Vemma Scam Review – Can Vemma Really Change your Life for the Better?

February 2, 2016 4 Comments




Product name: Vemma


Membership Price: $499.95-$999.95

Owners: Brad Wayment, Yibang Wang

Overall rank: 20 out of 100

Verdict: Borderline scam


Vemma is a private MLM company that sells health products, energy drinks, weight management products etc. Vemma was founded in 2004 by Benson K. Lauren, and Karen Boreyko. Vemma’s headquarters is located in Tempe, Arizona of the United States.

Like many other MLM programs, Vemma claims that their products are of super quality and it’s not a secret that most of the time they are WAY expensive compared to other alternatives available on the market.

In 2013 Vemma has started positioning itself as an affiliate marketing company. And like any other MLM program, Vemma is mainly focused on recruiting young people as distributors through a high compensation plan.

The question is: Does this compensation plan work as they promise to their affiliates? I’m going to find the answer to this question in my review and once we have this info we will know if Vemma a scam or not.


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Pros of Vemma

  • Vemma has a wide range of products to promote
  • Vemma provides you with some tools and a mediocre support
  • Vemma offers a good compensation plan


Cons of Vemma

  • Start up price is a bit high
  • Vemma has been called a pyramid scheme by FTC and Italian consumer protection agency
  • False promises of high incomes
  • Complaints about Vemma




Inside the program

First off, if you are looking for a program that can teach you how to start earning income online and want to know if Vemma can help you in that I can tell you that it’s a very specific program.

If you don’t have any experience in MLM business, most likely you won’t be successful with it although some people are making money with Vemma.

Keep reading because I’m going to explain why this program is by far not the best opportunity for earning income online.


How to remain an active member

The main problem with Vemma is that if you want to make any money with this program you need to pay for one of the packs Vemma has to offer to its members.

Prices start at $499.95 and it doesn’t stop there because you still need to make some other purchases in order to remain an active member if you can’t make a sale in a month.

Many people spend close to $1000 or even more with Vemma while they can’t make any money and feel completely frustrated.


Vemma support

Compared to other MLM programs, Vemma offers some training material and tools. The material includes a DVD for $49.95 (Driving Force) which contains some useful information. You can also get support from your team members.

Also you will get a free website from Vemma which is in fact an affiliate link and doesn’t hold any value in terms of helping you build your business. You’re not actually going to own a website with quality content that can bring you traffic from search engines and make money.

The only way to do something with this link is spamming social media sites in the hope that someone will click on your link and order some of Vemma products.

I think instead of that Vemma should teach their affiliates how to create quality content for their affiliate websites and by this they will be able to drive a good amount of people from search engines looking for Vemma products. But it looks like it’s not in Vemma’s focus.

You will also get a mobile application that will help you manage your business activity

You will get a free success kit that includes tools designed to help you in your business efforts

You will have a team support

You will also get Vemma products (48 drinks):

4 bottles of Vemma,

1 V2 Fridge Brick,

2 bottles of Vemma NEXT,

24 cans of Verve Energy Drink etc.

BUT you will have to pay a monthly fee of $126 for two 32oz bottles. Paying for quality products is not a problem, BUT the truth is that most of Vemma’s products can be bought elsewhere for half the price.

Also, there is no any evidence that Vemma’s products are super products and can actually improve your health.


Vemma’s products are not cheap

Here is a list of some of Vemma’s products:

Energy drinks:

VERVE ReMIX – forty-eight 8.3 oz cans – $113.00

VERVE Energy Drink – forty-eight 8.3 oz cans – $159.60

VERVE MOJOE – forty-eight 15 oz cans – $184.00

VERVE BOLD ENERGY – forty-eight 8.3 oz cans – $164.00

Weight Loss products:

BODF-E- PRO High Protein Weight Pack – $299.95

BOD-E Powell Perfect Shake Bags – $178.00

As you can see, Vemma’s products are not cheap and there is no guarantee that you will be able to sell them.

On top of that, you have to spend $159 on Vemma products each month or if you can’t then you must enrol at least 6 new members “customers.” Trust me, this is not easy at all.

From my experience I can tell you that you may probably refer 100 free members to Vemma but to turn them to paying customers is extremely difficult.


Vemma success stories?

Also, another problem with Vemma company and their entire approach to business is that Vemma does promise high payouts to its affiliates but can’t deliver on the promises. They show luxury cars bought by some of their affiliates like on this image.





The truth though is that VERY few people can achieve such level of success and I strongly believe it’s those members that have a solid experience in MLM business. It’s those that have good face-to-face selling skills.

And the truth about MLM companies is that this type of business is not for everyone because direct selling skills require experience which most people who are new to MLM don’t have. This means that Vemma’s promises are unrealistic and misleading.


Success rate at Vemma

As I said above, very few people experience success with programs like Vemma and it very well applies to most MLM programs that I’ve come across so far. According to Vemma’s official report, close to 80% of their members never make any real money.


A few bucks at best. They can’t even return their initial investment. And approx. 1% of their members do alright with Vemma program. All this means that Vemma is by far not the best or even recommended program for earning an income online.



Another problem with Vemma that I would like to bring to your attention is that Vemma has had many complaints over the last few years and if you take a look at the screenshot from a trusted source you will realize that Vemma is not a reliable company.

BBB-complaints bbb-list-of-complaints

Few complaints is normal, but many complaints is the first red flag. Vemma was classified by FTC as a pyramid scheme luring young people into buying their products and making them promises of high earnings with little effort on their part.

