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September 23, 2015 10 Comments website


Product name: Payripo

Product owner: Unknown


Price: Free

Verdict: Scam


PayRipo is just another fly-by-night website that promises you a lot of money by completing simple yet generously paid tasks. They claim that they have unlimited job positions, no experienced required and anyone can join their program for free.

They even promise $25 sign up bonus and describe the work process as simple tasks that take 5–10 minute to complete. And by completing these tasks they not only promise you $500 a day, they guarantee that you will make $1500 in the first week.

Sites like this one come and go very fast and as a proof I can tell you that their website was shut down and they moved it to a new domain which is an exact copy of the previous one.

In my opinion, this fact alone serves as a strong argument that proves that their company is not legit or reputable because there is no any valid reason to move the site to a new domain other than a high number of complaints and negative reviews that forced the owners of to shut down their first website.

There are many other red flags and if you keep reading I’m going to explain in details what Payripo is all about.





How can you make money through Payripo?

All you are promised to do is sign up for a free account at Payripo and start promoting your affiliate link across the web for which you will be paid very generously.

In fact, Payripo calls it as “Per refer link job”: 10$. So, this means that you can earn $10 if someone clicks your link.

This is the most ridiculous claim I’ve ever come across in my life and based on my knowledge and experience in internet marketing I can confidently say that it’s not going to happen.

If making money online was as easy as clicking your affiliate link then everyone involved in making money online would be millionaires.



  • None



  • False promises and unrealistic claims
  • No guarantee that you will be paid
  • No support
  • There is a very good chance that Payripo website will disappear by the next month



Inside the program


Is Payripo legit program?

First off, Payripo is not legit program and it has not been online long enough to earn trust and authority.

The fact that their site was shut down and moved to a new domain proves that a new one can be easily shut down too at any time and you won’t even be able to get your earned money.

I’ve seen many such copycat sites that come and go fast due to tons of complaints and negative reviews.


Can you really earn $10 per click?

I created my free account and here is what I’ve found once I entered the members area. Look at the image and ask yourself: Can a company that makes millions of dollars offer such a primitive account with nothing other than an affiliate link? There is no training, no support, nothing!




Can you imagine a company making millions and paying out millions to offer only an email address as support? The only thing you get from Payripo is your beautiful affiliate link that you can use to start making thousands of dollars 🙂


The bad about Payripo is that they manipulate people that have no any clue about making money online. Most people think that they can earn money, in this case $10 if someone clicks their affiliate link. In fact, it’s not true. No company in the world will pay you even one dollar for a click.

In the best scenario you can earn a few cents. Just as an example, if you take a look the the sidebar on my site you will see an ad on the right side which is a Google ad program called Google adsense.

If my visitors click on that ad I earn a few cents from Google. Even Google, a multibillion company pays a few cents per click. As for making $10 per click from Payripo it’s a total lie and waste of time. No one will pay you that amount of money.


Making money through ad

BTW, Payripo has the same Google ad on their site and when someone clicks on that ad they make some money too. In order to make at least $1000 with Google adsense you need to bring tons of traffic to your site which is not easy at all.




It takes months and sometimes years to generate enough traffic in order to make good money with Google adsense program.

I checked their existing site ( through and it appears that their traffic is as low as 2,3 visitors a day. Can you imagine this? And they claim they pay millions to their members ? 🙂




Earn money by doing nothing?

Even in CPA (cost per action) business your visitors have to take action and complete certain tasks for you to be paid by CPA networks. Action can be submitting their email address and phone number or downloading a free program through your affiliate link etc.

Without completing certain tasks no one is going to pay you even a cent. Payripo claims that you will earn $10 once your visitors simply click your affiliate link which is a total BS.


Can you make money without a website?

The only way to promote your affiliate link is through Facebook, Youtube, Google plus and other social networks.

This way you can get a few clicks in the best scenario because there are thousands of other people like you promoting their own stuff through social network sites.

Since you don’t have your website and engaging content you won’t be able to get a good number of visitors. That’s why what Payripo offers you is a waste of time in my opinion.

And to be honest, I don’t know anyone who could be making that amount of money with affiliate link without a website.


