Is Google Sniper 3 a Scam?

November 19, 2015 8 Comments



This product has no any partnership or association with Google company. Don’t take this image as an advertisement or guarantee of earnings


Product name: Google Sniper 3

Product owner: George Brown


Price:$47 + optional upsells

Overall rank: 30 out of 100


Google Sniper 3 is a very controversial product and it has been around since 2010. I’ve already reviewed this product and you can read my Google Sniper 3 review or Google Sniper 2 review.

First off, I would like to explain why I decided to write this review from a different perspective despite I already have two reviews.

There are many talks going on the internet about George Brown and I want to share my unique opinion on this product and say a few words about George Brown.

The main idea of this article is to help people make the right decision and decide whether they should buy Google Sniper 3 or not. I will explain in details what Google Sniper 3 is all about.

Do you really need it? Can you make money with it? How much money can you make with it? Is there any guarantee that you will make money with it?

I will try to answer all these questions and by the end of my review you will know all the truth about this product and whether you should by it or forget it.

If you are looking for a legit program with full support, up-to-date training, websites, all required tools and more, then allow me to recommend you a program that I’ve tried and I’m still a member of this program. It’s free to join! No credit card required. Take a look at the comparison table and see for yourself how my recommended program outperforms Google Sniper.


The main idea behind Google Sniper 3

First off, George Brown is a successful internet marketer and although you can find many negative reviews on the internet about him and his product, the truth is that he is successful and he’s made lots of money online.

Most of those who criticizes him, haven’t made even a fraction of what he has made. But the fact that he is successful has nothing to do with his own product called Google Sniper 3.

Because I know many other successful internet marketers, such as Anthony Morrison who always launches poor products and he is a very well known scammer in an online world.

When it comes to George Brown, he is not a scammer and there are enough people who have tried Google Sniper 3 and shared their positive thoughts about his product.

Google Sniper 3 is basically a money making training course on affiliate marketing that consists of PDF guide and videos. It teaches you how to build small niche sites, get them ranked on search engines, drive traffic to your sites and make money.

Plus, there are quite a few optional upsells before you complete your main purchase. That’s pretty much how you can benefit from Google Sniper 3 product.


Pros of Google Sniper 3

  • Mediocre training on affiliate marketing
  • Price is affordable
  • Support by email only
  • You can get a refund from Clickbank


Cons of Google Sniper 3

  • Support by email is not enough to be successful online
  • Several optional upsells
  • Some strategies are outdated
  • Too many false promises


Inside the product

Briefly About Google Sniper 3

First off, compared to many other money making products/programs available online, George’s product teaches you real strategies on affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a proven and realistic way to make money online and I’m actually making money through affiliate marketing too.

I know many people who are making money using this method. In this sense, Google Sniper is not bad. It consists of a PDF guide (73 pages) and video lessons.




The second part of the course is a PDF (108 pages) that explains things like wordpress, how to find keywords, niches etc.

The guide contains some good strategies and if you follow the guide you can learn some good stuff from George.

This product will show you how to choose a niche, find low competition keywords, write some stuff and get your website to the top 10 or 20 in Google search results. This in turn may bring you a lot of traffic and you possibly can make some or lots of money.


Google Sniper 3 Training Breakdown

Here is what you can find inside Google Sniper members area:

  • Start (Introduction)
  • Google Sniper course
  • Sniper X Training
  • Sniper Cash Machine
  • Rolodex
  • The Empire Module
  • Google Sniper Bulletproof Manual
  • Support





Start – This is a short introduction (a welcome message from George) and a short guide on how to navigate in the members area.


Google Sniper course – The main GS course, a PDF guide.


Sniper X training – This section mainly serves as an update resource for Google Sniper product. George holds weekly Q&A live webinars where he answers some of the questions he receives from his members. The section also includes some updates on his strategies. This includes monthly payments of $47.




