Seven-Figure List Building Secrets – It’s not the Only Secret to Your Success

June 22, 2015 4 Comments


Product name: Seven-Figure List Building Secrets

Product owner: Debbie Mathieson


Price: $4.7

Verdict: Legit. Recommended? Yes and No


I suppose you’ve heard about secrets to making money online many times so far and if you have some experience online and have purchased one or two of MMO products you probably know that most of these products are nothing more than gimmicks.

They all claim to reveal you the secrets to making thousands of dollars online but nothing seem to work. Though some of these products show you real methods they never tell you that behind every success story there is a hard work and patience.

Seven-Figure List Building Secrets is another MMO product that has surprisingly turned out to be a good product and I want to take a closer look at it now to help you learn if this product is worth your time and attention.



The main idea behind Seven-Figure List Building Secrets

Seven-Figure List Building Secrets is a 32 page PDF guide that teaches you email marketing and shows you some real strategies on how you can build your list of subscribers, build relationships with them and “start making” thousands of dollars using this proven method.

The course is really good though it’s not the best course available on the internet. But this course is recommended to anyone looking for email marketing strategies that can help them grow their business and the price of this product is pretty affordable.

Seven-Figure List Building Secrets



Pros of Seven-Figure List Building Secrets

  • The PDF guide contains pretty solid info
  • Price is affordable
  • No upsells


Cons of Seven-Figure List Building Secrets

  • The info contained in this guide is not enough to be successful online
  • There are much better alternatives to this course
  • No support


Inside the product

1. As I told above, Seven-Figure List Building Secrets is a good course from which you can learn some real strategies related to email marketing. Though the course contains pretty solid information it doesn’t contain any secrets that other internet marketers don’t know.

All internet marketers know very well that email marketing is a powerful and proven method of growing a business because it allows you to build relationships with your visitors which is very important for your online success.

It’s a fact that most visitors coming to your site leave it and never come back again and that’s a reality of things we can’t change.

But we can keep some of our visitors by giving them a chance to subscribe to our list and through this method we can turn a one time visitor into a returning visitor that will possibly become our customer in the future. This is exactly what you will learn from Seven-Figure List Building Secrets guide.


2. Another good thing is that compared to many other products that fail to deliver even a fraction of what they promise, Seven-Figure List Building Secrets delivers exactly what Debbie promises you and that’s really good because it means that Debbie is honest with you.

Debbie teaches you legit method and it’s like a surprise because most of MMO products teach you wrong methods that can only destroy your business if applied. The price is really affordable compared to other MMO products that try to scam you out of your money.


3. But the course is not complete IMO and if you want to learn more about email marketing you need to buy some other products such as Autoresponder Madness. You can read about this product in my review here.

Autoresponder Madness is one of the best courses about email marketing available on the internet. But the course is not cheap compared to Seven-Figure List Building Secrets and if you are on a tight budget then you’d better buy Debbie’s product.


4. Though the info contained in Seven-Figure List Building Secrets guide is legit and the methods are proven it doesn’t mean that once you will learn them you will start making 7 figures.

This is simply not going to happen. I think it’s a bit misleading to call the product Seven-Figure List Building Secrets. Also, Debbie uses some misleading tricks such as one you can see on the image below.




It’s misleading because it’s not something that anyone can easily achieve. Thousands of people use email marketing in their online business and only few are really successful with this method. This method is certainly not for beginners and before that you need to learn the basics of internet marketing.

Long story short, though this method is legit and proven it shouldn’t be your first step in internet marketing world. And besides that, to be successful online you need to use different methods such as, SEO, social media, video marketing, PPC, etc.

And of course, email marketing should be certainly added to that list. It’s the combination of different legit and proven methods and not just one method alone that makes you successful online.


5. I told in my other reviews and articles that one of the most obvious reasons why most people fail online is because very often they buy a product and then are left in the darkness trying to figure out how things should work alone without any support.

There is no any support from Debbie. The only way probably is contact her by email but I don’t know if she is responsive enough.


6. Most MMO products online come with a lot of upsells thrown on people like you with the sole purpose of making more money off you and it’s really good that there are no any upsells from Debbie. You pay only for one product.


Final word on Seven-Figure List Building Secrets

The product in itself is good and I can recommend it, especially because the price is really affordable. But if you are looking for a complete course that will teach you how to make money online then I can honestly recommend you one of the best programs available on the web I’ve been a member of since 2013.

They offer a top-notch training, tools and support and more. You can even try this program for free within a week and ask unlimited number of questions. Read my review below of this program and let me know if you have any questions.



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  1. Divican says:

    Thank you for this review
    I like the idea of making money online and i have never came across any site that will reveal to me how to make money online.
    Your site has revealed me about Seven-Figure List Building Secrets and I will bookmark it for my visit i.e 2 days from now.
    Thanks Rufat.

    • Rufat says:

      If you are looking for legit methods to make money online then I’m afraid seven figure list building secrets is not the right or the best option available on the internet. In itself, the course is good and email marketing is an established method to make money form your website, but success online includes many different strategies and email marketing is just one of them. I would rather recommend you to try some other programs, such as one recommended at the end of my review because it teaches you various methods, not just email marketing. But if you are looking for email marketing course and are on a tight budget then Debbie’s course is worth the money.

  2. Hannah says:

    Seven Figure List Building Sedrets is a very tempting offer for me right now. I have just started trying to build a list for my site. I have had no subscribers yet though. I figure that if I just be a bit more patient then people will start signing up.

    I would assume you already need to be getting quite a bit of traffic in order to build a list – even with this program. Am I right?

    Thanks for the review – I’ll have a good think about this.


    • Rufat says:

      If you are planing to build a list then I think this course is good option, especially if you are on tight budget. The price is really affordable and there are no upsells. BTW, there are much better course that include video tutorials as well and the course is Autoresponder Madness. It’s not cheap, but it does provide a great value. And you are right, building a list is not going to happen overnight and you need months or even years before you can build a list of subscribers and then turn into a steady traffic and make money from your list. Remember that email list is the best source of traffic to your website. And one piece of advice: don’t try to get people on your list using free stuff because that kind of list will be mostly freebie seekers and they are never responsive.

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