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September 2, 2016 15 Comments



Service Quality


Quality Support







  • Free to join
  • 10$ sign up bonus if you get $25 cash back
  • Good referral program


  • Some complaints



Product name: BeFrugal


Price: Free

Overall rank: 40 out of 100

Final verdict: Recommended? Yes and No


BeFrugal is just another Cashback And Coupon Site that allows you to get some benefits out of your online efforts. But it’s not about making a solid income online. It’s more about saving some money. That’s pretty much what it is all about.

If you do online shopping quite often then BeFrugal is something that could be of interest to you. Just read this review and maybe you will find something that will encourage you to create a free account with BeFrugal website.

But again, if you’re looking for a program that can make you a solid income online then you should pass on this one. Plus there are also some complaints that you will see below within my review.

It’s not about discouraging you regarding BeFrugal. It’s just to let you know all the truth and facts about this company so you can make the right decision.

In my review of BeFrugal I’m going to show what this program is all about and if it’s a scam or legit.


The main idea behind BeFrugal

It’s just another Cashback And Coupon Site that allows you to get money saving coupons and also earn some cash back on your online purchases.

You can choose any of the merchants that are partnered with BeFrugal and they are partnered with over 4000 merchants BTW.

Just imagine that you make your purchase like you always do it online and get some cash back, from 10% up to 30%. Cool. Right? You can also get coupons if you use them.

Looks pretty promising, but like I said, there are some complaints too. Keep reading to learn more.


Pros of BeFrugal

  • Free to join
  • 10$ sign up bonus if you get $25 cash back
  • Get coupons
  • Get cash back
  • Good referral program


Cons of BeFrugal

  • Some complaints
  • Not a good choice for a solid income
  • You need to spend money in order to benefit from BeFrugal services


BeFrugal is a very specific website for people who do online shopping quite often. You can definitely benefit from their services. But there are some serious complaints. So, it’s up to you to join BeFrugal or not. If you want to start with a solid and genuine program that can help you make a full time income online, allow me to help you and recommend a much better option. It’s FREE to join. Take a look at the comparison table.


BeFrugal explained

As I mentioned above, you can do what you normally do online, I mean shopping and at the same time you can get some cash back on your online purchases.

Fortunately, BeFrugal offers a wide range of popular online merchants like BestBuy, Amazon, Wallmart, eBay and more.

The best part of sites like BeFrugal is that you can create an account for free and there is no monthly fees whatsoever.

But in order to benefit from sites like BeFrugal or Ebates you need to first make a purchase and then earn some cash back.

If you’re not an online purchaser then this site is probably not for you. You can also get coupons to some restaurants of your choice.

After verifying your account with BeFrugal you need to make some purchases within 90 days to be able to earn at least $25 cash back and if you do so you will be able to get a $10 bonus.

Using BeFrugal site is easy. Once you’ve created your account you start browsing online stores within BeFrugal site that are partnered with BeFrugal and complete your purchase and finally get your cash back. That’s it.




You can always find some great deals and save a good amount of money on your purchase.

If it’s unclear for you how to benefit from this site I will try to explain it further within my review.

Option 1 – you can purchase anything you need and want from any of the online merchants that are listed on BeFrugal site and make a saving (cash back) on your purchase. The higher the price of the product the higher is the amount of cash back, up to 30%.

Option 2 – BeFrugal also offers a referral program and this is really a good option to make some good money. You can refer your friends to this site and make money.




Let me explain how you can make money with their referral program.

If you refer someone to BeFrugal website and they create an account, make a purchase within 90 days and earn at least $25 cash back then you can earn $15 too.

But even if it does look simple, it’s not easy at all. More about it later. But if you can do it, I have to admit that the payout is great.


Some other options to benefit from BeFrugal

There are also some other ways you can benefit from BeFrugal site. The site offers coupons for grocery and other online stores, restaurants.

BeFrugal suggests that you stack your money savings thanks to combining your coupons with the best cash back BeFrugal rates.

