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Owner – Anthony MorrisonSuccess-with-Anthony-2


Price: Not clear: $7, $147, etc. (unethical pricing policy)

Verdict: Not recommended

I had been searching online for quite a while, before I found the program that worked and delivered on its promises. Like many others who search online, all I found was an endless stream of scams, promising overnight success or push buttons to instant wealth.

If you are looking for a way to build a real business online you are definitely going to come across Anthony Morrison’s program and before you decide to buy it or not you should find an answer to a simple question: Does this program work or is it exactly what you are looking for or really need?

The first thing I would like to mention is that there is no any helpful content on his website, just a typical promotional sales video. Morrison uses the same method used by George Brown, owner of Google Sniper, as well as is used by many other similar programs.

All those programs have one thing in common:

1.They tell you a story of having huge debts that they were unable to pay.

2.They were frustrated having no idea what to do.

3.Finally they found a magic button and became online millionaires.

For me, as an experienced internet marketer it looks funny and not convincing at all while for someone who is absolutely new to internet marketing, this looks very convincing and promising. Ok, let’s check out Morrison’s System.


Does Anthony offer real opportunity to succeed online?

Success with Anthony Morrison includes three modules:

Email marketing,

Social media marketing

SEO tactics.

Training material includes video lessons and PDF guides. The material is not easy to implement for beginners, that is why this product will well fit those who have some basic knowledge in the internet marketing.

So, in his video he claims to be earning $100.000 a month and this probably looks amazing and attractive to people.

Anthony uses this kind of trick to catch people’s attention and at the same time he tries to show that if you buy his magic formula you will be able to earn the same amount of money that he is earning. But I’m sure if you buy his secret tactics and even apply them you can hardly make even $100 per month.

Another thing that looks funny in his video is that he claims to be earning lots of money through sources no one knows or uses! He claims that his success is based on his own secrets! This is an outrageous lie! There are no secrets to making money online.

There are proven tactics that work and will work for years and there are some “black hat SEO” tactics that may work for a short time but you can never make any serious money or experience continuous success if you use those tactics.

Anthony teaches folks how to apply a tactic called “keyword stuffing” which actually doesn’t work anymore and Google can even penalize your website for doing that. Keyword stuffing is a REСIPE for your website failure.anthony-morrison-advertising

Success with Anthony course is not about teaching or educating you. It is about collecting your information so that later they can sell you other more expensive products.

During sign up process they want to convince you to sign up for a hosting account with Hostgator, for which they earn a commission. Anthony really does know well how to make money! He probably doesn’t care about ethical ways of making money.

I don’t think you need a hosting account at this initial stage of building your business online. First, you need someone to walk you through the process of understanding how internet marketing works.

You need to learn some skills and knowledge and then start applying it to your business. But Anthony thinks different; he wants to start making money immediately – by pushing you his crappy product.

Another thing I would like to mention and which surprised me a lot is the Warrior forum where I found a post by member saying that Anthony’s product delivers more than it promises and that you actually don’t need to create content for your site! The only I can say – It is a pure hype and lie!!!

Is Anthony really helpful and honest?

Anthony’s program was banned from Clickbank in May 2012 due to a high number of complaints, which again is another proof that his program fails to deliver what it promises to and has no any value. Normally, Clickbank removes only those products that have high refund rate or due to a high number of complaints.


Does Anthony provide any real support?

First off, his program comes with limited support. I know what internet marketing is and I know how hard it is to build a business online because it requires some skills you need to learn before you can start making money.

I know from my own experience that even if you buy a product similar to Anthony’s program, you are still going to face many problems and questions along your way. I simply can’t believe or imagine that Anthony is going or will be able to answer all his customers’ questions.

In one word, if you buy this product you are expected to make your way online on your own. Don’t expect any real help from that guy.


Anthony’s pricing policy

Anthony’s price policy is another bad side of the product. In regards to the price for this product there is no fixed price and you can easily get confused. You will be asked to pay either $7, $9, or $48. He even has another option at $147.00 on the web. Ethical pricing? I think not, however not surprising given products of this kind!


