Is Auto Mobile Code a Scam? Absolutely!

March 6, 2015 12 Comments




Product name: Auto Mobile Code

Product owner: Giovani Leoni & Tessa


Price: advertised price $49, discount price $19 + many upsells

Verdict: Scam


Though the official name of this product is Auto Mobile Code, I call it Auto Mobile Code Scam because it really is. The owner of the program is Ronnie Montano, the creator of another scam product, called eMobile code.

If you read my eMobile code review and watch a promotional video on their site (, you will notice that the idea in both videos (at eMobile code and auto mobile code sites) is the same.

Same free gift waiting for you, same strategies but this time with new faces. Ronnie is again doing a “great” job by scamming honest people, but this time two other actors are doing all the work for him.

He promises again that with his program you will be able to make over $45.000 with your cell phone.

And again you will have to listen to scam artists claiming that they tried the program and were happy with it. In this review I will try to show you all the facts about this program that I know.



The main idea behind Auto Mobile Code Scam

The main idea behind Auto Mobile Code is about sending SMS messages from your cell phone to people and selling some stuff to them. Also, you will learn how to build your own list of email subscribers to send them product offers and make money.

The main problem with this product and why I call it a scam is because to make money with it, you need to buy some other packages (upsells) from Ronnie and have your list of subscribers or a list of contacts with phone numbers what you probably don’t have.

Ronnie doesn’t tell you that to build a list of subscribers you’ll need 2,3 years of hard work and to buy a list of contacts with phone numbers you’ll need to spend money.


Pros of Auto Mobile Code

  • You will love his promotional video if you have a sense of humour
  • The idea of using cell phone is not bad


Cons of Auto Mobile Code

  • Ronnie’s promotional video is a complete lie
  • False promises
  • Many upsells
  • Bad reputation
  • No support


I Know of a Program That Blows Away Auto Mobile Code and is Free to Try, Click Here for More Details!

Inside the program

1. First off, Ronnie has a bad reputation and is known for scamming people with his crappy product eMobile Code. If you read my eMobile code review you will understand that the product is an obvious scam and Auto Mobile Code is not much different from it.


2. Once you pay Ronnie and get access to the members area you will find a lot of videos there and in some way you can benefit from them. I can’t say that they are absolutely useless. But the main problem here is that to watch most of those videos you need to pay Ronnie.

Some of them are very expensive, expect spending a considerable amount of money. There are different types of trainings, such as Auto Mobile Code, Mastermind Training, Done For You, DFY Business, Traffic Mobile Code, Viral Mobile Code, Auto Mobile Binary.


3. But this is only a beginning of the story and the second part is going to be even more amazing. To be honest, it’s normal and very predictable if you know who Ronnie Montano is.

The main problem with his product is that if you buy it, you won’t be able to use it simply because most probably you don’t have your list of contacts with real phone numbers.

If you don’t have that list you can’t send messages accordingly. But there are some ways to get those contacts on the internet. You can buy a list which is not cheap or find one using illegal methods. As you can see, there is problem right from the start.


4. Another problem is that even if you buy that list or find it, to start sending messages to people you need to buy credit packs from Ronnie. He has different packages, $50, $100, $150, $300. As you can see, you need to spend more money again.


5. The next part is even more amazing. You need to find a product to promote to your audience first. That’s another story. Even if you find it, which is not that hard at all, you need to know your audience before you start sending them messages.

If you don’t know your audience you can’t just spam them simply because it won’t work.

Most probably, most of them will delete your messages. But the problem here is that you have to pay Ronnie for each message you send and you can easily waste all your credits with little to no results.

I personally receive such messages almost every day and delete them without reading. Don’t you do the same? You need to send thousands and thousands of messages to be able to make a sale or two at best simply because a contact list is not a targeted audience.

Targeted audience comes through search engines, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo and this fact is known to any internet marketer who has been online for some time at least. That’s why, Ronnie’s system is designed in such a way to allow him make tons of money while you lose the money.


