Is Project PayDay a Scam?

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Product name: Project Payday

Product owners: Jeff Walker and Monika St. John


Price: $4.95 – 7-day trial and $49.95 per month after trial period

Overall rank: 30 out of 100

Verdict: Recommended? Yes and No


I finally decided to write my own review of Project Payday and to be honest it was not easy at all. I spent over 4 hours only to understand what this program is all about because internet is full of controversial reviews.

Some people call PPD a scam while others say it’s a legit program and you can really get confused if you decide to find out the truth about this opportunity. Jeff Walker promises that you can easily make tons of money and to prove it he shows you his real earnings in a short video on his website.

In my opinion, it doesn’t mean anything because it’s misleading. Most people don’t even realize that Jeff spent months in order to reach those numbers. Though he claims that his secret formula is a step-by-step system that will allow you to start making money it’s not as easy as most people think it is.

Keep reading because I’m going to explain exactly what PPD is all about and if it’s worth your time and money.


The main idea behind Project Payday

I don’t like Jeff’s approach because on his website he doesn’t explain what you are going to do to make money. It’s a typical approach and whenever I see it I understand right away that something must be wrong.

In fact, there is no any secret in this opportunity and all you have to do is complete the tasks or refer other people to PPD in order to make money.

Once you get access to the Project Payday members area you will be able to complete trial offers and get paid for them or you can get other people to complete those offers and get paid too for referring them to the system.





Very few offers are free and most of them are paid, i.e. you have to pay for them in order to complete them and then get paid. By offers I mean CPA offers, i.e. cost per action offers.

But since most of the offers you will find are not free I really can’t call them CPA offers. CPA is very popular because you can actually get paid for taking action such as filling out a form, testing software, not actual sale. In this case the bad news is that most of them are paid.


Pros of Project Payday

  • Theoretically you can make money
  • Earnings are way exaggerated


Cons of Project Payday

  • Most of the offers are paid
  • Many complaints
  • Monthly fee
  • Tons of spam emails


Inside the program

1. First off, in order to complete offers you need to pay for them which is not always acceptable to most people and most of the companies will require your billing info, email address, phone number etc.

Two of my friends have tried PPD offers and both ended up getting tons of emails every single day. I think it’s not a good sign if you receive tons of spam from a company that claims to be legitimate.


2. There are different type of offers. It may be buying a domain name and hosting, testing a device or a set of knives. A set of knives may cost you around $60 plus $10 for shipping.

Sometimes you may want to get your first set and then cancel the subscription and will find that you can’t cancel it and the only way to do it is call the company.

It can really be annoying and time consuming. One of my friends after 7 days of hard work ended up earning $22.72, he got over 1500 spam emails and his credit card was charged for $68 without any notification.

That’s why you need to be very careful because if you forget to cancel your trial subscription your card will be charged automatically.


3. The bad news is that project payday site is now redirected to and their rules have changed too. You need to pay $4.95 for 7-day trial and then $49.95 per month. It’s not affordable for an average internet user keeping in mind that you still have to pay for trial offers.


BTW, I tried to create a free account at and here is what I’ve got on my screen. It seems it’s open for people living in US only.


4. There are many empty promises on project payday site about the opportunity to make easy money and they show snapshots with unrealistic earnings which I think is a bit misleading and I will explain why.

It’s true that PPD pays $1.50 for every person you refer to their site but in order to make a lot of money you need to send a lot of people to their site which is not easy at all.

You have to spend hours on social media sites every day in order to find someone interested in that offer. Or you have to buy traffic through PPC (paid advertising) which requires money and experience. Or you need to create a lot of content to get your pages ranked in search engines which takes time and effort.

Or finally you have to create videos and put them on YouTube in order to drive traffic to your offer. It doesn’t matter how great your offer is because if you can’t drive a massive and free daily traffic to your offer you are not going to make serious money. As simple as that. All this means that making money online is not easy at all.


5. While doing research on the internet I found out that some people had a problem trying to cancel their subscription to Project Payday after 7-day trial. They had to call PPD customer service and explain that they didn’t want to continue with PPD and only after that their subscription was cancelled.


6. Also, keep in mind that you’re not going to be paid a huge amount of money for completing offers while they are a bit time consuming. The only way to make real money is promote PPD aggressively here and there in order to bring tons of people to their site. It’s possible only if you know how to drive a massive and targeted traffic to your promotional offers.




