Click Intensity Review – Let’s Find out if Click Intensity is a Scam or not

September 1, 2017 8 Comments

Click Intensity Review


Product name: Click Intensity

Program owner: Nick Johnson


Price: Free to join/budget – $25

Overall rank: 30 out of 100

Verdict: Not recommended


People online are looking for programs to supplement their income and most of the time have no an idea what the program is about and they have to rely on sites that write product reviews.

This time my review will be about Click Intensity and I will try to give you insight into the program. Click Intensity is a new program and it’s not the first site that I review.

It belongs to advertising and revenue sharing category and there are many sites online promoting the same idea.

Some people use this type of sites for promoting their businesses while others want to make some money. Using such sites for promoting your business is a waste of time.

When it comes to making money you can make some money and you can lose some or all your money.

I was a member of such a program and lost all my money and I will talk about it within my review. So, in my review of Click Intensity I’m going to help you find out if Click Intensity is a scam or not.


Pros of Click Intensity

  • You can make some cash


Cons of Click Intensity

  • Useless traffic for your business
  • Budget required
  • No guarantee to make money
  • No money refund
  • Revenue sharing sites are not stable
  • You can lose your money at any time



Click Intensity Short Review

Of course, I understand that everyone wants to make money and no one wants to lose money. Finding such a program is not easy.

You really need to do a serious research in order to safely invest your money.

Let’s see if investing money in Click Intensity is really safe. First of all, before explaining how Click Intensity works I want you to know that I personally have some experience with programs like this one. I once was a member of TM ( Traffic Monsoon).

Actually I joined that program by recommendation of a friend of mine. He told me I could make a lot of money and…

I decided to give it a try which was my big mistake. 2 months later, after investing my hard earned money in TM the company collapsed and I lost all my money.

In fact, I lost my money even before TM collapsed. But that company was among the best ones and it was “reliable”.

They blocked my account, I mean I lost my access to my profile and their support was very rude to me. I didn’t break any rules at all.

BTW, you can read my complete review here and see for yourself what happened to me.

By all this I just want you to understand that companies like TM or Click Intensity are unstable and you can lose your money at any time. Just keep this in mind.

Especially, Click Intensity is a new revenue sharing company and I can’t say their reputation is super solid in online space.

If you want to invest your money in Click Intensity you can do so at your own risk.

It doesn’t mean that Click Intensity is a scam but you really need to be very careful when investing your hard earned money in programs like this one. I personally can’t recommend it at all.


Click Intensity packages


Click Intensity for business owners

Very often people that join programs like Click Intensity are actually advertisers, i.e. business owners. Their goal is to drive a ton of cheap traffic to their websites and turn that traffic into buying customers.

I would say the idea is really very attracting for business owners. They buy into this type of offers because they think this traffic can make them a lot of money.

All experienced internet marketers know very well that this kind of traffic is almost useless for most types of businesses. From my experience I can say “Yes”, it’s useless.

As a former TM member I was promised to get hundreds of visits to my websites each and every day, even thousands of visits.

I got only 100 –150 visits a day and all those visits were completely useless. Those clicks came from TM members who clicked ads only for the sake of earning points. That’s it.

You really need to get several thousand visits a day in order to get one conversion at best if at all.

Most of the time you will never get those thousands of clicks and even if you get them you won’t get even one single conversion.



It’s because the idea of creating revenue sharing sites is not about sending business owners high quality traffic. It’s all about clicking on ads and earning money from ad packs.

Members of revenue sharing sites buy ad packs with one simple goal – to buy more and more packs because each pack gives them more revenue.

They are not interested in products or services other members are trying to promote to them. They just want to buy more packs and make more money.

Most people don’t realize that this type of traffic though is cheap but it’s totally useless.


Click Intensity clicks


In terms of taking people’s money and sending them useless traffic I think any revenue sharing site including Click Intensity is a complete scam.

In terms of making money it’s not a scam because you possibly can make some money for some time and one day you can lose all money once the company has collapsed.