I don’t know if this is true, but BeFrugal team says that they offer a 125% cash back rate guarantee. If you come across a site that offers you a better cash back rate, BeFrugal team promises to give you the same rate plus an additional 25%.

BeFrugal team guarantees that all their coupons do work. If you find a coupon that doesn’t work just let BeFrugal team know and they will give you a $5 bonus.

If you go to restaurants quite often then BeFrugal restaurant coupon program may be interesting to you because you can save some of your hard earned money with their coupons.




You just need to browse restaurant coupons at BeFrugal site and find one you want. For example, Burger King, Mc’ds and many others. To use them you need to print your coupon.

BeFrugal also offers printable coupons that you can print and use them and get some discounts on some items.




Finally they offer grocery coupons that you can use if you visit grocery stores quite often and this will allow you to save some money too.

And remember that BeFrugal has over 3000 printable grocery plus printable coupons of hundreds of restaurants and retail stores. You can print any of them and save!


Some other useful stuff regarding BeFrugal

If you plan to join BeFrugal website I recommend to read their FAQ section first to avoid any issues in the future. It’s really helpful.




You can install BeFrugal app via Apple store and benefit from BeFrugal services from your iPad or iPhone directly.




You can also install BeFrugal toolbar and get support from BeFrugal team in the most effective way.




They also have a fly or drive calculator that can help you find the cheapest way to your desired destination.




They also have an advanced electric car calculator that can help you determine if buying an electric car is worth the money. It will help you determine based on the info you will provide, such as your driving habits, gas prices and many other factors.

They also have an advanced calculator that can help you determine how much you should spend on a car depending on your habits and needs.


Do you really need BeFrugal services?

I don’t know about you, but I personally don’t do online shopping quite often nor do I use coupons. This website is a good fit for those who do online shopping quite often and want to make some savings. Or if you go to restaurants often this maybe of interest to you too.

Otherwise BeFrugal is not a big deal for you. Of course, you can make some good money by simply referring people to their site. But it does make sense only if you know how to drive traffic to the offer and convert visitors into BeFrugal members.

It’s not easy and requires knowledge and experience. You should know how to build a website, how to drive traffic using free and paid methods.

You can really make a lot of money if you stick to BeFrugal referral program. Again, you can IF you know how to do it.

In order to get paid by BeFrugal there are several options available within their system:

  • Amazon Gift card (automatically adds up to 3% to your payment)
  • Check ( For US residents only)
  • Paypal ( not available in all countries)

Before you can get any of your benefits you need to reach at least $25. I think you remember that I’ve mentioned about $25 threshold above within my review.

This also means that you need to buy products for the amount of $250 in order to get 10% bonus which comes to $25 cash back.

And remember that BeFrugal is geared towards people wanting to save money, not to make money. These are two different things.


Complaints about BeFrugal

Unfortunately, there are always some complaints about sites that are free to join. I review many programs and know a lot about them and other similar programs. If you read the complaints below you will see some serious problems that people face with BeFrugal website.



complaint-1 complaint-2 complaint-3


I think those complaints are very serious because people go to BeFrugal site in the hope that they can get some cash back on their purchases and when they get nothing in return this is really bad and discouraging to be honest.

I think it would be much safer and a better choice to join another similar site called Ebates which is WAY more popular and reputable. Anyway, I don’t want to give any verdicts like BeFrugal is a scam.

I think it’s not. It’s legit because they have many happy members. Just keep this info in mind when you join IF you decide to join it at all.


Final word on BeFrugal

BeFrugal is not the only cash back and coupon site and there are many other similar sites. It’s similar to Dubli or Ebates while Dubli was shut down BTW. Anyway, if you understand what it’s about and how to benefit from this opportunity, you can take advantage of it.

Like I said, if you do online shopping quite frequently you can earn some cash back. But the problem with BeFrugal site is that though many people benefit from it and are happy with it, there are some people that are completely unhappy with BeFrugal due to their negative experience with it.

