ProfitZBuddy Review: 27 Questions Answered

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$17/upsells up to $277







Overall Quality



  • Affordable price
  • Money back guarantee


  • No free trial
  • Exaggerated claims regarding traffic
  • No real testimonials
  • No income proof
  • Too many upsells

profitzbuddy review


ProfitZBuddy Price: $17/ upsells up to $277 

Founder: AI Cheeseman and David Kirby


Type of product: Affiliate Marketing (launched in 2021)

Rating: 3 out of 10 



In this ProfitZBuddy review I’ll try to answer the most important questions about this program.

I will share some very interesting and valuable information to help you decide to join the program or forget it forever.

Among questions that I’m going to answer are the following questions:


  • What is ProfitZBuddy?
  • Does ProfitZBuddy work?
  • How soon can you start making money with ProfitZBuddy? 
  • Can I trust David and Cheeseman from ProfitZBuddy?
  • Does ProfitZBuddy provide a refund?
  • How much does ProfitZBuddy cost?

And more other questions…



What is ProfitZBuddy?

ProfitZBuddy is a new program launched by David and Cheeseman to help website owners, affiliate marketers get a lot of traffic and start making money.

The program is a software that you use, it’s not a course or video training if you think so. The program is absolutely new and was launched recently.

So, there is not enough data to prove that the program works as it is described by David and Cheesman. 


founders of Profitzbuddy


The price is affordable and it looks like these two guys launch new programs on WarriorPlus very often.

BTW, I don’t like WarriorPlus network because you can’t receive your commission until you make a certain number of sales or amount of commission.

I still can’t get my $100 commission from WarriorPlus. Other networks like JVZoo pay immediately once you make a commission. That’s why I never work with WarriorPlus.



Is ProfitZBuddy Different from Other Programs?

In a certain sense, yes, it’s different from many other programs, such as affiliate marketing courses, trainings that teach you the process on how to make money online.

It’s a piece of software that help you automate the process and get a lot of traffic. That’s all it does.

There are many other programs available online that do the same or offer similar services.

Most of them are far from how they are described and ProfitZBuddy is not an exception.

BTW, Cheeseman already launched many other programs which you can see on the screenshot below. Is it good or bad I don’t know.




I’ve seen many other affiliate marketers that launch programs every 2,3 months but the quality never improves. I’m afraid the same is true for Cheeseman.

Remember, it is just my opinion. Always do your own research to come to the best decision.

For example, Moneybuildrr is another programs launched by Cheeseman in 2021 and it looks like the quality of this program is not far from ProfitZBuddy.

I checked and found many negative reviews online.


My Top Recommended Programs

    Program # 1 – Wealthy Affiliate

  Program # 2 – Income School




Who is ProfitZBuddy for?

ProfitZBuddy is a piece of software designed for affiliate marketers, new and advanced to help them drive traffic to their businesses and earn money.

If you own a website and can’t get traffic, this program is described as something that can help you. Does it really work or not, I will discuss it further in my review.



How Much Does ProfitZBuddy Cost?

The price for ProfitZBuddy is just $17 which is affordable for most people. But it’s not the end of the story. It includes multiple upsells:


  • ProfitZBuddy Unlimited $39 – after discount $27 
  • ProfitZBuddy Automation $39 – after discount $19
  • ProfitZBuddy Done For You $197 – after discount $67
  • ProfitZBuddy Campaigns $47 –  after discount $27
  • ProfitZBuddy Traffic on Tap $197 – after discount $67
  • ProfitZBuddy Reseller License $39 – after discount $19
  • ProfitZBuddy Product Membership $39 – after discount $19
  • ProfitZBuddy 1K Goldmine $39 – after discount $19


Each of these prices comes with a discount and if you pay for all these products you will spend something around $300.

From my experience with other programs like this I would avoid all these upsells. I don’t recommend wasting your money.

If you want to try it, pay $17 and try the software to see if it really can help you. If you don’t like it, you can ask for a refund which I’m sure you will do.



Does ProfitZBuddy Provide a Refund?

Yes, fortunately, ProfitZBuddy provides a refund and it’s really great. I’ve come across two types of information regarding refunds.

