Profit Bank by Millionaire Society Review

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Profit Bank by Millionaire Society Review

Product name: Profit Bank by Millionaire Society

Product owner: Mack Michaels


Price: Different prices + upsells

Verdict: Not recommended


Almost every day I write reviews about programs that promise you to make enough money to quit your daily job and each time I come across a program I hope it will be different from the previous one.

Unfortunately, in most cases I have to admit that programs are all the same; promise you quick results, promise to give you fully automated system and promise you maximum results with little effort from your side.

Millionaire Society by Mack Michaels and his product Profit Bank which is known as Profit Bank by Millionaire Society is one of such programs.

The sign up process is confusing with multiple upsells thrown on you and the whole system is designed in a way to make more money off of you. Let’s take a closer look at this program to see if it really delivers on its promises.


The main idea behind Profit Bank by Millionaire Society

The main idea behind this program is a bunch of different products and in fact each product is described as a top rated product while they are BY FAR not the best products on the internet and each of them will cost you money. One product is dead. I mean the link seems to be broken which really leaves a bad impression about this company as a whole.


Pros of Profit Bank by Millionaire Society

  • Clickbank product


Cons of Profit Bank by Millionaire Society

  • False promises
  • Confusing sign up process
  • Too many upsells
  • Many complaints



Inside the program

1. Michaels claims that all his products are very popular and let’s take a look at each of them. The first product is Shoe-in Money which Mack claims to make you $1,000 to $100,000+ per month.


This guy claims that you can make this amount of money by following simple steps and his amazing software is going to help you with that. He believes it’s the best program he has come across in the last 6 months. You are promised to get access to:

  • 4 Live Training modules
  • 2 Website Themes
  • Free Website Traffic
  • YouTube Traffic
  • Done for you Website

There is only one problem here. You can’t get access to this “amazing” package because the link seems to be broken. I don’t think it’s the end of the world because his claims are absolutely ridiculous.


2. Mack’s second program is Feedback agents which in fact means that you have to take online surveys. Taking online surveys is a legit opportunity but it’s not going to replace your monthly income.

You can take advantage of this opportunity only for making some extra money at best and there is no need to pay Michaels $47 for this package because I can give you access to these surveys companies for free.


Yes, you heard that right. For free. All these survey companies are available online and it’s not a secret info. Michaels has even provided a calculator that you can use to calculate your income by simply completing simple surveys.






There is only one problem here. You simply can’t make the amount of money he promises to you. He is simply lying to you. Plain and simple. There is a catch here, most surveys companies pay $0.5 to $1 per survey in most cases and the number of surveys is very limited.


3. And the last opportunity is Internet Business Factory. Michaels claims that for $4.95 for 7 day trial and then $97 per month you can set up over 100 internet businesses and start making lots of money. Of course he is lying to you because there is no such a thing as set up a business and start making money.

Any business requires time and hard work and you need to give it a time before you can turn your business into a full time business. Anyone who promises you quick results and quick money is lying to you and it’s most likely a scam.


4. There is only one positive thing in Michael’s Profit Bank: it’s a Clickbank product which means that if you are not happy with this product you can ask for refund and as I know Clickbank is a well-known company and you can get your money back.


5. Michaels is also promoting another product called Millionaire Society that will cost you $4.95 for 7 day trial and then $97 or $147 per month. In fact, Michaels gives you access to three automatically generated website templates identical to his own website and you are going to promote the same products.


Inside the members area you will see more upsells and in fact all content is locked which means you have to spend more money. In the members area you will be suggested to enter your Clickbank and Aweber IDs.

Clickbank is free but Aweber will cost you $19 per month at least. Michaels recommends you to use Aweber, i.e. email marketing to build your list of subscribers and drive targeted traffic to your sites. It’s a good idea but it requires more spending.


The problem with this product is that you are going to promote the same products that many other people like you will be promoting too. Search engines are not friendly with duplicate content and the only way is use social media sites, such as Facebook, Google plus or Twitter.