This happens to all revenue sharing sites and it’s only a matter of time. The same happened to me when I was a member of Traffic Monsoon.


Click Intensity: How it works?

Before investing money in Click Intensity we need to understand how it works and how you can make money with it.

Within my Click Intensity review I’m going to go into details so you can have a clear picture of how the program works.

Before you start earning money you need to buy an ad pack for $25. You are going to earn $5 from your ad pack and you will earn $5 from each ad pack you will buy at Click Intensity.


gold pack

silver pack


Like all other revenue sharing sites, such as My Advertising Pays, Traffic Monsoon and including Click Intensity, they all try to convince people to invest as much money as possible.

Some programs including Click Intensity suggest that you spend $100.000 for ad packs. The idea of investing more is that the more ad packs you buy the more levels you can unlock and this will allow you to earn more.

But the main problem here is that you can lose all your money at any time once the company announces that they are planning to stop payouts to their members.

This is what happened to thousands of Traffic Monsoon members including me.

Click Intensity team also suggests that you buy let’s say 200 packs for $5.000 and this will allow you to earn $5 from each pack.

In fact, this promise doesn’t mean anything at all because all revenue sharing sites never guarantee any profit.

Because your revenue depends on the revenue of Click Intensity which is not stable. BTW, read this disclaimer from Click Intensity website that clearly says that CI doesn’t guarantee you any income.




For example, TM promised me to make $10 a day when I invested $500. Instead of $10 I was making $1 a day. Sometimes $2. So, don’t take their promises seriously.


Is Click Intensity stable?

The truth is that you can make money with revenue sharing sites, such as Click Intensity but your income is not guaranteed and it’s not stable. It can stop at any time.

You can make money with Click Intensity until new members continue to invest money in CI. Once CI stops getting new members and investments they will stop payouts.

Instead of promised $20 you will be making $2 and if you ask their team why? their answer will be: we don’t give any guarantees.

If you can afford to invest some free money you can try the system. If you lose this is your fault.

If you want to invest your last and hard earned money then think well before you do so. I’m still angry with myself for my mistake. I can’t forget losing my $500 in TM.

Also, like I said above, TM deprived me of my access to the company and as a result I lost everything. This can happen to any site like TM or Click Intensity because these sites are not stable.

It’s a kind of pyramid business. All pyramid businesses collapse sooner or later. I never recommend such programs.


Click Intensity members area and how to make money with Click Intensity

Once you’ve created your free account and get access to CI’s members area you can start your activity. BTW, you can access CI using your Google+ account.

To understand how the system works you can watch and read training modules inside CI. Training modules include:

  • Know the system
  • Complete 10 tasks in the system daily
  • Read daily
  • Listen to audios’s daily
  • Buy silver packs daily until you hit 4.000
  • Refer more and more
  • New member coaching

This simple training will give you some insight into the system and you will know how to complete CI tasks, such as playing games online, watching videos, clicking ads, surfing the web, listening to audios.


Click Intensity steps explained


For completing these tasks you will earn pennies which means you need to complete a lot of tasks to earn a few dollars.

If you do only this type of things your income will be extremely low. If you want to earn dollars then you need to buy ad packs.

I personally don’t trust revenue sharing sites because I already invested and lost my money. I don’t want to lose my money again. So, it’s up to you.

If you think it’s a good idea to invest money in Click Intensity that’s your choice. I can’t recommend it and you know why.


Click Intensity members area



Inside Click Intensity you will have access to:

  • Marketing tools
  • Free marketing training
  • Gold advertising
  • Silver advertising
  • Text advertising


Click Intensity allows you to buy ads:

  • Banner Ads
  • Login Ads
  • Solo Ads
  • Mobile Ads (coming soon)


To buy ads packs or clicks you can pay using different payment options, such as:

  • Solid Trust Pay
  • Bank wire
  • ADVCash
  • Bitcoin
  • Perfect Money
  • Payeer

As I said, you can make money through CI revenue sharing program. Besides their revenue sharing program you can also make some money through their referral affiliate program.