One is a 30 day refund and another is a 100 day refund policy. I checked the website and it looks like the valid one is a 100 day refund which is really great.

If the program doesn’t perform exactly as described you can get your money back. But I’m not sure if you can get your money back.

Some programs offer refunds but you struggle to get your money back.


money back guarantee 1


money back guarantee 2


I would recommend before making a payment to send a quick email and ask from the founders of ProfitZBuddy if they guarantee that you will get your money back if you decide to ask for a refund. Anyway it’s up to you.

BTW, as of writing this review while being on ProfitZBuddy website, a pop up window showed me a 30-day money back guarantee which looks really suspicious.

It looks like there is no exact info regarding their refund policy. I think you better rely on a 30-day refund instead of 100 day for the sake of being on the safe side. 



Are There Any Other Upsells or Costs Associated with ProfitZBuddy?

As I mentioned above, there are many upsells in the program. You don’t have to buy any of them but you are encouraged to do so as a member of ProfitZBuddy.

Total spending will be around $300. I personally don’t recommend paying for any of those upsells until you try the program and see how it works.

The quality of the program is questionable. Many affiliate marketers including me are of the opinion that programs like ProfitZBuddy are useless.

So, be careful before you spend your hard earned money especially because I’m not sure you can get your money back if you buy upsells.

Refunds are normally promised for the main product, not upsells.



Is ProfitZBuddy for Everyone?

Generally speaking, it’s for everyone because anyone who has a website and tries to monetize it, needs traffic. Any business online needs traffic.

But those affiliate marketers that are successful and get a lot of targeted traffic from Google and Youtube or any other place, don’t need this type of automated traffic described in ProfitZBuddy. I’m sure it’s not as it is described.

Any seasoned affiliate marketer will tell you that programs like ProfitZBuddy are questionable and would never recommend using it.

If you have a website and can’t get traffic either from Google or YouTube and struggle for it, you can try ProfitZBuddy.

Maybe it can send you some traffic but it won’t be highly targeted which means it will be hard to monetize it.  



How Does ProfitZBuddy Work?

According to David and Cheeseman, you don’t need any experience to use the software. All you need is a desire to get a lot of traffic and have some basic computer skills.

With ProfitZBuddy software you can find youtube videos with expired domain names, buy those domain names and redirect the traffic to your website. 

In fact, the founders of ProfitZBuddy are talking about “legal stealing” of the traffic from those who forgot to renew their domains.

With ProfitZBuddy you will be automatically leaving comments on videos using your affiliate link.

You will be spamming Youtube and I’m sure most people will be removing your comments because comments that have a link that looks like spam and it’s very obvious.

Plus, Youtube is smart enough to filter spam comments and remove them automatically. 




Using ProfitZBuddy includes 3 steps to follow:

Step 1 – You choose your niche depending on the topic of your business and audience you are looking for.

Step 2 – You enter your link where you to send your traffic to

Step 3 – Get your traffic and monetize your website



ProfitZBuddy Dashboard

In fact, as I said, ProfitZBuddy is not a video course or training on affiliate marketing to learn the strategies on how to earn money online.

It’s a piece of software that is easy to use. As David and Cheeseman explain in easy terms, sometimes YouTube channel owners can forget to renew the domain which is a goldmine for people like you struggling for traffic.




In step 1 you do a video search by entering your desired keyword and find videos. In step 2 you buy expired domain names and in step 3 start getting traffic.

It’s true that ProfitZBuddy software is easy to use but it’s not true that it’s easy to get the traffic you need for your business.

Below you can see some screenshots of the program and see it visually. It’s very simple really and doesn’t require any specific skills.




If you have questions, you can always find youtube videos explaining how to use the software or you can contact support and ask them.

In the dashboard you set up your social accounts, then you do some basic setup for various campaigns, such as keyword research, auto-like commenting, auto-replying comments etc.

The main problem with this kind of stuff is that it’s done automatically which means in most cases it will be filtered by youtube and considered as spam or it will be removed by human owners of channels where you will try to leave comments using ProfitZBuddy software.




