Is Trading Everest a Scam? Maybe, But You’d Better Prepare an Oxygen Mask

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Product name: Trading Everest

Product owners: Jason Gaines and Chris


Price: Free to join

Verdict: Not recommended


The owners of Trading Everest are two guys who claim that they’ve developed an amazing program that will help you experience a massive success in binary options using their Trading Everest software.

They claim that their amazing software allows you to gain 71%–85% gains every 60 seconds and you will be making so much money that you need to prepare an oxygen mask because your massive success is going to leave you breathless.

In the promo video they claim that their software allowed them to make $40.490 a week without lifting a finger. They call Trading Everest a money multiplayer software that works through uniquely integrated formula that can even make you $788 an hour.





You are likely very excited to hear this kind of stuff and would like to know if it’s really possible to make so much money and if Trading Everest is just another scam.

In my recent article on binary options I clearly explained what binary options was all about and you can either read it or continue reading my Trading Everest review to find out if Trading Everest is a scam or not.



Pros of Trading Everest

  • Free trial with virtual money


Cons of Trading Everest

  • Requires investment of $250 for which there is no refund
  • Unrealistic promises about millions of dollars in your account
  • Trading Everest doesn’t recommend investing money you can’t afford to lose


Inside the program

Free trial

First off, very few programs offer a free trial access to their binary trading system and the fact that Trading Everest is offering such access is definitely a good news. Before investing your real money you can try it using virtual account and see for yourself how it works for you.

I don’t know how this type of trial mode works but something is definitely wrong here. Most people when trading with virtual money get good results which motivates them to invest money and start real trading. But when they start real trading they get poor results and in most cases lose money.

That’s why, I recommend you to be very careful and think twice before you decide to invest your money in binary options program such as Trading Everest. This program is not listed among legit binary trading programs on the official binary websites.


Binary options and fake stories

An interesting fact is that all internet based binary programs always tell some sort of unbelievable story about someone who has developed an incredible software and integrated a secret formula that will allow you to gain profits in binary options on autopilot.


Just an example, in another binary program called Larry’s Cash Machine they tell a story about Harvard professor who has secretly generated over $38.000 in binary options profits and in this program Trading Everest, Chris has developed a secret software that will guarantee you a successful trading.

There is always a made up story behind such programs and anyone who has some brain and sense of reality will easily understand that all these stories are fake.


The money multiplayer

Trading Everest like all other programs promises you to make thousands of dollars without lifting a finger and the owners of Trading Everest claim that they make between $40.000 -$45.000 per week and normally they spend about 20 minutes a day to make this amount of money.







They explain the process as follows: their software automatically scans all the major exchanges and helps you choose the best winning signals and the amazing part of their software is that winning signals are determined based on a scientific method and that’s why they call their system the money multiplayer.

Can this be true? Of course, it’s not true and to prove my statement I want to show you a few complaints that I’ve found on the internet. If you continue your search I’m pretty sure you will find even more complaints.

trading-everest-complaint1 trading-everest-complaint2

And if you read my article on binary options and see a complete list of all binary programs I’ve reviewed, you will realize that making unrealistic claims is common to almost all binary options programs.

BTW, in one of the complaints below it’s said about coin tossing which coincides with what I’ve found on Forbes website.



Unlicensed brokers

After creating your account with Trading Everest you will need to sign up with Big Option broker. I’m not a big expert in binary options, but I can tell you that you need to be very careful when choosing a broker because there are many unlicensed brokers that are not regulated by any laws.

This in turn can create serious problems for you because in this case you are not protected in any way from possible losses or fraud. Take a look at the screenshots of the document issued by SEC.


warning SEC-and-CFTC


Who to trust? Trading Everest promo video or Trading Everest’s disclaimer?

Another red flag that points to Trading Everest being untrustworthy is that when you watch their promo video on their website you see a completely positive approach.

You are promised to make easy money on autopilot while if you read Trading Everest’s disclaimer you will realize that these two guys don’t promise you any profit and instead they don’t recommend to invest money if you are not ready to lose your money.

It looks like their disclaimer contradicts to what they promote in the promo video.

disclaimer trading-everest-disclaimer


Is experience required in binary options?

As I told in all my previous reviews of binary options programs, predicting the market is impossible and if you don’t have a strategy to follow based on the exact knowledge and understanding what is going on the currency market you are going to waste your time and your effort will not be much different from coin tossing.

