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Product name: Mega Commission Machine


Price: Free + many upsells

Verdict: Not recommended


Mega Commission Machine is a mega type of program that blatantly lies to people right from the start by claiming that this mega machine is a holy grail of internet marketing that will bring you massive commissions on complete autopilot.

What I know through years of working online is that if a program promises you something on complete autopilot, it’s most probably a scam or a poor product.

The owner of the program uses a classic deceptive move by claiming that his software is so ridiculously powerful that he wasn’t even going to release it.. and he even claims that he’s kept this software exclusively for his elite coaching students 🙂

To be honest, I’m full of that type of tricks and I would rather say it’s a Mega Failure Machine and in my review I’m going to show you some facts, so you don’t get into the wrong program.



The main idea behind Mega Commission Machine

The main idea behind Mega Commission Machine is pretty simple. With this software you can create squeeze pages and make tons of money from these pages 🙂 A squeeze page is a landing page created specifically to get someone’s email address.

The main problem with Mega Machine is that pages created with this software are useless and internet marketing is not about squeeze pages alone.

It’s a combination of a number of techniques and doing things in the right direction that allow you to achieve success. Also, you get access to their free training on making money online which is very basic. And there are many upsells that they try to push along with the main product.


Pros of Mega Commission Machine

  • Free training course
  • Free to join


Cons of Mega Commission Machine

  • The software is absolutely useless
  • Many upsells
  • Internet marketing is not about squeeze pages alone
  • False promises about making money on autopilot


Inside the program

1. The most important thing I would like to point out here is that once you’ve created your free account you will be sent to a page with two upsells, one for $17 and the other one for $37. This is normal course of things for such poor quality programs as the Mega Commission Machine is.

The main idea is to get you inside and then start pushing “amazing” products thus making you believe that without those products you can’t achieve what you’ve been promised on the first page of their website. This is a classic approach of all self-proclaimed gurus.







The most amazing part of Mega Commission is that they try to sell you tons of eBooks on internet marketing with resale rights. First off, you can find tons of such ebooks on the internet for free or on Amazon. Do you really believe someone will buy these books from you? To learn internet marketing you need to go through video certification course, such as the one I went through at Wealthy Affiliate.

It’s extremely difficult or almost impossible to learn internet marketing from books alone and start making money on the internet. It’s not going to happen if you think so. So, my main point here is that their upsells are as useless as their main product is, i.e. Mega Commission Machine. These upsells also include some bonuses which are not so important at all.



2. Also, Mega Commission Machine offers you another “product”, a sequence of emails you can use on your site to interact with your readers and possibly profit from it if you know how to build relationships with your visitors and promote products to them. Without proper knowledge and experience it’s going to be absolutely useless to you, especially if you are completely new to internet marketing.

Also, to be able to use these emails you will need to sign up for a autoresponder service, such as Get Response because you can use those emails only with that autoresponder which will cost you another $15 per month.


3. They also promote you another product, such as solo ads. Solo ads means that instead of building your own list of subscribers, you can pay someone who has a large list of subscribers and then start sending them promotional offers in the hope that someone will visit your site and MAYBE buy something from you.

Mega Commission Machine offers a very short training on how to use solo ads and it’s not enough to understand how the whole thing works. The main problem here is that those people are not your subscribers and so they don’t trust you.

Even if you promote something to them, your product must be extremely good and also they must be interested in buying it at that specific time when you reach them.

It’s extremely difficult to sell something that way and if you can make a sale or two that would be fantastic which in most cases doesn’t happen. Most probably you are going to spam people with your offers and you need to send your emails to thousands of people to make a sale or two at best. This is of course is not the best way to make money.






4. The main idea behind Mega Commission Machine is about building “amazing” squeeze pages, drive people to them and make money. Ok, that’s good. But how are you going to drive that traffic? Do you have any idea?

If you are new to internet marketing, probably you don’t. The best way to drive targeted traffic is through optimizing your website for search engines and driving tons of free highly targeted traffic.

But to get that traffic you must have some helpful stuff on your site, i.e. write an engaging, original content in order to be able to get to the top 10 of search engine results, such as Google and Yahoo.

Google, the main player on the web is looking for websites that have original content. Google is not going to rank useless squeeze pages built with Mega Commission Machine. So, you won’t get any traffic as a result.





5. Also, Mega Commission Machine offers you another way to drive traffic to their useless squeeze pages, such as using traffic exchange networks. Traffic exchange networks of course can send you a lot of traffic, but the main problem here is that this traffic is not targeted.

People participating in traffic exchange networks basically click on other peoples ads in order to earn bonuses and get their own ads clicked on by other people. Majority of those people have no interest in your site or your product, that’s why that traffic is absolutely useless.


6. The only positive side in the program is that they have an affiliate program. So you can promote the same crappy product to other people only to arouse their anger.


Final word on Mega Commission Machine

I think my final word on Mega Commission Machine is pretty predictable. The product is not that bad at all, it has some positive sides, but basically is not going to help you achieve your goals. Honestly, I can’t recommend it to anyone.

If you want to start making money online, I can recommend you a program that I tried myself and so did many other people that I know. And we all are happy with the program. You can read about this program below and if you have any questions, feel free to contact me or leave your comments below and I will reply shortly.




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  1. Abdelrahman says:

    Hey Rufat , Thanks for this big useful review i didn’t come across this training program yet , but i believe in on word you say in the begining of your article is when someone promise you with instant success , you should put your money back in your wallet .

    Thanks for review

    • Rufat says:

      Yes Abbady, you are right. If someone promises you instant wealth or show you some secret to a money goldmine that means they are lying to you right from the start. Speaking about Mega Commission Machine, all I can say is that they don’t teach you any real skills you could apply to your business and the only thing they teach you is just create a squeeze page, drive traffic to it and make tons of money though it’s absolutely unrealistic approach. We all know that most internet marketers use squeeze pages to drive people to their product offers, but it’s not the foundation of your online business. The foundation starts with creating original content for your website first and helping folks, then building relationships with them and finally making money. And this is exactly what Mega Commission Machine will not teach you.

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