Larry’s Cash Machine Review – Larry is not responsible for any of your losses

June 13, 2015 6 Comments




Product name: Larry’s Cash Machine

Product owner: Larry


Price: Advertised as free but actually it’s not free

Verdict: Scam


Larry’s Cash Machine is a new revolutionary program that promises you to make millions of dollars on complete autopilot. It’s advertised as a completely different opportunity from any other opportunity out there.

In fact, Larry’s amazing opportunity is not different at all because it starts with a classic promotional video to make you believe that you finally found exactly what you have been looking for…

I’ve seen many programs like this one and I can say that Larry’s promo is really different from many others. It tells you a fantastic story about a Harvard professor who has secretly generated $38 millions in binary options profits in 3 years using a software that is so accurate that U.S. government decided to ban it!

I don’t want to tell the whole story here because the rest of the story is even more fantastic and amazing and I even encourage you to watch Larry’s promo. I’m sure you will love it. For now I’m going to take a closer look at this program to see if we can really make a few millions with it.



The main idea behind Larry’s Cash Machine

The main idea of Larry’s Cash Machine is about trading binary options which is very popular method of making money. It’s popular not because it’s legit or because people are making money. It’s popular because of a massive advertising of this method as an easy way to make money on autopilot. This is not true! There is no such a thing as set and forget cash machine making you money on autopilot.







Pros of Larry’s Cash Machine

  • Theoretically you can make money


Cons of Larry’s Cash Machine

  • It requires investment ($250 at least)
  • You can easily lose all your money in no time
  • No money back guarantee
  • A risky venture (similar to gambling)
  • No support


Inside the program

1. I told in my other reviews that trading binary options is a risky venture and it’s like playing a roulette, i.e. you never know when you win or lose. I’m not saying that you can’t make money at binary options at all. If I said this it would be a lie.

The truth is that in reality you can make some money, let’s say a few hundred bucks maybe but even if you make it one day you can lose your profit and even more the next day. It’s very uncertain and unstable way of making money like any roulette game.

Besides that if you are a risky person you can lose all your money in no time. I know stories of many people who have lost thousands of $ both in roulette game and binary options. That’s why I never recommend this method as a way to make money.


2. Another major issue with Larry’s Cash Machine is that like all other binary options programs, it’s falsely advertised and promoted as a free method of making money online but in fact it’s not free.

Yes, it’s true that you can join it for free but in order to start trading you need to add some funds to your account, $250 at least in most cases. And keep in mind that there is no money back guarantee in binary options, if you lose that’s your problem.

And also remember that each time you fund your account Larry makes money off you. That’s why they always encourage people like you to add more funds and promise you that the more you invest the more chances that you will make more money like that Harvard professor from the promo 🙂


3. Another major issue is that if you start making millions with Larry’s software you may have serious problems with U.S. government like that Harvard professor and that’s why you should keep all this info secret:)

To be serious most binary options programs have legal issues with U.S. government. If you read this document you will realize that most internet-based binary options programs are not complying with U.S. regulatory requirements and SEC and CFTC have received numerous complaints associated with sites that offer an opportunity to trade binary options and many people have lost considerable amounts of money.



4. Like I said, you can make some money trading binary options but before that you need to get trained in the right program to understand how to use this type of software. Unfortunately, Larry doesn’t provide any training and most binary programs don’t provide either.

And even if you get trained still there is no guarantee that you will be always successful because even experienced binary options traders lose considerable amounts of money. My brother lost a few thousands of $ though he had knowledge and experience. Like I said it’s a risky venture.


5. There is one thing common to all binary options programs, they all claim that their software is unique and different from all others because it’s 99% accurate. Do you really think it can be true? I reviewed many binary programs and if you read some of them you will see that they all are “unique”. This fact points to another obvious fact: they all are lying to people.


6. There is also another major issue associated with all binary options programs. The issue is about choosing a binary options broker which is very important.

Some programs work with unlicensed brokers or brokers that have a bad reputation which means that if you work with them and don’t have any info you’re going to put your money at risk. Since Larry is lying to you from the very start I don’t think they work with trusted or reputable brokers.


7. Another major issue with Binary programs is that you have no much control over the software and you have no any idea how the software is programmed to work. Most softwares do all the work, i.e. trading for you automatically and you even don’t know where the signals come from. All this means that this type of opportunity and investment involves a lot of risk.




8. There are many positive reviews of binary options programs on the web including this one and you might easily get confused. Let me give you a piece of advice. I believe if you follow it you will be on the safe side.

All those sites add affiliate links to the software they review which means they promote it for the sake of making money and it’s the first red flag to not trust them. As you can see I review Larry’s Cash Machine and I don’t have any affiliate links to his software.

I do make money too by reviewing programs and always add affiliate links too but I do so only if the program is positive and legit. I never add an affiliate link to a program that I consider a scam.

Especially I warn you against the site that always writes positive reviews on all scam programs/products and adds affiliate links to all its reviews. It looks like the owner of that site “makes” millions of dollars with all binary options programs which is not true.


9. Like I said in my other reviews, when you start trading binary options your task is mainly about market prediction, i.e. how currency pairs will change and if you make the right decision you win and if not then you lose.

