Commission Hero Review: $1000 Per Day with Robby Blanchard

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Commission Hero


Quality of the Program









  • The program is legit
  • Solid training material provided
  • Money back guarantee
  • Success stories


  • Many Upsells
  • Requires a solid monetary investment
  • The program is very expensive
  • Some hidden costs




Product Name: Commission Hero


Founder: Robby Blanchard

Price: $997 or $597 (two payments)

Overall score: 6 out of 10



There are hundreds of reviews about Commission Hero on Google and Youtube. Most of them are positive and some are not so positive.

The program is very interesting and promising.

Robby Blanchard is an advanced affiliate marketer who made a lot of money online and can teach you how to do the same.

I believe you want to know


– Who is Blanchard?
– Is Commission Hero a scam or not?
– What is the total spend in the program?
– Are there any complaints?
– How does Commission Hero work?
– Can you really replicate Blanchard’s success
– How fast can you get results?
– Does Blanchard offer a refund?
– Pros of Commission Hero
– Cons of Commission Hero
– Does Blanchard provide support?
– Is Commission Hero worth the money?
– Is Commission Hero training step-by-step?
– Can I try Commission Hero free?
– Commission Hero Upsells and Hidden Costs
– Is Commission Hero newbie friendly?


I’m going to answer all these questions and my review will be absolutely transparent. I’m not going to hide any info from you.




Short Review of Commission Hero

Commission Hero has been launched in 2019 and is now one of the best converting products available on Clickbank.

Robby Blanchard is someone who knows what he is talking about. You will be promoting Clickbank products through Facebook for which you need some solid budget.

You will learn how to make $1,000 or less per day.


Commission Hero is absolutely legit but not without flaws. You need to invest more than $1,000 to make it working for you.

I recommend two other programs that I’ve tried and they are way cheaper.

Program # 1

Program # 2



Pros of Commission Hero

– The program is legit
– Solid training material provided
– Money back guarantee
– Success stories



Cons of Commission Hero

– Many Upsells
– Requires a solid monetary investment
– The program is very expensive
– Some hidden costs





Who is Robby Blanchard?

Robby is the person who stands behind Commission Hero and the CEO of Blanchard Media company.

Before creating his Clickbank course, he was successfully selling his fitness course online.

So, he already had some very good experience in making money online.

Finally, he launched Commission Hero in 2019 and this program is still performing well on Clickbank.

Robby is ACE Certified trainer and Master of Business Administration.

Robby was successful since 2015 selling his fitness program and making $10,000 per week.


robby in 2015



Commission Hero Review

Commission Hero is a program that teaches you how to make money online by promoting digital products from Clickbank.

It is no secret that Clickbank is full of low quality programs and many have been removed from this marketplace.

But still there are some good products you can promote. You just need to know which products to choose and Blanchard shows you this in the training.

Your main focus will be buying traffic from Facebook. Blanchard teaches you primarily paid methods.

You will be spending a lot of money and you can’t expect immediate return of your investment.

Though Blanchard claims he teaches you how to make money online quickly, it may be true to a certain degree.

You never know when you can expect your first return on investment and how much you will earn.


Warning: The question is: How long can you wait for the first profit?

You can easily spend all your advertising budget and still remain unprofitable.





If you don’t have accounts on Clickbank and Facebook you will have to create them and plus some other accounts associated with ClickFunnels and some other programs.

The main training is about advertising on Facebook.

Blanchard teaches you how choose the right audience, how to set up a landing page properly for maximum conversions, how to choose the right images both for your landing page and your Facebook campaign.

Because choosing the right images plays a huge role in your campaign.

Fail to choose the right images and your Facebook campaign will waste all your budget in no time.

You will also learn how to write a convincing copy to make people want to click on your affiliate link.

Blanchard also has a Facebook group with over 1,400 members. You can chat with them and possibly get a valuable advice from other seasoned members.

Blanchard claims his members are making $1,000, $3,000 or even $5,000 a day. Is this true? Yes, it is true.

It’s absolutely possible and achievable. But I can tell you with full confidence that very few people can achieve this kind of results with Commission hero or any other similar program.



Advertising on Facebook: Steps Explained

– You find a product to promote from Clickbank
– Create Facebook ads to promote your product on Facebook
– Drive traffic from Facebook to your product page
– Visitor clicks on your affiliate link and makes a purchase
– You earn a commission from the merchant
– You get paid by Clickbank


Facebook Budget

Approx. $20 per day = $600 per month.

If you can earn at least $300 it means you will earn $900 from Facebook ads.

The you can reinvest $600 and $300 will be your net profit.

If you reinvest $900 in Facebook ads you can make approx. $1,300 -$1,400 and your profit will be between $400-$500.

Then you reinvest it and so on and on. So, your profit margin is between 30%-40%. Sometimes it may be less or higher.

