K Money Machine Review – Is Selling Kindle Books Can Make You Rich in as little as One Week?

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Product name: K Money Machine

Product owners: Jason Bracht

Website: www.kmoneymachine.com

Price: $97

Overall rank: 40 out of 100


K Money Machine is a Clickbank product advertised as a great opportunity that can help you start making passive income with little effort on your part. Jason Bracht even promises that you can start your successful business in as little as one week.

He also promises that he is going to reveal you a secret to making lots of money through the easiest and simple way.

As an experienced internet marketer I can tell that his recommended method is not an easy method at all and in my review of K Money Machine I’m going to share with you my opinion so you know exactly if this program can really solve your financial problems.


The main idea behind K Money Machine

The whole idea of K Money Machine is about teaching you how to sell eBooks through Amazon. More precisely, Jason promises to teach you how to write an eBook or you can outsource all this stuff to someone else and then sell your eBook through Amazon’s Kindle reader.

The idea is absolutely legit, but Jason’s program does have some major issues which I’m going to explain further in my review.

K Money Machine is legit, but you can hardly become rich in as little as one week as Jason promises on his website. There is no free trial and there is no quality support. Allow me to help you and recommend a much better program, Wealthy Affiliate, I’ve been a member of since 2013. It’s free to try. No credit card required. No strings attached. Take a look at the comparison table and don’t hesitate to create your free, starter account.


Pros of K Money Machine

  • The Idea is legit
  • Quality training
  • Money back guarantee


Cons of K Money Machine

  • No quality support
  • No free trial
  • Requires a solid budget
  • One Upsell


K Money Machine

Jason’s program is legit and it does have a lot of training materials. If you work hard and put an effort in this program you can probably achieve some good results. But from the very start I would like you to know that K Money Machine is not for everyone.

I mean if you think you will pay Jason $97 and start making lots of money you are going to be seriously disappointed.

This price doesn’t include everything you need for this program to work for you in a way that Jason describes in his a little misleading video on his website.

You still need some budget to invest in this program. Approx. you still need to invest over $500 to make it work for you.

So, if you don’t have that much money, then I don’t recommend to buy this program at all.

Also, keep in mind that Jason doesn’t give any guarantee that you will make any money at all with his program.


Price of K Money Machine

Currently, the price of Jason’s program is $97. I think it’s not cheap, but still is affordable for an average internet searcher looking for a money making program. Before Jason offered a 7 day trial for $7, but it looks like this offer is no longer valid. He now offers a free download of his Passive Income Blueprint.




I think it was great because you actually could try the program before actual payment. After trial you had to pay $35 monthly which was WAY expensive for such a program.

I’m not sure if you still need to pay monthly because price increased to $97. But there is one upsell in the members area that will cost you additional $35 per month. This upsell will allow you to get access to Kindle Elite Academy.




With this upsell you will get access to new training modules released by Jason on a regular basis. I think it’s a lot of money for a program that still requires you to spend over $500 to get other things done.


No precise info regarding the price

On a side note I would like to mention that the info regarding the price for this product is very confusing. First of all, I would like to note that I didn’t find this product on Clickbank marketplace.

I used different keywords, such as K Money Machine, Kindle Money Machine, Kindle Elite Academy. No results! It’s not the first time for me to search for products on Clickbank.




So, I know how to do the search. But I don’t see this product on Clickbank. As I said above, the info regarding its price is a little confusing. On his website Jason offers his product for $97.

In the affiliate section of his website he tells about different price which is $27. I think this info needs to be updated.




K Money Machine training

Jason’s training contains a lot of helpful stuff. You can find 24 video lessons in the members area.

The training shows you the steps from simple things, such as using Amazon search engine to find the best keyword for your eBook title, to more advanced stuff such as outsourcing your eBook creation, cover for your eBook.

Jason also suggests that you build your email list and once you have a couple successful projects you can send email follow ups to your list and make even more money.

It’s not a secret that money is in the list, but before you can make money from your list you need to first build that list which takes time, money and effort and build trust with your list too.

Though training is good, there is no quality support and Jason makes some unrealistic claims on his website. He uses a testimonial on his website and to be honest, I don’t believe it’s a real testimonial.




