Google. It’s just a matter of time.



Any Income Proof from Cash Formula?

I don’t have any income proof from members of Cash Formula and I really doubt there are any successful members available considering the low quality of the training and support.  



Is Cash Formula up to date?

No, It’s an outdated approach. Maybe some information in PDF books is actual but the approach itself is outdated.




What I like in Cash Formula

  •   Money back guarantee
  •   Decent info on affiliate marketing





What I don’t like in Cash Formula

  •   Upsells
  •   Paid tools required
  •   Low trust rate
  •   Ridiculous income claims
  •   Fake testimonials from fake members
  •   Michael Green is fake personality



Does Cash Formula Guarantee Any Results?

No, Cash Formula doesn’t guarantee any results but ridiculous income claims and fake testimonials from fake members can mislead a lot of people and this is exactly what is taking place now.



How Soon Can You Start Making Money with Cash Formula?

First of all, in Cash Formula advertised video Michael Green or paid actors from sites like talk about making $5.000 a day starting today. This is not true.

This is not going to start today. This promise is intended for those who are not familiar with affiliate marketing and therefore do not know what it is to make money on the Internet.

In fact, we can say that by doing so Michael is trying to mislead you. Considering the low quality of Cash Formula it’s really impossible to say when you can start making real money.

Most likely you will NOT make money at all or even if you are smart and skilful, then maybe it can happen after many months of hard work.

I really doubt you can do it with Cash Formula.



Issues with Cash Formula

Let’s now talk about issues that we can easily find in Cash Formula. First of all, when you land on Cash Formula website you will see something wrong happening on the website.

You can’t even watch the video because of the windows that pops up and you can’t even close it or click away.




It shows Click Funnels, another popular product available on ClickBank. Click Funnels is not bad but also has some cons, such as expensive packages, some complaints.

Generally speaking, it’s not bad. For more information read here.


Second issue is about a misleading statement about making $5.000 a day starting from today. As I already said 


misleading statement 1


above, this has nothing to do with reality. This is just a statement.


The picture of Michel Green is taken from a stock image website which is a bad sign. This means there is no real personality behind the Cash Formula. 




Michael also talks about his so-called free money system which is not free at all. You already know about all the costs associated with this program. 


free money system


Next issue is another misleading statement about the possibility of making $100.000 a day in the next 30 days. This is just a statement. Don’t take it seriously.


$100.000 in the next 30 days false promise


And the last issue is about paid scam actors from who try to convince you that they make a lot of money with Cash Formula. This is not true. 

scam-actors from fiverr



Is Cash Formula training step-by-step?

Of course, it’s not step-by-step training. No training can be considered step-by-step with only 8 short videos and 3,4 PDF books. 



Can I try Cash Formula for free?

No, you can’t try Cash Formula for free, but the basic price, $37 is affordable.



How Much Can You Make with Cash Formula?

Theoretically speaking you can make a lot of money if you invest a lot of time, effort and energy in affiliate marketing business.

You can make from $1.000 and up to $10.000 per month and even more. I never made more than $2.300 per month.

A friend of mine is making over $20.000 per month. But the question is: Is it possible to achieve even my level of success with Cash Formula? I think it is NOT.



Does Cash Formula Work?

Theoretically, what Cash Formula teaches works. But the practical implementation of this program does not allow us to say that by purchasing the program you will achieve something in practice.



Is Cash Formula Worth My Money and Time?

If you plan to pay for the program just to learn something new without having big expectations, it is ok to buy the program.

Otherwise you better invest your money in something more realistic and legit, such as my favorite programs 

Income School or Wealthy Affiliate. I would recommend starting with Wealthy Affiliate because support there is the best I’ve seen so far.

I’m still a member of Wealthy Affiliate and left Income School. 



Is Cash Formula a Scam?

In fact, the program is not a scam because for your small fee, they provide at least some material.

However, taking into account misleading income statements that beginners fall to, we can say that the program borders on what is called a scam.



Are There Programs Better than Cash Formula?

Yes, see two my favorite programs below

Wealthy Affiliate or Income School


Final Rating of Cash Formula 

Rating 3 out of 10



My final opinion:

If you plan to join Cash Formula, you are free to do so. I don’t recommend it due to misleading income statements and paid scam actors. If you are looking for legit alternatives to this program

I recommendWealthy Affiliate orIncome School, programs that I’ve personally tried. 

Especially I highly recommend


My Top Recommended Program

    Program # 1 – Wealthy Affiliate





About the Author:

My name is Adam. I'm the founder of Your Income Advisor. My goal is to help others succeed online, by exposing scams and reviewing top rated products. I can help you start your own business online

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  1. LineCowley says:

    There are so many programs advertised these days that promise to make you a lot of money in a short period of time. Cash Formula seems to be another low quality program that might not be a scam, but is not worth the time and effort to be involved. 

    With upsells and hidden costs, they are just not transparent in what the program is truly going to cost you before your sign up. Thank you for this detailed review and the advise that it is not worth buying. 

    • Adam says:

      Unfortunately, most programs today are like Cash Formula. One gets the feeling and I think it’s not far from the truth that these programs are created and run in haste with one sole purpose – to fool people.

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