Can You Find a Legit Link Posting Job Online in 2017?

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Legit Link Posting Job


That’s the question many people ask nowadays trying to Google it and as a result they either fall for link posting scams or come across programs that claim to educate them in this field. Internet is full of information about link posting opportunity or link posting jobs.

Some programs even claim to give you a certificate of link posting agent or link posting expert. The information is confusing, misleading and even contradicting. Most people that Google this topic get absolutely different results.

They don’t know who to trust. Some programs/websites claim that they can help you find a link posting job and turn this opportunity into a full time online business.

Especially, this field is described as a billion dollar industry that can provide almost everyone with a legit link posting job that will allow people to start making a solid income immediately.

In order to understand how the whole thing works we need to do some research to see the difference between legit link posting opportunity and the fake one.

Let’s start our research to see what we can expect from this so called link posting billion dollar industry.


Link posting opportunity: a legit job or quick money opportunity?

There are thee types of programs you can come across online when it comes to link posting opportunity.

The first group of programs promote this in the form of link posting certification course for which you will pay money and after completing the course you will be granted an official certificate.

This certificate will allow you to become a certified link posting agent for other companies.

These companies will give you as many links as you want and your job will be copying and pasting them on the internet and for each link you will be paid generously in the form of cash.

Companies that belong to this group are:

  • Work at Home Authority
  • Work at Home EDU
  • Work at Home Institute
  • Home Profit System
  • Internet Cash Income


Second group of companies promotes this as a link posting job. This means they have a huge list of companies that look for people like you with an experience in link posting industry.

You can get a link posting job in one of those companies and they will be paying you approx. $20 for each link you will paste somewhere on the internet. It can be a blog, social site, Youtube or any other network. An example of link posting job sites:

  • At Home Income Package
  • Home Job Institute
  • Online Profit Stream
  • Work at Home Paycheck
  • Excel Cash Flow


Third group of companies describes this as making money through internet activity known as affiliate marketing.

In fact, when it comes to an affiliate marketing it’s absolutely legit method but the way it’s described by these companies is much different from how it actually works.

They describe it in simple terms as if you need zero skills and experience. All you need is just a computer, internet connection and your ability to copy and paste links. An example of such sites:

  • Work at Home University
  • Web Fortune Master
  • Amanda Jones Online Income
  • Home Job Placement
  • 37 Clicks



Can you trust these websites?

The main problem with all these 3 groups of programs/websites is that the strategies they use to describe the idea of earning an income through link posting is totally misleading.

When it comes to the first group regarding link posting certification courses the idea is completely misleading. They just want to convince you that their company will teach you a new profession and you will be earning a solid income from the comfort of your home.

Second group talks about helping you find a job that is in high demand and you will be paid for copying and pasting and making close to $400 per day.

Third group describes legit model, i.e. affiliate marketing but again does in the wrong way. The best option would be avoiding all these 3 groups because you are going to get either very limited or zero results if any at all.

And how can you trust them if they present the info in the wrong way? And the only reason for presenting the info in a misleading way is because they want you to believe that making money with them is easy and fun which is far from reality.


Start Doing What Works




Ok, is there a way to earn money through the idea of posting links?

Yes, there is a way. But it’s not a link posting job or get rich quick opportunity. You need to find a legit program that will teach you how to use link posting strategy the right way so it can make you money. Let’s see how the right link strategy is different from the wrong one.


The wrong way is described as follows:

  • You complete a link posting certification course
  • You find a link posting job
  • You become a link posting agent for Google
  • You copy and paste links
  • You earn $20 for each link
  • You earn immediately
  • Your income depends on the number of links you can paste


Legit way:

  • You complete affiliate marketing course
  • You get affiliated with a legit company
  • You promote their products using your affiliate links
  • You learn how to promote your products
  • You make sales and get paid by the company you’re affiliated with


This is very different from what link posting programs want you to believe is real. I’ve been making money consistently for several years now and all successful people that I’ve seen so far since 2013 have been making money through affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is the most popular, reliable and profitable way to earn an income online. There is no need to invent a wheel that link posting programs try to invent.

That’s why they promote fake ideas, such as link posting agent, link posting job, link posting certification course.

In this guide I explained how you can start making money by posting links in 2017. Read this guide and follow the steps I outlined there and I believe you will achieve your money goals.


People ask questions… and they want answers!

Sometimes I see people asking questions like:

1.How is fake link posting idea different from what I see on your site full of links?

2.Do you need to have a creative mind in order to make money through affiliate marketing?

3.How much money can I make using affiliate links?