Sometimes it can be even less than 20% or no profit at all.

If you want to make money through paid traffic (Facebook ads) you are guaranteed to spend a solid monthly amount of money, but at the same time you are not guaranteed to be profitable.

As a member of Commission Hero you will be doing the work as follows:




Step 1

Finding a product on Clickbank, JVZoo, Rakuten, RevenueWire or other digital networks. For me personally, JVZoo is the best one.

They pay commissions without any restrictions. Clickbank and Warrior Plus are the worst networks.

You have to make a certain number of sales to be able to get your commissions. For example, Warrior Plus network still owes me $97 and doesn’t pay it.


Step 2

Building a landing page using ClickFunnels. This will cost you another $97 per month. But clickFunnels is not necessary to pay for.

You can use another landing page builder. Blanchard teaches how to build the landing page the right way to get convert visitors into paying customers.

But this is not going to be easy at all. You will also learn how to write a convincing copy to convince your visitors to pay for the product. On this step you will learn how to:

– Creating account with ClickFunnels
– Setting up your domain name
– Setting up your affiliate links
– Setting up a PHP landing page



Step 3

Creating Facebook account to start Facebook campaigns. Running Facebook ad campaign is super simple but getting desired results is a different story.

You have to run several campaigns at the same time until you see one campaign starts getting results.

Very often you don’t get results at all. I did it several times and never achieved success with it.

I even paid for the course on Facebook advertising and it didn’t work for me. Maybe I quit too soon, I don’t know. It didn’t work for me.

In this training module you will learn how to create Facebook fan page, set up your ad campaigns, choose audience to advertise to, how to use Facebook pixel system. Modules:




​- Setting Up Facebook
– Setting Up Business Manager​
– Launching First Campaign​
– Setting Up Your Fan Page​
– Setting Up Facebook Campaign
– Setting Up Ads
– Creating A Custom Audience
– Inside Look At A Successful Campaign​




– Setting Up Facebook Pixel
​- How To Install Your Facebook Pixel
– Placing Your FB Pixel In Your Clickbank Account
– Understanding Your Pixel Analytics

On a separate note I want to tell that implementing Facebook Pixel, understanding how it works and taking advantage of the data in your favor is not an easy process.

It can take weeks before you even understand how it works. I personally did it and was unsuccessful with it in the past.

There are some companies that do it for you but they don’t do it for affiliate accounts.



Commission Hero Training

Commission Hero has the following training modules:

– Getting Started
– Facebook account set up
– Tracking and Scaling
– Resources and Tools
– Additional Training
– Join Inner Circle Coaching
– Get Image Pack
– Get 100K Done For You Campaigns
– Access Live Event Recordings


Getting Started modules:

– Start Here – Welcome
– What Is Affiliate Marketing
– Ad Accounts
– ClickFunnels
– Clickbank
– Max Web




The main part of the training is about choosing products and finding ad networks:

– Finding offers on Clickbank
– Finding offers on A4D
– Finding offers on MaxWeb

Also finding the right Image
Or finding the right designer on


Tracking and Scaling

Tracking is also an important part of this process. Without tracking and understanding your campaigns, you won’t be able to scale them and make more money.

In fact, you need to gain a long list of skills, such as

– Finding products
– Building landing page
– Customizing your landing page
– Writing a powerful copy
– Finding great images
– Creating Facebook campaigns
– Tracking your ad campaigns
– Scaling your campaigns
– Facebook pixel
– Installing tracking links
– Understanding tracking IDs

This process is really time and money consuming and requires a ton of hard work and patience.

Fail to apply any of these steps properly and exactly how Blanchard teaches you, your chances for success will be lower and lower.

I don’t want to scare you, but this process is very long and painful.




Extra Training

This includes modules, such as:

– The Ninja Tactics
– The Snap Chat
– Email Marketing

Here you will learn how reactivate your Facebook account if Facebook blocks your account, how to spy on other ads and create your own.




How to use email marketing to scale your income with Commission Hero.

You can also take advantage of the Inner Circle course and get some of done-for-you stuff like images, Facebook campaigns and more.


Resources and Tools

In this section you can find “done-for-you” things related to landing pages, ads, images and some other stuff. Very helpful and useful.





Is Commission Hero Newbie Friendly?

Blanchard claims his Commission Hero is newbie friendly and you don’t need any previous experience to achieve success with his program.

It is not 100% true and I will explain why. First of all, training is step-by-step which makes the process easy for you.

Commission Hero support is also good to help you down the road.

But if you have zero experience in paid advertising like Facebook ads or any other method like PPC, you will be struggling to get results.

For Blanchard it me be easy to achieve high return on investment but I’m sure it will be very difficult for you.

