Niche Profit Classroom Review – There are much better alternatives to NPC out there

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Product name: Niche Profit Classroom

Product owner: Adam Short


Price: $1 trial (14 days), then $67/month + many upsells

Verdict: Recommended? Yes and No


Niche Profit Classroom is a new program that claims to help you build a lucrative business online and start making money.

When you land on their page you are going to hear things from Adam Short like you are lucky because you made it and you probably want to start making a killing online and HE is going to help you in that. You are in the right place, in the right time and HE is going to reveal a secret to making $15 million dollars per year.

He calls it a passive profits formula. He claims to show you how you can make $100.000 per month on a complete autopilot. He will show you how to create 300 profitable niche websites and start making thousands of dollars with little effort on your part.

This is exactly what Adam claims to teach you and I’m going to take a closer look at his Niche Profit Classroom to help you make the right decision.




The main idea behind Niche Profit Classroom

Niche Profit Classroom is an online training course that teaches you the basics of internet marketing and provides you with ready made niche websites. The idea of making money through niche sites is legit and absolutely real if you are willing to learn how to monetize your niche sites and work hard, but it’s not about making $100.000 per month.

It is unrealistic and even if someone have reached that mark, it doesn’t mean that it’s easy or average Joe can do it too. Yes, you can make a few thousands of dollars with a niche site, but it requires some patience and you shouldn’t expect millions overnight. It’s just not going to happen that fast.


false-promise (3)



Pros of Niche Profit Classroom

  • A lot of training material
  • The idea is legit
  • Your membership includes all necessary tools
  • You can try it for $1


Cons of Niche Profit Classroom

  • False promises
  • Exaggerated earnings
  • Many upsells
  • Some outdated techniques and material


Inside the program

1. First off, they have a lot of training material and that’s really great because very few programs on the internet provide you with the training that covers many different topics on internet marketing and niche research.

You will learn how to create a product and sell it or how to find an affiliate product, promote it and earn your affiliate commissions.

The overall quality of the training is good, but some modules are a bit dated, which can affect your site and your entire business. Just as an example, Adam encourages you to use PLR content and that’s really bad.

Search engines hate PLR content because it’s not original and people don’t like reading that type of content too. It’s a big No-No. You will never get high rankings and the traffic accordingly.


2. Compared to many other poor products that teach people unrealistic ways of making money online, Niche Profit Classroom is really a refreshing site that teaches you to make money using legit methods. But the main problem is that Adam makes false promises and betray your hopes.

He promises thousands of dollars overnight which is not true. It will take some time before your site gains an authority in search engines and once it does, you will start seeing the traffic and when the traffic comes to your site, you will start seeing sales. But not every of your visitors is going to buy your stuff and that’s why you can’t make tons of money.

You have to bring TONS of traffic to be able to make many sales and this is going to take some time before you can see huge traffic numbers and tons of sales.

I believe you have the whole picture now and understand that Adam’s promise is not realistic because I know it from my own experience. It’s not easy to sell something online, even if your product is very good.


3. Inside the members area you will find a community and have a chance to ask a question and get an answer and that’s really good because support is extremely crucial for your success online. The community is not so busy and active, but still it’s not bad and you can benefit from this option. They also have regular Q&A webinars.


4. Inside the members area you will learn how to find a niche, do keyword research, set up your website and more. Adam also offers you some tools, such as:

Market Profiler

Keyword Tool

Niche Profit Press

Mini Course Wizard

Sales Letter Wizard

Optin Page Wizard


5. Though Adam claims to be different from other self-proclaimed gurus, he uses the same misleading marketing tricks to lure you into buying his product. He shows his beautiful house to prove that if you follow his recommendations, you will become rich and live the lifestyle Adam is living now.


This is of course misleading and nothing more than a manipulation. No one can guarantee any success. People can do the same thing and follow the same training and apply the same approach, but results will be different too.

Unfortunately, Adam is not different from other self-proclaimed gurus and he promises to give you a set-it-and-forget-it system, autopilot income stream that runs 24/7 making you money even while you sleep. But I’m saying you that it WON’T happen! This is not true!




6. Another problem is that Adam follows the same strategy by selling you more products once you are inside the members area. It’s really so annoying. It’s an old strategy that all other IM programs use to make more money off people.

First they bring you into the system and then tell you that your initial purchase is not enough to be successful online and if you want to unlock the full potential of their system you have to purchase some other “important” packages (niche packs in this case). It’s absolutely wrong approach and I think it’s wrong and dishonest.


7. The training part of Niche Profit Classroom is not bad. They have a lot of video lessons designed to help you understand how internet marketing works and lessons cover many different topics.

The overall quality of video lessons is not that bad, but sometimes you are being told to do something and they don’t show you how you can do it and it’s really frustrating.

I love over-the-shoulder type of videos because if you are new to this you need to be shown exactly what to do and how to do. Another issue with Niche Profit Classroom training is that they don’t have text tutorials and guides and that’s really bad.


Sometimes it’s much easier to read something on the screen and bookmark it instead of watching. That’s why in this sense their training is limited and not all videos provide an in-depth info about particular topic. The training is not bad but it has some flaws.


8. Some part of the training is outdated and teaches you to focus on getting backlinks from article directories which is not as effective as it used to be in the past. Overdoing it can even hurt your website rankings.

To be honest, it’s very common to the majority of programs in the field of internet marketing. Very few programs provide folks with the most updated training and one of such programs is Wealthy Affiliate I’m a premium member of since 2013.