7. The truth is that some people are making money with Project Payday and those that are making a lot have been in the business for many years and if you think you can join PPD and start making thousands of dollars then I’m going to disappoint you.

Most probably it won’t happen. To start making thousands of $ requires time, dedication and motivation and sticking with the right program.


8. I did some research on the internet and found many complaints about Project Payday and though I can’t call PPD a scam, these complaints stop me from recommending PPD to anyone. Sure, it’s up to you to join PPD or not but after reading all these complaints I really think Project Payday is not the best option out there.







9. In fact, since most of the offers provided by Project Payday system are not free I don’t think there is a good chance to make serious money here.

There are many other large CPA networks available such as or and many other networks and they have tons of different free CPA offers and you don’t need to pay anyone for completing those offers.

Just complete them and get paid or get other people to complete those offers and you will be paid generously. For some CPA offers you can get paid as much as $20/$30 per offer. I think it’s a much better alternative to a Project Payday.


10. Besides that, any affiliate or a CPA marketer knows that the only way to make serious money with CPA offers is through creating landing pages for each offer, filling it with content and driving traffic to those pages.

Finally, it all boils down to having a website and learning affiliate marketing because large CPA networks accept only experienced affiliate marketers that have a website and steady daily traffic.

The best program that can teach you affiliate marketing, i.e. making money online is Wealthy Affiliate. It’s been my favourite program since 2013 and I’m still part of this program.


Final word on Project Payday

The program is not a scam though there are some red flags here. I think you should be careful and think twice before you join it. I recommend you to read my article below about my favourite program which I think can be a much better alternative to a Project Payday.

Remember that you can join it for free and still make money if you are willing to go through the training and work hard towards your success.



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My name is Adam. I'm the founder of Your Income Advisor. My goal is to help others succeed online, by exposing scams and reviewing top rated products. I can help you start your own business online

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  1. Peteni Kuzwayo says:

    Hi Rufat

    What a comprehensive review.

    Out of all the great points you make in your article, I have to say that this one stuck with me the most: “To start making thousands of $ requires time, dedication and motivation and sticking with the right program.”

    No overnight riches. No gimmicks.

    Just pure consistency and dedication.

    A very well written and thought out post.


    • Rufat says:

      I think that’s my main argument because most programs that I’ve seen so far make this type promises like you will making ton of money. I believe there are much better programs out there that don’t require spending money compared to Project Payday. I’m promoting cpa offers from cpa networks and I don’t pay a dime to cpa networks for promoting those offers again compared to Project Payday.

  2. Andres Santos says:

    Thanks for the review. I’ve heard about this program, but didn’t look into it and now I’m glad I didn’t. It’s one thing to get paid to do tasks, but to have to pay to do them is definitely not right in my book. It’s bad enough that you don’t make a lot to start with.

    • Rufat says:

      This program is not the the best one out there and though I don’t think it’s a scam I tend to not recommend it.

  3. Viljoen says:

    Hi Rufat

    There was a time when I tried Project Payday and I wish I did not have go through with it. Some of the offers require money and it is very hard to find those that are 100% free.

    All of them require your credit card information and that is something that I am not willing to give. So this is a skip for me.

    • Rufat says:

      This is really great that you tried the program and have some real knowledge about the program. So I don’t have to convince you because you know it better. But it’s even more convincing for others and is a good addition to my review.

  4. Riaz Shah says:

    Hello again Rufat,
    Project Payday is indeed a scam I’ve tried that a before and I was pretty pissed off at support. They were very rude and they keep telling me the same old thing I hated to hear – if you don;t put in effort you won’t succeed which doesn’t make any sense since the problems were mostly technical. Terrible program, avoid at all cost.

    • Rufat says:

      I understand you very well Riaz. But I can’t base my opinion on the experience of only one person. Some people are making money with this program and some people are not happy with it. To be exact, there are many complaints, that’s true. That’s why I think Project Payday is a very controversial program and if you read my final verdict I say that there are several red flags here to watch out for and it’s better to find some other program to join, a much better alternative to a Project Payday. But the fact that you faced some serious problems with this program will serve as an evidence and help my readers make an informed decision and I think most will not join Project Payday. I personally wouldn’t join it, not to mention invest my money into it.

  5. Ehab says:

    Hello there,

    Great review of Project Payday, i know that feeling when you find a program for making money only and you can’t decide whether it’s scam or not as some reviews may be promoting this program and biased and another kind of reviews that give you honest & clear words about the program like your review, if you made a review before of Google sniper program i will be happy to read it, thanks Rufat for this post.