Some people complain that they lose some of their cash back points while others complain that they don’t get cash back at all.

Some complain that they contact BeFrugal support to resolve that kind of issue but BeFrugal team doesn’t look like they are much interested in resolving the issues.

Though I tend to think that BeFrugal is legit and not a scam, this info leaves me on the fence about this website.

The only reason that makes it worth giving it a try is that it’s free to join website and in fact you don’t lose anything. But you can get disappointed if you don’t get your cash back.

Anyway, I did my best and showed all the facts about BeFrugal and it’s up to you to join it or forget it.

But if you want something more reliable, consistent and genuine, I can recommend you a program that helped me start making a solid income online.

My recommended program is NOT FREE, but it’s well worth the time and money you’ll spend on it. And the good news is that you can join and try my recommended program for FREE.

If you join, you will find me inside by my name (Rufat). I’ve been a member of my recommended program since 2013.


Final glance at BeFrugal

  • Free to join
  • 10$ sign up bonus if you get $25 cash back
  • Get coupons
  • Get cash back
  • Good referral program
  • Some complaints
  • Not a good choice for a solid income
  • You need to spend money in order to benefit from BeFrugal services
  • Overall rank: 40 out of 100


Want a better program than BeFrugal? Want to make a full time income online? Here is my # 1 program!

No obligations. It’s FREE to join.

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My name is Adam. I'm the founder of Your Income Advisor. My goal is to help others succeed online, by exposing scams and reviewing top rated products. I can help you start your own business online

Comments (15)

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  1. Murs says:

    BeFrugal seems to always have problems with certifying purchases.
    Everytime that I have used them for a significant purchase, it has been rejected.
    And there is no recourse – Seller said no – nothing we can do.

    Never have this issue with Rakuten.

    So, sometimes better to earn a little less than nothing at all.

  2. Gaurav says:

    I would like to share my experience with Befrugal as they are conducting fraud and cheating people. I purchased an item from Amazon by clicking via BeFrugal that was eligible for 10% cashback as mentioned on the BeFrugal website. The BeFrugal site have captured the Shopping Trip. Though they are denying to provide any cashback (0%).

    I tried complaining against this with their customer care but they simply are denying the claim putting it on Amazon that Amazon did not provide them the cashback. This is clearly a FRAUD Case. They fool the customers with their false advertisements. They advertised to provide 10% cashback on Amazon Apparels but did not provide any cashback (0% cashback).

    Please read the complaints and reviews on BBB before you actually think of using BeFrugal. They are scams and do not provide any cashback with lots of delays, denials, partial cashbacks. And the worst part is you have to wait until 25$ cashback accumulation until it can actually be paid to you. So it would be too late until you accumulate that much cashback and then realize they are FAKE, FRAUD and CHEAT.

    Their Customer care is also fake. They keep denying your claims without hearing to you. They will not consider your case but simply deny the claims based on T&C or say the vendor did not pay them. It is not right as the Shopping Trip is also recorded so they get paid from the Vendor but you are not transferred your share for it. It is so frustrating. Think thousand times before you actually use BeFrugal.

    There are some genuine cashback providers which are way too better than BeFrugal. I know eBates and Topcashback are really genuine and processes your cashbacks much faster. Even their customer care is considerate in case if you face issue with any missing cashbacks. They do not harass the customers like BeFrugal Customer Service.

    It is not about the amount of money but it is about HONESTY and INTEGRITY. BeFrugal website is fooling many other customers as I see it in the Complaints and Reviews on your website.

    Request you to please help STOP this malpractice that will not only help an individual but also other customers facing the fraud from BeFrugal company.

    Thanks a lot for your support.

    • Rufat says:

      Hi Gaurav,

      Thank you for the comment. I really appreciate for taking the time and commenting on my post. It’s really bad to hear you are having such a serious issue with befrugal. I already mentioned in my review that many people are having serious problems with this company. I will make a screenshot of your complaint and add it to my review so other people can see it and avoid befrugal. Thank you again for your comment.