There is no software in the world or a broker than can make 100% accurate prediction and this is a fact. When it comes to binary options softwares, things are even worse because they do all the work for you which means there is a high chance of wrong prediction.

Even if you trade binary options without software you still need to analyze the market, watch the news to see the whole picture. This method of making money is extremely difficult and requires a lot of knowledge, experience and probably some luck.


10. Another thing to keep in mind is that there are two types of binary options trading options available, short term and long term trade. When you choose a long term trade you can make a considerable amount of money but you need to first add that amount of money to your account and here is the catch.

The more you invest the higher is the risk of losing all your money with one single click. If it was so easy then thousands of people wouldn’t lose thousands of dollars at binary options.


11. The testimonials you will see in the promo are fake and you can easily order one for you at for $5/$10.


12. Also when you choose a broker you should make sure that he is from a country with a strong regulatory system. If not you may have problems when trying to withdraw your funds. Also you need to check if there are any complaints about your broker before you join him.


13. I also want to draw your attention to one little detail. On Larry’s website there is a website disclaimer which clearly says that Larry is not responsible for any losses related to use of his services or “amazing” software. What does it mean? I think the answer is obvious.


14. When you watch Larry’s promo you will see the face of Adam, the same person who was acting in the promo of another program called emobile code. Do you see the whole picture now? I think there is a good reason to not trust Larry and forget about his “amazing” software.


Final word on Larry’s Cash Machine

Long story short, I don’t recommend it. But if you are interested in making money online the honest and legit way I recommend you to try my top recommended program I’ve been part of since 2013.

You can try it absolutely for free within 7–10 days and you even don’t need a credit card. This program has helped me build my website ( and finally start making money online. Let me know if you have any questions and I will be happy to help you out.



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  1. Alan says:

    Hi Rufat. Helpful review, thank you. I think you’re absolutely right to point out that this kind of product really isn’t free at all. The real cost is definitely attached to trades you lose money on whilst learning a complex market. A friend of mine spent two years learning the ropes on a demo account before she was brave enough to put her own money at risk. As you say, putting a new customer straight into a live trading environment with no training is going to result in one thing… massive loses! This stuff really isn’t for me.

    • Rufat says:

      Thank you Alan for your comment. Of course, this type of software has been free and it’s just a deceptive move in order to get you invest your money. This type of business is not easy at all and if you read all issues I mentioned above associated with it you will easily realize that Larry’s Cash Money is not for everyone. In general I don’t like this type of method of making money because you are going to put your hard earned money at risk. When it comes to Larry’s program it’s definitely not going to make you rich overnight because I simply don’t believe in the existence of a software that you can set once and forget. It’s a dream. If someone wants to make money trading binary options they must get trained in the right program, find a broker with good reputation and still it doesn’t mean that they won’t lose money or guaranteed from losses. It still requires hard work and patience like any other business.

  2. Rufat

    I have had so many of these Binayry options sales pages and emails come to me, I was a little bit interested at one point, however the company I signed on for, as an enquiry, contacted me on the phone within the Hour, that immediately gave me the shivers.
    The consultant told me he was an expert himself and had been doing it for years. So why the F was he on the phone trying to further persuade me.
    This has mead me stay away from Binary options altogether. Any form of Gambling is well just a gamble. I prefer to work hard and keep what I have earned.
    There so many of these programs out there I, for me just goes to say they cannot be worthwhile.

    After reading your review I now know for sure to keep away from any automated version for sure. Thanks.

    • Rufat says:

      That’s an interesting story Chris. This is very normal for programs like one you had registered with. Sure, this way they can persuade people much easier and I’m glad you didn’t fall for it. You are right that binary options is very similar to gambling and you can easily lose all your money even if you are experienced. Because no one can predict market not to mention Larry’s software There is no 100% accuracy when it comes to prediction and if someone claims it’s possible they are lying to you. I agree that it’s always better to keep what you have earned and continue to work hard for better results and higher revenue than wasting your money using programs like this one. You are right that there are many programs out there by most of them are not worth your time and money. I’m glad that you found my review helpful and I’m happy to know that I was able to save you some money and falling for this type of poor product.

  3. Dan says:

    Thanks for the Heads Up Larry, I see these sorts of etchy sites popping up everywhere. I think with any of these sorts of businesses money ca be made but i hear quite often stories of people spending $50,000 plus trying to work out how the markets operate and they certainly do not run their own programs on autopilot, they run it as a full time business and spend time studying trends and markets.

    • Rufat says:

      I really appreciate your honest comment and I like that you admit that some people are making money trading binary options and that’s why it’s not correct to call every program a scam. I agree that people that make money in this business have tons of experience and knowledge, they understand how markets operate and like you say they don’t make money on autopilot. They treat it as a full time business, sometimes make money, sometimes lose money. That’s normal. But they have enough money under their belt to cover some possible and unwanted losses while people that are new to binary options thing lose all their money and quit this business very fast. There are many stories of people who have lost thousands of dollars in binary options compared to Larry’s fake professor who has secretly generated 38 millions. It’s so ridiculous, a complete waste of time.

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