Is TrafficZion a Scam? – Flood of Traffic or Flood of Upsells?

July 30, 2019 8 Comments



Quality of the Program









  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • You can get some traffic over time


  • Not laser targeted like SEO
  • Hidden costs (upsells)
  • It’s not free
  • Set and forget type of claims

trafficzion scam review


Product Name: TrafficZion


Founder: Demetris Papadopoulos, aka DPAPA and Alex Krulik

Price: $47 and other hidden costs

Overall score: 3 out of 5


Everyone wants to get highly targeted traffic to their blog and constantly looking for ways to get it.

If you run a blog or blog you may be looking for traffic too. What if I tell you there is a software that can send you a flood of traffic to your website for free?

Will you believe me? Or will be you be skeptical? I think most likely you will be skeptical and you will be right.

You have to be skeptical whenever you see such offers or hear about them.

And today I want to write my review about TrafficZion and explain what I think about this software created by Demetris and Alex.

Is TrafficZion a Scam? Can this software really send you a flood of traffic for free? Let’s start out research.


Short review of TrafficZion

TrafficZion creators claim you can set and forget the software and start getting 250+ daily visitors on autopilot.

They even dare to claim they can do it for you through their done for you upsell. They claim their traffic is free and forever.

Is that really true? Let’s see what this research will reveal to us.


Pros of TrafficZion

  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • You can get some traffic over time


Cons of TrafficZion

  • Not laser targeted like SEO
  • Hidden costs (upsells)
  • It’s not free
  • Set and forget type of claims



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TrafficZion Review

First of all you need to download TrafficZion to your computer. Join Facebook group to get the support when you need something with your business.

They have demo tutorial that will help you to set up everything properly.


trafficzion steps


  • Step 1 – Watch this video first (Creating Gravatar)
  • Step 2 – Get a free WordPress website/blog
  • Step 3 – If you own a wp website, start here
  • Step 4 – Your login info for TrafficZion
  • Step 5 – How to set up TrafficZion account
  • Step 6 – How to use TrafficZion once installed
  • Step 7 – How to add tags and keywords in TrafficZion
  • Step 8 – How to find winning tags for TrafficZion campaigns
  • Step 9 – How to set up TrafficZion with Mac


trafficzion modules


TrafficZion modules:

  • TrafficZion Basic
  • TrafficZion Software
  • TrafficZion Tutorials
  • TrafficZion Unannounced bonuses&Upgrade Options


Demetris and Alex claim that their traffic source is reputable which is WordPress website.

They claim 25.5% of the internet runs on wordpress.

Your main task will be creating Gravatar account, setting up a wordpress website and connecting your Gravatar to your website.

Then find your targeted audience from a secret reputable traffic source and finally watch your website monetized thanks to leads, follows and engagement.

TrafficZion allows to drive traffic through tags and keywords almost for any niche. But I don’t know how effective it is.

I’m sure it can’t be as effective as search engine traffic through PPC. It can’t be. For example, through PPC you can drive traffic to any keyword.

In case with TrafficZion you can get traffic but not as laser targeted as in case with search engines.

This means you can get traffic from TrafficZion it will not be laser targeted.

Remember, it is not search engine traffic it is a group of wordpress sites connected via

Also remember that TrafficZion is not going to send you traffic overnight. It will take time for you to get a good number of likes and build following.

Only after that you will start getting traffic. I mean if you don’t have good quality content on your website or just a bunch of articles then TrafficZion will not work for you.

Don’t get fooled by this offer. You need to have a lot of quality content to make this program work for you.


Who is TrafficZion For?

This program is for someone who has a lot of quality content and wants to increase traffic to their site over time.

It’s not a quick traffic solution. It’s not as laser targeted as search engine free or paid PPC traffic. It may work for some and may not work for others.


How Does TrafficZion Work?

You install the software and start adding tags, keywords depending on your niche.

Through feed you can get likes, shares and over time you can start getting some traffic.

It’s not as responsive as search engine traffic.


trafficzion software




Of course, you can get support from Demetris and Krulik but I don’t know how responsive they are.

Most programs that I’ve seen over the years simply outsource their support. In case with TrafficZion I don’t know.


Pricing policy

I don’t like TrafficZion pricing policy. Again and again I see a system that tries to make more money off you through upselling.

I like product with a fixed price with any upsells or downsells. This is not the case with TrafficZion.


Refund policy

Demetris and Krulik offer 30 day money back guarantee which is really good.

The product is promoted via Clickbank which means if you don’t like TrafficZion you can easily get refund.

I tried to explain what TrafficZion is about to the best of my research and the rest is up to you. If you want to try it do it.



