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Product name: Quick Commissions

Product owner: Justin Michie

Website: Quickcommissions.co

Price: $0 + upsells

Verdict: Not recommended


Quick Commissions by Justin Michie is just another program among many other programs out there that promise you quick money. The idea is not new and their deceptive methods are unfortunately still working very well.

Products like Quick Commissions are mainly focused on making you believe that making money online is easy and just a fun process and you don’t actually need to work hard. In reality, it’s not true of course. I told in many other articles that making money online is not much different from making it offline, i.e. in real world.

You really need to work hard, be patient and stay self-motivated until you achieve success. Quick Commissions by Justin Michie wants you to believe that with this particular product you are in a different position and can make quick commissions which is not true.

In my review of Quick Commissions I’m going to show you all positive and negative aspects of the program to help you make the right decision.


The main idea behind Quick Commissions

Quick Commissions provides you with a basic “training” on how to make money online. You can download 3 eBooks that contain some strategies on making money online. Some strategies are real and if applied can make you some money, but it’s not about thousands of $ with little efforts on your part.

This is one of the biggest misconceptions that many folks still believe and I will try to explain in details what Quick Commissions is all about in general and what internet marketing is all about in particular.





Pros of Quick Commissions

  • Training contains some real strategies


Cons of Quick Commissions

  • False promises
  • Poor training
  • No support
  • Many upsells


Inside the program

1. First off, I would like to point out that Justin’s training is very basic and not going to help you build a real online business simply because his approach is not fundamental and you need to look for some other quality trainings that will teach you how to make money online.

In fact, his product is not complete and is by far not the best option available on the web. The good thing is that it’s free and you can try it without spending a penny. But if you keep reading, I will show you another program that you can try for free and even build 2 free websites and keep them.


2. My major issue with Quick Commissions is that once you get access to the members area you will be offered a series of upsells and if you buy them you are going to spend a considerable amount of money on products that are by far not the best products out there.

Justin’s first upsell is actually a website that he claims to give you for free which in reality is not free at all. Because to be able to use that website you have to pay for web hosting. Hosting is not that expensive at all, approx. $60/70 per year. But when you get your “free” website from Justin you have to pay $179 for hosting.


If you want to know why Justin gives you a free website and wants you to pay that amount of money for the hosting, it’s because he gets a commission for referring folks to that particular hosting company.

I don’t think it’s in Justin’s favor because it’s wrong to send someone to a hosting that is way expensive when there are other hosting companies available out there, lower in price and better in quality. Besides that, your hosting provider is going to be a company called Cool Handle (coolhandle.com) which is by far not the best hosting company on the web.

There are some bad reviews about this company, their support is very poor and there are some complaints about them and you can find the info at bbb.org



3. All this indicates that Justin’s website is not free, the hosting company he refers you to is not good and their price is really high compared to other hosting companies.


4. I can recommend you a program that I know because I’ve tried it and what I know is based on my personal experience. You can try it for free within a week, get 2 free websites and keep them as long as you want.

You can even go through 10 video lessons on internet marketing to understand how to make money online absolutely for free. You can read about this program here and create your free starter account. I think it’s a much better alternative to Justin’s Quick Commissions and his “free” website.


5. As I mentioned above, there are many upsells inside Quick Commissions and Justin’s second upsell is just another attempt to make more money off you. Justin tries to sell you a product called Success with Anthony or Traffic with Anthony.

The product is not good and has some major flaws which is not surprising at all simply because the product belongs to Anthony Morrison who himself though is making money, but very well known as a scammer.

He never places much emphasis on people and his main concern is making more money and that’s the main reason why he always creates poor products and provides poor or zero support. You can read about his products here.


6. Quick Commissions offers you a few products, PDF files and some other products. PDF files don’t contain any valuable info and other products are not much impressive too. One of the methods Justin suggests you is making money through outsourcing, or to be exact to make money as a middleman to outsourcing jobs.

Your job is to find someone who needs a job completed, then find someone who will do that job and finally you get your share of the profit from that deal.

Though it may seem easy, in reality it’s very difficult and in many cases it doesn’t go as you expect. Besides that, this type of business is nor for EVERYONE because it requires some skills that some people have and some do not.


7. Another method is using Youtube as a traffic source which is not so effective in my opinion.

Just as an example, I have my own Youtube channel and I’m getting traffic, i.e. visitors to my channel every single day, but I haven’t got any visitor to my site though I have links in the description of all my videos, always add annotations to all my videos and still find it extremely difficult to drive visitors from my channel to my site.

It’s because people who visit a youtube video do so because they prefer video over text and that’s why they don’t go to a site. What I mean is that you shouldn’t rely on this method alone and if you want to leverage a youtube traffic there are some other more effective methods that I don’t want to discuss in this review.


8. Another method that Justin teaches you is using a Warrior forum to make money which is not effective at all. Warrior forum is one of the oldest forums on the web I’ve known about since 2000 and they have thousands of members.

Many of their members are experienced internet marketers and you can hardly successfully promote your products there. Anyway, forum is the place where people discuss issues, build relations, ask advice and get answers. It’s not the right place for promoting products.


9. As you probably guess, this type of product is not going to provide you with any support which makes Quick Commissions absolutely useless.


10. Making money online requires proper education that you can get at Wealthy Affiliate and then work hard on your own website within a year or so before you start to see real results.

All successful internet marketers that I know have been working very hard before they started making a few thousands of $ per month and if someone tells the opposite they are lying to you. Remember, you need a proper education, supreme support and you must be willing to work hard in order to be successful online.


Final word on Quick Commissions

Finally, if you are completely new to internet marketing and want to learn some info about making money online you probably can learn some tips from Justin. But the methods Justin talks about are very specific and not practical.

Instead of wasting your time on Quick Commissions, I recommend you to read my review of my top rated program then create your free account and enjoy a great experience it provides you with.

If you feel that you are serious about making money online you can upgrade your account and go through the rest of the training to become an established internet marketer.




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  1. Rufat says:

    Hi Keye! It’s not actually a scam because it provides you with some real info about making money online and if you are willing to put in the work it can pay off later. But his approach is of course very limited and the only positive aspect of it is that you can get this information for free. But you should be very careful because Justin is going to throw many upsells on you and his promoted products are not so good like Success with Anthony which is in my scam list. The idea is very understandable because Justin wants to make more money off you instead of helping you. Besides, he offers you a hosting company like Cool Handle that has many complaints too. There are many legit programs on the web and instead of promoting them, Justin chooses promoting poor products with poor support and I don’t really understand why. I think though Quick Commissions contains some useful info generally speaking, the program is not so good and is very confusing. If you are new to internet marketing, I recommend you to try WA which provides both a great opportunity and experience, is free to try and their support is really awesome.

  2. Keye says:

    This affiliate program really looks like a scam 🙂 Thanks for the heads up 🙂

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