Click Intensity commission plan


Below you can see their commission payout plan:

  • Level 1 = 10%
  • Level 2 = 1%
  • Level 3 = 0.5%
  • Level 4 = 0.5%
  • Level 5 = 0.5%
  • Level 6 = 0.5%
  • Level 7 = 2.0%

In order to take advantage of CI referral program you need to invite a lot of people to Click Intensity.

You can earn on 7 levels, i.e. you can earn from people who joined CI through people invited by you. But this will work if you can invest $100.000 in Click Intensity.

I don’t like the whole idea to be honest because many other revenue sharing sites collapsed due to big promises they made and failed to keep their promises.


advertising video


I think Click Intensity is taking the same path. Tara Mish from CI recommends to invest according to this plan:


  • Level 1: 1 ad pack = $25
  • Level 2: 100 ad packs = $2500
  • Level 3: 200 ad packs = $5000
  • Level 4: 400 ad packs = $10,000
  • Level 5: 1000 ad packs = $25,000
  • Level 6: 2000 ad packs = $50,000
  • Level 7: 4000 ad packs = $100,000


I really don’t recommend to invest money in Click Intensity according to their plan because it’s very risky.

Thousands of people lost thousands of dollars in Traffic Monsoon when their website was shut down.

The same thing can happen to any other revenue sharing site because their system works like a pyramid scheme and such systems collapse sooner or later.


Is Click Intensity really risky?

Click Intensity suggests that you invest as much money as possible so you can make more money.

But on their website their disclaimer says that CI doesn’t make any claim as to how much money you can earn using their system.

If so, why then recommend to invest $100.000? Plus I don’t feel I can trust Click Intensity website. Take a look at the testimonials takes from their website. They don’t look credible at all.

  • “Great Job”
  • “Happy to be part of CI”
  • “Good site”



No other testimonials from successful members! Not a single person saying that they’ve made money. I don’t think it adds value or credibility to CI website.


Click Intensity and your future

Since I was a member of Traffic Monsoon and all revenue sharing sites follow the same path let me explain to you how their system works.

In order to make money with Click Intensity you need to buy ad packs. Some people think they can buy 2,3 packs or let’s say 5,10 packs and that’s it. No, it doesn’t work that way.

Let’s say you buy 5 ad packs and each ad pack will make you $5. The trick here is that ad packs won’t make you money forever. Because ad packs have an expire time.

They will make you money within 30–40 days only. After that they will expire and you stop earning money.

In order to continue earning money you need to buy new ad packs and you must do it continuously if you want to stay in this business.

Otherwise you will earn a few bucks and then your ad packs will expire and you won’t be able to earn anything.

Generally speaking if you enter this type of so called “business” and you don’t have enough money in order to continuously invest in buying ad packs then it’s not worth investing at all.

This pyramid scheme makes sense only if you have a lot of money in order to buy new ad packs and don’t let them expire.

Another major con of this type of “business” is that when you buy ad packs from Click Intensity they like any other revenue sharing site promise that you will be making let’s say $10 a day for each ad pack that you will have. But it’s just a promise.

You can make $10 and you can make $1. There is no guarantee that you will be making exactly $10 a day. The same happened to me when I was in TM. Instead of $10 I was making $1, $2 a day.

There is no stability in this type of business. They can stop payouts at any time and you won’t even be able to take your money back which happened to me BTW.


Is Click Intensity worth it?

I did my best to make my Click Intensity review detailed and honest. I can’t say Click Intensity is a scam.

I just did my research and provided some facts and explained what happened to me when I was in TM.

Programs like TM or CI are not reliable in my opinion and the same thing can happen to anyone.

When it comes to Click Intensity, it’s a new site and there is no guarantee that it will stay for a long time. Not always, but very often this type of sites collapse very fast.

If you want to try Click Intensity for driving traffic to your business then I already told you my opinion. Their traffic is useless. It’s not targeted at all.

If you want to invest your money in buying ad packs you can do so at your own risk. My experience was not good and that’s why I can’t recommend it.

