The Super List Method Review – Making Money Online Just Got 10 Times Easier!

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Product name: The Super List Method

Product owner: Alex Jeffreys


Price: $9.95 + upsells

Verdict: Recommended? Yes and No


The Super List Method is another super product from the desk of Alex Jeffreys that makes the process of making money online much easier than ever before. At least when you land on Alex’s “website” – a classic sales pitch you will notice unforgettable phrase at the top that says: “Making money online just got 10 times easier”.

For anyone who is new to internet marketing it might look like Alex is going to reveal some sort of secret or a shocking truth about making money online and show you some real strategies he used to make his millions.

And for anyone who knows how internet marketing works, upon landing on that page, understands right from the start that it’s just another poor product that most probably fails to deliver on its promises and in my review I’m going to show you the other side of Alex’s coin.


The main idea behind The Super List Method

The main idea behind this product is to teach you email marketing strategies. Basically, the program is a video training course that shows you how you can build a list of your subscribers and make tons of money.

Though building a list is absolutely legit and proven through years method, there are some red flags I would like to draw your attention to and the main reason is that Jeffrey makes false promises and makes too much noise around his product. He promises that with his super method you can start making money on autopilot and I promise that in my review I will show you exactly why it won’t happen.

See my recommended program below



Pros of The Super List Method

  • Price is affordable
  • Basic training


Cons of The Super List Method

  • A few upsells
  • False promises
  • Fake earnings snapshots and testimonials
  • No as easy as you might be thinking
  • Training course is extremely boring




Inside the program

1. The video training course is not bad and if you are new to this thing you can benefit from it. The quality of video is good as well. Most people nowadays prefer video lessons over text tutorials and from this perspective Alex offers some value though his course is by far not the best product in the industry.

Compared to Alex’s product there is another email marketing course that I’ve reviewed recently and if you are looking for the best email marketing course, I can recommend you Autoresponder Madness.


2. Building an email list is of course a good idea and most internet marketers use this method to grow their businesses. Email marketing is an excellent option to communicate with your audience and build relationships with your readers. Finally, if you do it right you can build a huge list of subscribers over time and probably market some good products to them.

It’s just an additional method to build trust around your brand and make more money. But it’s not as easy as you might be thinking. It takes time and hard work before you can build relationships with your audience and gain their trust, not to mention make money from your list.


3. The main problem with Alex’s video training course is that it’s really annoying and painful to watch all these videos ( 8 modules) + a few bonus videos.


Module 1: The “Super List” Quick start video (Basic knowledge about list building)

Module 2: The Super Carrot Attraction Method (Creating a product for building a list)

Module 3: The 6 figure backstage pass (Finding a product at

Module 4: The 100% optin method (Getting people on your list)

Module 5: The Super Funnel (Alex’s super strategies explained)

Module 6: The Traffic Attraction Formula (Getting an army of affiliates ready to promote your product)

Module 7: The Super Email Money Machine (Writing a super email copy to make money on autopilot)

Module 8: Facebook Training ( Driving traffic from Facebook)

Bonus 1: The Reverse Squeeze Page Kit

Bonus 2: The PayPal Survival Guide

Bonus 3: Exit Splash Generator

More bonuses:

Bonus 1: The super list transcription PDF

Bonus 2: The super list mind map


4. Most videos that we watch today are an over-the-shoulder-type of videos and watching them is really exciting and helpful. Unfortunately, Alex has created absolutely a different experience and all his videos are just mind maps that are very boring and I don’t think someone is going to watch all his videos. Just look at the image below and you be the judge.


5. To be honest, though Alex’s course is not that bad, but there is really nothing special about it at all. There is no any secret Alex is going to reveal if you think so. If you continue your search on Google you can find a lot of free stuff related to email marketing, both text tutorials and videos, especially on YouTube. That’s why though the price of Alex’s course is affordable, I really don’t think it’s worth your money.


6. Another problem with The Super List Method is that there are a few upsells inside the members area and whenever I see upsells in the program, I don’t recommend it, especially when the overall quality of the product is not good.

Upsell # 1 called Marketing with Alex Live will cost you $17. This short course is about affiliate marketing, really very basic info, nothing special. You will see a lot of snapshots of Alex’s super earnings and testimonials that most probably are fake. I can make tons of such fake checks and testimonials. You can pay someone at and they will record a fantastic testimonial for $10-$15 bucks.

Upsell # 2 called The Mammoth Upsell which will cost you $27 per month. Before buying you can try it for $1. You will get access to Alex’s super group and have a chance to communicate with other so called super internet gurus and watch Alex’s webinar once a month. In my opinion, you will be wasting your money and time until you realize that there is nothing special inside Alex’s members area that could help you build and grow your business.