Even with Commission Hero training it will be very difficult. I know what I’m talking about.

Because I did paid advertising both on Facebook and Bing (PPC). It is very difficult to get the results you want.



What is the Total Spend in the Program?

The total spend in the program is way higher than what you can see on Commission Hero website. It gives you two payment options:

$997 – one time payment
$597 – two payments



As you can see, the price is not cheap. It requires a considerable amount of money. I personally paid for many programs online over the past 5 years.

The most expensive one was $500. I’ve never paid $1,000. In my opinion, $1,000 is pretty expensive and most people won’t be able to buy it.

Unfortunately, there are some other spendings within the program. For example, you need to pay $97 monthly for ClickFunnel membership.

You need to spend at least $300-$500 monthly for advertising on Facebook with no guarantee of getting positive results.

Blanchard also has another training, such as Inner Circle program which is non-refundable.



Does Blanchard Offer a Refund?

Yes, you ask for refund as a Commission Hero member. But you can’t ask for refund in 30 or 60 days like in many other programs.

You can ask for refund only after 365 days after trying the program. After 365 days from the date of purchase you can ask for refund within 7 days only.




And you have to provide proofs that you really applied what you have learned in the Commission Hero. If you don’t provide proofs you will not qualify for refund.

You can’t just say, I don’t like Commission Hero. You have to show proofs that you followed the training, did the work and failed to achieve results.




You can ask for refund by contacting Commission Hero support or send an email to Blanchard himself to



Are There Any Complaints?

To be honest, I didn’t find any complaints. I think it is because it’s very new program. And also because very few people can actually buy it.

When it comes to cheap programs you always find many complaints because most people can afford it and share their results.

When it comes to expensive programs, very few people can afford it and even less people take action on it.

Over time it will be clear if Commission Hero training is really worth investment.





Can You Really Replicate Blanchard’s Success?

I already told in many other reviews of mine that if someone makes a lot of money and teaches others, it doesn’t mean you can replicate their success.

The same applies to Commission Hero.

Yes, of course, you can replicate Blanchard’s success if you have enough money to buy the program and invest money in paid campaigns for as long as it ‘s required until you become profitable.

But this process is long and painful. It’s for hard workers who can afford it.



How Fast Can You Get Results?

This question is hard to answer to be honest. I don’t know when you can achieve your goals.

It depends on how much time you are ready and willing to spend every week.

The more time you spend and the more money you have to invest the faster you can achieve success.

From my experience in affiliate, CPA marketing and paid advertising, I can tell you that in worst scenario it will take one full year or even more until you become profitable.

But maybe you will become profitable at all. I don’t know.

I can’t give any guarantees. Nor guarantees can you give you Blanchard himself.

In the best scenario it will probably take 6 months or so until you start making a considerable amount of money with Commission Hero.



Is Commission Hero worth the money?

This is a question that I find hard to answer. On one hand, yes it is worth the money. It is the fastest way to making a lot of money online.

Because you will not for organic traffic from Google. You will buy traffic from Facebook and turn it into profit.

On the other hand, the programs involves a lot of risk of losing money. Because you don’t know how Facebook will work for you.

In short, I think it’s worth money if you have them to spend and are ready to face some risks.





Is Commission Hero training step-by-step?

Yes, Commission Hero is a step-by-step training that teaches and shows you everything form A to Z.

Training video and text tutorials and very thorough and are easy to understand.

If you still have questions you can get support from Commission Hero team or from other members on Facebook group.



Can I try Commission Hero free?

No, you can’t try it free. But you can watch some videos on YouTube by Robby Blanchard on different topics to get an idea of what you are going to get from Commission Hero as a member.



Fake Positive and Fake Negative Reviews

I came across Jeff Lenney review of Commission Hero and I want to share my opinion.

I’m really glad he has tried Commission Hero and complied his own review based on his experience with the program.

But he didn’t provide any proof that this program worked for him other than making $125 from one ad campaign.

On the other hand, I know Jeff is one of the top affiliates and can make money with Commission Hero. It’s a matter of time only.

But he talks about other fake reviews, both positive and negative. When it comes to negative reviews, I have to agree with Jeff.

You can’t say a program is a scam without trying it.

When it comes to positive reviews, I can’t agree with Jeff who says they are fake because they didn’t try the program.

My opinion is different. I don’t need to try every single program if I know how affiliate marketing works.

I paid for many other programs over the past 6 years and I did paid advertising and I’m still doing it.

My review is based on my in-depth research and my 6 years experience in affiliate marketing, CPA marketing and paid advertising.

So, I don’t need to try every single program to share my opinion on it.

If my review is positive which reflects the true state of things this means my review is not FAKE. I may be wrong and may disagree with me, but this is my opinion.





Commission Hero Upsells and Hidden Costs

Inner Circle upsell will cost you $297 per month. This is pretty expensive considering that course itself is already expensive.

