Is Online Sales Pro a Scam? No, It’s Not.

December 25, 2018 6 Comments

Online Sales Pro








Overall Quality



  • Good training on list building
  • 14 day money back guarantee
  • Express done-for-you Setup


  • Upsells
  • No integration with WordPress
  • Pages are not fully customizable




Product name: Online Sales Pro

Product owner: Before: Vincent Ortega, Now: Joel Kellman & Grady Polcyn


Price: $47,$97 per month/upsells

Overall rank: 75 out of 100


Let’s see what Online Sales Pro does offer to people like you and me. Before I start my review I want to say a few words about this program in general.

My goal by writing reviews is not not only about making money. My main goal is to write realistic and honest reviews to help you make the right decision.

I don’t want to mislead you or anyone else. I goal is to review the program and show you all the facts. Then you decide to join it or choose another program.

When it comes to Online Sales Pro, I can say it’s not a scam but it’s hard to for me to recommend it because the program is very controversial.

Let’s start the review and see if it’s worth joining Online Sales Pro.


Short review of Online Sales Pro

Online Sale Pro is a new program or an old version of another program crated by Ortega a few years ago. That program’s name was Internet Lifestyle Network.

That program is no longer available. Ortega now launched Online Sale Pro.

Internet Lifestyle Network was a combination of courses on blogging, changing mindset, promoting ILN to other people, expensive membership packages, making money from Facebook.

Online Sales Pro was more about buying Royalty Click, buying expensive memberships and promoting the same to other people, joining and promoting other programs.

Now it’s about generating leads, social media training.


Pros of Online Sales Pro

  • Good training on list building
  • 14 day money back guarantee
  • Express done-for-you Setup


Cons of Online Sales Pro

  • Upsells
  • No integration with WordPress
  • Pages are not fully customizable


In short, Online Sales Pro is for generating leads for your business. If you have existing business then Online Sales Pro is for you.

Here is the right community to join. It’s FREE to join!



Online Sales Pro Review

Before the creator and owner of Online Sales Pro was Vincent Ortega. He was also the creator of another program called Internet Lifestyle Network.

Internet Lifestyle Network had a very low rating on the internet and finally it was shut down by Ortega himself.

It was about creating blogging system, promoting the program itself to other people, mindset changing courses, buying and promoting expensive membership packages for $37,$97 per month, $997 one time and $2.000 one time and then $250 per month within 48 months.

Some people were praising Internet Lifestyle Network to the skies while others told about their bad experience with the program.

So, opinions were totally different. At the end of the day, Internet Lifestyle Network was shut down which means it was not good.

If it was a successful project it would have grown to the next level. This is my conclusion regrading Internet LifeStyle network.

When it comes to Online Sales Pro let’s see what Ortega created for online marketers this time.

Initially he was the one who created it and was the owner of Online Sales Pro. The program was about buying royalty clicks and spending money on traffic packs.

Packages varied from $103 and up to $25,750! This is insane! Ask yourself: Who has this kind of money to invest in such expensive packages?

Beginners don’t have. Experienced internet marketers will not invest in these packages because they how to do it for a much cheaper price.

Plus most of them have their subscribers list and get enough traffic and monetize it. Paying $37 per month for Online Sales Pro was not enough for your success.

To unlock everything you had to pay for Online Sales Pro MVP which was $97 per month.

It was about selling you some other programs, such as Digital Altitude, Human Eyeballs Traffic, Trafficformore.




I don’t know about other programs but I know exactly that Digital Altitude was shut down recently.

This means Online Sales Pro may be recommending low quality programs. As a result you can fall for it and lose your hard earned money.

Let’s see what Online Sales pro is about now. It’s now owned by Joel Kellman & Grady Polcyn. Online Sales Pro is a system for generating leads.




Lead means a subscriber, your loyal reader. Also you get social media training.

If you have been in online marketing for some time you probably know that list building is important for online business.

I can’t say you can’t make money without a list because I’m making money without any list.

But having such a list is highly recommended IF you know how to monetize it.

If you don’t know how to monetize then even if you have a huge list of let’s say 5000 subscribers you won’t be able to monetize it.




Online Sales Pro had three different modules before:


  • Affiliate Training & Social Media Secrets ( 7 parts)
  • List building Secrets ( 8 parts)
  • List Building Follow up Secrets ( 7 parts)

Now it’s only about list building plus it includes social media and sales training built-in in OSP.

OSP offers landing page templates that you can use to collect emails from people and turn them into your loyal readers/subscribers.


All their templates are mobile friendly and optimize for mobile search. OSP offers the following:


  • Mobile Ready
  • Easy to Customize Prebuilt Landing Pages
  • No Monthly Hosting Fee

They also offer you a code OSP… that you can use and get $50 discount if you choose annual payment plan.


OSP Landing pages plan as follows:



  • Unlimited simple to use landing pages
  • OSP mobile app for iPhone and android
  • Get leads in real time 24/7
  • Earn 30% affiliate commissions
  • Full online training and support
  • Facebook community
  • Autoresponder integration





  • Access to OSP groups
  • Qualify for our 2-tier commission
  • Earn 40% on direct referrals
  • Earn 10% on your 2nd tier referrals
  • Unlimited simple to use landing pages
  • OSP mobile app for iPhone and android
  • Full online training and support
  • Get leads in real time 24/7
  • Unrestricted access to OSP complete marketing training 24/7
  • Private OSP complete
  • Facebook community 24/7
  • Autoresponder integration
  • Priority live chat support
  • Beta access to new features


OSP also offers 14 day money back guarantee. If you choose monthly plan it’s as follows:

  • Essential – $47 per month
  • Complete – $97 per month


If you choose annual it’s as follows:

  • Essential – $25 per month
  • Complete – $66 per month


You can see Online Sales Pro demo for which you need to register your free account.