As a result of that, FTC started seeking for ways to stop Vemma’s operation because many people lost their hard earned money. Take a look at the screenshot taken from FTC official website.

As you can see, Jessica Rich from FTC organization says that Vemma is an illegal pyramid scheme.




Another pyramid scheme accusation comes from the Italian consumer protection agency.



Again Vemma was classified as a pyramid scheme for teaching and encouraging its members to recruit others to the program instead of teaching them how to ethically promote Vemma products.


Vemma pyramid scheme or affiliate marketing?

That’s why I always prefer affiliate marketing over any other opportunity such as trading binary options or MLM. And it’s simply because all those opportunities require initial investment with no guarantee that you will get your investment back.

Just imagine that you invest money, buy products like in case with MLM and then can’t sell those products. Or binary options which is similar to gambling. Affliate marketing doesn’t require any serious investment.




The only thing required from you is willingness to work hard. And remember that although affiliate marketing requires some investment too, you in fact invest in your education that you can easily turn into money.

Just an example, I’m a member of affiliate online business community and we have many success stories happening every year.


Membership packages

Vemma offers two types of membership, Silver ($499.95) and Gold ($999.95) which is not affordable for everyone.

And another problem with Vemma scam is that when it comes to buying products from MLM companies you need to be active enough in order to be able to sell physical products.

To accomplish the task you need to have an experience in selling things face-to-face. If you have such an experience you can accomplish this task and if not, you are going to most likely lose all your money.


Your main target is your family and your friends

You have to be annoying because all MLMs teach you to promote their products to your family members and friends first and believe me if you do it you are going to annoy all people around you.

Vemma teaches you to recruit other people to their “amazing” program and start with your family members and friends first. Now picture yourself doing all this and ask yourself: Do you want to do all this annoying promotion?


What all MLMs have in common

If you read my article about MLM you will realize that like I said, this type of opportunity is very limited and not recommended. To summarize I just want to mention a few points related to most MLMs:

  • You need to be a sales person
  • Most MLMs are scams
  • Their products are WAY expensive compared to other similar products
  • Their claims are unrealistic
  • You have to be an annoying promoter
  • You are always under pressure to make sales to maintain your account
  • They always have complex compensation plans
  • Many MLMs have been classified as pyramid schemes by FTC
  • There are always many complaints about MLMs, including Vemma


complaint1 vemma-complaint


Final word on Vemma Scam

My opinion is that not all MLM companies/programs are scams and I told about it in many of my articles and product reviews.

Just as an example, there is an MLM company called Forever Living that has several offices worldwide, factories, thousands of members and a good reputation.

When it comes to Vemma, there are obvious cons that I’ve outlined above and on top of that there are many complaints and accusations from the official organizations.

Vemma makes unrealistic claims and most of their members according to FTC don’t make any money.

I think with all this in mind I really can’t recommend this program simply because there are WAY better programs out there, one of which is the program that helped me start earning an income from my online efforts.


Final glance at Vemma Pyramid

  • Vemma was classified as a pyramid scheme by several organizations
  • MLM involves annoying promotion
  • Vemma products are WAY expensive compared to other alternatives
  • Unrealistic claims
  • Many complaints
  • Many accusations
  • Overall rank 20 out of 100
  • Verdict: Borderline scam



I would love to hear from you if you are willing to share your experience with Vemma, good or bad. I welcome all comments. Let me know what you think or maybe I will be able to help you in some way.


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  1. Dave says:

    I always had the desire to join vemma after I had a friend of mine praise it. But after seeing the many complaints made on it I was skeptical.

    Also, the fact that it uses the strategies of pyramid schemes, which have in the past ripped me off, I wouldn’t dare to get my fingers burnt again.

    Thank you for your clear description. This is another program I will be avoiding.

    • Rufat says:

      You are right to be skeptical because there are many valid reasons for that. You can see complaints within my review and you can see the reports from Italian consumer protection agency and finally you can see complaints from and FTC. I think too many reasons and warnings for one small company. Since you have bad experience in the past you are right to stay away from programs like Vemma. There are many other legit programs way better than Vemma. Let me know if you need any help or recommendations Dave.

  2. Stephen says:

    Hi Rufat, greetings,

    First of all I want to say thank you for this informative review. Indeed, from what I have come to know most of these MLM companies try to make people feel like they can make them rich overnight and VEMMA is not an exception.

    Like VEMMA, instead of letting their members on board know that to succeed requires a lot of effort, they ONLY try to lie to people by their compensation plan.

    I know of a friend who have registered for two of these MLM companies and I tell you, from his own experience, succeeding with any MLM products selling company is not an easy thing at all. Since you would need to have a very high marketing skills and also to be able to recruit people on-board as your down lines, who would also have to equally work hard like you did to be able able to succeed.

    Very likely anyone who reads this article will think twice before considering joining any MLM company.

    Thanks for this great review.

    • Rufat says:

      Not all MLMs are like you describe here Stephen. But I agree that there are many MLMs that are misleading. They try to convince people through compensation plans. Their compensation plans are really good but the truth is that very few people can benefit from it. Most people can’t make enough sales which means they never reach the the level when they can earn high commissions. I’ve seen some good MLMs but Vemma is not a good one. It’s true that in order to succeed with MLMs you need to be very active and have good selling skills. Otherwise it will be extremely hard to earn any money. But some people can make a very solid income with MLMs. I’m not that type of person though.

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