Plus, sites like Click Intensity or Traffic Monsoon always recommend to invest more and more money which is very risky and I recommend you to be very careful.

Think twice before you invest because there is no money back guarantee in this type of so called “business”.

Revenue sharing sites like Click Intensity can stop payouts at any time which is very risky and dangerous for you.

Click Intensity team claims that there is zero risk in this business. It’s NOT true. You can lose your money in this of business.

And remember that revenue sharing sites are not stable. Believe me, you can invest your money in other programs WAY better than Click Intensity.

If you have any questions let me know. I would appreciate if you share your experience by leaving your comments below.


Final review of Click Intensity

  • You can make some cash
  • Budget required
  • Useless traffic for your business
  • No guarantee to make money
  • No money refund
  • Revenue sharing sites are not stable
  • You can lose your money at any time
  • Overall rank: 30 out of 100
  • Verdict: Not recommended



My #1 recommended program since 2013! It’s free to join.


About the Author:

My name is Adam. I'm the founder of Your Income Advisor. My goal is to help others succeed online, by exposing scams and reviewing top rated products. I can help you start your own business online

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  1. Arun Sabharwal says:

    Thanks for sharing your review about Click Intensity. There are many other similar programs for ad sharing as you have mentioned in your post but none of them seems to be working. I normally treat these programs as the online scam and try to stay away from them.
    The traffic generated through such program never work and Google has taken serious note of this. The ranking of all those websites which were dependent on such website has drastically gone down. I am always in favour of organic traffic through proper SEO.

    • Rufat says:

      Well said. When I was a member of another similar program Traffic Monsoon I never got a lot of traffic from it though they promised thousands of visitors daily. Never. Their traffic is useless. I know it from my personal experience. Maybe you can get some targeted clicks, very few though. All those revenue sharing sites stay no longer than 1,2 years. I have to admit that some people have been able to make some money, some even made a solid amount of money but many of them eventually lost most of their earnings. I never trust those sites and myself lost over $450 in Traffic Monsoon. It’s a waste of time and money in my opinion.

  2. Grant says:

    Thanks for your review of Click Intensity. I hadn’t heard of the company before. It’s easy to be duped by the claims of making good money for a small investment if the claims are false. It does sound like a pyramid scheme. Are there any products in the ad packs? Or are they ads to sign up more people? I’m a little confused about that.
    I’ve tried pyramid schemes through the mail before, and they don’t work either. I’m sure you’ve heard of the one where you send a recipe to 5 people with a dollar and ad your name and recipe to the list and all these people will send you dollar bills. It doesn’t work.
    I’ll be avoiding Click Intensity. Thanks.

    • Rufat says:

      No, there are no any products behind ad packs. Just useless traffic that won’t give you conversions you expect. It’s all about buying ad packs for the sake of building your pyramid business that can collapse at any time. The example you are talking about is useless too.You are right, things like that never work. It looks great on paper but it simply doesn’t work.

  3. Judy says:

    A well executed site giving a clear evaluation of Click Intensity and a sound comparison to a valuable program. You have researched your material really well and I would like to link your page to mine which I have just been working on. jobesplace. You give a really good example of how people can be sucked in by clever marketing with no guarantees. Thank you for some very good insights and warnings about Click Intensity.

    • Rufat says:

      Exactly said Judy. This is an example of the program that lures people into a pyramid scheme that looks so great and attracting and people start to invest a lot of money. I’m living proof of that and I lost my $500 in Traffic Monsoon. Click Intensity is not much different from Traffic Monsoon. They create such fake systems because they know that everyone wants to make easy money but it does never works as they promise.

  4. Ganardineroporcjc says:

    Hi Rufat,
    I agree with you I can say it because I have also been a member of the companies that you mention. What happened to them? All collapsed. I have also lost money if I make the balance. Very good your post and that serves as alert to many people.
    Thank you so much!

    • Rufat says:

      It’s good to know that you know firsthand about programs like Click Intensity. And it’s bad that you lost money like me. We need to be careful before we decide to invest our hard earned money. I hope other people will learn from our experience and avoid such mistakes.

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