Is Traffic Monsoon Legit? Shocking Truth Revealed Here

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Product name: Traffic Monsoon

Program owner: Charles Scoville


Price: Free to join

Overall rank: 30 out of 100

Verdict: Not Recommended


Traffic Monsoon is one of the most controversial programs I’ve seen so far. Some people share their negative experience and call it a scam because they lost money and in fact, I lost over $350. Yes, you heard that right. I lost over $350 because Traffic Monsoon blocked my account without any obvious reason. Read my review further to find out how I lost my money.

Some people share their completely positive experience because they have made money through Traffic Monsoon. Others like myself lost their money.

So, it really depends. I will share my experience in this review and will let you know if Traffic Monsoon is legit or not.


What is Traffic Monsoon?

The owner of Traffic Monsoon is Charles Scoville who owned other online businesses in the past and Traffic Monsoon is one of his most successful projects launched so far.

Traffic Monsoon is an advertising and revenue sharing website that allows people to buy traffic or advertise their own business inside Traffic Monsoon network.

BTW, they have close to 1 million members, each advertising their business inside TM network. Also, you can buy ad packs and get your share of profit which is great way to make money with little effort on your part.

But there are some problems here simply because nothing is perfect and the same applies to Traffic Monsoon too. Keep reading because I’m going to reveal some facts you won’t find in any other review.

Before you continue reading my review I want you to know that Traffic Monsoon is not a reliable program.  I lost over $350 with Traffic Monsoon and they blocked my account without any obvious reason. Their support was rude and useless. I really don’t recommend Traffic Monsoon. On top of that they are having a serious problem with Paypal and can’t pay their members.

Traffic Monsoon is not a good start really. Allow me to help you and recommend another program that I’ve personally tried and I’m making money thanks to it. I’m still a member of this program. I believe you will be very happy to know that my recommended program is FREE to join. No obligations whatsoever! No gimmicks! No scamming! No credit card required! Feel free to join!



Pros of Traffic Monsoon

  • You can buy traffic for a low price
  • You can earn money with little effort
  • Many positive reviews
  • Support is responsive
  • Instant withdrawals – within 1 hour
  • Over 1,000,000 members
  • Been around for over a year


Cons of Traffic Monsoon

  • Requires investment
  • No guarantees
  • You can lose your money
  • Complaints
  • No refund




Traffic Monsoon services

You can join Traffic Monsoon for free and click ads to earn pennies. This way you can earn some very decent income.

You can run your own ad and possibly get some conversions.

You can participate in their revenue sharing program and earn a good income which requires investment.

You can buy traffic from Traffic Monsoon for a very low price. Quality of their traffic is not good though.

You can refer other people to Traffic Monsoon and earn 10% from the amount of money your referral will spend inside Traffic Monsoon. A great way to make a good income.


Is Traffic Monsoon a good place to advertise your business?

You can buy clicks at Traffic Monsoon website and advertise your website. Remember that Traffic Monsoon is a PTC site (paid to click) and people get paid to click on ads which means that most of them are not interested in your offer.

This means traffic bought from Traffic Monsoon is not targeted and conversion rate will be extremely low. But traffic packages are very cheap. You can buy 2500 clicks for $5. Really a huge number for such a low price, but the quality of traffic is not good.




A little bit of history

To understand who is Charles Scoville it would be good to learn some facts about him. As I told above, Charles Scoville owned other businesses in the past such as:



Currently Charles is running two sites:



To be honest, I don’t know exactly why those sites were shut down, but I know that there were many complaints. This means there is a risk that Traffic Monsoon will be taken down too.

So, there is no guarantee whatsoever. My task is to give you the info and the rest is up to you.

It’s going to be your decision to invest money into Traffic Monsoon or not. But wait, I’m going to reveal some other important facts that will allow you to see the whole picture and then you will know what decision to take.


Some other alternatives to Traffic Monsoon

Traffic Monsoon is an advertising and revenue sharing website and it’s not the only site you can make money in a such a simple and easy way. Among sites that have a similar track record are:


There are many other advertising and revenue sharing sites too, but investing money into those sites is extremely risky and I don’t recommend any of them.

Though these two have a good track record, but there are complaints about them too. If you plan to invest money into any of these sites you are free to do so, but you do it at your own risk.

No one can give you any guarantee in this type of business. Traffic Monsoon is more stable and pays more than these two sites.

That’s why if you plan to invest your money keeping in mind a risky nature of this business you would better join Traffic Monsoon.