    • Rufat says:

      It’s really hard to know if a program is a scam or not and it requires some experience in making money online before you can understand what it’s about. This one is not a scam although many sites rate it as such. I think it’s not. It’s simply by far not the best opportunity and we have to take into account the fact that there are many complaints about Project Payday. My business is to show people what it’s and the rest is their own choice. But I can’t call a program a scam only because I don’t like it.

  6. John says:

    Thanks for this review I was actually going to buy in to this project payday program, I did not think it was a scam but now after reading your review I am going to try your #1 recommendation instead. You saved me and I am greatful for that, also that is why I leave a comment.. I never leave comments usually. / John

    • Rufat says:

      Hi John. I’m sorry. I didn’t say it was a scam. There are some positive sides in the program and some people are making money with it, but there are some negative sides too and especially, there are some complaints as you can see. That’s why with all this in mind I can definitely say that it’s by far no the best option available on the internet. There are much better affiliate marketing programs for a lower price and with much better support, and there are much better programs in the field of CPA. Anyway, I’m glad I saved you from this program. But again, its’ not a scam and if you want you can try it and maybe you will have a better luck with it.

  7. Raymundo says:

    Hi Rufat, thanks for the investigation. Well-done to you for spending hours trying to work out the system. After I’ve read your review, I think my answer seems to be…”No” “Stay away”… Yes as you say, there see to be so many empty promises in Project Payday. It’s worth knowing. Thanks again.

    • Rufat says:

      I really spent hours to understand how this system worked and I’m happy to provide this information and help people like you stay away from Project Payday. By this I don’t mean that PPD is a scam, but after reading the complaints above I don’t think someone may want to join the program. Plus there are other good and reliable programs out there. I think you are right. PPD is such a program that if you don’t join it you won’t regret it.

  8. Eric Thompson says:

    Hi Rufat.
    Your review of Predict Payday is very informative, and I can see that it was written with passion. Your review is helping me to make better business decision, and I’m sure it’s helping other community member. Make better decisions, especially the new members.

    Thanks for letting me know what’s behind PPD.

    Good job,

    • Rufat says:

      My main goal is to help those that are looking for a legit program to make money online and especially I worry much about those that are new to all this and I want to save them from wasting their money on useless programs. I wouldn’t say that Project Payday is completely useless, but to be honest, I wouldn’t join this program for a number of reasons. And the main reason why I tend toy not recommend this program due to many complaints. The program is not a total crap, though I don’t recommend it.

  9. Alblue says:

    Wow thanks again Rufat. You save my day when I am searching about CPA affiliate network. I will be sure to blacklist the Project Payday.

    I don’t think a system that make you work heavily for referring others to join instead of selling their offer/product is a legit system. I’m glad I now know how this system works and I’ll avoid any similar system if I stumbled into one in future days.

    Thank you for sharing this 🙂

    • Rufat says:

      I wouldn’t say that Project Payday should be added to a black list because it’s not a scam. It’s possible to make money with this program though you can hardly become rich with it. But I agree that if you plan to work in CPA business it will be much better if you join CPA networks like Maxbounty or CPAlead etc and build your business yourself and you need programs like Project Payday. In fact, you need only to bring tons of people in order to earn more commissions. Anyway, there are many complaints about Project Payday and to be honest in my opinion this program is very controversial and I would rather not recommend it.

  10. John Rico says:

    Hi Rufat!
    Great review! I haven’t heard about project payday not until I have read this article. I completely understand everything you said. We should really be careful on joining make money programs online because sometimes instead gaining extra income from it, it may cost you more expenses. By the way, does it also cost something if I decide to join the recommended program that you are talking about?

    • Rufat says:

      Very true a lot of people fall for scams and instead of making money they lose their hard earned money and the reason is because they don’t do a research on the program before joining it. We really need to be very careful about bad programs. And there are so many legit programs and why then join bad ones. As for the cost of Project Payday, it will cost you $4.95 for a 7 trial.

  11. sarah says:

    lol I know what it feels like to spend hours trying to figure out what a program is all about. I faced the same problem the other week when I tried to write a Bonofa review.
    When a program is complex to understand most of the time it hides a scam. Not systematically of course, but a company should show transparency and be easy to understand.
    I’d never heard of project payday but I definitely don’t want to give it a shot after reading your review. Although you don’t say it’s a scam, it doesn’t sound like it’s worth my time.
    Thanks for the review!
    Cheers =)

    • Rufat says:

      I agree Sarah, It really takes a lot of time to write review on a program which requires a lot of research prior to it. I don’t like programs that are hard to understand what they are all about and in my opinion PPD is one of such programs. You are right, the program is not a scam and some people have some success with it but those are very few and to be honest, I wouldn’t recommend it because there are much better alternatives available out there.