Spamming folks with your links here and there is not a good idea for building a sustainable business. Since search engines don’t like duplicate content you won’t be able to get any traffic to your sites which means a total failure.


6. In fact, Michaels recommends you to buy Millionaire Society to learn how to get traffic to your sites. To be honest, the packages are expensive and there are many other alternatives on the web for a much lower price and with a much better training and support.


7. Finally I found a few complaints on the internet about Profit Bank and I think this alone is enough to stay away from Mack and his amazing products.




Final word on Profit Bank by Millionaire Society

I can’t say that Profit Bank or a Millionaire Society are complete scams but I can’t recommend them either. As for a Profit Bank Michaels makes false promises, not to mention that he tries to sell a product that is available for free on the web.

As for his second product there are many other alternatives and I can recommend you a highly reputable program called Wealthy Affiliate. It provides a top-notch training and supreme support and all this will cost you $47 per month without any hidden costs.

If you choose a one time (yearly) payment then it will cost you $29 per month. The best part of it is that you can try it for free and you don’t even need a credit card.

I’ve been a member of this program for a number of years and I can honestly recommend it if you want to start making money online through a legit program and avoid programs like Profit Bank.

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My name is Adam. I'm the founder of Your Income Advisor. My goal is to help others succeed online, by exposing scams and reviewing top rated products. I can help you start your own business online

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  1. Hi Andrew says:

    Hi Rufat,

    There are so many useless promises on the internet. Makes me wonder why these people try to take advantage of other less schooled people.

    Seems to me these scammers have enough marketing knowledge to make money honestly, but they don’t.

    Thank you for the heads up and warning people about it.


    • Rufat says:

      It means that we have to take action and educate ourselves so others can’t fool us. If someone does so and we fall for their scam offer, it’s our fault.

  2. Tim says:

    There is nothing at all good about this product, I will call it a scam. It fools people into thinking they’ll make money when in actual fact it’s an empty product that will not deliver anything of real value.

    Your review is very honest and credible, thank you for sharing and helping people avoid this scam.

    • Rufat says:

      I think the program is not a complete scam because it does provide some value, but I agree that it’s not a big deal to join it. I think it would be better to pass on it and join a much better program which is Wealthy Affiliate.

  3. Akeim says:

    This is review is very informative. I feel the same way as you do. Every new program that comes along you hope it’s going to be a legit opportunity. Unfortunately, sometimes people’s heart is not in the right place as far as trying to help people. Keep putting out informative reviews and keep people educate.


    • Rufat says:

      Yes, most people do hope but as you can see most programs are either scams or very poor products. Instead of helping people and gaining authority they continue creating product after product with little focus on education people. What they do is just try to teach how to make a sale instead of explaining the foundation of online business which is creating original content and building an email list. The more products like profit bank I see the stronger becomes my belief that Wealthy Affiliate is really one of the best programs out there that gives folks all they need to be successful online.

  4. damien says:

    Hi Rufat, good analysis of another product set up to get our money.There just seems to be no end of these types of sites, some more sophisticated than others .
    The similar theme running through the majority is the get rich quick attraction.
    I’m not surprised you are busy analysing these sites as there appear to be so many.
    Keep up the good work as you are doing all your readers a favor.

    • Rufat says:

      Thank you Damien for your kind words and I really feel that I do something worthwhile when I get comments like yours. I agree that there seems to no end to these craps and BS. I spend 5,6 hours on average to write a review and expose the crap like this one. I really don’t understand people who stand behind these programs why they sell this crap to people. Instead they could create something worthwhile and benefit from it for years and yet they choose a different way – a quick buck through selling poor products. Unfortunately very few people understand it and continue to fall for these scams and the reason is because they are desperate for money and don’t want to hear the truth about making money online. There are no shortcuts to success!

  5. Gregory says:

    Hi Rufat,

    Thanks for providing this review and service. I think it’s a valuable service when people provide information that may help someone else save some money. I am giving it a go in affiliate marketing and I can agree there are a lot of scams so people should be careful.

