MySurvey com Review – Is it a Viable Way to Make Money Online?

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Product name: MySurvey


Price: Free to join

Overall rank: 40 out of 100


I’m not really a fan of completing surveys and if you are my loyal reader I guess you know about it by now. And it’s not because online survey websites are scams.

It’s because they are a waste of time in my opinion. But I don’t want to thrust my opinion on anyone. It’s just my opinion.

I don’t like surveys because I know how to make money online through efforts that pay off in a much better way than wasting my time by completing surveys for the sake of pennies.

From this you already understand that I’m not going to recommend MySurvey com as a viable way to earn money online.

But if you are looking for any opportunity that can help you earn let’s say something between $50 -$100 per month then maybe MySurvey is for you.

Anyway, if you read my review and I promise it’s going to be interesting, I will try to explain everything regarding so you can make your decision.


The main idea behind MySurvey com

The idea of this program is pretty simple. You complete online surveys and earn points and prizes. Also, you receive Sweeps Entries which means you don’t earn cash.

You just participate in contests to get a chance to win something. Then you can cash through Paypal.

And there are some complaints about MySurvey com too. Keep reading and you will learn all the facts about this program.

MySurvey is legit, but you can spend your time in a much better way by making dollars instead of pennies. Allow me to recommend you a much better program I’ve been a member of since 2013. Take a look at the comparison table and feel free to join because it allows you to create a starter, free account. No credit card required.


Pros of MySurvey com

  • You can earn points, prizes
  • Free to join

Cons of MySurvey com

  • Limited opportunity for making cash
  • Time consuming
  • Some complaints


MySurvey com detailed review

Before I give you more details about MySurvey, I think it’s important to tell you a few words about survey websites in general. Survey sites are often times advertised as a great opportunity to make a solid income online while in reality it’s not true.

There are even websites that are trying to sell you this info for $20 or $30 and they even promise that by taking surveys you can make up to $3000 per month. This is of course BS. If you could take tons of surveys then maybe you could make a few thousand dollars.

But the problem with survey sites is that the number of survey sites that pay cash is very limited. Also, most of them give prizes or gift cards, but most folks prefer cash.

The number of surveys is limited too and very few survey sites send you 4 or 5 invitations a week. Plus cash rewards are not high and for most of them you can earn a few cents at best.

For some surveys you can earn even $5 or $20 or even $50. But the number of this type of surveys is extremely limited too. That’s why this opportunity makes sense only if you want to make some extra cash.


Creating a free account with MySurvey com

Unfortunately, not all countries are allowed to participate in their survey program. You can see the list of allowed countries below.




Aside from that, for some countries if you try to create your free account you will be redirected to their partner, Global Test Market, a rewarding company.

So, with Global Test Market you don’t earn cash at all. Only points or prizes or gift cards etc. Not appealing at all in my opinion. You will earn your first sweeps entries after completing Lifestyle survey by providing some personal details about yourself.




This will allow MySurvey to determine what type of surveys you may be qualified for in the future.



What to expect from MySurvey com?

MySurvey com has been around for over 15 years now and all I can say is that this program is legit. The good part of this program is that they send you many invitations every week which means you can earn some good points.

For taking surveys you earn points and then you can turn your points to cash. But wait. It used to be like this and now rules have changed.

You can now earn cash for referrals only. If you can’t bring referrals then I think this program is not exactly what you are looking for.

The only reason that makes sense to join MySurvey is if you want to participate in sweepstakes. So generally speaking, each time you complete one of their surveys you will earn sweepstakes entries which means you can win something in the future.

Also, you earn points for which you can get gift cards. I don’t know if you need gift cards or not. I personally don’t need and that’s why it doesn’t make sense for me at all. I always prefer cash.


How to cash with MySurvey com

Before, the only way to get your cash from MySurvey com was via bank checks and you had to wait for 2 or 3 weeks to receive those checks. Now, MySurvey allows you to cash using PyaPal which is great.

But not everyone can receive payments through Paypal unfortunately because Paypal doesn’t accept all countries. So, if your country is not in their list, that’s a big problem.


MySurvey com referral program

You can also earn money through their affiliate referral program. For each referral you can earn 150 points which is equal to approx. $1.4. Of course, referral program is an excellent way to earn cash and in fact, MySurvey com no longer pays cash for surveys.

But they still pay cash for each referral that joins their program through your affiliate link. The only problem is to be able to bring a lot of people to their site.

If you can bring 10 people a day then you can easily make $14 a day = $420 a month.

MySurvey doesn’t provide any training on how to promote their program. You have to find out how to promote on your own. There are many ways, such as search engine optimization, YouTube, social media, paid traffic.

If you know how to do all this then it’s great. If not then I recommend you to join the program you can see above in the comparison table and learn all these techniques.

I learned all I know from this program and I’ve been making money consistently since 2015 and now I’m going to quit my job.

It doesn’t mean I’m making thousands of dollars, but I’m making enough to support my family.


Is MySurvey com legit opportunity?

Though this company is legit and has been around for many years now, I was surprised to find out that there have been some complaints about MySurvey website.

Types of complaints:

  • Account suspension
  • Misleading info about the length of the survey
  • Survey is no longer available after survey has been completed by the client (wasted time)
  • Loss of points

Take a look at some of the complaints I’ve come across on the internet. I think this is something you must keep in mind before you join MySurvey com. Imagine if you invited people to their website and earned a commission only to find out that your account was suspended.




I also came across a comment left by Kyle and would like to add a few words regarding survey sites in general and his opinion in particular. BTW, Kyle is the CEO of Wealthy Affiliate, online business community.




I joined it in 2013 and I’m still a member of this awesome community thanks to which I’ve started making money online. You can find the link to this program at the end of my review.

I can’t completely agree with his opinion regarding survey sites being scams, but I DO agree that it’s a waste of time because you actually earn pennies with them instead of dollars.

I agree with him that your time can be spent in a much better way if you build your own online business which is absolutely achievable through his program I mentioned above in the comparison table.


Final word on MySurvey com

The program is legit, but there are some complaints too. I’m on the fence about this program to be honest. I think it’s not the best survey company you can join.

There are much better alternatives, such as or etc.

I recommend to start building your own business through your own website instead of wasting your time with survey sites and below you can find a link to my recommended program.


Final glance at MySurvey com

  • You can earn cash, prizes
  • Limited opportunity for making cash
  • Time consuming
  • Some complaints
  • Free to join
  • Overall rank: 40 out of 100


Stop wasting your time with survey sites. Start making dollars instead of pennies. Here is my top recommended program to work from home.


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  1. Roope says:

    Thank you for the review. According to your review MySurvey seems to be a legit program and I think that I will try it myself also. But probably I just TRY because I believe that It’s very time consuming. I have some experience about the online survey sites and always the return for the invested time is very little.

    Btw, I like how you use images on your website and in the articles. It makes it so easy to follow.

    • Rufat says:

      Yes, I tend to think that it’s legit and if you want you can give it a try. But remember that there are some serious complaints and like you say, it’s time consuming and the return is always very little. To be honest, I don’t feel confident enough to recommend MySurvey keeping in mind that there are WAY better survey companies out there. I think yo should start with a better one.

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