Anthony’s hidden tactics

Once you buy Anthony’s product you are going to receive a lot of phone calls. When you purchase Morrison’s course, you soon come to realize that there are other products to buy, which of course, Morrison neglects to mention, prior to membership. The price of the hidden course starts from $1000! Are you ready for that!


Many Complaints about Anthony Morrison 

anthony scam


Final word on Anthony Morrison’s success program

Finally, I would like to say that if you are really interested in internet marketing and want to have your own business online then the only reliable, tested over years, really delivering on its promises, teaching you only legitimate tactics, website I would dare to recommend you is the Wealthy Affiliate – program #1 on the entire web. The program I’m talking about fits the needs of both beginners and seasoned internet marketers.

Compared to Anthony Morrison’s success… and many other similar products, WA program provides you with everything you might need to build a successful business online: video lessons, text tutorials, unlimited support, live chat, active forum, research tools, website building tools and many more.

You literally can’t fail if you have such awesome tools, easy to implement step-by-step instructions and support.

The only reason for you to fail can be your unwillingness to work hard and learn. Instead of paying unknown amount of money to Anthony Morrison’s course, you’d better sign up for a free account with WA and see what it can deliver you.

There is nothing special in Anthony’s course that WA can’t deliver you. WA helped thousands of people to become successful online, including me.

I can prove you right now that what I’m saying is true. Please read my post created at WA. Please note that only few members replied to my post. There are literally thousands of members that have joined the WA community, and the numbers are growing every day.

I highly recommend you to read my honest review of Wealthy Affiliate before creating your free starter account to try the program for 7 days. Once you create it, you can post a question: “Does really WA program work?”

AND see how many positive replies from real people you will receive. That is the best proof to my words. Now ask yourself, who did Anthony Morrison really help to become a successful internet marketer???

Or in other words, who is Morrison really helping to become a Successful Online Marketer, other than himself?


Tired of poor products like Success with Anthony? Read about my #1 Ranked Product Here!

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  1. Mackson Jesse says:

    I love make and start new start for me and family and would love to receive a help by your way of making money online Anthony and would love to get your guide though the new System you develop and am hoping you could help me out just like you did to Ronald and the other

    • Rufat says:

      Hi Mackson,

      Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment of yours. I’m not affiliated with Anthony in any way but I’m glad you already created your free trial account in my recommended program. I believe you will enjoy the experience and achieve your business goals soon.

  2. Andrew says:

    Hi, this is a great article about Anthony Morrison. I have had a few encounters with systems like this one and other products produced by Anthony and sold through Clickbank. They are always the same, its the “proven” method of selling digital products according to Clickbank that you should start out with a cheap crappy product and then once you have the customer, hit them with up-sells.

    Even within Clickbank’s very own Clickbank university, they teach you to use this method of up-selling if you are producing a product to be sold on their marketplace. And yes it might work financially but what are your customers getting out of the deal? Will the come back and buy again? What does it do to your reputation? Well I think we can all see that from the responses that Anthony Morrison got from this product!

    • Rufat says:

      I agree Andrew. Although Anthony’s products are not bad, but the the major issue with most of them is that there are always tons of upsells thrown on you which is really bad. Just imagine how you would feel if you bought the product only to find out that you still need to buy some other products to unlock the potential of the main product sold to you a few minutes ago. I think no one likes such approach and the same we see around all Anthony’s programs. I still don’t think he is a scammer, but weak support and many upsells is the Achilles’ heel of his approach to customers. And that’s why it’s not surprising to find many complaints about him. As for Clickbank, Success with Anthony was removed from Clickbank BTW.

  3. Marcus says:

    The fact that this is not easy for beginners to follow is really bad. Any training needs to take people from complete beginners through to advanced. If they can’t do that then they are only half a training course because many people will come to something like this with no idea about websites or how to make money online.

    Also, when anyone with a “make money online” product brags about the amount of money they earn, you have to keep in mind that they probably earn most of that from selling the product that you are looking at, not from implementing the techniques taught in their product. I saw the same thing with George Brown and his ridiculously outdated Google Sniper. He is rich, but not from using his Google Sniper methods. He’s rich from selling Google Sniper to gullible idiots.