Sniper Cash Machine – This is actually an offer from George to become an affiliate of his Google Sniper 3 product which is a Clickbank product. You can earn a commission up to 50% from each sale.


Rolodex – In this section you can find info on various ways to make money online. Some info is pretty helpful, but there is nothing special in this section and don’t expect any kind of secret ways to make millions of dollars.


The Empire module – This section is mainly about outsourcing the work to be done. The section contains some helpful info, but to be honest, it’s not a rocket science.

Anyone who has some experience online know that when you start your online business you are going to become an internet marketer and you shouldn’t waste your time on design issues, creating advertising promo videos, technical stuff etc.

It may take lots of time, however you still can do it yourself. But outsourcing will cost you money and it’s not cheap at all. You can order anything you need on Outsourcing such a task as writing an article alone will cost you $50 at least.

When you have several websites making you money you then can outsource creating some of the content and do something more worthwhile than spending your time on content creation because it takes lot of time.

But it’s not something you need when you are just starting and haven’t made any money yet.


Google Sniper Bulletproof Manual – It is a 60 page PDF guide and several videos with up-to-date information on how to keep your website rankings. The information is pretty solid.


Support – support is the weakest part of the training because the only way to get support is through email correspondence. I sent an email with a question in the morning and now it’s 11 p.m. and I still haven’t received any reply from George support desk.




In the email that I received from the his support desk it’s said that they will respond within 24 hours or it may take more. In my opinion, it’s awful because when it comes to money making programs, support is the weakest part of most programs I’ve come across so far.




Support is vital, support is EXTREMELY important for online success. Most people fail to make money online because they can’t get any support when they need it.

Support is as important for online success as the product itself. Any successful internet marketer will tell you the same. That’s why weak support is one of the major reasons why I don’t recommend Google Sniper 3.


Payment options

George offers two types of payment. One is a standard $47. Another option, Sniper X that includes access to weekly Q&A webinars and updates and it will cost you $47 per month.

Based on my experience, I can say that it’s way expensive compared to what you get from other reputable make money programs. Remember to uncheck Sniper X option to avoid paying $47 each month.




Refund policy

George offers you a 60 day money back guarantee which is great because it’s a Clickbank product and you can easily get your money back.


Google Sniper 3 upsells

There are several upsells before you complete your order of Google Sniper 3. You are free to choose any of them or refuse altogether.

Sniper Elite Pack – $97 which includes: Traffic Ultimatum (teaches you some traffic strategies), Empire Module (Outsourcing strategies), 4 VIP coaching sessions (twice a month, within two months).





Can George really guarantee you any success online?

In his promo video George claims that he guarantees you success if you buy his Google Sniper 3 course. The question is: Is this true or just another empty promise?

Although George’s course contains pretty solid information, unfortunately, George is not free from false promises. The truth is that he can’t guarantee success to anyone and if he does so, he is simply lying to you.

You can read my article about legitimate way to make money online and take a look at the warning from a reliable source about those who promise quick and easy way to make money online.




George explains in his guide that in order to be successful online you need to build a website, create content for it and get it to the top 10 or 20 in Google because the most traffic comes from the first two pages of Google. This is true. But he doesn’t explain how to create content.





I’m familiar with his previous product Google Sniper 2 and to be honest, I haven’t made even a dime. In his promo video on site he doesn’t say a word about search engine optimization process. He doesn’t tell you all the truth about getting content ranked in Google.

Normally it takes months to start seeing decent rankings with decent traffic and 1,2 years to start getting a massive traffic from Google.

It may also happen that you will not get the amount of traffic you might be expecting. There is no guarantee. Google doesn’t guarantee rankings to anyone.

Some sites may struggle for months in order to start getting 100 visits a day. It all depends on how good you are at creating content. In order to get ranked in search engines in top 10 or even 20 you need to create content that differs from other sites that write on the same topic.

You need experience in order to understand how to create content to get it ranked high in search engines. Just imagine that you have bought George’s Google Sniper 3 product. Perfect. Now you need to drive traffic to your website. Right?

