Is Damsel in Defense as Women’s Personal Protection and Income Opportunity Really Worth it?

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Product name: Damsel in Defense


Price: $149 starter kit

Owner: Mandy Lin, Bethany Hughes, Bob Hipple

Overall rank: 35 out of 100


Damsel in Defense was launched in 2011. It’s an MLM company that sells self-defense products that are primarily designed for women and children. Recently I’ve reviewed some other MLMs that are different from others due to focusing on specific products such as jewellery, candles, clothes.

This one Damsel in Defense has exceeded all my expectations. I think promoting personal protection products through a MLM type of business does look strange and unique at the same time in my opinion.

Anyway, it does work and Damsel in Defense has been in the business for a few years now. But the company is quite new and it’s hard to predict how things will go for them. The company’s mission is to equip, empower and educate women so they can protect themselves and their families.

I live outside the USA and I can’t tell exactly how important this type of products are for women. But I think it does have some demand.

I’m not an expert in personal protection products but I know how to make a buck online and I’m going to take a look at Damsel in Defense as an income opportunity to help you decide whether to join this program or not.

Let’s see how you can benefit from this MLM opportunity and make money besides personal protection. And let’s see if Damsel in Defense is really worth it.


The main idea behind Damsel in Defense

Like I said, Damsel in Defense is an MLM company that you can benefit from in two ways. You can either protect yourself or purchase their starter kit for $149 and start promoting it and possibly earn a commission through Damsel in Defense compensation plan.


Pros of Damsel in Defense

  • Simple compensation plan
  • Affordable prices


Cons of Damsel in Defense

  • You need $149 for a starter kit
  • It’s hard to make repeated sales
  • Requirements: recruiting, selling skills, holding parties
  • Too much playing on the fears of women


Damsel in Defense is a classic MLM company. As an income opportunity it’s not a scam. But it’s really hard to make repeated sales which means it won’t be easy for you to make enough money. Plus it requires continuous investment. If you feel you’re not a sales person then allow me to help you and recommend a genuine program that doesn’t require selling skills, recruiting or holding parties. I’m actually a member of my recommended program. It’s FREE to join. No credit card required.


Damsel in Defense MLM opportunity overview

Talking about Damsel in Defense concept it’s not a bad idea to sell self defense products. There is certainly some demand for these products. And if you feel passionate about it and you feel you can successfully promote such products you then can join Damsel and give it a try.

Many people become victims of assault every year and with the products that Damsel in Defesne offers some people may feel more safe. Especially most of the time women and children become victims.

If you are a party person, very sociable, have a lot of friends and you feel you can ethically without being intrusive and annoying promote Damsel products then maybe it does make sense to join Damsel and try your luck.

The starter kit will cost you $149 which is pretty affordable I think. Of course, Damsel products are primarily designed for women and children, but in fact anyone can use them.




They have a wide range of products:

  • Stun guns
  • Mobile security solutions
  • Pepper spray
  • Handheld striking tool
  • 120 db door alarm
  • Whistle bracelet
  • Stun gun with LED flashlight
  • Pepper spray with disable pin
  • Striking baton
  • Digital defense protection plan

and more

The prices are affordable. For example, a striking tool is $25. Some striking tools can be bought for $10. A door alarm is $15. Whistle bracelet – $10. Pepper spray – $10.

Pepper spray with disable pin – $20. Some products are expensive, such as rechargeable stun gun with alarm and LED flashlight- $95 or Handheld stun gun with LED flashlight – $65. Striking baton – $60.

They also offer a Digital Defense protection plan – $29.95 per month for individuals and $59.95 for families.

Some people may say that Damsel in Defense plays on women’s fears and tries to persuade people that they can become victims of assault every minute and that’s why they have to buy Damsel products asap to protect themselves and their families. In certain sense this is true.

Others say that statistics show that too many women and children become victims of assault which is true too.

Like I said, I’m not an expert in this field. But I know exactly that there is a demand for these products and anyone who has strong selling skills can benefit from Damsel in Defense opportunity.

But even those who have those skills will have to struggle to make repeated sales due to specific nature of Damsel products and competition.

I mean there are similar products on the market from other reputable companies and in fact you’ll have to compete and persuade people to buy Damsel products.


Damsel in Defense opportunity and compensation plan

As a distributor of Damsel in Defense MLM company you can benefit from their compensation plan if you can make enough sales. Of course, you can also buy some of their products for your own use without becoming a distributor.

