Tube Cash Code Review – Is it really “Create Immediate Income Through Immediate Actions” Opportunity?

October 23, 2014 6 Comments



Price: $49 + a lot of upsells over $2000

Owner: Corey Gates

Verdict: Scam

Tube cash code is an “awesome” program that teaches you how to create videos, upload them on YouTube and make a lot of money from it.

From the very beginning I want to point out, that though you can learn some useful tips on how to rank your video on YouTube, the program itself is much overhyped.

Corey claims that a lot of people after buying his product, were able to quit their daily job. I don’t think it is true because there is no any proof to his statement. Yes, it is true that theoretically you can create a great video, get it ranked on YouTube and possibly make money.

But it is not about millions of dollars that Corey promises you to make without having a website. This product is too exaggerated and overhyped.

Some reviewers of this program claim that Corey uses this method (YouTube) to make millions and that this very method is a MUST learn art if you want to make real money online.

It is too exaggerated and overhyped method because if you want to succeed online you must use different methods such as YouTube, social media, email marketing, PPC, search engine optimization etc.

Remember that search engine optimization should be your main concern because search engines provide 75% of all traffic to any website. And I am not talking about YouTube videos that get ranked on Google. I am talking about text content that gets ranked, and attracts visitors.

All successful websites making serious money that I know use different methods to drive traffic and text content is their main source of traffic. Anyway, YouTube is a MUST learn method but it should be considered as an additional traffic source.


tube cash code review


Tube cash code has 7 steps:

1. Picking a niche. You need to find a niche that you have interest in, because this is the first step all businesses start from. You will learn how to find the right keyword using Google adwords. Finding the right keyword is an important part of online success and you need to make deep research before you start creating content for your website.

2. Making a video. You will learn how to make a simple video and additionally how to use Camtasia program for creating professional videos. Also, you will learn how to add annotations to your video to increase your earnings from a video.

3. Making a killer video. You will learn how to create a killer video (nothing special, just advanced form of the previous step)

4. Getting traffic to your videos. You will learn how to transcribe your video into a text, because it can help, according to Corey, get your video ranked higher on Google and other search engines. But this is arguable and that’s why it is up to you, to apply this technique or not. Most Youtubers don’t make it and still get their videos ranked high. Also, you will learn how to share your videos on social media to get better rankings for your videos.

5. Marketing tools. Corey will show you some tools. Some of them are useful but some can destroy your entire business. For example, he recommends using website to market your videos for $5 or build backlinks. I don’t recommend it because it can destroy your entire business.

6. Local video marketing. You will learn how to make your video for local ranking, because this is what most people don’t do and miss a lot. It is always easier to focus on local market because of a tiny competition.

7. An overview of all previous steps.


Is Tube Cash Code worth your money?

There are many upsells inside the member’s area of Tube Cash Code. If you think you can pay $49 and get all Corey’s secrets then you are mistaken. As it happens with most crappy products, you are expected to spend much more than you might be thinking first. If you follow all 7 steps you are going to spend over $2000!

Almost each step outlined above includes an upsell. But it doesn’t stop there. Corey is going to offer a webhosting plan for $268 while you can find it easily for under $100 at Hostgator or Godaddy. It seems that he is a great master of upselling instead of helping you.

While some parts of his program are useful I can’t recommend it because of it being too exaggerated and overhyped in addition to many upsells within the program. It seems that Corey is more concerned to make money instead of thinking of his customers or helping them. This is a completely wrong approach.

The problem with his program and teaching material is that most of it can be easily found for fee on the internet. For example, if you need a keyword tool I can recommend you the best one in the industry – Jaaxy. You can use it for free and make up to 30 searches. Read my full article here.

If you need to learn how to create a video you can read my article or you can find a lot of videos on YouTube.

If you want to get your video ranked on YouTube read my article. I have my own videos ranked high on YouTube and I can help you with YouTube. Here is my channel and most of my videos are ranked high.

If you need to transcribe your video into text, there are a lot of videos on YouTube or other free material on Google. Additionally you can visit But it’s not so important for ranking on YouTube.

If you want to know all the tips and tricks about ranking on Youtube you can visit Derral Eves channel on YouTube. Derral Eves successfully completed exclusive training and passed the YouTube Certified exam in Audience Growth. But I think you can get confused due to abundance of information and numerous tips on his channel. That’s why my recommendation is if you want to know how rank your videos on YouTube, feel free to contact me and I will help you with that.


derral youtube


To be honest, I can’t find a single strong argument in favour of buying Tube Cash Code because you can do all those things taught by Corey, for much cheaper price. As I said, using just one method is not enough if you want to be successful online. You need a complex approach.

If you want to build a real business online I can help you with that and I honestly recommend you the best place on the entire web – Wealthy affiliate. Actually, WA is an online business community that helped me, and thousands of other people to build a successful business online. For more information read my review of WA below.



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  1. Mark says:

    Two grand to get to his secrets typical upsell marketing technique.

    They hang the carrot in front of your nose as soon as you sign up to go further and further into the program.

    Sadly a lot of folks will get succeed in with this.

    • Rufat says:

      That’s true Mark. Unfortunately, a lot of folks do fall into those scams because very often they are desperately trying to find a magic button and when you give them an honest advice they don’t trust you. But this is our reality and we can’t do much to change the situation

  2. Mark says:

    Thanks for the heads up that Tube Cash is a dude!

    Its so easy to get sucked into the sales hype when you come across something like this, its good to see you have our backs.

    • Rufat says:

      Thank you Mark for your comment on my Tube Cash Code review. Unfortunately, Corey’s product is just another empty promise and I really hate this type of approach. He promises that you can easily quit your job and start making tons of money which is not true at all. I agree with you Mark that it’s very easy to get sucked into sales hype especially when you have no any clue about internet marketing and this exactly what Corey is doing on his website. He makes unrealistic promises and many people buy into these promises only to realize later that have been scammed again. The initial price is affordable, but in reality you need to spend over $2000 to be able to learn Corey’s secrets to making tons of money. I’m not saying that Corey’s training is useless or can’t make you money at all, but speaking realistically, you can’t bring tons of traffic to your channel. I have my site and channel too and find it extremely difficult to drive traffic from my channel to my site. That’s why what I’m saying here is based on my personal experience. Finally, you can find all this info for free on the internet or visit Derral Eves channel and there is no need to pay anything to Corey.

  3. Paul Higginson says:

    Yet another concise and explicit review from you Rufat. Your getting to be a master at these, maybe there’s a business opportunity there in writing reviews for WA members 🙂
    One small issue I had was you mentioned that some of the Marketing tools that were recommended could actually destroy a business. I would have liked to to elaborate on that and actually explain how they could destroy your business and how to avoid such things in the future.

    Kind Regards


    • Rufat says:

      Yes, some tool can really destroy your entire business and Corey encourages to use Fiver in order to build backlinks for $5. This technique is dated and I really don’t understand why he gives such recommendations. Many people have lost their businesses due to Google latest updates and creating fake backlinks was one of the main reasons for that. Anyway, Tube Cash Code is not a good product and I really don’t recommend it. I would rather go to Derral Eves (Certified expert) channel and find all info for free.

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