The Commission Machine Review – Good Program but With Some Flaws

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Product name: The Commission Machine

Product owner: Michael Cheney


Price: $37 + upsells $97, $197

Verdict: Legit


The Commission Machine is a program that helps you make money from your website through teaching you some proven methods in internet marketing. Once you land on the Commission Machine home page you will watch a promotional video from Michael Cheney.

What I like about his approach is that right from the start he tries to be honest with you by explaining some true facts about affiliate marketing.

He explains that making money online is not easy as many people think it’s. If you have some experience in internet marketing you will understand what Michael is talking about. The fact is very often you get visitors to your site, but they don’t take any action and that’s really frustrating.

Michael promises to show you some proven methods how you can improve the situation by following his recommendations. He doesn’t promise you money on autopilot in his video and that’s really good because most of the programs that I review almost every day don’t deliver on their promises. Let’s take a closer look at Michael’s Commission Machine.

The Commission Machine is legit. You can try it if you want. But allow me to recommend another legit program I’ve been a member of since 2013. It’s way better than Commission Machine. And I forgot to mention that it’s FREE to try. Please see the comparison table.



The main idea behind the Commission Machine

The Commission Machine is a video course that teaches you how to use email marketing to grow your business exponentially. Once you learn how to use it effectively you will be able to promote your affiliate offers much faster and easier.

The overall quality of the training is good and you can learn some proven and legit methods. Michael has some proven conversion strategies which if you use, can save you time in testing all this stuff yourself.


Pros of the Commission Machine

  • The idea of the training course is legit
  • 30 days money back guarantee


Cons of the Commission Machine

  • Some deceptive marketing tricks
  • Some false promises
  • There are better alternatives to CM


Inside the program

1. As I told above, the overall quality of the training is really good. The same I can say about quality of the videos. When you watch his videos you feel that this guy knows what he is talking about.

Each video includes a powerpoint presentation and also each video is a over-the-shoulder experience which is very helpful when it comes to learning things you have no clue about.

The price is $37 and it’s affordable to most people and in my opinion the Commission Machine is well worth the money you pay for it.




2. Inside the members area you will get access to the following modules:

Module 1: introduction

Module 2: research (finding profitable affiliate products that convert well)

Module 3: angle (writing an effective promotional message)

Module 4: Providing Incentives (Incentivization strategies in order to get your visitors to take action)

Module 5: Messages ( Writing short yet effective messages to increase click-through rate)

Module 6: Deploy ( Affiliate promotions)

Module 7: No List Method (building a list and monetizing it via social media -Facebook)

Though the Commission Machine is worth the money you pay for it, some of the videos are really short and instead of showing you the exact steps you need to follow or take, Michael gives you general recommendations which is not so practical. That’s why, you shouldn’t expect to get answers to all your questions if you rely solely on this course.




3. Compared to Autoresponder Madness (the best email course on the web that I know), Michael is mainly focusing on teaching you how to find a product (affiliate offer) and then write an effective email to promote your product and get the sales.

He doesn’t explain anything about building a list (getting subscribers) or how to drive traffic to your website which is really bad.

This is bad because before promoting a product to your readers you must know HOW to build that list (subscribers), HOW to build relationships with them, HOW to gain their trust and then and ONLY then you can send them your promotional offers from time to time and possibly make money.

Without traffic you simply can’t build a serious business online because traffic is the key. Traffic means visitors to your site that come to read your content or subscribe to your email list.

If you don’t know how to drive traffic to your site or advertised offers then it means you are wasting your time.  This means though Michael Cheney’s training is good  you can’t make any money with it because he doesn’t explain how to drive traffic to your website.


4. Michael doesn’t explain how to set up a website or a squeeze page and add an opt-in form or how to use an autoresponder on your site which is very important. Without this information you are going to look for some other courses on the side and probably pay money again.


5. Another thing that I don’t like is that once you’ve created your account and submitted your email to Michael, you are going to receive tons of emails every day with different promotions and the main idea is to push more products (upsells) on you.

I personally don’t like such spammy methods and I think you too. To be honest, it’s annoying and if you continue receiving all his emails you will end up either unsubscribing or buying one of his upsells.


6.Throughout all his training material Michael shows you examples of his own successful campaigns which is a bit misleading in my opinion.

If you are new to internet marketing, you MUST understand that if Michael or someone else shows you their bank checks with 5,6 or 7 figures and tells that once you follow their recommendations, you will make 7 figures too, it doesn’t mean that you will make any money at all. This is not true!

Just as an example, two websites in the same niche with similar content and similar offers can convert very differently. There is no guarantee that you will make money at all.

It’s true that if you follow the right program, the right training and apply steps properly, you will be making money. BUT how much? That is another question and there is no guarantees.


7. Another thing that I don’t like about Commission Machine is that once you are inside the members area, Michael is going to throw another his product on you which will cost another $200. Then, you will be offered to buy a product called iPro. Also, you will be offered to buy another product for $197.





