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Is Evergreen Wealth Formula a Scam? – Find out the Truth in My Unbiased Review

Filed in Product Review by on December 10, 2015 6 Comments


Product name: Evergreen Wealth Formula

Product owner: James Scholes


Price: $97

Verdict: Legit

Recommended? Yes and No


If you’re on this page you probably want to know if Evergreen Wealth Formula a Scam or legit product.

Evergreen Wealth Formula by James Scholes is a training course on affiliate marketing that will teach you how to build affiliate sites or to be exact, squeeze pages and make money in passive income.

I have come across this program recently and decided to take a look at it and help you understand what is inside this course and how it can help you become another success story on the internet.

The training is actually a step-by-step guide and everything inside it is broken down to steps and if you follow the training and apply the steps exactly as James teaches you then you can make thousands of dollars per month.

Before you continue reading the rest of my review I would like to thank you for stopping by. Ever Green Wealth Formula is a good program, BUT if you take a look at the comparison table you’ll realize that there is a much better program out there and I would like you to know about it before you make your decision. The program I’m talking about is free to join for the first seven days. I recommend to try it before you make your decision.


At least this is exactly what James Scholes promises you with his course. And he even promises that you can start making $100 a day in 30 days and then he promises you to make $1000-$2000 per day which comes to $30.000-$60.000 per month.

I believe you want to know if it’s really possible to see such an income in 30 days and in my review I’m going to share my opinion on this product and tell you if Evergreen Wealth Formula a Scam or not.






Pros of Evergreen Wealth Formula

  • Price is affordable for most people
  • No upsells
  • Email support
  • Training contains a lot of training modules
  • All techniques taught by James are actionable
  • Websites (squeeze pages) are included in the price
  • You will learn email marketing which is important for your online business


Cons of Evergreen Wealth Formula

  • James makes some unrealistic claims and false promises
  • Private Skype support will cost you up to $2000
  • Affiliate program is open to Evergreen Wealth Formula customers only
  • To use the system to its full potential you need to have a budget for advertising and taking advantage of the email marketing part of the training


Inside the program

Can you replicate James’ success?

First off, I would like to let you know from the very start that Evergreen Wealth Formula is not a scam. It’s totally legit product and if you are looking for something worthwhile to invest your money you can try it.

But you must understand that this program is not a push button software that will make you money on the fly without any effort.

You can buy this product ONLY if you are willing to learn the material, follow the steps outlined by James, apply the knowledge and stay patient until you start seeing money in your bank account.

The only thing that is guaranteed with this product is that you will learn exactly how James is making money. But there is no guarantee that you will be making the amount of money promised by James.

Based on my experience in making money online I can say with full confidence that most likely you will not be able to replicate his success simply because you are not James. You’re just starting out online while he has been making money for a few years now.

The biggest problem I see online with most money making programs is that they all promise that you can easily repeat the process and start making thousands of dollars, but when you start following their recommendations and apply the steps you get absolutely different results simply because YOU DON’T HAVE ANY EXPERIENCE.


Evergreen Wealth Formula Training

Evergreen Wealth Formula contains a lot of training modules. You will learn how to choose an affiliate program/product, how to find a high converting product, how to add it to your website, how to set up your squeeze page, how to set up autoresponder service and why you need it, how to get traffic to your website etc. A lot of stuff.

I have to admit that James has created a very good video course that covers most important aspects of internet marketing.

Especially I respect him for his honesty because compared to many other money making programs that hide all the info until you pay them, James in his promo video explains very clearly what you can expect from his program.

In fact, he walks you through his entire program and shows each training module and explains why you need it. This is really good and demonstrates his honesty.




Here is an Evergreen Wealth Formula training breakdown:

Part 1 – Introduction

  • Welcome to the members area
  • Quick guide on how to get the most out of this site


Part 2 – Setting everything up

  • Downloading and rebranding your report
  • Editing squeeze pages
  • Crash Course on squeeze page copywriting
  • Finding a high converting affiliate product to promote
  • How to edit and place your affiliate offer on your upsell page
  • Setting up your autoresponder service
  • Putting the autoresponder code onto your squeeze page
  • Editing and entering the autoresponder sequence into your autoresponder
  • Editing your download page and monetizing tips
  • How to upload everything to your server
  • Bonus video: Two ways to increase optins and sales with no additional work whatsoever


Part 3 – Traffic guide

  • Forum traffic guide ( Market research, creating high CTR signatures, getting traffic, getting more traffic) and Bonus: launching a $14.000 WSO guide
  • Leverage marketing ( Solo mailings, adswaps, banner swaps)
  • Twitter traffic guide ( Creating an email account, creating and setting up a Twitter account, setting up Tweet adder, finding Twitter accounts, scraping Twitter accounts, how to unsuspend Twitter accounts)
  • YouTube traffic guide (keyword research, onpage optimization, off page optimization, off page optimization part 2, indexing links) Bonus: How to increase traffic potential per video


Part 4 – Advanced Marketing

  • How to make $14.000 per day


Realistically speaking, what can you expect from Evergreen Wealth Formula training and can you really make as much money as James promises you?


1. As I said above, James’ training is good and if you can invest effort and time you can start making money over time.

As I can see, James describes various methods of getting traffic to your website, but not all methods are free and if you want to use his system to its full potential you need to allocate a budget.

For example, he teaches you how to drive traffic from solo ads or use email marketing. Both methods will cost you money.

For email marketing the best service is Aweber which will cost you around $230 per year and as for the solo ad, banner swaps, adswaps, these methods are not cheap. You are expected to spend money while there is no guarantee that you will make money.


2. As I can see, his training is mostly focused on email marketing. I may be wrong, but I don’t see any modules related to SEO (search engine optimization) while SEO is a free method and if applied the right way can bring you tons of traffic for free.