This in turn will result in huge profit loss and even Trading Everest’s disclaimer says that before investing your money you should consider your level of experience.

This again clearly contradicts to what they promise in their promo video.

Remember that binary options experts never use this type of software and they completely rely on their experience and knowledge.



Final word on Trading Everest

1. If you ask me: Is Trading Everest a scam? I will answer: I don’t know. I always try to avoid such definitions because there are always some positive sides in any program.

In my opinion, scams are those programs that don’t provide any support, provide zero value, don’t reply to emails, make unrealistic claims and have many complaints. That’s why I don’t know if Trading Everest is a complete scam or not. I just don’t recommend it.

2. There are quite a few complaints about Trading Everest.

3. They make unrealistic promises.

4. And finally, they tell fantastic, unbelievable story about secret formula that can make you rich.

5. With all this in mind I really don’t believe that Trading Everest can deliver on its promises because all other similar programs have not been able to deliver on their promises too.



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  1. dragon101999 says:

    Thank you for your review, I like when somebody explain me the things clearly. Furthermore, I also like when the website ( like yours ) explains the differences with real examples. This is a good warning, especially when talking about doing money fast plus a free trial.
    I will come back to your website

    have a great day 🙂

    • Rufat says:

      I agree that when you are just starting online you may be very confused with various programs available online and I would say it even becomes a little annoying when you feel helpless because you can’t figure out what programs like Trading Everest is about. That’s why I do my best to explain in details what binary options business means, what you can expect from it speaking realistically. There are are so many programs like this one that promises people fast and easy money that it becomes really difficult to find the time to review all of them. Speaking about Trading Everest, I think everything is clear because of many complaints and I provided only two out of many others you can easily find on the internet. These two complaints prove that although Jason Gaines and Chris describe their program as automated system that makes you money on autopilot the reality is absolutely different and these victims complain of being unable to make any money and even lost their money. That’s really ridiculous and awful.

  2. Kim says:

    Thanks also for doing all the research on this and other scams. It’s not easy for laymen (like myself) to find and determine what is truth and what is rubbish so people like yourself who dedicate you time to doing this for others are true gems. Who has the time really? For me, I believe that any scheme that asks you to cough up money with no trial of their service first is trouble with a capital T. Thanks again.

    • Rufat says:

      I’m glad you you find the time to visit my website and read my reviews and I feel really happy that someone benefits from my work. Of course it’s not easy to find out if a program is worth your time or not. I feel responsible to provide folks with genuine opinion and it does really takes a lot of time. Normally I spend about 6,7 hours to review a product, a full working day in fact. But at the end of the day I feel that I’ve done something valuable and help folks make the right choice. I think Trading Everest is not a legit program because of many red flags although I don’t think binary options business is unlawful. No, it’s not. But really need to be very careful because many of these internet based so called binary programs are not lawful. To be honest, I wouldn’t risk my money with this particular program.

  3. Kim says:

    I love seeing “easy money” scams busted! Most people work hard for their money and are just looking for an easier way to earn and invest… the people behind these scams are lazy opportunists and don’t deserve a cent of it. Keep up the great work Rufat!

    • Rufat says:

      I have to admit that this is true. People work their regular jobs in order to make money for their families and then programs like Trading Everest scam them out of their hard earned money. This is of course very bad. People behind these opportunities know that the only way to attract people’s attention is through promising them instant wealth because otherwise they won’t be able to get a lot of sales. And naive people believe that these programs can make them rich without much effort on the their part. This is of course nothing more than a hype. I don’t mean that binary trading is a waste of time but it’s extremely difficult to make any money if you don’t know how to trade the proper way and you are never protected from big losses. That’s the nature of this business.

  4. hsp1amt says:

    I completely agree with you on this post! Most of these so called “make money without lifting a finger” companies confuse many young people who actually invest in such websites. So I am happy, that you are on of the people who shares my oppinion and I hope that more people will read your article, so that they dont fall into such scheme.

    • Rufat says:

      That’s the truth about most binary options programs. Most of them claim that their software is unique and will do all the work for you and you have to keep this info secret. The same scenario can be applied to most of them which proves that their promises are false and they just want to take your money. All these binary websites are taken down very fast 1,2 years of functioning. But there are quite a few of them that are legit and connected to legit brokers for which you have to do some research. Though you can make some money you shouldn’t expect big money because all these promises have nothing to do with reality.

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