Since Damsel products are primarily designed for women and if you are a woman and have a lot of friends, you can become a distributor. But you have to first purchase Damsel starter kit for $149 which includes:

Starter kit knight in shining armor

  • Safe hearts – storybook
  • Parent guide – safe hearts
  • Road trip – emergency auto tool
  • Get a grip – stun gun
  • Hardcore – pepper sprays
  • Pouch o’ pepper – pepper sprays
  • Holla hers – personal alarm
  • Sock it to me – striking tools
  • Go-to guide
  • Catalogs
  • Brochures
  • Business cards
  • Invites
  • Order forms/sales receipts
  • Help wanted pin


Starter kit no stun no spray – for restricted areas only:

  • Safe hearts – storybook
  • Parent guide – safe hearts
  • Junk in the trunk – auto emergency kit
  • Road trip – emergency auto tool
  • Sock it to me – striking tools
  • Holla hers – personal alarm
  • Sassy spray – diversion keepsafe
  • Hard lil’ hand – striking tool
  • Gimme a sign – roadside assistance flags
  • Step off – door alarm
  • Hard shelly – Rfid wallets
  • Go-to guide
  • Catalogs
  • Brochures
  • Business cards
  • Invites
  • Order forms/sales receipts
  • Help wanted pin

There are also many restrictions on using self defense products and you have to take a look at the restrictions you must know about before you decide whether to join Damsel or not.




Because as a distributor you must know all these restrictions. This is of course not in your favour because it means your marketing efforts will be restricted too. You can’t sell self defense products in some states. This info was taken from Damsel in Defense website.

In order to benefit from Damsel compensation plan in the best way possible you will have to focus on both selling more products and recruiting more people into the program.

Only if you can keep the balance between these two aspects of the program you’ll be able to achieve your financial dream. This is not easy at all.

As a distributor of Damsel products you can earn up to 25% commission. Not bad, but not great as well. There are many products online that you can promote and earn up to 50% commission. Same efforts but with higher payouts.

The more sales you will make with Damsel the more bonuses you will earn. If you plan to earn more from Damsel then you have to recruit many other people into the program.

Once your recruits start making sales too, your rank within Damsel compensation plan will increase too and the earnings accordingly. If only you can…

The main problem with most MLMs is that most distributors can’t increase their ranks and the earnings accordingly.

Also to stay active within Damsel compensation plan and earn a commission from it you will need $150 in personal volume over a 3 month period. If you fail then you won’t be able to earn from your downline.

There are 9 ranks within Damsel compensation plan:

  • Recruit
  • Protege
  • Junior mentor
  • Mentor
  • Senior mentor
  • Director
  • Crystal director
  • Pearl director
  • Diamond director

The main problem with most MLM’s compensation plan is that payouts are good but IF you can recruit other people and help them stay active within the program.




I don’t know the Damsel’s retention rate but I do know that most MLMs have a very low retention rate.

This means recruiting people and keeping them active will be extremely hard. You will be inviting people and most of them will be leaving the company.

It will be a continuous struggle to earn an income from your downline which in turn means that it will be difficult for you to increase your income with Damsel in Defense.


Can you really be successful with Damsel in Defense?

Since MLM business is not the best opportunity when it comes to earning an income and the majority of MLMs focus on offline activity, I tend to not recommend MLMs in general.

Yes, they primarily focus on offline activity because in case with MLMs you have to buy physical products in order to promote them. Some MLMs teach you how to become a sales person which is good.

But if you’re a shy person and don’t feel comfortable trying to push Damsel in Defense products then their training is not going to help you.

Since Damsel in Defense in not a scam and have real products and there is some demand for their products, you definitely have come chances to achieve success with Damsel.

It will require some money to purchase Damsel starter kit and some other products, plus time and effort. If you are a hard working and a goal oriented person you may achieve success. But you may not achieve your goal too because MLM business model is not the best one for beginners.

Many people quit MLMs soon after joining. Because most people don’t want to organize home parties or push products and become an annoying sales person. Most people find it extremely difficult to make repeated sales.

Since repeated sales require continuous and aggressive promotion efforts, many MLM distributors become intrusive and even their friends start to avoid them. Here is the comment that I’ve come across regarding someone involved in another MLM company.




Read it carefully and see what can expect you as an MLM distributor to Damsel in Defense. You may have the same problems or even you can lose some of your friends if you become too intrusive. People just don’t like it.

And here is a warning that I’ve also come across regarding MLM companies that you need to be aware of too. It doesn’t mean that Damsel in Defense is exactly a pyramid scheme, but most MLMs are as such.




In my opinion, the best and the most effective way to take advantage of Damsel income opportunity is to build a website and start promoting Damsel products through your website using advanced online marketing methods.