    • Rufat says:

      I agree Marcus. In fact, most make money programs that I’ve come across so far are useless in some way or another. Most of them have mediocre training with poor support and that’s why people fail. If you are just starting online you need quality education, tools and supreme support and if any of these components is absent it means you will stuck at some point and most likely you will quit before you achieve your goals. And I agree that whenever a program promises you x amount of money this means you should stay far from it. Unfortunately, this applies to all Anthony products because he never provides any sort of support. He only brags that is an internet millionaire and he promises that if you follow his recommendations and buy his secret formula you will be a millionaire too. He is the only successful internet marketer that I know is making thousands of dollars and yet he has created a bunch of useless products and aggressively promoting them. This is a fact that following the steps of a millionaire doesn’t guarantee your success until you get a proper education and support.

  4. brenda says:

    I am so impressed with your website. I spent a good bit of time reading everything and it is wonderful.The research and knowledge that you have on your website is fantastic. Very EDUCATIONAL for us newbies . Wish I knew all of this when I was scammed . But we live and learn .Take care and thanks for all the very good info .

  5. Dean says:

    Hello Rufat,

    I absolutely agree with you, sometimes I get tired of that kind of crap on the internet. Every time the same story from the owner. “I was in debt, ugly and stupid and when I found that magic formula I become rich, pretty and smart.

    I think that the only thing which Anthony knows is how to sell something, but that something is a big failure.

    Maybe to call that: Sinking with Anthony, what do you think?

    Everything what on the internet or even offline gives you immediate success smells on scam.
    Both of us know that any business is marathon, not a sprint.

    Thank you on these review and I hope that you will save others from spending money with Anthony.

    Kind regards,


    • Rufat says:

      You are right Dean, every crappy offer is supported by this kind of fantastic story about being in debt and very sad that many people buy into this type trick. Instead of analyzing the offer and doing research they buy the product immediately and then start researching only to find that they were ripped off. And yes, you are absolutely right, Anthony is great at selling stuff to people and some people still buy his “amazing” private coaching that costs them thousands of $. People need education in the field of internet marketing and they need to understand that online business is like you say not a sprint. It requires time and effort before you start seeing even a decent income. Of course if Anthony explains to folks all the truth and describe his product in a more realistic way he then can hardly make a lot of sales. Yes, this way you can sell let’s say 10 copies of your product instead of 50 copies, but money earned this way you can make money the honest way. It looks like Anthony’s strategy is different and he doesn’t seem to be going to change anything.

  6. Viljoen says:

    Hi Rufat

    I bought success with Anthony a couple of years back and it was a complete waste of time. You do not even get a chance to go through the training and then they want to upsell you on one of their products.

    He likes to sell you pre-made websites and mostly they all are of very bad quality. Some of the training also teaches you how to spam the living hell out of people.

    This product is not recommended.

    • Rufat says:

      It’s really great that you’ve purchased Anthony’s product and know from your personal experience that this product is not worth its price. Anthony claims that he is a millionaire and if you visit his website you will realize that millionaire’s website doesn’t look like his website. You very well said that before you even complete the course Anthony starts bombarding you with his amazing upsells. It’s because his main focus is not you but your wallet. If he is really a millionaire what stops him from outsourcing the creation of a great product to some other experts? The answer is simple – he s not a millionaire. And he bad thing is that many people still fall for his favourite upsell – expensive private coaching that normally costs a few thousands of dollars. Wasted time and money.

  7. edy says:

    I hate confusing upsells.
    Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform to earn money without annoying upsells.
    thanks for the review Rufat 🙂

    • Rufat says:

      I understand you Edy because I myself hate upsells. In fact, upsell means that the product is not complete and you have buy some more products to be able to use that program to its full potential. Anthony is the master at upselling folks. His product, Success with Anthony is really one of the worst products that I know existing on the web. The worst part is that he himself is making money and he is a successful internet marketer, but he has never created quality products to help people experience same kind of success. All he is doing is upselling and some of his products will cost you up to $1000 which is absolutely ridiculous and unacceptable. Plus there is very limited support and if you bought one of his products, you are on own to figure out how things should work. Finally there are many complaints on the web about him and his products and that’s really bad for his reputation. But as I can see, he doesn’t care much about his reputation at all.

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