Is Paid Survey Authority a Scam? Read My Review Before you Join it

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Product name: Paid Survey Authority

Program owner: Michelle McAllister


Price: $97, $37, $27

Overall rank: 5 out of 100

Verdict: Scam


Making extra income through paid surveys has been popular for many years now and in fact anyone can make some decent income if they are willing to spend some time for completing simple online surveys.

I told in many of my reviews that online survey opportunity is a real thing and there is a good number of legitimate online survey companies that pay you in time for your online efforts.

And there is a good number of online survey companies that are fake and don’t pay you anything. In this particular case, Paid Survey Authority is definitely not worth your time, effort and money.

I always give my short answer in the first paragraph of my reviews and if you want to know if Paid Survey Authority is a Scam or not, my answer is YES. Unfortunately, it’s a scam.


Pros of Paid Survey Authority

  • You can make a few bucks


Cons of Paid Survey Authority

  • Fake testimonials from
  • Fake earnings
  • Too many lies
  • No support
  • Tricky advertising methods





More facts about Paid Survey Authority

Fact # 1

The first fact pointing to Paid Survey Authority being a scam is that Michelle McAllister who is supposedly the owner of this “amazing” site claims that she has paid out over 70 million dollars to their members!



This can’t be true because most survey companies pay from a few cents up to $1 per survey and you really need to complete tons of surveys to make some decent money per month.

Plus, the number of surveys is extremely limited and even if you want to complete many of them you won’t be able to do that.

All this means that your earning potential is very limited with this opportunity. And it also means that all this buzz about paying out millions of dollars is nothing more than a lie.


Fact # 2

Some survey companies are specialized in specific surveys that require some expert knowledge and more time to complete them. The number of such surveys is limited too and you can earn between $30-$50 per survey.

But before completing such a survey you must qualify for it which is not easy at all. For instance, you can’t complete a survey related to finances if you don’t have knowledge in this field or some surveys require engineer degree in specific field.

All this means that chances to complete such expensive surveys are extremely low.


Fact # 3

Another fact pointing to Paid Survey Authority being a scam is that they use fake testimonials from website. Take a look at these testimonials from website.






If you have little experience online you can easily believe that all these people are real members of online survey sites and are making a solid income by taking online surveys.

The truth is that all these people are paid actors from websites, such as Take a look at these two images below.


fake-testimonial fiverr1

One is from website from a “happy” member making a good income from online surveys and the other image belongs to the man who sits on Fiverr and offers services such as creating real looking testimonials for $5.

Look carefully and you will notice that two images belong to the same person.


Fact # 4

Another fact pointing to Paid Survey Authority being a scam is that Michelle claims that she can provide you with a secret list of highest paying surveys.




This can’t be true simply because such a list doesn’t exist. In fact, all survey companies are free to join and you can easily find them through Google search.

If you are interested in this type of opportunity here is a list of online survey sites. All these sites are free to join.




Fact # 5

Another fact pointing to Paid Survey Authority being a scam is that Michelle McAllister tries to charge you $27 which is totally ridiculous because as I said above, all survey companies (websites) are free to join and there is no need to charge for this info.

You simply can type “online survey sites” in Google and get a huge list of such websites absolutely for free. All this means that Paid Survey Authority doesn’t own any secret list of online survey companies.


Fact # 6

Another fact pointing to Paid Survey Authority being a scam is that if you decide to pay for the product right away you will pay $97!




But if you try to exit the page several times the price will finally drop to $27. This means if you don’t try to exit the page you will pay $97.

Do you think it’s an honest approach? Absolutely dishonest approach.


Fact # 7

Another fact pointing to Paid Survey Authority being a scam is using fake payment proofs. The payments of over $5000 that Michelle shows you are from affiliate marketing, not surveys.






This amount of money can be made only through affiliate marketing and it’s pretty obvious. Making such an amount of money by taking online surveys is literally IMPOSSIBLE. Michelle is lying to you.


Fact # 8

Michelle has even prepared a calculator that will help you make money much easier than ever before. Using this amazing calculator you can know exactly how much you can earn by completing online surveys.




But there is one big problem like I said you above. The number of surveys is very limited and most of the surveys will earn you a few cents at best.

This is why Michelle says that this calculator is for demonstration purposes only and doesn’t guarantee you any income.


Fact # 9

Another red flag is that they use an advertising trick such as being featured on CNN Money, Entrepreneur, WSJ, Forbes, Fox.




Or they show you icons of Google play and Apple store as if their program will soon be available on these popular online digital stores. I guarantee that if you come back to website a few months later you will see the same icon that says “coming soon”.

And the truth is that Paid Survey Authority has never been featured on those popular websites mentioned above.


Fact # 10

Paid Survey Authority website has some web-hosting issues because most of the time I can’t open their website. After a few attempts I finally opened it and was sent to this URL




This is another indication that all their talks about helping folks make millions of dollars is just a lie. If that was true they wouldn’t have such issues with their website.


Fact # 11

Finally, the photo of Michelle McAllister that you can see on the Paid Survey Authority’s official website doesn’t actually belong to Michelle. This photo can be bought at for $3 for a small image and for $7 for a large image.





Fact # 12

After all these facts, can you really believe that Michelle will provide you any real support? I don’t think so.


Final glance at Paid Survey Authority

  • Fake testimonials from
  • Fake earnings
  • Too many lies
  • No support
  • Tricky advertising methods
  • False promises of instant wealth
  • Overall rank 5 out of 100
  • Verdict: Scam



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  1. Jess Odjinar says:

    Recently I had been signed up for this online survey in the internet and found it is very low/minimal income.

    • Rufat says:

      Sure, it’s an extremely low income opportunity. You can make a few bucks at best. If you want to make something around $100 you need to spend hours and hours of your time every day. That’s why I never waste my time with programs like Paid Survey Authority. If you are looking for a serious program take a look at y recommendation and I believe you will love it.

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