How you make money with Traffic Monsoon

Making money through Traffic Monsoon or any other site mentioned above is easy and simple. You just click on 10 ads a day and that’s it. But it’s not your only task in order to make money.


You need to keep your records and see how many sharing positions you have and continue buying more and more sharing positions.

Each sharing position means one ad pack that will cost you $50. It will cost you $50 if you pay money from your Traffic Monsoon balance or it will cost approx. $52 if you pay through Payza or Solid Trust.

I purchased my ad packs through Paypal and then Traffic Monsoon stopped working with Paypal due to some issues they started to have with Paypal. Now you can buy ad packs through your Traffic Monsoon balance, Payza or Solid Trust.




How much money you can make with Traffic Monsoon

According to some sources Traffic Monsoon has close to $16 millions on its balance and over the past one year they have been paying their members successfully.

Traffic Monsoon allows you to earn money from each ad pack you buy inside TM members area.

Each pack will cost you $50. Each ad pack earns you $1 within 55 days until your ad pack expires.

When I joined Traffic Monsoon I purchased one ad pack and a few days later I purchased another 4 packs and then a few days later another 2 ad packs and then 3 ad packs and now I have 10 ad packs (10 sharing positions).

This means I should be making $10 a day now, i.e. $300 per month. Not bad, considering that I joined Traffic Monsoon a little over one month ago.

But unfortunately nothing is perfect and currently Traffic Monsoon is having issues with Paypal which means I’m not making as much money as I should be making.

I don’t know if they are really having issues with Paypal or not. I’m not 100% sure and can’t say anything. Some people are saying that Traffic Monsoon is going to crash soon.

Future will show and I will be sharing my experience with this company and will be updating my review.

Remember that when you start buying ad packs, each ad pack will earn you $1 a day until that ad pack expires. And each ad pack expires after 55 days.

For example, if you invest $250 and buy 5 ad packs, they will expire in 55 days and until that day you will be earning $5 a day.

But before all your packs expire you need to purchase new ad packs once you have $50 accumulated in your Traffic Monsoon account which means you will be buying a new ad pack every 10 days if you start with 5 ad packs. The more ad packs you have the more money you will be making.

So, your main goal is to buy more ad packs before old packs expire and if you do so you will soon have 20 ad packs which means you will be already making $600 a day.

So, if you start with $250 it will take appox. 4,5 months to start making $600 per month. Not bad.

I think you see the whole picture now and understand why people invest their money into sites like Traffic Monsoon. Imagine if you have 100 packs you will be making $3000 per month. But you really need to be careful and do it at your own risk.


My earnings with Traffic Monsoon

When I first started with Traffic Monsoon a little over 1 month ago my earnings were stable. When I purchased my first ad pack I was earning exactly $1 a day. Then a few days later I purchased another 4 ad packs and started earning $5 a day.

Below you can see my earnings according my sharing active positions.


earnings my-earnings



For example, when I had 5 ad packs I was earning $5 a day. Sometimes less, sometimes more. When I had 7 ad packs I was earning even more than $7 a day.

When I had 8 ad packs I was earning even more than $8 a day. Everything was perfect and I was happy… And then something went wrong with Traffic Monsoon.

They announced that they opened a new office in Dubai and were planning to open a new Traffic Monsoon Bank to help their members withdraw their earnings much easier than before.

Because Paypal doesn’t provide service in all countries and some members had a problem when trying to withdraw their money.

A few days later they announced that they stopped working with Paypal completely and that Paypal doesn’t release their money.

So, I’m not in a position to give my verdict whether it’s true or not. I’m just trying to give all the info I have so you can make your decision.

Starting from February 11 when I had 9 positions my earnings dropped significantly and as you can see from the screenshot, instead of earning $9 a day I was earning between $2-$3 a day.

Then I purchased another ad pack in the hope to increase my earnings with 10 ad packs, i.e. $10 a day, BUT unfortunately nothing changed. Till now my earnings are very low and instead of earning $10 a day, I’m earning between $1-$6 a day.





I contacted Traffic Monsoon team and they explained the situation as their issue with Paypal because Paypal didn’t release their money. Currently I have only 1 active position, i.e. 1 ad pack and all my other 9 ad packs are in pending mode until Paypal releases their money.




Again, I’m not in a position to give my final verdict regarding Traffic Monsoon. I don’t know whether it’s true or not regarding their issues with Paypal.

The only thing I want to say that investing money in Traffic Monsoon is risky and I don’t even know what will happen with my $350 invested into Traffic Monsoon.