4.How many hours I need to work every day in order to earn a full time income?


Yes, I know that my site is full of links. I understand. But it’s very different from the link posting idea promoted by low quality sites. They want you to believe that you can effortlessly post links and make a solid income, up to $400 per day. The truth is that it’s an empty promise.

My site contains a lot of valuable information and the idea of my site is to first help folks and provide value. I review products, create tips and guides, share my experience and ultimately I try to explain how people like you can start their own online business and make money.

Yes, I add links to my site when it’s required but it’s totally legit because my links lead you to legit sources of information. I don’t put links that lead to scam sites or crap products. The links I use on my site are not useless.

They are helpful and valuable and you are free to not click on the links and leave my site. You can leave your comments and ask questions and I always answer questions asap.


Regarding creativity and making money. You don’t need to be a super man in order to understand how internet marketing works. When I started in 2013 I didn’t know as well. I joined a legit program and went through a legit affiliate marketing course and things have changed for me.

If you choose to join my recommended program and complete the certification course on affiliate marketing you will be explained everything step-by-step. You don’t need to worry. I will be helping you down the road.

A whole community of online entrepreneurs like me will be helping you. I know many people like me who are making money now but when they started they had zero experience.


Regarding the amount of money you can make online using affiliate links is a different story. It’s not about throwing links here and there. It’s about adding links to the right places on your website along with providing value and helping folks. This strategy works very well and can make you a lot of money.

Some people can make it as a full time online business while others can make a solid income but not as a full time business. Everyone’s experience is different. But everyone is profitable. It’s like a business in real life.

Not every businessman can become a millionaire but almost every businessman can a make a solid monthly income.


Regarding the number of hours you need to work per day is also depends from person to person. The more hours you can dedicate the more results you can expect. If you spend 5,6 hours per week for your online business you should expect first results in 12 months.

If you spend 3,4 hours a day you can expect your first results in 6 months. So, it really depends on many aspects. I can’t give an exact formula that you can follow or copy and paste it and get guaranteed results within a guaranteed time frame.


Affiliate marketing vs. useless link posting

I hope you now understand that instead of looking for a legitimate link posting job online and wasting your time in the direction that will lead you nowhere you better get trained properly and get involved in affiliate marketing industry, a multi billion industry.

Yes, I know it will take some time and effort from you but you will be laying the foundation for your online business. You will be saved from wasting your energy and time. You will be doing things that will ensure your success because:

  • You will be building a business based on your passion
  • You will be helping folks
  • You will be making money using legit methods

I will appreciate if you leave your comments below or share your experience online. It will benefit my readers and possibly I will be able to help you.


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  1. Eshetie Yemiru says:

    How do i get an attractive web site to enable me to work with affiliate marketers?

  2. dreamgirl93 says:

    Hi Rufat!

    It’s the first time that I hear of the term link posting and I was wondering what exactly do you have to do if you work in a link posting job? Just copy and paste? I mean does it matter where you post these links, the number of visitors that they get or how effective they are?

    • Rufat says:

      Of course, it does matter. I already explained in this post how legit link posting differs from the wrong link posting job. Generally speaking, you build a website and create content for your site in order to promote your product or service and you add links to your content. Actually, you help people and at the same time you show them quality products and if they click on your links you earn a commission. The best place to post links is your own website. Throwing links on Facebook or any other social site doesn’t convert well to be honest. Your main goal is to help folks and hopefully some of them will click on your links.

  3. JayStack says:

    I was looking online for a way to earn from posting links and I came across this site. Thanks for your careful analysis.

    I will continue to search for a better way of earning online.

    • Rufat says:

      Do some research and let me also recommend you a program that you can try for free. See the table above. It shows you what you can get after creating your trial account. Let me know if you have any questions.

  4. Warren says:

    Hi, Rufat
    Someone ought to come up with a site that pays you a dollar every time you come across one of these sites that promise you the moon. My favorite of all these was something like getting paid well for JUST posting links. That tells me if I take this action, I get paid.

    Yes, you do post links, but you won’t be making any money off those links unless the links provide enough value to make the visitor ACT on them. Your links steer the reader to the one sure site that will actually SHOW you how it’s done. Good article. Well done.

    • Rufat says:

      That’s right Warren. Many people don’t realize that copying and pasting links can’t make them any money. You need to put them in the right place, in the right time and provide value. People appreciate it and only when you can do it and help folks they can take your advice and possibly click on the links you give them. I hope people that will come across this article will learn a thing or two from my experience and start doing what works so they can make money online.

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