  12. Kicks Release says:

    I had never heard of Project Payday before. It is crazy how there are so many systems online that offer ways to make money fast. The people who use these have good intentions and believe that these programs will truly help but they are often disappointed with the results, thanks for the heads up on this one.

    • Rufat says:

      It’s true that most programs are total time wasters. Project Payday is not a time waster but it’s by far not the best opportunity out there. It doesn’t live up to its promises and this is a fact. To promote CPA offers I don’t need to join PPD network because there are enough big CPA networks with free and paid offers and the only thing I need to make money with these networks is to go through WA training and learn how to write quality content and drive targeted traffic to that content and that’s it. I think there is nothing special about PPD at all though I don’t think it’s a scam.

  13. Leighann says:

    Thanks for the heads up on PPD it sounds like a money racket. I enjoyed your site it was very interesting and I thought it was well put together. I am glad you came out and told what was going on. I understand about getting scammed it happened to me more than once. Not a good feeling to get scammed because it makes you feel really stupid. Really great site. Hope you have lots of success with your site.

    • Rufat says:

      Glad you found it helpful. Agree that anyone feel stupid when they get scammed. That’s why I always recommend my readers to be careful and make an extensive research before joining make money programs such as Project Payday and the like. It’s always better to make a research before you pay because after payment has been made and you’ve been scammed it’s hard to get the refund and in many cases it’s not possible at all.

  14. roamy says:


    l never heard of project payday, there are so many programmes out there that before someone points you the right direction, you can not know which is which.
    Like you have said in your post, project payday has lots of complaints, for me as someone starting online, l prefer a stable programme that l do not always have to complete offers, for things l do not need.
    You are right,$49.95 monthly membership fee is not easily affordable for people starting online.
    Thanks for a great review,now l know what to expect should l see project payday online.
    Great job.

    • Rufat says:

      I agree that it’s always better to start with a stable program, especially when you on a tight budget. What I don’t like most about programs like Project Payday is that they promise that you can make money fast and most people trust them. They invest they hard earned money and see no results. No one can give any guarantees when it comes to making money online. Some people make money with project payday but a lot of folks don’t make even a penny and there are many complaints too. I think there is a lot of hype around this program.

  15. Matt says:

    Thanks for this review. Another scam avoided!! I see what you mean where you’re kind of in the middle about it but honestly I feel like if a product promises you one thing and it don’t hold up those promises, then its pretty much a scam. I always find it best to under promise and over deliver when offering products that way people are always super impressed with what you offered them! Thanks again for the article

    • Rufat says:

      Thank you for your comment. Yes, I’m in the middle and can’t say that Project Payday is a total scam. I just leave to the reader’s decision. But keeping mind all red flags I don’t recommend it. This is just my opinion and anyone is free to join and try the program. There are many complaints and I don’t think it’s the best choice. It would be much safer to try some other programs that are 100% reputable.

  16. Yves Johnson says:

    Hey Rufat, I am glad I stumbled upon your site because I was thinking about trying out project pay day. I am still a newbie in online marketing & I am trying to build multiple revenue streams. It looks like this will not be one of them. I’d rather focus my time & energy on something that seems more legit. Do you have any recommendations or suggestions for making money online programs?

    • Rufat says:

      Hi Yves, I’m glad you have made the right decision about Project Payday because it’s mostly newbies who in most cases fall for programs like this one. To be honest, PPD is bit controversial product. It’s not a scam which means that people should be happy with it. But in reality there are many complaints about this program which you can see in my review. Though I don’t like calling programs scams and in most cases I just don’t recommend them if I find them to be poor, in this particular case if you read these complaints it will be clear that Project Payday is not a good option to build a revenue stream.

      Most of their CPA offers are paid and why should I pay when there are many other CPA networks with tons of free CPA offers? I really wonder how some people are still making money with PPD. Anyway, even if you can make money with this program, there is a good chance that you will be just another complainer and that’s why I think it would be much safer if you forget this program and save your time and money for other programs that seem more legit.

      As for my recommendations, at the end of my review I recommend a program that I’ve been a part of since 2013 and I’m happy with it so far. You can try it for free and if you like it you will upgrade from a free to a premium account. Inside that program you will find all you need to start your business. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me and I will be happy to help.

