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Kyani Pyramid Scheme or Legit Business?

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Product name: Kyani


Price: $40-$999

Owner: Dick & Gayle Powell, Kirk Hansen

Kyani Overall rank: 35 out of 100

Verdict: Not recommended

My recommended program overall rank: 90 out of 100


I’ve recently come across a program called Kyani and decided to take a closer look at this program. To be honest, I love writing product reviews because I always do my best to make my reviews different from all other reviews available on the same topic.

I always write my reviews extremely realistic to let my readers know exactly what they can expect from the program.

Because most of the programs that I’ve come across so far are being promoted with a lot of hype promising you easy money or instant wealth overnight.

In the promo video on Youtube, Kyani team says that they want you to be rich and their program is exactly what you need to achieve this goal.

Because network marketing is the shortest and easiest way to become rich. Is this true? Is network marketing really an easy and fast way to success? Is Kyani a Pyramid Scheme? I’m going to answer all these questions in my review.


The main idea behind Kyani

Kyani is known as a health and wellness MLM company that produces and sells nutritional and health supplements, food and drinks.

Kyani team claims that they provide you with unmatched nutritional value and allow you to promote their “unique” products and make thousands of dollars per month.

However, the only way to make money with this program is to recruit an army of other people like you willing to buy Kyani products so you can make money off them. This is not going to be easy at all.

Short Review



Pros of Kyani

  • Products are not bad
  • Good compensation plan


Cons of Kyani

  • Kyani claims that their program is the right one for becoming rich
  • Requires budget to invest into Kyani products
  • Requires direct face-to-face selling skills
  • Requires you to aggressively recruit other people under you
  • Products are expensive


Is Kyani a pyramid scheme?

First off you should know that Kyani is an MLM type of business which is not so good in terms of reputation because there is a warning from official organizations that some MLMs may be pyramid schemes.




First of all it applies to those MLM companies that focus on recruiting and offer the best compensation plan which is the case with Kyani.

By this I don’t mean that Kyani is exactly a pyramid scheme or a scam, but it clearly falls into this category, i.e. one that puts much emphasis on recruiting through attractive compensation plan.


Is Kyani the right program to make money?

Second, joining Kyani requires having a good budget because their products are not cheap at all. And it’s not because Kyani’s products are some sort of unique products.

Their products are of decent quality. It’s because due to expensive products they can offer a good compensation plan. That’s it.





It applies to all MLM companies and their products are always overpriced. Forever Living is another example of a company that sells overpriced products.

And it’s pretty obvious why they sell such expensive products. It’s because otherwise they won’t be able to offer a good compensation plan to their affiliates.

But another problem that their affiliates have to face trying to promote them is that there are many other alternative products available on the market for a much cheaper price which makes the process even harder.




In this situation it’s really hard to convince people that your promoted products, in this case Kyani products, are super products and that they have to buy them. Really hard in my opinion.

Kyani membership packages range anywhere from $40 to $999. And the main problem is that you must invest your hard earned money in these overpriced “super” products and there is no guarantee that you will sell them.

That’s why, this type of business is a good fit for those who have a good experience in MLM business and have strong face-to-face selling skills. Any other person involved in this business will fail. That’s why if you feel this business is not for you, don’t invest your money.


Education at Kyani

The main problem that I see with Kyani is that they don’t provide enough training in order to be successful with their program and this again proves that their program is a good fit only for those who have experience in MLM.


Can you be successful with Kyani?

In my opinion, yes and no. It depends on your approach. If you have money to invest and buy their overpriced products and you feel you can successfully promote their products and convince people then you can give it a try.

Also, focusing on selling products alone is not an easy job. I think the only way to succeed with Kyani program is through focusing on recruiting other people into the program.




You have to recruit those that have money to invest. Trust me, it’s not easy at all. Finally, in order to be successful with this program you will end up promoting their opportunity to your family members, friends and possibly neighbours which is very common for all MLM programs.

BTW, you can read my article about MLM to have a better understanding what MLM is all about. Anyway, Kyani offers a good compensation plan and if you feel you can do well with it then you can give it a try. It’s up to you.




Kyani products

They have several main products, such as Kyani Sunset, Kyani Sunrise, Kyani Nitro, Kyani Nitro Xtreme, Kyani NitroFX, Kyani Health Triangle, Kyani Xtreme Health Triangle Pack.

The prices are as follows:

Kyani Sunset

For Distributors – $35.95   For Preferred Customers – $39.95   For Retails – $43.95


Kyani Sunrise

For Distributors – $35.95 For Preferred Customers – $39.95   For Retailers – $43.95


Kyani Nitro

For Distributors – $59.95   For Preferred Customers – $62.95   For Retailers – $65.95


Kyani Nitro Xtreme

For Distributors – $69.95     For Preferred Customers – $74.95     For Retailers – $79.95


The main problem with Kyani products is that you have to invest a lot of money in their overpriced products and the commission that they pay to their affiliates, i.e. distributors is very small, between $5-$10.

You really need to sell a lot of products in order to make a solid monthly income.