One of the testimonials says that Antwayn Spencer quit his job in 3 months and now making $15.000 per month thanks to Jason. Though I can’t prove that this testimonial is fake and I may be wrong, but based on my experience I don’t think it’s real.


Can you make money with K Money Machine?

The idea of making money by selling eBooks through Amazon Kindle reader is undoubtedly great idea. I have no any issues with that. But there are several major things you must keep in mind before you decide to invest your hard earned money in Jason’s K Money Machine.

First off, it’s true that with this type of business you don’t need to struggle with traffic because Amazon already has solved this problem for you. Amazon sells millions of eBooks every month and the market is really huge.

But before you want to benefit from this market you need to create something valuable. If you can write an eBook that you think will deliver some value to people then yes, you can benefit from this project.

Not everyone can write an eBook and that’s why Jason suggests that you can outsource creation of such eBook to someone else from websites, such as Fiverr.com, Odesk.com. And he suggests that you publish your eBooks under a pen name.

First off, it’s true that you can outsource such a task to someone from freelance sites, but you shouldn’t expect high quality from this place if you are not willing to spend a solid amount of money. Jason tells that you can get such an eBook for $100. Is that true? Yes.

But like I said, the quality won’t be good. I don’t think with such a product you can sell a good number of copies through Amazon. Amazon is not going to sell every crap.

If you plan to achieve success with K Money Machine you need to spend at least $500 for a high quality eBook. Even if you pay this amount of money it doesn’t guarantee that you can sell a good number of copies of your eBook in order to make a solid income.

I mean selling a few copies is absolutely possible, but making a solid income on a regular base is not easy at all. Everyone is selling eBooks through Amazon Kindle, but very few can achieve success in this business.

That’s why, I really don’t agree with Jason because he promises you tons of money if you follow his training.


Some unrealistic and dishonest claims

Jason tells in his promo video that making money using K Money Machine is awesome and promising and that making money through blogging, affiliate marketing, PPC, adsense is impossible because all this stuff simply doesn’t work! Is this true? Sure, it’s not true.





All these methods that he’s mentioned do work and they work very well. And in fact, I’m making money through affiliate marketing in combination with blogging, adsense and PPC. His claims are simply dishonest or at least misleading.


Does Jason provide any support?

Like with any other product that we buy, we expect a good and responsive support because there is no perfect product. From my personal experience I can tell that support is a key factor of any product.

K Money Machine is a relatively new product and I’m not sure if you can expect quality support from Jason. They have a Facebook group, but there is no any activity there.




The last post shows from May 2015. There is no active community and it looks like you are going to solve all your problems on your own. I would never recommend any product if there is no quality support.


Final glance at K Money Machine

  • The Idea is legit
  • Quality training
  • Money back guarantee
  • No quality support
  • No free trial
  • Requires a solid budget
  • One Upsell
  • Overall rank: 40 out of 100


Want a better alternative to K Money Machine? Here is my top recommended program. It’s free to try.

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  1. Ilias says:

    Hi Rufat, many people try to get traffic with Kindle ebooks. I have read many posts and questions about this business model on forums and social media.

    K Money Machine was recommended from many of them. But I can see on your post that it does not worth it.

    Thanks for the review, you helped me to avoid this program.

    • Rufat says:

      I didn’t say K Money Machine was bad or a scam. It’s legit. But Jason makes some unrealistic claims that I can’t agree with. Anyway, it’s legit and anyone can try it if they want.

  2. Liz says:

    Thanks for this helpful article. I have often thought about about writing a kindle book and wondered about all these online programs out there that teach you how to do it. I really hate that so many of them leave out essential information that you really need to know in order for their system to work for you. I still have a plan to write a kindle book in the future, but I think right now I am better off learning as much as I can about online marketing and what my target audience is looking for before I dive into that and exert all this effort in writing it only to find that noone is interested. You have to know what you market is hungry for first. I wonder if this guys training includes that idea? Thanks for the info.

    • Rufat says:

      I think you going in the right direction. You first need to learn the basics of internet marketing and write some stuff for your website, build relations with your audience. As for the training, it’s good and contains a lot of helpful stuff. If you plan to write an ebook and sell it through Amazon, I think it’s a good option. At least you can learn from Jason’s experience.

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