3. Driving traffic from forums, Twitter or YouTube requires time and effort and you really need to work hard before you can get any traffic from these sources. It’s not going to happen overnight.


4. In part 3 of the training there is a bonus: launching a $14.000 WSO guide. James claims that he can teach you how to make $14.000 within 7 days. This is just a hype and I really don’t recommend to buy into this. Ask yourself: Do you really believe you can make $14.000 in 7 days?


5. In part 4 – advanced training, James claims that he will show you exact methods how he is making $11.000 per day. This is a pure hype in my opinion and I don’t really think he is making so much money.

As I know, one of the top internet marketers, Pat Flynn from is making 100.000 a month while James claims that he is making $11.000 per day which means $300.000 per month. I really doubt James is making $11.000 per day.


6. I sincerely respect James for being honest and explaining what his program is about before paying him. Very few internet marketers do that. But in my opinion, he is not completely honest because he promises that you will start making $100 a day in 30 days.





He promises that you can make $1000-$2000 per day with his system. This means you can make $30.000 – $60.000 per month which is not true and I will explain why. I made my first buck back in 2001. Then I quit internet marketing.


Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 12.30.37



Years later I’ve started again and since 2013 I’ve been actively working online and now I’m making money on a regular basis. I know many internet marketers and I know how much they are making. Making the amount of money James is talking about is not easy at all.

Very few internet marketers can actually do it. Yes, I believe that James Scholes is making thousands of dollars per month but it’s because he has been doing it for years now and he has his subscribers that are responsive to his offers.

The amount of money he is making can be made only through subscribers list, i.e. email marketing. As you understand, you don’t have that list which means you need to build that list and this takes time and effort.

I know many internet marketers who are making between $3000-$5000 per month, but they achieved this level after 1,2 years of hard work.

I don’t believe you can start making $100 a day = $3000 per month in 30 days. I don’t know anyone who could it.


7. Another thing that I don’t like is that James offers his personal support through Skype for additional $2000 per month. Can you imagine that?




8. He says that his high paying clients pay him $2000 per month so they can speak to him on Skype once a week. That’s too much! Otherwise you can contact him by email only which is not the best form of communication when it comes to making money online, but still it’s good that James is responsive and helpful guy.


9. The good thing is that there are no upsells which is really good and refreshing because many other money making programs are completely built on upsells. My respect to James.



Final word on Evergreen Wealth Formula

My final opinion on Evergreen Wealth Formula is the green light. This program is not a scam. This is a very good product with mediocre support. But there are quite a few flaws I’ve mentioned above.

You can buy this program, but don’t expect too much from it. You won’t be making thousands of dollars in 30 days.

But wait. I can offer you almost the same training with free websites, all necessary tools, 24/7 support, live chat, over 500 additional training modules and more for a much better price.

This will not cost you $2000 like with James. First off, you can try my recommended program absolutely for free. Then first month will cost you $19 and after that each month will cost you $47.

Or if you choose a one time payment then each month will cost you $29. This amazing price includes EVERYTHING. I think this is a much better alternative to Evergreen Wealth Formula and I’m actually a premium member of the program I’m recommending you.

I suggest that you take a look at my recommended program and then make your final decision and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me.



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My name is Rufat. I'm the founder of Your Income Advisor. My goal is to help others succeed online, by exposing scams and reviewing top rated products. I can help you start your own business online

Comments (6)

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  1. Code says:

    There’s no problem at all, in evergreen wealth formula its just that the way it was because they have rules and regulations it depends.but one thing is that it’s not affordable for everyone because the its high priced for the beginners or newbies so I would prefer that still Wealthy affiliate is much better because they have free training course and free registration at low priced.

    • Rufat says:

      I agree that WA is a much better alternative and it’s because they never make false promises to anyone. The only issue with Ever Green Wealth Formula is that private coaching will cost you a few thousand dollars and James makes some unrealistic claims too.

  2. Tim says:

    Hi Rufat,

    I hadn’t heard of this program until now and you’ve certainly given Evergreen Wealth a very detailed review. I like how you explain clearly to people what they can expect and that it isn’t some push button software.

    Even decent programs like this can be promoted as though it is all just too easy and will happen quickly, this is simply not true.

    Success takes time, effort and endurance. From what you’ve said this program has some good value but will take work like any other business.

    Thanks for sharing your insights, cheers!

    • Rufat says:

      Yes, that was my main idea to explain people what they can get from this product because although Evergreen Wealth Formula is legit program I think James gives people wrong expectations. I think this is the only red flag in this program. Of course, I understand that James wants to sell his product and in his promo video he tries to convince you that his program is extremely simplified and can be implemented through simple steps and results will come. And results will come, but the questions is: what kind of results? I’m sure results will be very different from what James promises you. This is true that success takes time and that’s why I always promote Wealthy Affiliate because they have a very realistic approach with any unrealistic claims.

  3. Daniel Aittie says:


    You have done a job on reviewing Evergreen Wealth Formula. I have some points from this review and concluded that virtually all affiliate marketing platforms require you pay before you can learn their ways of earn like they say you can catch a fish with a fish.

    Thanks for this unbiased review on Evergreen Wealth Formula.


    • Rufat says:

      Yes, you are right Daniel. Most programs on affiliate marketing teach people how to make money which is good, but you can’t try them before you buy. They promise that you can simply follow their recommendations and start making thousands of dollars and we see the same approach in Evergreen Wealth Formula. But in my review I explained that things are much more complex than James Scholes tries to describe them. You simply can’t replicate his success as easy as he tries to explain it. But anyway his product is good and I can recommend it if you have the right mindset and have the right expectations.

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