Viral Dollars Review: Viral Profit or Fail?

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Product name: Viral Dollars


Owner: Unknown

Price: Free

Overall rank: 1 out of 10



Viral Dollars is the program advertised to work as an affiliate marketing platform or GPT (get paid) to rewards program.

The program is advertised to teach you how to make $500 a day starting from the very first day.

Like always we see big claims and wee need to find out if these claims are true or false? Is Viral Dollars a scam or legit?

If you want to know all the facts about Viral Dollars read the rest of this review. If you want to know my short answer, Yes Viral Dollars is a scam in my opinion.

Even in the best scenario, Viral Dollars is not recommended because it’s a waste of time.



Short Review of Viral Dollars

In short, Viral Dollars is a program that makes big claims, such as showing you how to earn $2 per click or $10 per referral.

This is a lot considering you can get a lot of referrals every day. If really you can. Is this achievable or possible with Viral Dollars or not?

Let’s do some math and research.



Pros of  Viral Dollars

– Free to join



Cons of  Viral Dollars

– Fat income claims
– No supportive community
– Very suspicious offers
– Too many similarities with other scam sites like Viral Pay, Clout Pay
– The website is inactive




    Program # 1 – Wealthy Affiliate

  Program # 2 – Income School




Viral Dollars Review

The distinguishing feature of Viral Dollars is that the unknown CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of this program claims and promises you to start making $500 right after joining Viral Dollars.

The ad says you can make money with social media and earn $10 for inviting friends.

This means you can make money in an easy way. The only thing you need is just send your affiliate link to people and they will join.

And you will earn money, $10 every time someone decides to join Viral Dollars through your affiliate link.

The dashboard of Viral Dollars is simple and understandable. You can promote your affiliate link using YouTube or through promotional posts.

You can complete $30 tasks which means evert task you complete will reward your efforts in the amount of $30.




Using the dashboard you can cash out your generated income.

My research though shows that these tasks are very questionable or suspicious.

For example, Viral Dollars suggests that you can enter your phone number and earn $30 or you can enter your email address, complete steps and earn $30.

You can earn $10 for every person who will join Viral Dollars through your affiliate link. Or $2 for every click on your affiliate link.

You can earn $25 for completing surveys. Remember that number of surveys that pay $25 per survey is very limited.




It is not what you think if you think you can complete 10 surveys a day and earn $250.

Even if you create your own video about Viral Dollars and upload it on YouTube, it doesn’t mean you will get thousands of views and monetize your affiliate links.

Most likely you will get a small amount of views that will be very hard to monetize.

In my opinion, this type of activity looks very suspicious because starting from 2015, I’ve never seen a single site that would pay so much money for completing such easy and so many tasks.

If so, Viral Dollars looks to spending thousands of dollars every single day without even making money. I don’t believe it’s real or achievable.



Before You Join Viral Dollars

Another thing that I’ve noticed is regarding Viral Dollars payout claims. They claim to have 225.000 members that have been paid $68 million.

If we divide 68 million by the number of members, it comes to around $300 payout to each member.

But unknown CEO of Viral Dollars promised to pay $500 to each member.

What does it mean?

They cut their payouts or lied to their members? I don’t know the exact answer but this is the info and facts that I found while doing my research.

Also, I warn you against providing your email address or mobile phone number. Because I’m sure they will sell it to third parties which is illegal.

Those parties will be sending you various scam offers like Viral Dollars $30 task wall offers. So, be careful and don’t give your contact details.

Also, remember that before being able to cash out your Viral Dollars earnings, you need to get at least 5 referrals that will become active members of Viral Dollars.

Also, you need to compete 4 tasks. Since Viral Dollars website is no longer active, you won’t be able to achieve your goals.



Can You Trust Viral Dollars?

I think if you are reading my Viral Dollars review and still thinking to join it or avoid, I think the best you can do is avoid it.

Especially, you shouldn’t trust Viral Dollars because of many complaints about this program.

Many members complain for not being able to cash out because their accounts were closed.

As you can see from the screenshots, ex-members call Viral Dollars a flat out scam!!





Why I Gave Such a Low Score to Viral Dollars?

I gave a low score to Viral Dollars for a number of reasons:

First of all, Viral Dollars website is no longer functioning. So, there is no way to make money with this program.

But I’m not sure if they launched another website with a different name.



Secondly, income claims look suspicious and from my experience I know it’s better and safe to avoid Viral Dollars.

Again Viral Dollars is advertised through fake video testimonials, exactly as I’ve seen this to happen to many other similar programs.

Viral Dollars is in my opinion an exact copy of another website called Viral Pay or Clout Pay that has same features like:


viralpay-viral dollars-websites



– $500 a day promise
– Unknown CEO of Viral Pay
– Unknown CEO of Clout Pay
– Free to join
– $30 task wall
– Same dashboard like you see in Viral Pay or Clout pay
– Low score on Trustpilot website
– All these sites are shut down now



Is Viral Dollars a Scam?

Yes, I believe, Viral Dollars is a flat out scam. Avoid it! It’s a waste of time.

The unknown creator of Viral Dollars claims that his program is designed mainly for those who hang on social media sites and they can monetize their time and effort that they anyway waste on those sites.

In fact, though this sounds great, in reality it’s not true.

The main problem with Viral Dollars is that you need to drive a lot of traffic to your affiliate link to get clicks. Only massive clicks can bring to monetization.

Traffic will become your main problem like for any affiliate marketer. With Viral Dollars and its decent quality training your chances are very slim.



Final Review of Viral Dollars

– Free to join
– Fat income claims
– No supportive community
– Very suspicious offers
– Too many similarities with other scam sites like Viral Pay, Clout Pay
– The website is inactive

– Overall score: 1 out of 10



Legit Alternatives to Viral Dollars

The question: Are there legit alternatives to Viral Dollars?

Yes, there are many programs out there, BUT these two are my favorite ones:

Program # 1 – Wealthy Affiliate

Program # 2 – Income School




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