To be honest, I don’t like the idea of done-for-you-money-making-machine or everything done for you using Michael’s proven formula type of products simply because it’s not going work or happen. If it was so easy then everyone would be making money instead of working 9–5 job.





8. Another thing that I don’t like about Commission Machine is that the whole course consists of videos only. Michael doesn’t offer any text guides. The disadvantage of this method is that if I need something I have to take some notes instead of just bookmarking the info. This seems to be a bit annoying.


Final word on the Commission Machine

Despite all the flaws Michael’s Commission Machine has, I can say that the overall quality of the program is really good. It’s a good fit for anyone looking for an email marketing course and wanting to get better conversions on their websites.

But there are some upsells inside the members area and I don’t like it. Also, there is a much better alternative to the Commission Machine, such as Autoresponder Madness.

He doesn’t teach you how to drive visitors to your site which is a major con of his program. He doesn’t show how to build squeeze pages etc. I think though the Commission Machine is legit it’s incomplete. It’s not a newbie friendly.

Some with no experience in making money online can definitely learn a thing or two from Michael Cheney but making money with this product may be hard due to some cons that I’ve described above.

If you are completely new to internet marketing and want to learn how to start legit business online and make money, there is no better place than Wealthy Affiliate. They have the training in place, the tools, live chat, 24/7 support and many more.

And the best part of it is that you can try the program for free within 7–10 days. Inside the members area at WA you will find tons of materials on literally any topic, such as generating traffic, PPC, email marketing, affiliate marketing etc.

This program has helped me build my very own business online and that’s why I can honestly recommend this program to anyone starting online. And the owners of WA never make false promises to anyone! You can read my review below or if you have any questions, feel free to contact me and I will be happy to help you out.



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  1. Joshua says:

    The Commission Machine caught my eye a few weeks ago. I looked at the intro video and of course I felt as if there was going to be plenty of upsells on the other side of this lol I’m glad I read this review cause you confirmed my curiosity without having to sign up. However, Autoresponder Madness sounds interesting. Do you have a review on that one?

    • Rufat says:

      I’m glad you found my review of the Commission Machine helpful. Actually, the program is not that bad at all, it has some good training modules. As for email marketing course, this program is not so good and I would recommend Autoresponder Madness. The bad thing about Commission Machine is that they throw many upsells on you once you are inside members area and to be honest, I don’t like upsells because it means that Michael’s product is not complete. And I don’t like some of his packages like “done for you” products because all “done for you” products mean that you can plug it and start making money which is not true. That’s why I think that the program is good but has some flaws and that’s why I recommend to try WA for free.

  2. Kimberly says:

    Great review on the Commission Machine. I appreciate your thorough and honest opinion. I was wondering if it was a worthy product to buy.

    I agree that Wealthy Affiliate teaches all of this and more. You really don’t need any additional training on internet marketing to be successful in addition to what Wealthy Affiliate provides. I have been a member for many months and have learned so much.

    I love your website! Great job!

    • Rufat says:

      Thank you for your comment on my post. I do agree that WA teaches all of this and even more and in fact, you don’t need any additional training to what they provide. As for the commission machine, the program is really not that bad at all. Compared to many other programs, it provides quality training though it’s not perfect and is not the best solution out there. There are a much better alternatives, such as WA. But Michael Cheney’s product is really good. He is realistic and doesn’t make too many false promises though his programs has some flaws. The problem is that he makes some false promises he can’t deliver on later. I also don’t like that once you are inside the members area, Michael starts to throw a few upsells on you and that’s really bad. I don’t like upsells because it always means that the product is not complete. He also offers “everything done for you” strategy which is not good because there is no such a thing as done for for you in internet marketing. It’s impossible and doesn’t work well in most of the times. Anyway, the commission machine is not bad at all, but when comparing it to a program such as Wealthy Affiliate, the choice is obvious.

  3. Rufat says:

    Thank you Steen. I agree that there are no shortcuts to success. Though the Commission Machine is a good program, but it does have some flaws. I don’t like that Michael makes some false promises because it means that people will not see in the program what they are promised on the sales page and that’s not good. But the overall quality of the program is good and it can be recommended. On a separate note, I don’t the idea of building a list through Facebook. Though Michael’s course can be very useful, but I think a newbie needs a better alternative, i.e. a program I recommend in my review because it contains all necessary info, tools and supreme support which is very critical for someone who is just starting online and the program I’m talking about is not limited to email marketing like we see in the Commission Machine.

  4. Steen Rasmussen says:

    I thought that it seems a little expensive for the whole package. For me, a video course a good thing. I like to learn via video, but to build his list via Facebook is no shortcut. Do not have a website that you describe in your link in the article so you have no solid base online. I would much rather follow your advice on starting with wealthy Affiliate

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