  3. Bil Foody says:

    This site is a scam. Their customer service consists of millenial jerkoffs who fire off canned terms. They don’t pay what they owe. Earn money on your purchases and then close your account when you try and get what you are owed. Huge Ripoff. They lie to the BBB, and they lie to consumers. Avoid these thieves like the plague

    • Rufat says:

      Thank you for the comment Bil. As you see from my review I warned my readers about BeFrugal. You can see the complaints from other people. Though Befrugal works for some people many others are having a problem. So, the program is not recommended in general.

  4. Vickie says:

    omg befrugal is totally a scam. My friend refer me and I signed up. I made some purchase through the site . Then they deactivated my account without any explain, and I never receive my cash back as promised.
    I will stick with

    • Rufat says:

      If turned out to be a scam in your experience that’s really bad. My research shows that it’s not a scam because makes payouts to its members. But there are some complaints though. Everyone’s experience is different and it looks like yours is different too from many others who tried it. If so then you should look for some alternatives like ebates and fortunately you found it.

    • Tim says:

      I totally agree with Vicky. Same happened to me, they just closed my account without any explain.
      They can hack your bank Acc. after you download their app. Stay away from them… Scam!

    • Rufat says:

      Very sad Tim. After Vickie’s and your complaint and changed my opinion about Befrugal. Though I previously said in my review that there were some serious complaints about Befrugal. It looks like the program is not so good.

  5. vanoren says:

    They pass blame to the company issuing the credits. I had a credit from a qualified purchase (website referral) and waited for the time window to lapse, but received no credit. I contact them through a trouble ticket, they referred the inquiry to the business and then ….nothing. I requested an update status twice over four months time and was told the request is “pending investigation.” This is not a federal case it is a credit for a website purchase. Befrugal will not honor their end of the bargain, they will kick the can down the road to delay time so people get tired and go away, they will pass blame onto the merchant which in the end will impact the merchant’s bottom line as well. I would suggest both consumers and merchants stay away from this company. There are similar services with long-standing establishment that provide much more reliable and trustworthy service.

    • Rufat says:

      I’m glad my review is not much different from your experience with Befrugal and your opinion about this company. I warned folks in my review that there were complaints about Befrugal and there are much better similar programs out there that have a positive track record. I think your experience with Befrugal proves once again that you better try some other legit opportunities instead of wasting your time with this program. I’m sorry I can’t help you because I’m in no way associated with Befrugal.

  6. Dmitriy says:

    Never heard of this program before – and maybe for a good reason. I’ve just checked it through Google Play and there are mostly negative feedback, claiming that cashbacks does not work at all. I’m not even sure why did you give it 4 out of 10, as it looks much worse than that. Maybe I am wrong, though.

    • Rufat says:

      Generally speaking BeFrugal is legit, but it’s true that there are some complaints from people claiming that they don’t get paid by BeFrugal and that’s why compared to many other reviews, I decided to add some real complaints to my review so my readers can see them, read them and make their decisions regarding BeFrugal. I gave it 4 because many people get paid while a certain number of people don’t get paid. I can’t say that BeFrugal is a scam.

  7. Julian says:

    Hey Rufat,

    Great post. Solid review, as always.

    BeFrugal, eh? It sounds alright…for those who aren’t necessarily interested in making money.

    It’s like you said:

    BeFrugal is for those who want to SAVE money.

    Could they be the same person? Hmm. That’s a good question.

    Maybe that’s something you can look into (and possibly cash in on it)…

    Is the person who wants to SAVE money the same person as the one who wants to MAKE money?

    If not, can you get the person who wants to SAVE money interested in MAKING money?

    Hmm. hehe


    • Rufat says:

      Hi Julian,

      This is all what this program is about. Just about saving some money. That’s it. Not a bad choice for online shoppers. But to be honest, I would use Rebates instead of this one because some people do complain about BeFrugal. Who knows, maybe someone interested in saving money may be interested in making money too. If show them the right program and help them, I think the odds that they can be interested are very high.

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