This requires some knowledge such as learning internet marketing, setting up a website, learning free and paid advertising methods, SEO ( search engine optimization), driving traffic, i.e. visitors to your website.

Unfortunately, Damsel in Defense doesn’t provide any training in these key aspects. That’s why the only way to be successful is focusing on offline strategies which is all about direct face-to-face selling strategies.




Final word on Damsel in Defense

I think within my review of Damsel in Defense I clearly showed that this MLM company has its own approach to business and some unique products. I can’t say that personal protection products are useless or that Damsel products are bad.

Their products are pretty good and the prices are pretty affordable comparing to other similar products available on the market. But in my opinion, they are playing too much on women’s fear and feelings trying to artificially create a demand for their self defense products.

They even have a nice image on their website showing the potential power of their products. It shows what an average family may experience IF they don’t use Damsel in Defense products.

They may experience a credit card theft, being a sexual target, identity theft etc. I think there is too much hype around it and I don’t think every family may experience all this within a single year.

Of course, they do so to artificially create a demand for their product and persuade people that they can make a lot of money with Damsel in Defense income MLM opportunity.

Yes, of course you can. But the question is: can you make enough repeated sales in order to make enough money and become your own boss?

If you have zero experience with MLMs and not good at direct sales then stay away from Damsel in Defense because it will be a huge waste of time for you and disappointment.

Plus you have to be able and willing to hold home parties in order to possibly make repeated sales and also to continuously recruit other people into the program so you can increase your profit.

Plus you have to persuade other people that they need Damsel self defense products. I think all this adds up and Damsel in Defense doesn’t look much promising to me.

It’s much better to choose a program that doesn’t require you to promote specific products or hold home parties or to be an intrusive and annoying sales person. I’m actually a member of such a program and I’ve been a member of it since 2013. You can try it for free. No credit card required.


Final glance at Damsel in Defense

  • Simple compensation plan
  • Affordable prices
  • You need $149 for a starter kit.
  • It’s hard to make repeated sales
  • Requirements: recruiting, selling skills, holding parties
  • Too much playing on the fears of women
  • Overall rank: 35 out of 100


Want a better program than Damsel in Defense? Here is my top recommended program to make money online!


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  1. Yolondam says:

    I believe that nothing beats a failure, but. A try.

    • Rufat says:

      Hi Yolondam,

      Of course, you can give it a try. If you think you can have success with it then go for it. I personally would never waste my time on MLMs because their business model is wrong most of the time. It’s a closed system that doesn’t provide value most of the time. Be careful and think twice before you decide to invest money into this business. Their starter kit os $149. It’s not cheap. Read other reviews too and see how it works for you. I would recommend to give a try to both programs: Damsel and my recommended program. After that you can compare them and make your final decision.

  2. Michel says:

    You are right when you say that selling hard core like this is extremely difficult. Also with these types of products, you won’t really get repeat business, because once you have something to protect yourself with, why would you buy something more.

    Affiliate marketing is the way to go these days because you can promote many different products to suit many different people, and you are not restricted to only one company.

    Thanks for this interesting review.

    • Rufat says:

      Yes, I think it won’t be easy at all to make repeated sales and build a solid income with this opportunity. Making a few sales is ok. I think most of use can accomplish this task. But making it continuously and turning it into a full time income will be a challenge. But those that have a good experience in MLM business maybe can achieve success with this program. For anyone who is new to all this I would not recommend Damsel in Defense. Anyway, anyone who has a desire to promote this type of product can try the program and see how it will work for them. Who knows? Maybe they can achieve success with it. I personally would not waste my time with any MLM program like Damsel or any other program.

  3. Timea says:

    I heard so many bad things about MLM, that I wouldn’t even try it by now. Unless you know any good one Rufat??
    However, I did check out Wealthy Affiliate as you recommended, and it is a 100 times better and easier to work with their A-Z full training than with MLM companies!! Especially because I didn’t know too much about internet before, and I needed lots of support and guide. 🙂
    Thanks for the great link!

    • Rufat says:

      I think there are WAY more bad things about MLMs than positive things. The good thing about MLMs is that if you have an experience with this type of business, if you are not shy and are willing to push their products everywhere and if you are good at selling then you can be very successful with MLMs. Otherwise you better go with affiliate marketing like you are doing. It’s much easier for a newbie to start with affiliate direction and especially with a program like WA. Generally speaking the same what I’ve mentioned above applies to Damsel in Defense too. You can be successful with the company if you meet this criteria.

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