  17. Sheila says:

    Great information you have on your page. I never really knew much about affiliate marketing until now. I agree with you that the best is Wealthy Affiliates platform! Hope you have great success and keep going strong! I actually never heard of Project Payday, but I have seen and heard of many others out there and they all seem to want money to get started and to train you, but then when you pay for something they call you and want more money to get better training. Such a waste!

    • Rufat says:

      Sheila, in fact you can join the program for free and it depends on the country you live in. But most offers are paid and I think there is no sense to pay for completing because there are many other CPA networks where you can complete similar offers for free. I agree with you that names are different but essence is the same and most of these programs aim to get your money first. Though some people claim that they are happy with project payday as you can see there are many complaints which means in my opinion that this program is a waste of time.

  18. Tasos Perte Tzortzis says:

    Hey Rufat , I know Jeff Walker from his Product Launch Formula.That product was a legit one but still it was too expensive.I find myself a little disappointed seeing Jeff presenting earnings on screenshots.And I wonder why there were so many complaints about the cancellation process and in overall about the Project Payday.And I don’t like the idea of getting hundreds of emails afterwards.

    So you mean that someone has to pay for that CPA offers in order to participate in the referral program?Is there any training available from Jeff or Monica?How a newbie can learn to do that?Any training on the creation of the videos?

    You made an extended review , you cleared up many things.Thanks for letting us know of this project.

    • Rufat says:

      I agree Tasos that showing earnings may be really misleading because it doesn’t mean or prove anything at all. If someone is making money it doesn’t mean that you will be making money too. It should always be followed by the explanation that it requires time and effort. I agree Tasos that though some people are happy with Project Payday, there are many complaints which makes this program not so appealing, especially with tons of emails in your inbox. Yes, you are right, you have to pay to complete CPA offers and this is how PPD works. As for the training, there is some sort of training inside PPD members area but to be honest, I don’t know how good it’s. I think if there are many complaints it means the overall quality of the program is not good.

  19. Dave says:

    Hi Rufat, thanks for the heads up. I’m always looking for different ways to make money online but after reading your post This one will be left alone. Most online opportunities say it’s easy to do, much like this one. Obviously you have taken the time to research this opportunity and I agree with your conclusion.
    Will have a look at your favorite program

    • Rufat says:

      Hi Dave, There are certainly multiple ways to make money online but one thing we should keep in mind that there are no easy ways and if someone promises you this it means there is a catch. Easy ways can only make you a few bucks in the best scenario and when it comes to making serious money it takes time and effort. As for Project Payday, Dave, yes, you’re right, I did my best to make an in-depth research and in my opinion though some people are making money with this opportunity, there are many complaints as you can see and that’s why I don’t recommend it.

  20. Lola Minaj says:

    Great blog if not a little wordy. I would have liked to see some sort of graph or chart with the featurews of the site and such. That way with a quick glance one could see what this site had to offer and why you would or would not recommend Keep up the great work.

    • Rufat says:

      You may be right Lola, but to be honest when writing my review I was mainly focused on providing my readers with real, valuable and in-depth information on PPD and that’s why I can agree that my post is a bit wordy. But at the end of the day, if someone wants to know if a Project Payday is worth the time and money I think they will find enough facts about this opportunity when reading my review. I really did my best to provide an in-depth info and hope it will help folks make an informed decision. Complaints section of my review alone will be enough I think to make the right decision and understand what you can expect from this “amazing” opportunity.

  21. Igor says:

    Hi Rufat, another great review. It would be much easier for me if this site exist when I started my online business. Unfortunately, you can find tons of promises and advices online on how to get rich tomorrow. This isn’t working at all. Everybody should be aware that making money online is a long process. Great site. I will send the link to my friends.

    • Rufat says:

      I’m glad you find my site helpful. I agree that there are tons of programs promising you wealth overnight and unfortunately many people fall for this type of programs. When it comes to a Project Payday, I can’t say that it’s exactly a scam because compared to many other programs they don’t make tons of false promise though the make some. It’s true that some people are making money with PPD but I’m sure they worked hard before they could achieve success. The truth is that like you say, making money online is a long process and one should have the right mindset first. I think Project Payday doesn’t look promising at least because of many complaints which is very bad for their reputation. As you can all these complaints are real and recent. All this proves that PPD is certainly not the best option and it’s better to join some other program.

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