Main product – $47 monthly – Over the shoulder training and software included

OTO 1 Zion tribe- $37 – Community-based traffic between TrafficZion tribe members to any post of your own

OTO 2 Inner Circle- $67 monthly – Group coaching, 2 webinars a month. Access to all products including case studies

OTO 3 ZionTraffic- $197 yearly (50% commissions) – Done for you traffic, 2 live webinars a month and coaching through a private group




What I like about TrafficZion

30 day money back guarantee. The idea is very interesting but like I said, I’m not sure about the quality of this type of traffic.

As I know from theory and my personal experience, the best responsive traffic comes from search engine and ppc.

TrafficZion traffic comes from wordpress community and I really doubt it can as responsive as search engine or ppc traffic.

But the idea is very interesting and unique.

You can get traffic to your website. For some people it works very well while for others doesn’t.


What I don’t like about TrafficZion

There are a few aspects that look very suspicious and shady in my opinion.

They claim you don’t need to be an expert at copywriting or SEO to increase your website traffic


  • You don’t have to worry about engagement with your content
  • You don’t have to worry about finding your niche target audience
  • You don’t have to waste your time researching your niche
  • You don’t need to pay for traffic ever again


Some of their other claims:


  • Fully automated software
  • No more paid traffic
  • Set and forget software
  • Can start with zero money
  • Free real traffic
  • Quick results
  • Complete autopilot




On the sales page they show earnings screenshots to prove that their system works. But numbers are not so impressive to be honest.

I don’t doubt they can send you traffic but the problem is that I’m not sure if this is responsive.

I’ve seen many programs that claim to send you a flood of traffic and I even tried some of them. That traffic was totally useless.

I never got any sale from that type of traffic. Never!

Another thing that I don’t like about TrafficZion is that creators of this program claim that TrafficZion is going to send free traffic.

But in fact, it’s not free. How can it be free if you pay monthly fee? And there are many upsells inside the members area. So, it’s not free at all.

Remember, whenever you pay for traffic you need to get sales to justify money you spend. If you don’t get sales paying for traffic doesn’t make any sense.

In this particular case, there is no one specific traffic package you get. Krulik and Demetris offer a number of upsells.

If you decide to pay for all of them it will cost a considerable amount of money.

When you scroll down the sales page of TrafficZion you will see that Demetris and Krulik suggest you to see their program in action.

But when you try to click on the “play” button you will get an error. This is really bad in terms of reputation and trust.


trafficzion error


Even if you click on the button it will take you to youtube but you will not see anything related to TrafficZion.

I also came across TrafficZion Demo video on youtube and it had only 1,590 views since January 2018. I have a question for Demetris and Krulik.

If you try to sell TrafficZion to other people and can’t bring traffic to your own youtube video which has only 1,590 views since January 2018, how can you then promise a flood of traffic to others?


trafficzion youtube demo


I don’t like programs like TrafficZion because they are geared towards taking more money from you instead of helping you.

Why then they have so many upsells? Wouldn’t be better to make one fixed price for the service?

For using TrafficZion software you have to use your wordpress login and password details which seems strange to me.

Why on earth should I give my website personal data to anyone? I don’t think it’s safe fro your website.

Getting a good number of visits can be an issue. First, there may not be enough people within your niche and secondly, they may be your competitors.

Even if someone from your niche likes your content it doesn’t mean he will visit your website or will buy something from you.

Each time when you click “NO thank you” on the sales page it takes to another upsell page trying to sell next product. It looks weird in my opinion.

Why you try to sell me anything if I clearly told that I was not interested? This doesn’t look trustworthy.

TrafficZion software works through feed engine. It’s like social media. If someone likes your post he may follow you too. Maybe not.

But since most of them will be your competitors they will not be your customers.

They may be interested in reading your content and learning something from you. But they are most likely not buyers.

Plus if you don’t get a good number of likes your content will not get noticed which means zero or no traffic at all.

I don’t like that Demetris and Krulik are trying to promote TrafficZion though 2 different websites:


Why do they need two websites for the same product? Only these two men know the answer to that question.

You will find many websites on Google actively promoting TrafficZion. Be careful. Those sites offer a lot of useless bonuses.

Most of them didn’t even try the software and promote it for the sake of earning an affiliate commission from Demetris and Krulik.


trafficzion clickbank


TrafficZion has a very low gravity rate on Сlickbank. This means it’s not super popular product that sells like a hot cake.

That’s why for me personally TrafficZion is absolutely legit product but the method it teaches is questionable.


Can you really profit from TrafficZion?

If you don’t know how to profit from this traffic and you don’t have good sales funnel buying TrafficZion packages doesn’t make any sense.

From my experience I can tell you though Krulik and Demetris promise you will be getting 250+ visitors a day I’m sure you will not get exactly this number.


Trafficzion traffic 250+ visits a day


Sometimes it can be 250+, sometimes it can be much less. There is no guarantee that you will be getting guaranteed 250+ visitors a day.

Results depend a lot of your niche and keywords you are going to use with the software.

I don’t want to say TrafficZion is a useless program and you will waste your money if you decide to invest in this software.

