Instant Traffic Commissions Review – Is this Program Really Different From Other Scams?

October 23, 2014 2 Comments

instant traffic commissions review

Product name: Instant traffic commissions


Price: $34

Verdict: Scam


“Instant traffic commissions” is a relatively new product that teaches you how to get traffic to your website.

There is a long promotional video on that website in which the owner of the program tries to be different from other internet gurus that promise to make you rich overnight but in reality he is not different from them.

He says that you will not be making millions with his program but he guarantees that you will be making a few thousands of dollars per week at least. The price for the program is $34 but the owner has created another page and seriously said that he had created it specifically for you, so you can buy the license for that “awesome” program for $24.

And he promises that after buying his “awesome” program for $24 you will earn much more within a few hours. And it doesn’t stop there. He says that it is an awesome piece of software and you will not find any other software similar to that one on the entire web.

With this software you can easily send tons of traffic to any of your website or a page with affiliate link and make as much money as you want. Sounds cool! Great!

instant traffic commissions scam

And of course, there is a 60 day, no questions asked money back guarantee! 🙂 Do you really believe you can get refund from that guy? If you look around on the internet you will find that many folks can’t get refund even after their numerous refund requests. They even can’t get a reply from that guy. That’s why you should keep in mind that there is no real support and once you pay, most probably you will not be able to get any refund.

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As you can see on the screenshot below, there is an additional spending inside that “awesome” program (upsell) (there are two of them, $77 and $297) and I think it is another reason to stay away from the program. And as you can see, a person who tried the program advised to stay away from it. That proves again that the program doesn’t provide any value.

12-03-2014 23-50-04


Inside Instant Traffic Commissions

The program works as follows: It builds a website for you for any type of product you want and then you create a squeeze page with a promotional video on it and if someone wants to get access to your page they must bring another 5 people. The idea is good just to make friends 🙂 but as a real business model it is not going to work at all.

If you are new to internet marketing, then you should know that this kind of traffic is called untargeted traffic and is useless. The conversion rate between targeted and untargeted traffic differs a lot. You can bring tons of untargeted traffic to your site with no sales at all while in case of targeted traffic you can bring a hundred people and make few sales.

That is why I can definitely and with full confidence say that this “awesome” software was designed by either unprofessional person, or most likely by a dishonest guy who wants to make money at all costs. So, if you ask me “who is this software for?” I will answer that it is for newbies that don’t know how internet marketing works.


From all that I’ve said above, we understand that this program is based on viral technology that multiplies your traffic seriously but the idea is not new. There were countless tries to do the same in the past but all of them failed.

There are 6 instructional step-by-step videos explaining how to use the software and that is the only thing that I like about the product.




Final word on Instant Traffic Commissions

Finally, I can honestly say that “instant traffic commissions” is absolutely useless piece of software and a waste of time. If you are new to internet marketing you should know that there is no traffic secret. It is plain and simple. You need a website with original content and then get your content ranked in top ten of major search engines, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

When you accomplish that task people will start to find your website in search engines and your website will start receiving free organic traffic. There are other legit traffic techniques that you can apply to scale up your business but it is another subject.

If you read more of my stuff you will understand how internet marketing works. Or if you want to learn how to drive traffic to your website for free, read my article “How to rank on Google, Bing&Yahoo“.

For now, I highly recommend you to register your free account at Wealthy Affiliate and get access to the first 10 lessons for free. When you go through those lessons, you will understand how internet marketing works. You will also understand that “Instant traffic commissions” is not only a must stay away from program, but also a complete waste of time and money.




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  1. Peter G. says:

    Hey Rufat, great job finding out about that sneaky page there on Instant Traffic Commissions. As soon as I saw your mention of that downsell, I immediately knew that this product would be a deal breaker for me. Also great contrast between direct traffic and indirect. I will never trust these types of traffic softwares, and fast traffic methods again.. They usually turn out to be bots anyway. Better try out something more legit, like Wealthy Affiliate as you have mentioned. Thanks!

    • Rufat says:

      Thank you Peter for your comment on my post. I agree that Instant Traffic Commissions is really a sneaky site that tries to sell another poor product promising to send you flood of targeted traffic to your site so you can make tons of money. This is of course not true. I review internet marketing products almost every day and I know from my own experience that a program like this one is not going to work because it’s a complete lie and BS. I’ve seen many similar programs that promise to send you flood of traffic and truth is that this traffic is absolutely useless and untargeted. Besides that, many folks have a problem and even can’t get refund from this guy. All internet marketers know that the best source of traffic to any site is search engine traffic and there is no chance for programs like Instant Traffic Commissions. I know that in order to get traffic from search engines you might want to work very hard for a few months but it’s really very rewarding And I agree Peter that WA is one of the best programs out there.

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