Online Sales Pro works very similar to LeadPages or Lead System Pro.

Using OSP you can build your desired landing page and integrate it with autoresponders, such as Aweber, GetResponse, MailChimp.

You can’t just build a landing page and start collecting emails. You have to pay for autoresponder. Aweber or GetResponse will cost you approx. $200 per year.

Online Sales Pro is very similar to systems like LeadPages, Lead System Pro. You build landing pages and then collect your subscribers.

But you have to send traffic to your landing page first or you can buy traffic. You can get free traffic from search engines, social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube.

Or you can buy traffic from Google, Yahoo, other search or ad networks. It’s not cheap.

Quality traffic is always expensive. It can be PPC, PPV or any other like Solo ad.

It’s always recommended to get free traffic because it will take time to build your email list. If you use paid method it will require a lot of money.

OSP also offers OSP mobile app for generating leads. I don’t know if it’s effective or not. I never used it.

Online Sales Pro also pays affiliate commission for promoting OSP to other people. Unfortunately, you can’t promote OSP if you didn’t buy OSP first.

Not all of OSP can be promoted by affiliates. Only certain plans can be promoted.

Below you can see the comparison table that I took from Online Sales Pro website. As I said, Leadpeages has been in the business for many years now.




OSP is a relatively new program.

You can can use OSP using their mobile app. For some people this feature can be very useful. I personally prefer do such things using my laptop or iPad, but not my iPhone.





What I don’t like about Online Sales Pro

Though Online Sales Pro is a good program there are things that I don’t like. First, you can’t promote it and earn an affiliate commission.

Most affiliate programs that I know are totally FREE to promote. People behind OSP think different. I don’t know why.

Not all packages can be promoted by affiliates.

Finally, there is no integration with WordPress. Most bloggers are now using wordpress which means they can’t fully take advantage of OSP.

I personally think most people will give preference to LeadPages or Lead System Pro instead of OSP.

OSP pages are not fully customizable. With LeadPages you can do almost everything.

With OSP you are limited to charing text, images and some basic design elements.

There is also another program called ThriveThemes that allows you to build landing pages right on your own wordpress website.


What I like about Online Sales Pro?

OSP offers Express Setup which means if you are totally new to all this, OSP team can help you get it done.

They can help you get your Aweber account and set it up for you. Here’s what you get with OSP Express Setup:


  • An OSP affiliate template or Quick Editor Template
  • Email autoresponder integration
  • Your emails or our swipe emails uploaded to your AWeber email account
  • Everything tested And delivered within 5 business days


Should you buy Online Sales Pro?

Yes, if you own an online business and want to build your email list. Also if you use platform other than wordpress.

So, the product is very specific. You decide if you want it or not. The product is totally legit.


Final word about Online Sales Pro

As you can see from my review, Online Sales Pro is a quality program.

It has some cons and can’t compete with ThriveThemes or LeadPages but it has its own great advantages too.

The worst thing is that it can’t be integrated with wordpress websites.

If you plan to buy Online Sale Pro I highly recommend to read OSP’s FAQ section and get answers to most of your questions.

This section contains a lot of valuable information. When it comes to the question: Is Online Sales Pro a Scam?

Of course, it’s not a scam! It’s a totally legit product.


Final review of Online Sales Pro

  • Good training on list building
  • 14 day money back guarantee
  • Express done-for-you Setup
  • Upsells
  • No integration with WordPress
  • Pages are not fully customizable
  • Overall rank: 75 out of 100
  • Verdict: Legit


This program has led me and many others make a solid income online. Find out how you can too!


About the Author:

My name is Adam. I'm the founder of Your Income Advisor. My goal is to help others succeed online, by exposing scams and reviewing top rated products. I can help you start your own business online

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  1. Shui Hyen says:

    Dear Rufat,

    Thank you for reviewing Online Sales Pro.

    I am fairly new to online marketing and planning to start a list building campaign. But OSP is definite not for me as the monthly fee is too expensive although they have good training on list building and set for you system.

    However, l don’t think OSP can’t guarantee that you can get quality leads unless you buy ads, additional expenses to you. What do you think about Thrive Lead as compare to OSP to capture leads?

    Best wishes

    • Rufat says:

      If you plan to start building your campaign that’s great. I can agree that OSP is a little expensive to be honest. You can fins some other programs like Leadpages or even cheaper. Regarding your question I prefer Leadpages or Thrive because they are established on the market and have much better support. But you can try them all and see which one suites your needs. As I know, they all have free trial.

  2. julienne murekatete says:

    Thank you for this informative review on online sales pro.Many people are not used to do online business and if they find a website which pretend to help them get traffic on their websites ,they directly purchase the product.

    This online sales pro may not be a scam but it is not god for me because if I buy it I will not afford those upsells .

    • Rufat says:

      I understand your concern Julienne. I don’t like upsells too. But in this specific case upsells give you more value. If you can’t afford it then don’t buy them. You can pay for a standard package of OSP or choose another program without upsells. I always try to choose programs that give everything in one package at one fixed price.

  3. Christine says:

    Thank you for your in-depth review of Online Sales Pro.

    It is good to know that Online Sales Pro is a legit program.  Since it has good training on list building, we can consider it for email marketing. We can try it for 14 days, taking the advantage of 14 days money back guarantee.

    • Rufat says:

      Yes, you can try it first. Also, I recommend trying some other programs like Leadpages and see which one is good for you. Because if Leadpages is good for me it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good for you too. Try both and see how it will work for you.

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