6. The members area is a complete disappointment and a game of numbers. You will be offered to buy his first upsell which will cost you $295 and if you decline his offer you will be offered a discount price, then another discount again and finally you pay $100.

Then second upsell comes at $195 and if you decline it, you will be offered a new price $100. Then another upsell which will cost you $79.


7. The only thing that I like about Auto Mobile Code is that Ronnie has some tutorials to offer you and I can’t say that they are useless. You will be explained what to do and which step is next, how to build your site and collect emails.

Many times you will be reminded that you are very lucky person to find this amazing system and finally you are in the right hands to start making tons of money; same story that you have watched in his promotional video.


8. There are also some false claims going around that SMS messages are more effective than email messages because most people read most of the messages they receive.

This might be true but there is a BIG problem here. Reading messages absolutely doesn’t mean taking action, especially when it comes to spending money and buying stuff from people you don’t know.


9. There are a lot of complaints on the internet about Auto Mobile Code and I want to show you only two of them that I’ve found after a little research. I’m sure, you can find more complaints if you continue the search. All this proves again that Ronnie Montano is a slick guy and he is not interested in your success at all.




10. On a separate note, fortunately, Auto Mobile Code is now available only in a few countries, in US, UK, New Zealand, Canada and Australia.

But, unfortunately, it is still available in all other countries in the form of a different package, such as Auto Mobile Code Binary system. Binary options trading is another story and in most cases it’s a straight and fast way to your failure.


Final word on Auto Mobile Code Scam

My final word on Auto Mobile Code is very predictable. I don’t recommend it to anyone due to a massive lie that surrounds this slick guy and his shady business opportunity.

But Ronnie’s promise is not predictable. I suppose you can’t imagine what Ronnie promises you if you take his advice and start taking a massive action. Look at the image below and decide how BIG you want to go…






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  1. Joon says:

    I’m just really curious to know. Do these people with these type of business ethics, do make some bank? I mean looking at it from long term I don’t know if it’s really beneficial to launch out business like these. I don’t know much about business world so I’m just really curious. Can anybody give me some insights one this?

    • Rufat says:

      Like you I always look at my business long term, but those people do not. I think yes, they are making money and a lot of money because there are still thousands of people online that don’t have any experience in making money online, they have never been scammed and they are honest and naive. It is these kind of people that fall for scams like Auto Mobile Code and people who stand behind such programs keep these people in mind when creating their crappy programs. Because they know that creating a high quality training is not easy. High quality training means you have to provide a high quality support and this is what they are not ready for. Plus, they know that through endless upsells they can make a lot of money and that’s why they create a program such as this one, make some money then take it down and then open a new website with a different name but with the same product and start making money again and so on and on. This is how O believe this type of programs work and Auto Mobile Code is exactly the same type of crap that aims at customers who will be continuously buying their useless credits.

  2. Don says:

    Hi Rufat,

    Another program I wasn’t aware of. Thanks for informing us and after reading your post I’m absolutely the same opinion that you are. Selling via phone messages is for me a bit weird and I’d never do that as selling is for me personal contact and not via a message.

    The additional upsells are also crazy expensive and I’m personally not willing to invest that much money at the beginning of my online career.

    What kind of program would you recommend where you don’t have any upsells and receive great support for a good price?


    • Rufat says:

      Of course, this program makes many false promises that you will be rich once you join this amazing opportunity but in reality it’s not going to happen in a few days. Using mobile phone is ok, but it doesn’t mean that you can start making money immediately. The best results come from email list, i.e. loyal subscribers and before you build your list of contacts you have to do a lot of work. But people that stand behind Auto mobile code don’t tell all the truth about it. They just describe how this program can change your life and you will be a millionaire which looks ridiculous because they don’t provide any real support. Plus using contacts of people you don’t know means you can send thousands of messages and only few may respond which means you will make pennies instead of promised millions of dollars. Upsells is another expense and it’s really bad because if you are just starting online and auto mobile code is the first program you join it means you will have more expenses. As for my recommendation, I can recommend you a program that has no upsells, provides excellent support and offers a top-notch training. I’m very happy with the program and suggest that you try it. It’s free. You can find the link at he end of my review in the form of a banner ad.

