Top 14 Ways to Reduce Your Website Bounce Rate

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As an affiliate marketer you probably know that a high bounce rate can seriously impact your search engines rankings which means low traffic and low income.

What is bounce rate? Why is it important and how to reduce it? Someone who visited your site and left it is a bounced visitor. He didn’t like it.

It’s bad for you. If he stayed it means your site is of interest to him. Your site has a low bounce rate which is good for your website rankings.

Let’s see how we can reduce the bounce rate.




1. Write captivating title that matches your content

It’s no surprise that your post title is considered to be the most crucial part of your content creation.

Because before reading your content the first thing that catches people’s attention is the title. If they find it captivating and engaging they continue reading.

If they don’t find it captivating, motivating or engaging most of them will most likely leave your website even without reading your content.

Even if your content is fantastic most of them of them will not want to read. Your title must include both question and answer to that question.

Your readers must feel that your content is going to answer their question. This bring us to another aspect of having a great title.

Having a captivating title alone is not enough. It must match your actual content. You can’t lie to your readers.

If you promise to answer their question/s within your content you must do it. This means your title has to match your actual content. I

f you do it properly you can catch people’s attention and keep them on your website for a few minutes.

The statistics show that an average time spent on a website is around 2 minutes. If you can achieve it you are probably doing alright with your blog.

Some blogs can even keep people on their blog for over 2 minutes. The question: why do we need to pay attention to all this?

Because the higher the bounce rate on your website the worse for you. Because it means most people leave your website without reading content.

You need to continuously think of keeping people instead of losing them.




2. Write engaging content

Creating quality content is another most important aspect of your online business, your website.

Quality and engaging content keeps people on your website which means low bounce rate.

Poor content means people leave your website and your site bounce rate is very high.

This leads to poor rankings in search engines, low traffic and low or no income at all.

The only way to reduce bounce rate of your site is to continue writing top quality engaging content.


readable content


3. Make your text readable

If you text size is too small it increases your site bounce rate. Make sure your content is EASILY readable. Your text shouldn’t be hard to read.


short paragraphs


4. Short Paragraphs

When you write content split it into short paragraphs to make your content readable. People don’t like long sentences.

This is really important in terms of content optimization and reducing your bounce rate.


exit point


5. Add more exit points

Adding more exit points within your post can also reduce bounce rate of your website.

By exit points I mean adding more links to other pages of your site within your content. It can made through different ways:

1.By adding links to other related posts within your post

2.By adding related posts plugin at the end of your post

It will give your readers a reason to stay longer on your site. You can also add call to action phrases with links to other pages of your site.

All this doesn’t guarantee but can sometimes reduce the bounce rate.


external links


6. Open External Links in a New Tab

If you link to other sites within your content make sure you set up your links so they open in an external window.

By doing so you will keep your readers on your site and this in turn will reduce the bounce rate.


embed videos


7. Embed videos

Adding videos to your content is another way to keep readers engaged and by doing so you can again reduce bounce rate of your website.

If you don’t have a youtube channel then go and set it up. It will not take much of your time. You don’t need to add a video to every single post of your website.

You can add it to the most visited pages of your site. Remember to embed videos that are related to the topic of your content.


beautiful site


8. Make your site look beautiful

Having a nice looking website is critical in my opinion. If your site has an ugly design people will not trust you. Trust is a huge factor in your business.

Ask yourself: Will you buy from a site that looks ugly? This in turn plays an important role in reducing your website bounce rate.

Nice looking website and friendly navigation is your visiting card.

If your visitors trust you they will stay on your website which in turn leads to a much lower bounce rate.


exit pop up


9. Pop up exit window

Adding a pop up exit window can also reduce bounce rate of your website. There are two types of pop ups.

It can be a pop up that appears while your visitor stay on your site or it can be an exit pop window that appears when your visitor wants to leave your site.

You give your visitors the last chance to stay on your website. It can be a subscribe window or send them to another post of your site.

Opinions are different about pop up windows. For some niche sites pop up windows may not work at all while for others it may work very well.

You have to try it and see how it works for your website. There are both paid and free plugins available. I recommend using exit pop ups only.

By using them you give your visitor one more chance to stay on your site when they decide to leave it.




10. Too many ads

If you have too many ads on your site with different offers it probably distorts their attention from your main content.

Some people simply don’t like to see many ads because it looks too pushy to them. As result, they leave your site and your site bounce rate does increase.

Is it bad for you? Yes.




11. Add images

Add images to your content. Without images your content doesn’t look interesting to most people and they leave your site even without reading your content. You need to combine images with content.


mobile friendly


12. Mobile friendly site

Site optimization has become so critical that it is now a ranking factor in search engines.

Your website must be mobile friendly to allow your readers access it using their tablets or mobile phones.

If your site is not mobile friendly it will most likely not get ranked well in search engines.

Even if some of your pages appear in search results visitors that access it through their mobile phones will most likely leave it immediately once they see your site is not readable on their mobile devices.

That’s why your site must be mobile friendly to reduce the bounce rate of your site.


fast hosting


13. Fast hosting account

One of the most important aspects of running a successful affiliate website is connecting your site to a fast hosting account.

This is extremely important to improve your site overall speed because most visitors will leave your website if it doesn’t load within 5 seconds.

Slow sites have poor search engine rankings and the highest bounce rate. Also make sure to optimize images on your website for faster loading.


google-analytics page analysis


14. Analyze your pages

Check your pages in Google analytics that have a high bounce rate and compare them to pages that have the lowest bounce rate.

This research can reveal some interesting things for you.

Lowest bounce rate means people stay on those pages and once you analyze them you can do some changes to pages that have a high bounce rate.

This in turn can lead to overall improvement of your website in terms of reducing the bounce rate.



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