One Click Signals Review – Fly First-Class to Europe with your Family

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Product name: One Click Signals

Product owner: Chris


Price: $0 to join, $250 to start trading

Verdict: Not recommended


One Click Signals is just another revolutionary program that promises to make you rich with a few simple clicks of your mouse and once you visit Chris’s website you will have to listen to his amazing story that he hasn’t worked a single day in the past 3 years, but every June he flies to Europe for a 3 month vacation.

The idea is not new and he just wants you to believe that if you follow his recommendations you will be able to do the same with little effort on your part. In this sense Chris’s program is pretty much the same like any other similar binary program out there.

I have a few reviews about binary programs and all programs have one thing in common: they promise you a lot of money overnight. Though trading binary options is not unlawful and you can make some money, but the way they are being promoted on the internet using deceptive methods make them look like a scam.


The main idea behind One Click Signals

The main idea behind One Click Signals is to teach you a “technique” that will make you rich for the rest of your life. In fact, it’s an automated binary trading application that you can set and forget to make money on autopilot.

Chris promises that you can make up to $3000 in the first 7 days and then repeat the process as many times as you want. In my review I will show you all positive and negative sides of One Click Signals so you can decide if it’s for you or not.


Pros of One Click Signals

  • You can make some money if you are willing to learn and work hard


Cons of One Click Signals

  • Binary trading is a risky venture
  • Binary options trading is not as safe method to make money as it’s falsely advertised
  • No real support from Chris
  • In order to make money with Once Click Signals you must invest your own money and there is no money back guarantee It’s not free as falsely advertised by Chris


Inside the program

1. First off you should think of the reasons why Chris is trying to get you in and keep in mind that each time you deposit your money Chris makes money off you. Don’t even think that Chris cares about you and wants you to fly to Europe with your family.

He wants to make money off you and that’s why he wants you to believe that making money with his program is easy and takes minimum efforts from your side. So, think twice before you decide to get in and deposit your money.





2. I don’t want to say that One Click Signals is a complete scam. It’s absolutely real to make money trading binary options, but the truth is that the amount of money Chris promises you to make, i.e. up to $3000 per week looks very unrealistic because there is no guarantee that you can make any money at all, not to mention a few thousands of $.

Realistically speaking you probably can make some money, but keep in mind that you can lose all your money too. It’s like playing a roulette, you never know exactly when you win or lose.


3. You should also keep in mind that you need to fund your account to be able to make money. Normally it’s around $250 at least to start trading while on his site Chris claims that no card or personal information needed. This is not true.

Though Chris tries to convince you that once you get access to his unique program you can immediately start making money with zero investment from your side.


4. I told in my other reviews of binary programs that theoretically you can make money trading binary options but it requires a solid knowledge and experience.

You must know market, finances to be able to make the best predictions possible because even one small mistake can cost you a few hundreds or even thousands of $.

I know that even experienced traders lose a considerable amount of money in this business and my brother was one of them in the past.


5. I don’t know you personally but if you are a risky person, I honestly recommend you to stay away from Chris and his unique program because if you can’t stop when you must do so you can lose thousands of dollars. Just as an example, my brother was involved in currency trading at Forex and ended up wasting over $5000.


6. Chris doesn’t seem to be honest guy simply because he guarantees that you can repeat his success while his success means you can make millions with his “unique” program. It’s impossible to guarantee any income because your success depends on your knowledge and experience.

Chris goes as far as to promise that you can make $28.546 in 5 days and EVEN $53.760 in 7 days! This is not true! If making money was so easy then everyone would quit their job and Chris would become the most popular guy on the entire web.





7. Predicting market is out of our control while Chris claims that with his program you can make money each time you launch his application. No software in the world can predict market with 100% accuracy because market depends on many factors, especially in modern times.

Even experts who have experience and deep knowledge of the market often times fail to predict market which in your case means that you lose money.


8. Also keep in mind that if you come across other positive reviews about One Click Signals it’s because those people promote this program and want to earn affiliate commissions.

Very few of those positive reviews are honest from people that are likely making some money, but most of them are nothing more than an attempt to make money off you. Be careful when reading those reviews.


9. As I know, traders make the most money at long term trades because compared to short term trades your efforts can be rewarded in a much better way.

But the problem with long term trades is that to make money you need to add a significant amount of money to your account and if you fail to predict market you can lose all your money in no time. Short term trading is safer in that sense and doesn’t require a lot of investment, but it’s very limited too.


10. It’s a well known fact that even experienced traders don’t rely on programs like One Click Signals. They read some financial reports, study the market etc. You must understand the process of economic change, market fluctuations etc.

If you are willing to become an expert in this field, spend the time to learn how the whole binary thing works then you should go through a solid training course and if not, then I recommend you to stay away from this business opportunity.


11. I reviewed many binary programs and all of them have one thing in common: they make false promises and claim that you can become a millionaire in a matter of a few days or weeks and there are always many complaints about them on the internet. You can read some of my reviews if you want to get a better understanding.


Final word on One Click Signals

As for my final word on One Click Signals, I’m not going to say that it’s a scam because trading binary options is not unlawful and it works for some people while many people fail and lose money. It’s up to you to join and try it if you want.

I personally wouldn’t join simply because it’s a risky venture and you can make a few hundred bucks today and lose the other day. So, it’s up to you.

If you don’t like the idea promoted by Chris too and you want to learn how to make money online the honest and legit way I can recommend you to try my # 1 program I’ve been a premium member of since 2013. Let me know if you have any questions and I will be happy to help.



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  1. Tim M says:

    Great Article! I had never heard of binary options trading before this article I will definitely steer clear!

    • Rufat says:

      Thank you Tim for stopping by and commenting on my post. I’m happy to know that I helped you stay away from this program. I think it’s even good that you haven’t heard of binary options before and saved yourself from wasting your time and money. The opportunity is a total BS. Today I’ve come across an article on and the author called all binary programs crapshoot and I must admit he is right. If you want to know more about it you can read my review of Millionaire Money Machine in which there is a link to that article on Very interesting and informative and there are many comments on that thread. Let me know if you have any questions regarding binary options and I will be happy to help.

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