When I contacted Traffic Monsoon team and asked them the reason for my earnings to drop so significantly their reply was: “We don’t give any guarantees as to how much you will earn. Your earnings depend on Traffic Monsoon’s revenue”.

Again, if you plan to invest your money into Traffic Monsoon you should keep in mind that you do it at your own risk. If you lose that’s your problem. No one is going to give your money back.

For example, on February 18 when I tried to log into my Traffic Monsoon account, I was really shocked when I saw this instead of their fully functional website. The first thought that came to me was: Traffic Monsoon crushed and I lost my money.


TM-website-crash traffic-monsoon-announcement


The next day they restored their website and now it’s functioning as before, but there is no guarantee that they will be paying their members as they did it before.

This means making money through revenue sharing sites like Traffic Monsoon is absolutely possible, but there are no guarantees.

If you plan to invest I really don’t recommend investing serious amounts of money. Start with $100 and see how it works and then continue investing in order to buy more packs.

Because If you don’t buy new packs your earnings will never increase and in this case investing money doesn’t make any sense.


Issues with Paypal

As I told above, all their problems have started after Paypal decided to freeze their account, but I don’t know whether it’s true or not. To be honest, I’m a little bit skeptical and can’t believe that Paypal could cause such serious problems to their customer. Anyway, future will show.


What’s the minimum payout with Traffic Monsoon?

As for minimum payout, here is the info from Traffic Monsoon website. But it doesn’t make a sense to withdraw money because you need to buy more and more ad packs.




Does Traffic Monsoon guarantee any profit?

Traffic Monsoon doesn’t guarantee any profit. Though they promise that you can earn revenue on each sharing position up to $55, i.e. $1 a day for each ad pack you purchase, they don’t guarantee anything. Here is a reply I received from Traffic Monsoon team.





Regarding Traffic Monsoon support I can say only kind words because they always reply within 24 hours. I’m very happy with the quality of their support.


Traffic Monsoon’s risks

There are some real risks when it comes to investing money into Traffic Monsoon. It’s up to you to invest your money or not. If you want, you are free to do so. It’s completely your choice. Revenue sharing companies don’t guarantee anything to anyone and the same applies to Traffic Monsoon.


How to get started with Traffic Monsoon

If you want to join Traffic Monsoon and start earning revenue you need to create your free account and then buy your first ad pack. See the image below.




You also need to set up your banner and advertise your website if you have one. If you don’t have a website to advertise then you can set up your Traffic Monsoon banner that you will find inside the members area.


And don’t forget to click on 10 ads a day to continue earning revenue.




When you click on 10 ads every day you will earn credits which you will be able to assign to your advertised website to allow it to be advertised inside Traffic Monsoon network.


Final glance at Traffic Monsoon

  • You can buy traffic for a low price
  • You can earn money with little effort
  • Many positive reviews
  • Requires investment
  • Good support
  • No guarantees
  • You can lose your money
  • Complaints
  • No refund
  • Overall rank: 30 out of 100


Finally… Is Traffic Monsoon legit?

If you ask me if Traffic Monsoon is legit or not I would say I’m on the fence about this program. If you plan to invest your last money then I don’t recommend it!!!

If you have some free money like me and want to invest and see how it will go for you then you can try it at YOUR OWN RISK.

I still don’t know what will happen with my money (over $350) invested into Traffic Monsoon.

I will be updating my review next month. When it comes to my final verdict, I tend to think that Traffic Monsoon is not legit business, BECAUSE it’s very risky and in fact, I lost over $350.



Want a better alternative to Traffic Monsoon? Here is my #1 program!

No obligations. It’s free to join.


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  1. Paula says:

    Hi Rufat, Any further news on this? I am really interested in knowing whether you’ve actually lost your money or whether Paypal/Traffic Monsoon came through for you.
    Thank You

    • Rufat says:

      Yes, I have some news Paula. Traffic Monsoon blocked my account and I finally lost my money. It’s already not an issue with Paypal. It’s an issue with Traffic Monsoon. Their support was rude or even useless, outsourced to a 3rd party.

  2. Mr King says:

    Very thorough review and thank you. I can understand your concerns and they are real. But I still don’t know what you mean when you say you have lost your money. They have not said they will not give it back to you. From my understanding you are still earning a $1 also per day on your packs. Although it’s not the $10 you were expecting.