7. What I hate the most is when product owner lies right from the start and it’s exactly what I’ve found on Alex’s website (a sales pitch page). He shows you fake testimonials from fake people as if someone made $20.000 in 7 days or someone who made $3000 on the beach.

All I can say: Alex is lying to you! It’s so ridiculous. Alex is really a fantastic guy. People struggle for years before they can have a few thousands of subscribers on their list, but with Alex’s super list method you can do it in a few days. All I can say – he is a super guy. That’s it.





8. Ant the last amazing part of Alex’s offer. Just imagine that the price of his super method is $1256 and He, keeping YOU in mind and caring about YOUR success, decided to reduce the price to $9.95 🙂



and HE suggests that


And as you probably guess, “good” products, like Super List Method always come with super guarantee, but to be honest, I’m not sure if you can get your money back.



Final word on the Super List Method

The Super List Method is not a scam and you can in some way benefit from this program, though the quality of this product is very poor and to be honest, I can’t recommend it.

If you are looking for something legit, I recommend you to read about my program # 1 below – one of the best programs out there on the web and it’s highly reputable. And I forgot to mention that you can try it for free within 7–10 days.

I owe to this program for having my website up and running and if you want to have yours and make money then try it. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions and I will respond within a day.



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  1. Torrey says:

    Hi Rufat
    I personally use mail chimp on my own website. I will likely upgrade to a bigger and better system some years down the road but for now. Mail chimp works very well. I looked for a review on your site but found nothing.
    What tips or tricks do you recommend for beginning list builders? Torrey

    • Rufat says:

      You can see my simple email capture form on my sidebar. That’s it. But I’m planning to start using this strategy more aggressively this year. As for tricks, you can find a good stuff inside WA. As for Jeffreys’s course, it’s simply not the best course available on the market.

  2. Chris says:

    In all my years of internet marketing I’ve only recently got into email marketing…and I found out I’m pretty good at it LOL.
    I was slightly excited when I saw the title of this product but again, it fails to deliver by the look of it. thanks for the heads up on autoresponder madness – my new found interest in this side of marketing is gonna take a look at it! 🙂

    • Rufat says:

      You definitely can benefit from this product, but when it comes to email marketing, there much better programs out there. What I don’t like is that Alex makes unrealistic claims. There is no super fast way to build an email list.

  3. Bryan says:


    I must say that as I read your review, I kept thinking to myself: “He’s being really generous..” Empty promises and questionable testimonials, and you still said that this product isn’t totally a scam! Most reviews call something a scam when they find so much as a wrinkle, but you’re really going out of your way to attempt to find something profitable in the products you review before you classify them as scams.

    Honesty and professionalism is required to write reviews in the way that you do, being gracious to the creators of other products that clearly miss the mark.

    Thanks for you’re review, I will not be enticed by this product.


    • Rufat says:

      Yes, Bryan, when I make my research of any product I always try to do my best to write an honest review and show what each product is all about. The super list method is not bad, it provides some training material that is good by the way, but the problem is that Alex makes too many unrealistic claims and promises he is simply unable to deliver which I think is not so good for his own reputation. The program is sure not a scam. Unfortunately, most sites call everything a scam which I think is dishonest approach. I want to make my site different from all others out there and I think being honest is the best recipe for both spiritual and financial success. But the price is really affordable and anyone can try the program if they want. Scams are only those programs that.

  4. Mark says:

    Wow…. I have gone through many internet marketing tools only to be sucked in with useless material or worthless cheap products. Your website is a refreshing change, not only do you show the pros and cons but you have bite sized tutorials that I can understand. This gives me heaps of confidence in dealing with you.

    • Rufat says:

      Hi Mark, Like you I’ve gone through many products that are very basic and though deliver some value but still fail to deliver on the promises. In this case with Alex’s super list method I should honestly say why in general I don’t recommend his product. It’s a proven fact that building a list is a proven way and you can make money if you have your own list of subscribers. But there are some people who can’t make money even after building their list. In my opinion, Alex shouldn’t make false promises because what he has on his website, i.e. sales page is really misleading. I think this is a wrong approach. Having a list is not always a solution of all your financial problems. Besides, building a list takes time and a lot of effort, plus you need to gain some experience to learn how to manage your list, connect to them and build relationships and then make money from your list. That’s the problem of Alex’s product. Too many false expectation. Though his product is not bad and you can learn some good tips from Alex.

  5. Rufat says:

    Hi Marc, I always write thorough content and try to cover as many details as possible to allow my readers to have the whole picture. And of course, I’m very careful about recommending a product and I recommend only when I’m pretty sure that a product is legit and doesn’t make false promises like The super list method does.

  6. Marc says:

    Another great write up. Very through. Thanks for taking an honest look at these rather than just recommending everything.

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