Is Paid Surveys at Home a Scam or legit? Get My Realistic Review

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Product name: Paid Surveys at Home

Program owner: Patricia Johnson


Price: $68, after coupon $34

Overall rank: 30 out of 100

Verdict: Not recommended


Paid Surveys at Home is a Clickbank product promoted as a revolutionary opportunity that allows anyone to make a good living from the comfort of their home without spending any money.

The online world is full of such products and although they all seem different, in fact they are all promoting the same crap.

They charge you a fee so you can get access to a database of online survey websites. Charging for such info doesn’t make any sense because all this info can be found for free. But most people don’t know anything about online surveys.

When they come across websites like this one they think that they can get a secret list of online survey websites for a small fee and start making a good living from it. In my realistic review I’m going to find out if Paid Surveys at Home is a Scam or legit.


Pros of Paid Surveys at Home

  • You can earn some extra cash


Cons of Paid Surveys at Home

  • False promises
  • Exaggerated earnings
  • Fake testimonials
  • What you should know about Paid Surveys at Home


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Fact # 1

First off, Paid Surveys at Home is a Clickbank product which is good and bad at the same time. That’s great news because you can ask for refund from Clickbank.

The bad news is that although Clickbank has been around for many years now and is very well known digital product marketplace, they still have a good number of poor products promoted only for the sake of money.

Anyway, when it comes to Paid Surveys at Home, this product is very controversial. It’s true that you can make money by participating in focus groups, by completing online surveys, but you can’t make a good living from it.

It’s an extremely exaggerated opportunity and you simply can’t quit your regular job if you plan to only participate in online surveys.


Fact # 2

Why you shouldn’t trust sites like Paid Surveys at Home:

  • They try to charge you a fee for the info available online for free
  • They claim that you can make a good living online
  • They promise that you can quit your job very soon
  • They don’t tell you that the number of surveys is extremely limited for you to be able to make enough money


Fact # 3

I’m not really sure Paid Surveys at Home will provide you a reliable info about online survey sites. Because there are too many of them and many of them are not legit.

They simply never pay for completing online surveys and you are going to wait for your commission forever.

That’s why make sure that you join only legit and reputable survey sites to avoid any possible problems with payouts later.


google-search online-surveys-for-free


You can type “directory of online survey websites” in Google search box and you will see tons of resources showing you all major online survey websites you can trust.

At the same time this again proves that there is no valid reason why Paid Surveys at Home wants to charge you $68 or $34.




Fact # 4

Another problem common to most programs like Paid Surveys at Home is that they always use fake testimonials and if you take a look at Paid Surveys site you will see a message that says: “Images of consumer testimonials have been modified for privacy”.


fake-testimonial-1 fake-testimonial-2




For which privacy? I know from my experience that anyone who is making money online would always be happy to share their positive experience and there is no need to hide this info.


Fact # 5

There is no even about me/us page on their site which is a good indication that this program is illegitimate.



Fact # 6

They promise that you can participate in phone surveys, focus groups, try new products and earn from $5 to $75 per survey which is not true. This is true only up to a certain point.




Surveys for which you can earn over $50 do happen once in a few months which means you should not expect tons of money from this activity. Plus, this kind of surveys require certain level of knowledge in specific fields.

What does it mean to you?

It means you can’t participate in such surveys and earn the amount of money Patricia promises you. But in the promo video they claim that even a monkey can do it. This is of course a big lie.


Fact # 7

Another fact is that for most of the surveys you will earn a few cents, up to $1. Now imagine how many surveys you need to complete to be able to make a good living.

I personally don’t know anyone who is making a good living by taking surveys simply because it’s close to impossible.

You can make some extra cash, something between $100-$300 per month at best. But even to make this amount of money you REALLY need to work HARD and spend a good amount of time to make it possible.

You need to create account with over 200 survey companies and then you will be receiving notifications of new surveys.

Since the number of surveys is limited you need to wait for months before you can earn at least $5 or $10 from one company to be able to take your reward because there is a minimum cash-out threshold for each survey company.


Fact # 8

Like all other survey sites, Patricia does the same thing. She offers you a profit calculator that she claims can show you a huge potential of participating in online surveys.

Take a look at Paid Surveys at Home’s calculator. According to this magic calculator you can make $675 per week, $2925 per month, $35100 per year.






Trust me, I’ve been involved in internet marketing over the last 3 years and I know many successful internet marketers.

I’m personally making money online too from my websites. But I don’t know anyone who could be making the amount of money promised by Patricia.


Fact # 9

I have reviewed several programs like Paid Surveys at Home and none of them turned out to be legit. They all are doing the same thing. Among such programs:

Paid Survey Authority

Get Cash for Surveys

Click 4 Surveys


Fact # 10

Finally, the question is: Is Paid Surveys at Home a Scam or legit? There are some false promises and charging you a fee for what is available online for free.

From this perspective it’s very close to being a scam. But since online survey opportunity is legit, I tend to think that this program is not a scam.

Generally speaking, I don’t recommend it, but if you want to make some extra income you can do it. And there is no need to pay $34 for the info about online survey sites because all this info is free.


Fact # 11

I’m pretty sure that after receiving email notifications of new available surveys and getting paid a few cents for most of them you will finally quit this activity one day because no one wants to spend hours in front of the computer and make pennies instead of dollars.


My recommendation

If you are willing to get involved in internet marketing and learn how to earn an income online I can recommend you a program I’ve been a part of since 2013. I owe to this program for teaching me how to make money online.


Final glance at Paid Surveys at Home

  • False promises
  • Exaggerated earnings
  • Fake testimonials
  • Overall rank 30 out of 100
  • Verdict: Not recommended




Tired of Scams like Paid Surveys at Home? Here is my #1 program!

No credit card required. No obligations. It’s free to join.

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  1. Karen Noone says:

    Wow you have really done your homework here and given me a lot of information about paid surveys that I could not have known . I think scam is all over this one if you are paying for something you can find for free yourself. Are there any paid surveys you could recommend?

    • Rufat says:

      I really don’t like sites promoting products related to paid surveys. Because they always exaggerate facts and try to convince people that they can make a full time income by completing online surveys. This is not true. But making a few bucks is absolutely possible. Plus you can always find this info for free. Regarding reliable sites that pay for online surveys I can mention,,,,,

  2. Wilson C. says:

    Hi Rufat,

    Thanks for the great review! I couldn’t agree more with you.

    In my opinion, this is the SLOWEST and the WORST way to make money online. There are so many online opportunities out there such as blogging and drop shipping businesses. Filling up surveys is just too time consuming!

    • Rufat says:

      I have to agree with you Wilson. I never wasted my time with paid surveys. I did it a few times and I didn’t like it to be honest. I don’t like the idea of taking effort and getting paid cents. I’ll better do something more valuable and earn dollars instead of pennies. Blogging is my favourite way to make money online. It works well for me.

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