Inner Circle includes things like:


Done for you campaign every month
– Inner Circle membership group
– Q&A webinar with Robby Blanchard


The membership is valuable but the cost is very high in my opinion. In my opinion, all this should be free considering the price of Commission Hero.

Plus you need to spend approx. $1,000-$2,000 for advertising on Facebook.


ClickFunnels (landing page builder) will cost you another $97 per month

– ClickMagick for tracking and optimization – $27 per month

– Aweber (email marketing) – $29 per month


Now, let’s see how much it will cost you.

– Commission Hero – $1,000
– ClickFunnels – $97
– ClickMagic – $27 per month
– Aweber – $29 per month
– Inner Circle – $297 per month
– Advertising budget – Approx. $1,000-$2,000

Total budget: $2,450-$3,450

This is pretty much for sone single program and results are not guaranteed at all.




Commission Hero Support

Support is good. You can get support by email, Facebook group and private coaching with Blanchard.

I didn’t find any complaints regarding support from Commission Hero.



What I don’t like about Commission Hero

Unfortunately, like many other programs, Commission Hero is not free from flaws. First of all, the programs has some upsells.

For example, one upsell, Inner Circle will cost you $297 per month.

Commission Hero requires some sort of serious budget, up to $2,450 to make this program work for you.

But at the time of watching advertising videos you will not know about all those upsells and hidden costs. It is a huge flaw in my opinion.

The program itself is very expensive which most people can’t afford.

Finally, many programs you will find on Clickbank are not good for promotion because they are either scams or low quality products.

Those that will be easy to promote and make money off are scams. Will you want to promote them?

Those that are not scams, will be difficult to sell because they are not so convincing and have a decent promotion and advertising tactics.

In short, scams are easy to promote and make money off because they are lying to people like you and me.

Will want to promote them is another question. But it will impact YOU in terms of opportunities to make money.

It’s true that Blanchard made a lot of money.

Because he is promoting anything like Leptitox weight loss, Flat Belly Fix and other questionable programs that can make money for him.




You have to follow his methods to achieve the same IF you can learn and apply what he teaches properly.

Not all students are equally successful. Very few of them can do it.

Also, note that many products on Clickbank have a high refund rate which is going to be bad for YOU in terms of losing your profit.

Imagine you set up and run successful Facebook campaign and started to get profitable and after a few refunds you can lose all or a considerable part of your profit.

Your successful campaign will easily turn from profitable into profitable.

Facebook Ads is a straight way to easily waste all your money without getting any positive results. If you are a complete beginner you need to be careful.

If you have money to spend, not problem and risk of trying Facebook. If you have little money, I’m afraid you can lose all your money.





What I like about Commission Hero

Commission Hero is legit program but you need to be careful and understand that the programs has some upsells and hidden costs.

Blanchard provides quality training material, tools and support which is really great.

Finally, there are many success stories which is great, BUT we don’t know how many fail stories. Because Blanchard shows success stories and doesn’t show fail stories.




Should You Join Commission Hero?

Yes, if you have $1,000 to pay for the program.
Yes, if you understand and agree to pay for all hidden costs which is over $1,000.
Yes, if you are ready to work hard and have a ton of patience
Yes, if are willing to learn and apply what it takes to success
Yes, if you are ready to face risks of losing money



Can You Become Successful with Commission Hero?

Yes, Commission Hero does work, BUT as I said above, very few people can achieve success with it. The main problem and reasons why people fail to achieve success with Commission Hero are these:

They don’t know about hidden costs
They don’t have advertising budget
They don’t take action on the course
They quit very soon

The more money you have the faster your can achieve success with Commission Hero.

Because if you have money you can do a lot of testing until you find successful ad campaign that you will then be able to scale and increase your income.

The less money you have the lower will be your chances for success.

Because without money you won’t be able to run enough number of campaigns to see which works and which doesn’t.

If you don’t have at least $2.000 of free money aside from $1,000 for Commission Hero standard package, I don’t recommend to join the program at all!




Is Commission Hero a Scam?

No, Commission Hero is definitely not a scam. Because you get training, support, tools and more. The course is very expensive and plus requires investment.

Your results depend on your willing to go through the training without skipping anything, doing the work diligently and having a budget to spend for advertising.

But there are definitely some flaws in the program, such as multiple upsells, some hidden costs and finally paid advertising.

All this makes your way to success way harder but it’s achievable with a ton of patience and hard work.



Final verdict on Commission Hero

– The program is legit
– Solid training material provided
– Money back guarantee
– Success stories
– Many Upsells
– Hidden costs
– Requires a solid monetary investment
– The program is very expensive

– Overall score: 6 out of 10



Try My Recommended program. It’s FREE to start!




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