Fake statistics

The statistics they show on their website are not supported by any real proofs while they claim that they are paying out over 200 million in commissions to 130.000 members throughout the world.

An interesting fact is that these statistics never change. From my experience with other scam products I can tell you with full confidence that this kind of statistics are always fake.





Why chase after pennies if you make millions?

On a separate note, I’ve never seen big companies putting Google ads on their website in order to make a few cents from the click. If Payripo claims to make millions there is no sense to chase after pennies. All this proves again that their claims about making millions is nothing more than gimmicks.


Is Payripo support really helpful?

Payripo FAQ section is another proof that this program is not legit and is not paying out millions to its members if they are at all. Look at their FAQ that contains 4 short questions with short answers.

I’m an independent blogger and have a FAQ section on my site with detailed answers while Payripo that claims to make millions has only 4 short questions with short answers. Doesn’t it look ridiculous?




Final word on Payripo

Payripo is a pure scam due to many red flags

1. It makes many false promises and unrealistic claims

2. There is no real support

3. Fake statistics

4. No guarantee that commissions will be paid out

5. is a copycat site of Payripo that was shut down



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  1. Chris says:

    I have to be honest here – the actual title of the product ‘payripo’ sounds like they are almost telling you that they are a scam product – whoever thought that name was a good idea?
    Seems like there are way to many dodgy corners on this particular product – how long did you get to try it out for?

    • Rufat says:

      Agree with you 🙂 The title alone is enough to understand what the program is all about. After reading this review it becomes clear that our feeling doesn’t deceive us. The program is a waste of time.

  2. brandon says:

    Very interesting information. I lik the detail in which you explain why that is a scam. The link to WA link is great you have really explained in depth why people should join wealthy affiliate. great website and thorough reviews.Keep up the good work. Stay honest and I love the attention to detail

    • Rufat says:

      I think with programs like Payripo it’s not difficult at all to prove that WA is a real deal. But even without Payripo, WA is really one of best programs that I recommend and have been a member of since 2013. I tried to explain in details what Payripo is all about and then compared it to my recommended program by describing all its benefits so that my visitors could easily understand which program is worth their time and effort.

  3. Dianna says:

    I find it ironic that the site name contained ‘rip o’ in the name. Makes me think rip off. I know about these type of programs. Actually, I have made a few dollars with some, but most are rip offs. The trick is to know who is legit. And that is a BIG trick. Now, I find it better to stay away from programs of this type. It is safer in the long run!

    • Rufat says:

      Of course Dianna, anyone can make a few bucks with programs like this. But I don’t mean you can make money with Payripo because it’s a total scam. Some program are legit, but I’ve never heard about someone who has become rich with a program like this one where you can make money through clicking. It’s a total waste of time in my opinion, especially with this one.

  4. cathyonwa says:

    I’ve always wondered about these type of internet money making sites. You’re 100% correct, the number don’t calculate. I’ve finally gotten it through my hard head that if things sound too good to be true, they usually are.

    What do you see as their ulterior motive? Of course they aren’t going to pay you, but why have people click on the banners at all? is it possible to put malware on the computers that click? Something that the company can profit from?

    • Rufat says:

      To be honest, I don’t fully understand what the heck they are doing with this program but it certainly smells as a scam. Clicking on ads can’t help you make money because you need to complete the purchase or complete some action, like submitting your contact details, email address etc. You can also place an ad on your website if you have enough traffic and other sites (advertisers) will pay you for each click on that ad. This particular program is totally useless.

  5. Vera says:

    Thank you for exposing another example of how easily people can be ripped of. Even the fact that Payripo already has been shut down doesn’t open peoples eyes. It just only needs a (unverified) “guarantee to make $1500 within the first week” and they are lured into this kinds of unlegitimate offers.

    Hope you reach a lot of people before they sign up for Payripo:)

    • Rufat says:

      I agree Vera, that people don’t wake up even after all these facts, but they so easily believe in guarantees to make thousands of dollars in no time. I think it’s because they want to believe but don’t actually believe at all. How can a reasonable person believe in this nonsense? But it seems they really do.

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