  3. Daniella says:

    Hi Rufat,

    Nice article, I really liked it!
    It’s incredible how many scams are online lately. It’s growing every single day. My luck is that my father always told me , “there is nothing free in this world, so be careful “. Since then, I always check from A to Z no matter what I chose to be involve with.
    I even checked deeply WA before I became a premium member and I am very happy with this online training course.
    Thank you for this helpful blog

    • Rufat says:

      You are right Daniella, the number of scams is growing every day vs legit programs that are very few and lots of people are struggling online to find legit ones. I think your father gave a great advice and good to know that you strictly follow his advice. Unfortunately, I don’t always follow this ways though I know nothing is free in the world and I fell for scams a few times before I came across WA. I was skeptical like you too and checked the program from top to bottom and then joined it and it looks like for many years to come. As for auto mobile code, it’s though not so expensive but it’s a total waste of time in my opinion. May be someone is successful with this method but it doesn’t mean this method is for everyone or that everyone can successfully apply it.

  4. Neil says:

    I have discovered auto mobile code before, and wasn’t 100% sure what to think about it.

    The cons to this program are certainly enough to put me off it, and I Thank You for exposing the lies. I sure would like the white Ferrari in the video, but I would much prefer to hard work for it instead of falling for easy online scams that don’t work.

    By the sounds of this program, the Auto Mobile Code should be closed down, period!


    • Rufat says:

      Hi Neil, I hope you are doing well and thank you for stopping by on my post. The program is truly full of lies and before writing a reply to your comment and I visited the automobile site and watched their promo video and really enjoyed it. I laughed so much. The program is really a total BS. Like you say, the only way to success online is through hard work and patience and the sooner people realize this truth and start working towards their success the better is for them and will stop falling for easy money scams. I checked the site and it’s still functioning. But I’m sure it will be taken down sooner or later after receiving a large number of complaints.

  5. LORNA M. says:

    Last night I stupidly purchased the Auto Mobile Code program. I thought “maybe this one is different!” BUT, then I find that I cannot even get on the webpage! All I get is “Page not Found”. I called the Customer Specialists number that they gave me, only to be told “that is not our company – we cannot help you with that!’

    • Rufat says:

      I’m really very sorry to hear that you purchased Auto Mobile Code. Unfortunately, I can’t help. They scammed so many people. I wish you I could help you. For now, I can recommend you to try my # 1 ranked program because it’s absolutely free to try. My # 1 ranked program provides people with a stress-free environment and I’m sure once you try it you won’t want to leave the community. If you need any help please let me know.

  6. Rufat says:

    Thank you Peter for your comment. You are absolutely right. Auto mobile code is a legit scam 🙂 It’s a waste of time and money And Simon, their main promoter is making good money by scamming honest people out of their money. I know many crappy sites, especially, nancyreviews which always reviews scam products in a favourable light and ads an affiliate link to every reviewed product to make money. It’s unethical if chose money over people and unfortunately most people do it. Speaking about Auto Mobile Code, making money through sending sms messages is absolutely laughable and if someone does it, they can make a few bucks at best which will never allow them to build a sustainable business.

  7. Peter says:

    Hi Rufat,

    I have seen many sites that say Auto Mobile Code is a legitimate program. I hate those affiliate marketers that are ready to promote any program just to earn some money. Your review clearly shows this program is a scam.
    To me sending SMS messages to unsuspecting people is no more than spamming them and then you have to pay Ronnie for this “service” I certainly can’t see how you would make many sales from this system and it would cost you more than you could earn. Personally speaking, I would not take action on an SMS from someone I didn’t know and I think most people are the same.
    You are doing a great job bringing these scams to peoples attention.
    Thanks, Peter

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