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October 23, 2014 4 Comments

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Online Paid Survey

Advertised price: $89.95, $44.95

Verdict: Legit but not recommended


I’m going to tell you my story with paid surveys. It was really an interesting journey that I don’t wish you to take and if you are reading this review now then you are saved from it.

When I first found get paid surveys website (which are a lot on the Internet under different URLs) it was a long promotional sales page. I was ready to believe their “message” but then I found another website with promotional video and after watching that video I came to a decision to buy this product immediately.

It was very convincing, and I thought that my dream had finally come true. Like many others, I believed their promise, that once I bought their product, I would immediately start making a lot of money. Actually, there are many websites on the internet related to paid surveys. One that I’ve come across started with this message:

paid survey2



Is it real to make $3000 per month by taking surveys?

I was really amazed at this kind of lie. First, I believed them, and decided to buy their product. However, due to the honest reviews I found on other websites, I changed my decision. So, as you can see on the image above, they are showing us an example of a happy dad who got out of his debt and made over $3000 per month!

The only thing I can say is that they are experts on inventing lies, but since I didn’t have any information on this product, I found it real and said to myself: why not? I will buy the product and start taking surveys every day making thousands of dollars per month like this dad did. I was thinking of that way of making money to be a fun and very easy: big companies spend billions for market research and I will be the one they will pay for taking surveys.

What can be easier than this? It is interesting, simple and easy. But that was my dream only. Reality was absolutely different. Yes, it is true that there are some reliable companies that really pay people for taking surveys and sharing opinion, but these companies are not thousands as it is falsely advertised.


paid survey



Many of them are small and not reliable. They don’t pay you at all. So, once you’ve purchased this product you are left on your own to figure it out which of them you can trust and which you can’t. Most of survey companies do not pay cash. They offer you sweepstakes, gifts and prize rewards. By taking surveys you just earn bonuses.

Most of these companies pay you pennies for taking hours of surveys. Just imagine how many surveys you should take to make thousands of dollars per month. Believe me or not, but it is not real. I know some top Internet marketers who use this opportunity as a side income and they earn a few hundred bucks per month but not thousands as it is falsely advertised.


More opportunities with paid surveys

In addition to all this, they promise that they will show you how you can get paid to review new products like cameras, tablets computers, HD TVs and many other products, and then keep them after submitting your review. Oh No! That is another lie.

There are hundreds if not thousands of people who sign up for this kind of surveys and those companies can’t send these products to all of them. It happens just in few cases and not so often. It is too overhyped opportunity and I can’t recommend it. But I am not going to convince you to not buy it. It is up to you.


I am giving you the list of paid survey companies for free

But wait, I am going to reveal you another amazing fact and I am sure you will be amazed. I can give you the list of all those survey companies for free. Not all of them because you actually do not need them. As I said you before, most of them are too small and not reliable and they will not pay. I am going to give you the list of big and reliable companies you can trust.

paid survey

If you want you can register on their websites and start taking surveys. But you may think that I’ve purchased this product and now I’m giving you the list of these companies for free. No.

I’m going to reveal you another amazing fact now. I found the directory of survey companies on the Internet. Just imagine, those guys are trying to sell you a product that is free and available on the Internet.

The directory includes all kinds of survey companies worldwide. And finally I am giving you the URL where you’ll find literally all surveys companies for free.

I am sure you will be now amazed thinking how can it be that these guys are trying to sell a product that is free on the internet? Yes, this happens on the Internet very often and I suppose there is no any reason to pay them.


Are paid surveys the only legit opportunity to make money online?

You can now take surveys as much as you want but I am sure you can hardly make more than $400 per month. But remember, if you want to earn at least a decent amount of money you must join as much paid survey companies as possible, because the more of them you join, the more money you can earn.





Some paid surveys companies can pay you 20, 30 or even 50$ per survey. But this survey can take up to one hour or even more to complete because it is very specialized and you must have certain qualifications to be able to do it. And remember that you can expect this kind of surveys just once in a year. So, I was honest with you and wish you best of luck.

If you are interested in making serious money online I can recommend you the best product that I know and tried. This is WA – #1 online business community in the world.

I can recommend you to create free starter account at WA and go through 10 lessons to understand the basics of Internet marketing. Actually it is the best place on the entire web to get trained in internet marketing and start building a real business online.

I can honestly recommend this place to save you from wasting your precious time and money on numerous scams. Please read my honest review of the WA below and If you have any questions feel free to contact me and I will be more than happy to help you out.


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  1. Peter says:

    Hi Rufat,
    You have done an excellent job in pointing out the problems with paid surveys. I have tried doing surveys in the past, but I found you had to work a long time for a very small reward. I couldn’t even cash in my rewards as I hadn’t reached the required threshold. In addition, sometimes you even had to work for a few minutes and then find you didn’t qualify for the survey. What a waste of time!
    I would only recommend this as a way of earning a little extra money or gift vouchers when you had a few spare minutes. Making a decent living taking surveys isn’t possible and if a company asks you to pay to take surveys it is definitely a scam.
    If anyone is thinking about spending hours taking surveys for next to nothing per hour, they should consider building their own online business where they have the chance of making some real money.

    • Rufat says:

      Thank you Peter for your insightful comment. I totally agree with you that the best definition for paid surveys would be a time waster and there are some good reasons for that. You are right when saying that to be able to cash out you need to reach the required threshold which makes the process of taking surveys completely annoying and useless. I also tried it in the past and never was able to cash out because of not reaching the threshold. And I agree that it’s a good opportunity for making some little extra cash on the side. As for the companies that try to charge you for giving the info about survey sites, it’s absolutely ridiculous. Instead of wasting your time on this survey opportunity I would rather start building a real online business to start making real money.

  2. paula says:

    Great insight to these paid surveys, I actually once thought about it when I was hard up for cash, you see things differently then! To me the big put off is there claim to be earning thousands from this….sometimes it’s to unreal to be real if you know what I mean. They should say it as it is they would probably get far more people to sign up, or maybe not. There is so many better ways to make money online now but unfortunately non of it is get rich quick schemes you have to work for it.
    Thanks for the advice anyway I will be staying clear

    • Rufat says:

      Hi Paula. I thought about participating in online surveys too and even registered with a bunch of sites to start taking surveys. In general it was wasting my time because in most cases I had to spend a lot of time since taking a survey normally takes up to 15 minutes. And the problem is that you need to accumulate the required amount of points/credits to be able to cash out and this makes the process annoying. Finally I quit it. I agree that there are many other legit ways to make money online, such as affiliate marketing. I think taking online surveys is not for everyone because the opportunity is very limited and you can’t make enough money to quit your job. But the worst part is that some sites like the ones I mentioned in my current article are still trying to sell folks the info they can find elsewhere on the web for free.

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