Just an example, you need to sell approx. 200 Kyani bottles per month in order to make between $1000-$1500. Do you think you can sell this volume of Kyani products? The only way is through selling Kyani products on Ebay.




In fact, many people are selling their products and you have to compete with all of them. Most of them are very experienced BTW. The other way is selling through your own website.

Unfortunately, Kyani doesn’t provide any training on this and you have to learn all this stuff on your own.

As I said above, the only way to succeed with this program is through recruiting an army of sellers like you which is not easy at all. If you can convince many people to join Kyani then you can make a good commission off them.

The question is: Can you find so many people willing to join Kyani and can you convince them to join Kyani? You know the answer.


Does Kyani help you market their products?

Kyani provides you with a website, BUT the info that will be on that website is not unique and in terms of getting it ranked in search engines and driving traffic, i.e. visitors to your website, it’s useless.

They don’t even allow you to make changes on the website without their approval.

This means your possibilities are very limited. Using their backoffice you can check your statistics to see if you have made any sales.

Also you can take advantage of Kyani’s info materials that will help you in promoting their products.


How is Kyani different from other similar products?

Kyani products contain Alaskan berries, Vitamin E, Omega 3 acids, Nitric oxide.

They claim that their products defend your body and maintain it in the best form possible, it helps support proper blood circulation, reduces inflammation, improves sex health, supports cognitive function, sustains your immune system, increases energy.

They claim that their products are the most powerful anti-oxidants in the world. Generally speaking, they claim that their products protect your cells from inflammation and disease, from diabetes, cholesterol.

They show how much fruits you must consume for maintaining a good health, but taking one Kyani vitamin complex can get rid you of that problem.

I’ve reviewed many other MLM programs like Kyani. Just to name a few: Forever Living, Vemma and there is one thing common to most of them.

They always claim that their products are revolutionary and cure you from any disease, including cancer. Is this true? I don’t think so.

All MLM companies that I’ve seen so far always describe their products as unique and that they can protect you not only from cancer, but make you immortal:-) etc. I don’t think it’s true. There are always many other alternative products on the market for a much cheaper price.


My opinion on MLM health supplement companies

Generally speaking I don’t like MLM health supplement companies because their products are almost always of a very decent quality while they try to convince people that their products are of super quality and can protect you from all possible diseases.

And they always teach their distributors to convince people that they HAVE to take their health supplements at least within 5,6 months for the best effect while there is no scientific evidence that their products are effective enough.

Anyway, this means that an ordinary person willing to buy let’s say Kyani’s Sunset which is $43.95, should pay approx. $219 for 5 bottles. Not many people can afford it.

And in fact, there is no need to overpay for Kyani’s products because you can always find alternative products for a lower price. That’s why, I don’t like MLM companies and especially health supplement ones.


Final word on Kyani opportunity

I’m not in a position to say that Kyani is a scam. No, it’s not. It’s not a pyramid scheme either because they sell real physical products.

But Kyani compensation plan very well resembles a pyramid scheme. Anyway, there are several cons that I don’t like and that’s why I can’t confidently recommend this program.

Main problems are: No quality training, requires serious investment with no guarantee that you can sell Kyani products, requires you to have strong selling skills and finally you need to aggressively recruit others willing to invest into Kyani products. If you feel you can accomplish it then feel free to join.

But based on my experience, I’m pretty sure that most people won’t join. I personally wouldn’t join because this type of business is not for me.

That’s why, I don’t want to recommend what I think is not going to work for most people. But as I said above, feel free to join if you feel this program is the right one for you.


Final glance at Kyani

  • Kyani claims that their program is the right one for becoming rich
  • Requires budget to invest into Kyani products
  • Requires direct face-to-face selling skills
  • Requires you to aggressively recruit other people under you
  • Products are expensive
  • Overall rank: 35 out of 100
  • Verdict: Not recommended


Tired of programs like Kyani? Here is my top recommended program to make money online!


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My name is Rufat. I'm the founder of Your Income Advisor. My goal is to help others succeed online, by exposing scams and reviewing top rated products. I can help you start your own business online

Comments (10)

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  1. Joseph says:

    Rufat, I’m happy you found another way to generate income. Personally, I’m new to network marketing yet I’m willing to learn. The Kyani meetings worldwide are very educational and give us the feeling we can dream again. To generate $6 million US dollars in one year is insane plus cash bonuses and executive leadership retreats!! Kyani gives you recognition as a distributor… When does your boss give you recognition? I’ve met successful, positive people within this organization. Only Kyani has this compensation plan.

    I understand the beginning is very hard to climb. Face to face sales? We’re only sharing the vision of the luxury lifestyle. As soon as you visit Kyani’s website, it’s the product that we stand by. Is it a scam if it’s not working for you? Maybe people don’t realize that bread and other foods don’t help you digest anything properly. Yes, bread, milk, and meat. All non-digestible by the human body. Don’t believe me? Why is every disease come from meat? It tastes so good yet you’re losing. Cave men had to eat meat to prosper and that’s fine. It’s 2016 and we have to understand the best foods for our children. I’ll happily eat meat to survive but not to prosper. Stop blaming this powerful anti-oxidant smoothie and change your diet.