    I was lucky to have found WA as my training platform and recommend them completely as you did.

    Good luck with your online career.

    • Rufat says:

      Hi Gregory, thank you for your comment. I’m glad you support me in what I’m doing on my website. With this review I wanted to help people save them from this program. Profit Bank is not a good option as you may probably see from this break down. They offer three products out of which 1 product seems to take you nowhere. Two others are way exaggerated as a make money opportunity, plus many upsells and finally complaints. I think with all this information I feel I really do provide a viable service like you say and help people avoid programs like Profit Bank. I was lucky too to find WA and that’s why I recommend it to my readers and I believe they will enjoy it.

  6. Gregory says:

    Hi Rufat,

    Thanks for providing this review and service. I think it’s a valuable service when people provide information that may help someone else save some money. I am giving it a go in affiliate marketing and I can agree there are a lot of scams so people should be careful.

    I was lucky to have found WA as my training platform and recommend them completely as you did.

    Good luck with your online career.

    • Rufat says:

      Hi Gregory and thank you for a comment. I think programs like this one should be exposed and people saved from wasting their money and time by doing wrong and worthless things. Like you say, help someone save some money may mean a lot to someone who makes ends meet and pays their hard earned money put aside for a rainy day. But it seems people who stand behind programs like Profit Bank don’t even think of that or otherwise they wouldn’t be selling this crap to people. I’m really glad you found WA and it really like a refuge for many people who have been scammed.

  7. grant says:

    I’m fairly new to online marketing, been around only 9 months or so, and it’s pretty shocking how many scamy offers are out there, and if you are new it can be so easy to be lured into these programs that offer unlimited income for little effort. I know as I’ve been there and lost plenty money flitting from one to the next. It’s bad news. What I’ve learned though is that it takes commitment, hard work, persistence, training/mentoring and the right company or program. And there’s the learning curve to go through and obstacles to overcome. It’s up to me and my results are a reflection of the actions I take.
    Thanks for such a thorough review – this site is a valuable and needed resource.

    • Rufat says:

      I agree Grant that there are really tons of scam programs out there against a few legit ones and if you are new to making money online you can easily fall for one of these scams. In most cases people fall for them because they promise people a fantastic income and they unfortunately trust them because of lack of experience and knowledge. But it’s a good news that you know all the truth about making money online and it’s really good that you’ve been saved from programs like Profit Bank by Millionaire Society. I’m saying this because many people have been ripped off for a number of years before they had a chance to find the right program. You are right that it requires a commitment and hard work before you can achieve your internet goal and turn your website into a money making machine. With all this in mind and taking into account the complaints provided in my review I think Profit Bank by Millionaire Society though is not a complete scam but still I don’t think it’s the best option to start online. I think if anyone takes a brief look at the comparison table provided at the end of this review it will be absolutely clear that there are many other quality programs out there that are worth testing drive.

  8. Aiden says:

    Hey Rufat,

    There are definitely a lot of scams out there and I’m glad people like you debunk them.

    I think it’s terrible that people make all these false claims and add false value in exchange for peoples hard earned money.

    Being a businessman/business women is a state of mind which you have to fully absorb, not some click a button software program, if it was that simple everyone would be rich.

    • Rufat says:

      Aiden, to be honest, I’m super annoyed by all these programs and how they make ridiculous claims and try to lure folks into buying their useless products. It’s really bad to deceive people and take their hard earned money in exchange for poor products like Profit Bank and the product is really a poor one. This program is far from being perfect and I believe after reading my review most people will realize that in fact there is no real value in this program. First off, there are many complaints and secondly there are many upsells, plus their first product, i.e Shoe-in Money seems to unavailable which is not good for their overall reputation. What can you think of a company that can’t even provide a simple user experience on their website? Does Profit Bank by Millionaire Society look like a serious and reputable company after all these things? I think it’s a waste of time at least and a waste of money at worst.

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