I just want to tell you that I don’t believe in this type of traffic programs because I’ve seen and tried some of them in the past.

I don’t know what kind of results you will get. What kind of traffic you will get? Is it targeted traffic? I’m not sure.

Don’t pay attention to testimonials that they have on their sales page. It can be very misleading. Even scam programs use testimonials.

Very often they are made by scam actors from When it comes to TrafficZion, I don’t know if they are true or not.

At least you can try one package and see how it works for you. If you like the kind of traffic you will get from TrafficZion then you can continue to use it.

If you don’t like it you will ask for refund.


Is TrafficZion a Scam?

No, I’m sure it’s not a scam. It will definitely send you traffic but I’m not sure if it is good and responsive traffic or not.

I don’t know what type of niche website you have. Maybe it will work for your niche, maybe it will not work.

For some people it may work very well while for others it may be a waste of time and money. The best would be if you give it a try.

I personally don’t want to spend money on this product because I don’t believe in such products.

I already tried some of them and got zero results. The best traffic sources are: search engines, PPC and email marketing.

All others don’t work as well as these three do.

Search engine traffic is super responsive. TrafficZion traffic is questionable in my opinion.


What will be the future of TrafficZion?

Of course, every wants high quality, targeted and responsive traffic. There is a demand for this type of service.

This means there are currently many products like TrafficZion and still many similar products will appear in the future.

But there is no need to invent a wheel because it was already invented.

TrafficZion looks interesting and unique but there is nothing special in this product.

I really don’t believe in the laser targeted quality of its traffic.


Final review of TrafficZion

  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • You can get some traffic over time
  • Not laser targeted like SEO
  • Hidden costs (upsells)
  • It’s not free
  • Set and forget type of claims
  • Overall score: 3 out of 5


About the Author:

My name is Adam. I'm the founder of Your Income Advisor. My goal is to help others succeed online, by exposing scams and reviewing top rated products. I can help you start your own business online

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  1. Paul says:

    Dear Rufat,

    As you mentioned everyone is interested in traffic. Being a full-time Affiliate Marketer I always check on the programs and products related to traffic generation, that’s how TrafficZion got my attention.

    However, because of the increased number of online scams and products which under-delivers with low-quality I always prefer to do my homework before making my decision. Your review post is a time saver for me.

    Getting potential and targeted traffic is the key. Traffic without conversion is not going to do any good. Based on my experience many products which promised quick, easy, and fast traffic under-delivered. I am always afraid and stayed away from those automated traffic generation software.

    Too many upsells and they are quite expensive. There are many red flags and thanks a lot for explaining it. I will better stay away from this product.

    Much Success!


    • Adam says:

      Sure, we all are interested in the traffic but we need converting traffic. I agree that there are too many programs that claim to send quality and laser targeted traffic but often times they just waste our time. From my experience I can say all those traffic generation autopilot programs simply don’t work. This one is a little different but I don’t believe it is converting traffic.

  2. AmDetermined says:

    Your post is very well detailed about the review of Trafficzion and it is very educating, based on your point which proof you understand about trafficzion, a friend told me about it so am.planning to subscribe but your post have just helped me because you made a review about it and you share alternative which are wealthy affiliate and project24, am already a user at wealthy affiliate but I will be subscribing for the project24 based on your website information. Because you have used it for your business and you can be my mentor for it. Do you think TrafficZione can help me to get more traffic?

    • Adam says:

      I can’t add anything more than already said in my review. You have to decide. You definitely can get some traffic but I’m not sure about the quality of that traffic. Traffic is one thing while getting conversions is totally another thing.

  3. Adyns68 says:

    I think trafficzion has a good concept. I have seen some other websites where you also share each other’s posts to receive more traffic. But I think what they should not say is that you will get free traffic or quality traffic. That is completely not true.

    And they are quite expensive too, the content sharing that I have seen are not more than 30$ per month. I have used the content sharing platform and I can tell you that the traffic you get is not good, I saw my bouncing rate go up like crazy.

    I stopped using them right away and I agree that the best way to get good and consistent traffic is from the search engines, free or paid.


    • Adam says:

      The concept may be good but in reality most people that come through this source are not laser targeted audience. They are mostly content creators, not consumers like people coming from search engines. I tried similar programs in the past and they never worked for me well. Like you say, people come to your site and bounce immediately because they are not active searchers or buyers like those coming from search engines.

  4. crownwole says:

    At times some people are skeptical about some issues base on past experience and it can cost them greater opportunity in life. The autopilot aspect on trafficzione is great for newbies for their visitors and also their 30 day money back guarantee policy is going to help a lot to build confidence and trust. But I still doubt should I buy it or avoid.

    • Adam says:

      Generally speaking I don’t recommend it but you can give it a try. Maybe it will work for you. Anyway, they offer 30 day money back guarantee. So, you can try it.

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