    The middle class have no hope of owning a villa or their dream car… This is my philosophy. Everything in this life has a PRO and a CON. A gun can protect or murder. choose one. Kyani can benefit you or not. Keep blaming the circumstances around you. Kyani is a scam? How about working 40 years in hopes of retiring 40% of what you earned. I see people betting it on their pension plan!! It’s very sad. I’m sorry that none of you experienced the greatness of Kyani. Our worldwide events will blow your minds. Positive people willing to hear your story.

    Maybe I said too much… No matter what I say, I’ll get negative responses. Kyani reminds us that Mother Nature is the ONLY cure for everything. Only meat has Vitamin B12? ummm… there are more healthier sources. This is not a rant. Just a fact. The fact that mothers and fathers are breaking their backs paycheck by paycheck. At least Kyani gives you a chance and nothing comes easy. We all want to be rich fast!

    How about your job now? Why not get angry and change jobs? Why waste your anger on pyramid schemes? Isn’t everything on this planet a pyramid scheme? These are very deep questions to consider yet I would expect an negative response. All the best to your dreams and goals. It hurts to know we de with less than $1000 in out bank accounts. Please stay positive. And no, I am not endorsing Kyani. You can join Amway, Avon, Manulife, Primerica, any other MLM and still succeed. It all depends on your network of people. wait, what is the secret? Your network of people. Hang around millionaires and you’re bound to learn their “secrets” on becoming financially independent. Not rich but at least financially independent.

    Regardless, you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. Is this true or false? Don’t we all follow our “friends” without questioning? Maybe your “friends” don’t want to see you successful and you bought into their limited mindset?

    All the best to mankind. Network marketing is the only way to escape the clutches of hour by the hour work. Am I wrong? Again, I am willing to learn. Any alternative to change my life for the better.
    Whether financially, spiritually and/or physically.

    Thanks for reading.

    • Rufat says:

      Hi Joseph,

      It’s really good to know that you are successful with Kyani. In general I agree with you that everything has cons and pros. That’s true. Regarding MLM opportunity being the best way to earn an income, I can’t agree with you. The reality is that most people are not successful with most MLMs available on the market. This is the reality. Just to name a few of them will be enough: Empower Network, Vemma, Wake up Now etc. But still I don’t say in my review that Kyani is a scam. I clearly said that Kyani is not a scam. Anyone can join it and possibly make money if they feel they can make sales. I’m not a sales person and don’t recommend MLMs. Compared to many other MLM opportunities, Kyani is definitely a good one. But I still don’t feel comfortable to recommend it to everyone. The reality is that people that join programs like Kyani have to spend money on products and there is no guarantee they can sell them. Selling expensive products is not easy and most people lose their money. Anyway, in my review I say that people are free to join Kyani if they feel this program is the right one for them.

  2. Please help stop Kyani !

    Is Kyani a SCAM, FRAUD, CRIME, PYRAMID or not ?

    Why Kyani fails to pay state taxes,
    bonuses to distributors and salaries to employees?

    See the tax fraud in Germany and Hungary:

    How do you call a company which

    – has huge debts (since January, 2016) to its distributors ?
    – has huge debts (since January, 2016) to its employees ?
    – creates a tax avoidance scheme for individuals by using Payoneer system ?
    – manipulates with corporate taxes ?
    – includes in its CEO counsels former leaders of finance pyramid companies ?

    Want to know how auditors and accountants from “TMF Group” and “KPMG” assist Kyani ?

  3. priscilla Moore says:

    This is a scam. I was asked to order some juices for $50.00 and dumb me, I agreed. I ordered from someone in person, didn’t get a receipt. They pressured me and I fell for it. Stupid me. I noticed after that a $178.94 charge was taken out of my checking account. TRIED to cancel. IMPOSSIBLE. They send the product to you and now I have to wait and send it back to get my refund and can take about 5 to 6 weeks. CRAZY.

    • Rufat says:

      I’m really sorry to hear of the issue that you’ve had with Kyani and I’m glad to find out that my review was realistic and honest. You really need to be careful before investing your money and I hope you will be able to get the refund. I would be glad if you revisit my site and leave your next comment once you’ve resolved the issue with Kyani.

  4. Carole Lynn Servideo says:

    WellBeingUS LLC is starting up.
    Are they any good?

  5. Cyril says:

    I think this is an overwhelming product that isn’t legitimate at all. I may not see this as a scam as they are really selling some actual good products, just with an extraordinary high cost. But when it comes to making money, I don’t think this is a good idea as you need your visitors to trust you. If you are selling a product that not worth people’s money, you may lose visitors’ trust.

    I saw you promote Wealthy Affiliate there. Can you share with me how successful you are with WA?

    • Rufat says:

      I think Kyani is legit company. Yes, I don’t recommend it, but it doesn’t mean that it’s a scam. But their products are expensive like with most other mlm programs like this one. The only problem I see with Kyani is that it’s really hard to promote products when there are alternative products available for a lower price. As for my success with WA, I’m doing alright. I’m not making thousands of dollars yet, but I already can afford to quit my job because my income is growing steadily.

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