9. Though Niche Profit Classroom is not that bad, but it has some serious flaws. The price of membership is a bit high in my opinion. I think $67 per month is expensive enough because there are other programs that offer a much better value at a lower price.

As I told you above, I’m a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate since 2013 and can vouch for this program. Compared to NPC, I pay $29 per month and have access to a much better training, free hosting, keyword research tool, unlimited number of websites, 24/7 support, live chat, access to the founders of the program, other experts, weekly live webinars, active community (300.000 active members) etc.

Wealthy Affiliate has been in internet marketing since 2005 and is highly reputable on the web while NPC is not an established community. That’s why, I think though NPC is not that bad and has some serious flaws, there is no way to outrank Wealthy Affiliate.


Final word on Niche Profit Classroom

I think due to some flaws in Niche Profit Classroom I can’t recommend it though it’s not a scam. Main issues are:

  • Outdated strategies, such as focusing on building backlinks
  • Some flaws in the training
  • There is no live chat
  • Using PLR content is really bad
  • Price is a bit high
  • NPC is not an established community

NPC is a good fit for newbies only. If you have some experience in internet marketing and know how to do a niche research then NPC is not a big deal.

To be honest, I can recommend you to try my # 1 ranked program – Wealthy Affiliate absolutely for free before you make your final decision. Based on my own experience I can tell you honestly that WA offers a much better training and tools and has more success stories than NPC.

Actually, WA has helped me build my own business and many other people that I know. I recommend you to read my review of WA below and if you have any questions feel free to contact me.



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  1. troy says:

    Even though this online program is legit I would not join just because of the fact of false promises by the owner.

    Drawing in people on false pretenses is not a legitimate or honest way to run a online business.

    I could only imagine how many people could live a decent and profitable life if all online businesses were legit.

    All because of others like this it causes many people to shy away from even those that are truely legit and honest.

    I personally was very thankful for coming across the Wealthy Affiliate Program and not having to worry about its legitimacy or unscruplous behavior.

    • Rufat says:

      I totally agree with you. Many so called top marketers became popular thanks to using such an approach which is unlawful in my opinion. Making false promises is the first red flag to me. I don’t think Niche Profit Classroom is a good option.

  2. Gary says:

    NPC sounds like just another marketing scam. Think about it, if that system is generating that much $$ then why don’t they just hire people to keep knocking out those niche sites for them.

    These systems probably did work, for awhile, years ago. The reason they are pushing them on unsuspecting members today is BECAUSE THEIR SYSTEM DOESN’T WORK ANY MORE.


    • Rufat says:

      Hi Gary, You probably can say that NPC is a scam. It’s your opinion and you are free to say what you think is right. But I anyway think that NPC is not a scam because it’s not scamming people. It provides some real value, good training etc. But it’s true that Adam uses some outdated strategies that may have a bad impact on your business. Plus there are many upsells, not supreme support, false promises which probably made you to come to a conclusion that it was a scam. I agree that making unrealistic claims and promises is very bad and misleading but anyway I can’t say that NPC is a scam. I just honestly say that it’s recommended and not recommended at the same time and leave this decision to my readers. And I also direct them to a much better alternative which they can try for free and thus I want to help them make the right decision.

  3. SC says:

    It’s a refreshing change to read about a system that teaches you to make money by a legit format. Still, very disappointing that NPC is peddling dreams and unrealistic earnings expectations to lure customers. As you say, no system can guarantee anything. Them trying to upswell you extra products is also very annoying. And the fact they’re teaching outdated methods makes me wonder if the NPC owner has even been keeping up to date with the changes in internet marketing or whether he just doesn’t care?

    • Rufat says:

      It’s true and really good when you come across a program such NPC after countless scams out there. It’s good that Adam tries to offer some real value and tries to help his buyers. But the problem is that his product is still not the one I can fully recommend because of it major flaws. And like you I really wonder if he keeps up to date with the changes in the industry. This is why I gave my verdict that I recommend this product and at the same time I can’t recommend it. Like you say, the worst part is making unrealistic claims and promises and this is really bad because it means you mislead your buyers by making them believe that once they buy your product they will start making tons of money. I think it’s really annoying and wrong. Using some other outdated strategies mentioned in the article is another problem. Finally, I think my recommended program provides much more value than NPC does and it even allows to try it for free compared to NPC that asks to pay $1.

  4. Rufat says:

    Thank you William for your valuable comment and the contribution to my post. It’s good to know that you have been a member of Niche Profit Classroom and now share your real experience that you had with this program. As you exactly mention, it’s good that they give you ready made niche sites, but using PLR content is not a good thing and it’s certainly not a choice. No one likes to read duplicate content, nor people, no search engines. And it’s really hard to build relationships with your visitors when they clearly see that you don’t have an original content on your site which means you can’t provide any value. And finally, without support you can’t be successful with a program even if it’s a good one. Internet marketing involves a lot of things to learn and apply and at certain point you will definitely get stuck. Niche Profit Classroom doesn’t provide any real support or live chat and you are left alone to figure out things. But it’s good that you can try it for $1 and anyone can try it to see if it’s a good fit for them

  5. I was a member of NPC and it was alright training as you said but they had some seminars and they giving 5 niche websites or 15 niche websites but the niche sets were on the same 5 or 15 niches not different and when I wanted help I couldn’t go to the community or a chat line like I can now and have my answer maybe in 2 to 10 minutes it was taking me up to 5 days before I received any response or reply from their helpdesk. At that time I was worrying about the duplicate content and the help when you wanted the answer was the big factor for me.

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