There are two options: paid and free.

I don’t think you will want to pay for traffic. Getting free traffic from search engines such as Google and Yahoo is awesome, but it will take months of hard work and patience. Does George tell you anything about it on his website? No, he doesn’t tell anything.

Trust me, my explanation is very realistic and is far from any false promises or unrealistic claims. This means that George is not honest with you.I’m not saying that his product is bad. I mean that he can’t deliver what he promises on his website.


Can you make money with Google Sniper and how much?

Yes you can. But it will take time, most probably months and there is no guarantee that you will make any money at all. It all depends on what I’ve said above about creating content and getting your content ranked in search engines.

Money part comes only after getting rankings in Google and driving targeted traffic to your website. This is not easy at all. It requires months of hard work and tons of patience.


Can you really make $1,575.90 – $2,556.80 a day?

$1,575 a day = $47.250 a month. Trust me, this amount of money can be made only after years of hard work. But many people even after years of hard work fail to make even $10.000 a month. This is a cold hard truth of internet marketing.





My experience with Google Sniper

I know many people who have used Google Sniper 2 and 3 including myself and have been unable to make even 100 bucks a month. And I can tell you why. Because George doesn’t provide any support.


How Can Google Sniper 3 help you?

There are several simple, clear and proven questions we should ask and if we can get positive answers to these questions then we can confidently say that Google Sniper 3 is worth our time and money:

  • Is it easy to get help from George Brown? No. It will take a day or two or even more to get a reply from his so called team.
  • Is private coaching available in this course? No.
  • Can you contact George Brown? No, you can’t.
  • Does he provide a live chat option? No.
  • Are free websites included in his course? No.
  • Can you try Google Sniper before you buy? No, you can’t
  • Does George promise that you will be making thousands of dollars? Yes, he even guarantees this.


Final word On Google Sniper 3

From all the above said it becomes clear that Google Sniper 3 is not a scam. It can’t be a scam because George does provide a solid training material and teaches some good proven strategies. His product is not bad, but it’s not for everyone, especially it’s not for newbies.

1. George doesn’t provide any real support which is a big problem. Newbies need tons of support and this is a fact and most of them fail to make any money online because they can’t get this support.

2. Some strategies he teaches are outdated and some resources (links) don’t work

3. George makes unrealistic claims and makes too many false promises

4. Although Google Sniper 3 is not a scam, I can’t confidently recommend it to everyone.

If you still want to buy Google Sniper 3, I suggest that you take my recommendation and try a program that offers a pretty similar, but a much better training and provides all other options that George fails to provide.

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My name is Adam. I'm the founder of Your Income Advisor. My goal is to help others succeed online, by exposing scams and reviewing top rated products. I can help you start your own business online

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  1. Matthew says:

    There are so many courses and websites which give the visitors false hope, it really frustrates me a lot. I am sick of it and am so glad you are reviewing certain companies. Like you said this company does have good points to it however its false advertising that you can make x amount of money is wrong.
    Please keep making more reviews like this
    well done

    • Rufat says:

      Yes, it does have some good points, but it fails to provide what newbies need when starting out online. And the main problem is that there is no support.

  2. Marcus says:

    I can’t believe you didn’t call this a scam. I actually bought the original Google Sniper years ago. It never worked for me, so I’m pretty sure that George Brown’s wealth doesn’t come from the Google Sniper techniques but comes from conning people into buying Google Sniper. That right there makes him a liar.

    I suppose it depends on your definition of a scam, but one thing that is true is that he has lots of upsells, which is a big sign of a scam in my opinion. It’s a deceptive tactic, and it means that the main product is actually of not much value because you have to immediately buy additional products in order to succeed.

