Is Be the Boss Network Legit? You are Promised to Start Earning from Home Immediately

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Product name: Be the Boss Network


Price: Free, there is a fee for a premium account

Owner: Unknown

Overall rank: 10 out of 100

Verdict: Borderline scam


Be the Boss Network is a website that promises you to help quit your job and become your own boss. They even promise that you can start earning money from the comfort of your home immediately and they provide you with everything you need to achieve it.

Be the Boss Network shows you a huge list of multiple money making opportunities and most of them are MLM companies which is why they advertise their directory as MLM directory.

There are many other programs out there promoting the same idea and the same service, i.e. helping people like you find a high paying opportunity.

Some of these sites such as Paid Online Writing Jobs try to charge you for the info that is available for free on the internet while Be the Boss Network tries to help you for free.

But there is a lot more to say and in my review I’m going to show you exactly if Be the Boss Network is legit or not and if you can really start earning money from home immediately.



Pros of Be the Boss Network

  • Free registration


Cons of Be the Boss Network

  • Tricky advertising techniques
  • False promises about making money immediately
  • No support
  • Many programs listed in their network are scams or not recommended


Short info about Be the Boss Network

The only positive aspect that I see in this program is that they don’t charge you for the info. This is refreshing after seeing many other scams trying to charge you for what you can find for free.

But Be the Boss Network is not completely free. They suggest that you upgrade your account for a certain fee. Unfortunately, there is no any information on their website about their fee.




To be honest, I’ve seen many programs so far and can say that this one is really “amazing”.

And the worst thing is that there is no way to contact them to ask how much it will cost you to upgrade your account.

The only way to reach them is through comment box after choosing of their MLM products.




Does Be the Boss Network provide any training?

No, they don’t provide any training. This program is simply a collection of different MLM programs and you can choose any of them. There is some brief information about each of their recommended program.




There is a short info on how much it will cost you, overall rating for each program, how you can benefit from the program. Some ratings are true while others are not true.

In fact, their directory is useless in my opinion because you can’t rely on that data. It’s much better to search for reviews in Google for any specific program manually.

It will be much safer for you instead of relying on the opinion of Be the Boss Network. Their network is a collection of affiliate links for which they will earn an affiliate commission.

But if you upgrade your account and pay them the fee which is unknown too (probably it’s some kind of a secret) then they can help you find the opportunity that will match your knowledge and experience.

But I really doubt they will help you in any reasonable way. BTW, I have two simple questions:

Are you ready to pay them IF:

  • There is no any info about how much they are going to charge you
  • There is no money back guarantee
  • There is no phone number to call them or an email address or a contact form on their website


Can you really benefit from Be the Boss MLM directory?

As I told above, Be the Boss Network directory mainly consists of MLM companies. By this I don’t mean that all MLMs are scams, but many of them are scams or not recommended.

To understand exactly what MLM is all about, I suggest that you read my article in which I explain in details what MLM means, if MLM is a good opportunity for you, which programs are obvious scams, which programs are worth trying out.

But generally speaking, all MLMs are the same. You need to have strong selling skills in order to succeed with any MLM business opportunity. You need to invest some of your money in their physical products.

The main problem is that most of the time their products are overpriced and you simply can’t compete with other similar products that are much cheaper on the market. Most of the time their training programs are extremely expensive.

That’s why, you need to have strong selling skills in order to be able to convince people to buy their products. If you are not a sales person, then you would better forget about MLM and find some other opportunity.

And remember that joining any of MLM program listed there will cost you money. They are not free and some of them require a solid investment.

Also, keep in mind that most MLM programs show you only their initial price to join which is very low, BUT after joining you realize that you need to invest much more money in order to succeed with their program.


There is a warning from U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission regarding MLM opportunities. Take a look at the screenshot.





More amazing offers from Be the Boss Network

They suggest that you register your free account and agree to receive phone calls from them, emails.


From my experience I can tell you that if you do so you will be very sorry for doing so because once they have your phone number and email they will be bombarding you with other “amazing” money making opportunities until you finally either pay them or unsubscribe from their services.

I really don’t recommend to submit your personal info.


One positive aspect about Be the Boss Network

The only positive aspect that I found in this program is that they recommend to take your hobbies and interests into consideration when searching for an MLM program to join.


This is true and I agree that you HAVE to be passionate about what you do, or otherwise you will not succeed. I really appreciate their being honest and helpful in this recommendation.


Be the Boss Network false claims

Claim # 1

Be the Boss Network claims that they are different from other programs available online. They claim that they stand out of the crowd with their commitment to quality business opportunities. Can you really believe in this statement if you can’t even contact them or see faces of people who are going to help and support you?



Claim # 2

They are lying to you when they say that you will be able to start making money immediately and you will get your first paycheck in the first week.



Claim # 3

They claim that they have been able to list only legit money making opportunities on the network that meet their quality standards. Really? Which quality standards? Is Empower Network, Vemma or any other scam listed there a part of your quality standards?



Are the programs listed in Be the Boss Network really worth the effort?

I don’t want to say that all programs listed there are scams. I’m not in a position to give my verdict on any program that they have listed on their network.

But I have about 3 years of experience writing reviews on money making programs and trust me, I know what I’m talking about.

Some programs are probably good, but before trying any of them you need to do some search on the internet because if you don’t do so you can easily fall for a scam.

And I’m sure you will as long as you are a part of Be the Boss Network. To prove my statement, I suggest that you take a look at some programs that I’ve found on their network.


Scams or not recommended programs found on Be the Boss Network:

Empower Network



After knowing all these facts, do you feel safe searching through Be the Boss Network? I personally don’t know many of those programs and can’t give any recommendations. You can search at your own risk.



Unfortunately, as I said above, Be the Boss Network is one of the most “amazing” websites that I’ve come across so far. If you take a look at their website main menu you will not find a contact page.





On “about us” page there is no any info about their team, no names, no photos, nothing. You don’t feel any personal touch.

This is the first and huge red flag that is enough to understand that Be the Boss Network is not a reliable source of information.


Final word about Be the Boss Network

Some websites that review Be the Boss Network program tell that they don’t like MLM type of business which is not really much helpful for you to make a decision on this program. It’s not a matter of like or dislike. We need to understand exactly why we don’t want to get involved in MLMs.

In my review of MLM I explained why MLM is not the best option out there and why you need some other more trustworthy opportunity.

Searching through Be the Boss Network is not safe for you because you can fall for scams that I’ve mentioned above and there are even more other scams that I don’t know.

Some people are doing alright with MLM because they have strong selling skills, years of experience in MLM and money to invest. If you are not one of those, you would better stay away from Be the Boss Network.


Final glance at Be the Boss Network

  • Tricky advertising techniques
  • False promises about making money immediately
  • No support
  • Most programs listed on their network are scams or not recommended
  • Overall rank 10 out of 100
  • Verdict: Borderline scam



If you have been scammed by Be the Boss Network, please leave your comments below to help others avoid falling for this scam.

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