    In addition if you paid using PayPal for any of your packs you can request a refund from PayPal upto 180 days from day of purchase. This is PayPal’s policy. Now if you understand how PayPal works you will understand the story traffic monsoon are saying about PayPal is true. I spoke to some personal friends and his account was blocked because he sold an item only a few hundred pounds sterling GBP (£). They I found out that lots of individuals and small businesses have had their PayPal accounts blocked because they consider you a risk if you start getting high sales through their payment system. 1 reason is the customer can come back 179 days almost 6 months after purchasing a product and raise and complaint to get a full refund because they paid using PayPal. PayPal have to make sure that a business or individual sales levels maintain a stable level if it grows too fast they consider it a risk and will shut down your account as in the case with my friend and many small businesses. Its a way for them to manage their risk. So if your a business thinking about using PayPal as a payment system think again because growth or a spike in your sales is seen by PayPal as a risk and their way for managing it is shutting or suspending your account so you can’t take any more payment. In the meantime they will hold you the individual or businesses sales money as insurance incase the customer returns for a refund within the 180 days to raise a complaint.

    • Rufat says:

      Hi King, Thank you for the comment, but it looks like you haven’t read the whole review. My problem is that it’s Traffic Monsoon, NOT PayPal that blocked my account and I lost access to it. I haven’t done any illegal things. Believe me, I know what I’m talking about. If you need more details on how my account was blocked by Traffic Monsoon, you can read my guest post on the website of a friend of mine

  3. Tania says:

    Hi! I’ve heard a lot about Paypal holding funds from businesses, here’s a few links for you, hope they help to alleviate some worries regarding any companies that Paypal does this to – including but obviously not limited to Traffic Monsoon. Looks like PayPal have been doing this for a few years now…. shame on them p they’re meant to be supporting business, not ruining it :/

    • Rufat says:

      Yes, that’s true, BUT my main issue with Traffic Monsoon is NOT about Paypal. Traffic Monsoon blocked my account and I lost access to it. Finally I lost $350 with Traffic Monsoon. In my opinion, TM is not reliable company and you definitely shouldn’t invest your money in TM because you can lose your money at any time without any explanation from their support.

  4. Christian says:

    I have never been a fan of the PTC sites, for the reasons that you have mentioned most definitely. You want targeted traffic as an online business owner, and if people are simply clicking just for profit, your ads won’t get a fair look.

    I wouldn’t take the gamble on Traffic Monsoon, it would have to stay where it is. There are better options, such as the training Wealthy Affiliate provides.

    • Rufat says:

      As for the quality of traffic I can agree with you. This type of traffic may convert well only if you promote make money product. But gamble has nothing to do with Traffic Monsoon. They still provide the opportunity to make some money, but due to an issue with paypal, my earnings have dropped significantly. Anyway I will update my post soon as soon as I have some new facts.

  5. Norstad says:

    Hello there, wow what a review you got here. very informative, in depth and straight to the point. I really love it.

    I indeed have read some complaints about traffic monsoon before when I was looking for a good source of paid traffic.

    I’m not really interested with investing money to online business that I’m not much familiar about. The thing that really caught my eye was the very cheap traffic and how it work. I’m glad I didn’t availed the service of traffic monsoon.

    • Rufat says:

      Glad you like my review and I really spent over 6 hours to write this review and did my best to make it in depth so my readers can get a full picture of what is going on with Traffic Monsoon. Regarding quality of traffic, it’s true that TM’s traffic is not targeted. It may be targeted only for make money niche and even in this case most members of Traffic Monsoon are clickers wanting to make more money. They are not interested in your offer at all. The good part of Traffic Monsoon is participating in their revenue sharing program, but even in this case not everything is perfect. There is some risk that you will lose your invested money. You need to think twice before investing your money.

  6. Peter says:

    Hello Rufat Good explanation on how this works and I am interesting in finding out how things pan out for you with this as like you I’m surprised that Paypal is causing them problems but you never know. It is good to see that there are legit traffic sources out there and that they are not all scams so thank you for the write up and keeping your readers updated 🙂

    • Rufat says:

      I’m even more interested how things will go for me:) Regarding Paypal, I really doubt that TM has problems. Paypal has enough money to pay all its members. Anyway, I’m not 100% sure if it’s true or not and that’s why I stay patient and will see how things will go. I do hope they will be back to normal soon because I don’t want to lose my invested money. $350 is no that big, but I could invest it in some other projects that I have, such as PPC or buying traffic for my CPA business. Anyway, I have no choice. I have to wait and when I have some new info I will update my review to let my readers know all the truth about Traffic Monsoon.

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