    • Rufat says:

      I understand you very well Marcus. I bought it too and it didn’t work for me either. But if it didn’t work for you it doesn’t mean it doesn’t work for other people too. For some people it does work whether we accept this reality or not. I think if it didn’t work for us it doesn’t mean it’s a scam. His product contains some good and solid information and Jay from affiliateresources admits this fact. But I totally agree with that George is lying in his promo video about quick results and his product is the solution to all financial problems. Of course, it’s not true. I don’t like such an approach and no one likes. But in my review I clearly explained all this in details and explained exactly what people can expect from George Brown’s Google Sniper 3 product. An I agree that his product is full of upsells and of course I don’t like such an approach too. But having upsells inside a product doesn’t mean it’s a scam in my opinion because they are optional. No one forces you to buy those upsells. But I agree that George tells says nothing about upsells prior to paying him for the main product and this is of course a little dishonest. Anyway, like I said in my review, Google Sniper 3 is not a scam in my opinion, and it’s a very controversial product that comes without real support. And that’s why I can’t confidently recommend this product and I told about it in my review. I think we have to provide people with real facts, not just our opinion on a product and let them make their own decisions.

  3. Ehab says:

    Hello there,

    Great review for Google sniper 3, but actually i am not motivated to join this program because of one sentence you mentioned in your article which is LACK OF SUPPORT, as i am a new in internet marketing the most important part i need is support so i can follow up my work and see if i am on the right path or not, honestly this support i found in wealthy affiliate community and this is one for a lot of reasons i am a member in this great community , thanks for your honest review

    • Rufat says:

      I understand you very well Ehab. To be honest, I’m of the same opinion and whenever I come across a product that doesn’t provide quality support, I’m immediately turned off. The product is not that bad and I could easily call it a scam like many other sites do, but my goal is not calling every program a scam. Rather I’m trying to do my best and review the products form all sides so that people may have a full understanding of what Google Sniper 3 is about. I think lack of support is the major issue and especially the problem here is that you can’t contact the owner of this product, George Brown. I’ve been involved in internet marketing for a couple of years now and can confidently say that support is vital and without it you won’t be able a high level of success. As for WA, fortunately, I’m a member of this community too and admit that I’m successful thanks to their support. I know exactly that those programs that provide quality education and supreme support always have a high success rate. In case with Google Sniper 3, I have to admit that their support is very week and this the first reason why there are many negative reviews and complaints on the web.

  4. Anthony says:

    Hello Rufat!

    Thanks for the awesome article here about a company that I have heard about numerous times, Google Sniper. I think anyone who has watched George on his sales video claiming $1k-2k per day has seen that and couldn’t help but get excited about making that much money them selves. This is one of the problems I have is that he is so misleading and if anyone would just stop and think about the old adage “if it seems too good to be true it probably is” then they would realize these results aren’t actually realistic in most cases. I see that you recommend another product and seeing as how I AM looking for a legit program out there I will have to give that article a read. The big question for most is: Is it TRULY possible to make money online, be it small or large amounts?

    Thanks again.


    • Rufat says:

      Hi Anthony and thank you for your comment. I absolutely agree with you regarding misleading tactics used by George Brown. Although an overall quality of product is not bad, but he shows his earnings and claims that anyone can do this. This is not true and I think his marketing strategies are aren’t ethical. It’s true that he is making a lot of money, but the question is: can everyone who will buy his product repeat his success. Of course, not everyone can do this and in fact many people quit after the first few months of working online because they don’t see quick results. George Brown himself is very experienced internet marketer and he knows hard it’s to make money online and that’s why it’s unfair from his side to make such unrealistic claims and mislead people. As for the program I recommend here it’s absolutely legit and compared to Google Sniper they never make any false promises to anyone. They never lie because they think of their own reputation. But they do provide everything you need to start an online business and this is the best money making program I’ve come across so far. If you are looking for an honest, legit program to make money online yo should understand that they will never guarantee you any level of success. The only promise they make is that if you follow their training and take action you will be successful online. It may take a couple of months, up to a year or so, but your success will definitely come. As for George Brown, I think his main problem is that lies to you and he doesn’t provide any real support.

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