In my opinion and the opinion of many seasoned affiliate marketers, it is absolutely unacceptable.

Because you never know where you are going to reply to comments, because it is all automated. You can also do youtube video search by entering your desired keywords.

It sounds great but anything that is done in an automated way will never give you desired quality results. 



What Kind of Support Can You Expect from ProfitZBuddy?

As a member of ProfitZBuddy you have an option to contact ProfitZBuddy’s team and ask for support which is  a theoretical part of this business.

But I can’t say anything regarding ProfitZBuddy’s support. I don’t know if their support is responsive or not or is it outsourced to some kind of ZenDesk third party support?

If it is important for you then I would recommend to first contact them before paying for the product and ask any questions you have. 



Can I Trust David and Cheeseman from ProfitZBuddy?

Regarding trust, I always talk about this important aspect whenever I review a product because trust is a major aspect of any program.

I checked ProfitZBuddy website (landing page) and found a few interesting things I would like you to know about.

I think it can change your decision regarding ProfitZBuddy.

On ProfitZBuddy website I found a table that shows income earned thanks to this program.


fake income


income-copy-paste info


When I did some search on Google, I found the same info on other sites (see the screenshot).

This means David and Cheeseman use this trick to represent their program in a positive light. This is totally unacceptable in my opinion.

This fact alone is enough to make an opinion about ProfitZBuddy.

Also, when you land on ProfitZBuddy landing page you can see a lot of information about ProfitZBuddy being a cool program.

It is a 3 click app that can send you a ton of traffic within seconds, it shows figures but doesn’t provide any income proof, it shows $600 per hour from Google, they describe ProfitZBuddy as a software that turns buyer traffic into profit, etc. 

In short, I don’t see any income proof or real testimonials from well-known affiliate marketers who used the software and shared their experience.

Based on this info I think ProfitZBuddy looks questionable and I would be careful spending $17 not to mention spending money on upsells.  



Are There Any Complaints About ProfitZBuddy?

I didn’t find any complaints against ProfitZBuddy and I want to explain why. First of all, the program is new which is why it is not so popular in online space.

Secondly, I found many negative reviews which is an indirect indication that ProfitZBuddy is a questionable product. 



Any Income Proof from ProfitZBuddy?

To be honest, I didn’t find any income proof from people that used ProfitZBuddy. As I mentioned above, all I found was a fake income screenshot on ProfitZBuddy website which is not a good sign for the program.

The program is new which is why it has not been established online. I didn’t find any proof or testimonial from an established affiliate marketer who used the program and reported about getting a ton of traffic.

On the contrary, I found many negative reviews both on Google and YouTube.  



Is ProfitZBuddy up to date?

I’m not sure it is up to date. Theoretically speaking, it may be up to date but practically speaking, the method the program uses is questionable in the opinion of many affiliate marketers including me.

That’s why I think the question of update is not so important in terms of ProfitZBuddy in my opinion. 





What I like in ProfitZBuddy

  • Affordable price
  • Money back guarantee




What I don’t like in ProfitZBuddy

  • No free trial
  • Exaggerated claims regarding traffic
  • No real testimonials
  • No income proof
  • Too many upsells



Does ProfitZBuddy Guarantee Any Results?

I checked ProfitZBuddy’s affiliate disclaimer page and found the following information.

The disclaimer says: “Any results that were achieved by Al Cheeseman during any courses and / or case studies on this website do not in any way guarantee the same (or any) results for the viewer / audience / participant / reader.”




Practically speaking, I think this means that Cheeseman and David don’t give any guarantees as to the amount of traffic you can get using ProfitZBuddy software.



How Soon Can You Start Making Money with ProfitZBuddy?

It’s a very difficult question. First of all, ProfitZBuddy is not a make money course. It’s a software designed to help you drive traffic to your business.

Once you get traffic, you can start monetizing it. If your traffic is highly targeted you can probably monetize it very quickly.

When it comes to the quality of ProfitZBuddy’s traffic, I’m really very doubt about its quality. Because I already tried similar traffic in the past.

It’s called redirect traffic from old expired domains. I tried it many times and never got any results.

Based on my experience I think the chance to monetize your traffic looks very unpromising.



Issues with ProfitZBuddy

There are some issues with ProfitZBuddy that I want you to know about before you decide to pay for the program or not.

First of all, as I showed above, I found a fake income screenshot on ProfitZBuddy website. This is totally unacceptable. 

Refund policy is also questionable because on the website they show both, 100 day and 30 day money back guarantee. 

The product itself uses a questionable method that many affiliate marketers disagree with and I personally agree with their opinion.

As I already said, a redirect traffic is useless which I know from my personal experience. 

When you register your ProfitZBuddy account it asks you to give access to your Google account sensitive info which many people may not agree to provide.

ProfitZBuddy landing page is made in a very misleading way because when you look at it, it contains a lot of ads promising you free traffic forever with 3 clicks, millions of free visitors ready to buy, legal stealing traffic etc. 


misleading ads


I also found a ProfitZBuddy demo video which looks like it was created by Cheeseman and it has so far only 239 views.



I think if ProfitZBuddy software worked as was described by Cheeseman then his video should have had millions of views and likes by this time.


ProfitZBuddy youtube demo video


All this means that ProfitZBuddy is a super questionable product in my opinion.

On ProfitZBuddy’s landing page you can see another animated income image which looks very cheap and it is really hard to believe that it is all real commissions.




Maybe I’m wrong but from my 8 year experience in affiliate marketing I’m sure all this info is fake.

Finally, I didn’t find any real testimonials from real people who used the program and are happy with the program.



Is ProfitZBuddy training step-by-step?

In fact, there is no training in the dashboard but you can check ProfitZBuddy reviews on YouTube that show you basic rules on how to use the software.

It’s not so difficult at all. Just create your account and follow some simple steps. 



Can I try ProfitZBuddy for free? 

No, you can’t try ProfitZBuddy for free. The price is $17. I think it is more than affordable for most people.



How Much Can You Make with ProfitZBuddy?

The amount of money you can make using ProfitZBuddy directly depends on the amount of traffic you can get using the software.

Theoretically speaking, if you can get a lot of targeted traffic, something around 1.000 unique visits a day, you can earn $3.000 – $5.000 per month or even more.

If your traffic is not highly targeted, you won’t be able to monetize it. I tried redirected traffic from expired domains many times and never made a single sale.

Honestly speaking, I don’t believe you can monetize ProfitZBuddy’s traffic.



Does ProfitZBuddy Really Work?

From my experience with many other similar programs I can say that I don’t believe ProfitZBuddy can send you a ton of traffic.

Even if you can get traffic I’m sure you won’t be able to monetize it as you want. Because most websites that sell cheap traffic do the same thing.

They buy traffic from expired domains and redirect to your website. I purchased such traffic packages many times in the past and have never got any good results.

Because this type of traffic is NEVER highly targeted. Instead of paying for ProfitZBuddy, you can order the same type of traffic from traffic websites online and buy, for example, 10.000 views for around $15-$20.

I’m sure you won’t get any results when it comes to monetization. The only positive side of ProfitZBuddy is that you pay $17 and can use ProfitZBuddy multiple times.

But what is the use of ProfitZBuddy if it can’t send you quality traffic that you could monetize? I think the answer is clear.   



Is ProfitZBuddy Worth Your Money and Time?

I don’t know. It’s up to you to decide. The price is affordable and you can try ProfitZBuddy especially considering that David offers a 30 day or 100-day money back guarantee. 



Is ProfitZBuddy a Scam?

It’s a questionable product. I don’t know if it is  a scam or not. 



Any legit alternatives to ProfitZBuddy? 

YES, I recommend two my favorite programs below:




Final Rating of ProfitZBuddy

Rating 3 out of 10

My final opinion:

If you plan to buy ProfitZBuddy you are free to do so. If you are looking for something better than this so called 3-click app,

I recommend Wealthy Affiliate or Income School, two programs that I’ve personally tried. Both programs are legit and their approach is practical both for beginners and advanced wanting to earn their first dollar or more money online.


My Top Recommended Programs

    Program # 1 – Wealthy Affiliate

  Program # 2 – Income School




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