Is 4 Corners Alliance Group a Scam? Nothing Unique, Nothing Scammy. Just a Waste of Time.

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Product name: 4 Corners Alliance Group


Price: from 18$ up to $300, plus $29.95 monthly fee

Owner: David Harrison

Overall rank: 20 out of 100

Final verdict: Not recommended


There are many reviews about 4 Corners Alliance Group on the internet and to be honest, most of them are negative. Some sites give this program a very low score from the perspective of income opportunity while others consider it as a pure scam.

My research efforts show that 4 Corners Alliance Group is by far not best online income opportunity out there. Though David Harrison claims that his company is a safe place where you can build a life changing income I don’t think it really is.

David says that his company provides you with cutting edge financial products so you can achieve your financial dreams. Their goal is to help you become more than rich. These are their claims.

My research shows that 4 Corners Alliance Group is not a scam, BUT it’s a very mediocre income opportunity and achieving your financial dreams with David won’t be easy at all.

Their products are not cutting edge at all. In fact, 4 Corners Alliance Group is an MLM company that shows you how to promote their mediocre products through an MLM type of business model.

If you ask me: Is 4 Corners Alliance Group a Scam? My answer is NO. I don’t think it’s a scam.

But there is nothing unique here. Just a waste of time in my humble opinion. David also claims that you can earn $491.520 by selling books if you invest $300 in 4 Corners Alliance products. Let’s see if it’s any real.


The main idea behind 4 Corners Alliance Group

The main idea of this program is all about selling mediocre products through an MLM style of business. Your main goal is to buy financial books offered by 4 Corners Alliance Group and then promote them to other people and earn affiliate commissions. That’s it.

Or you can read all those books IF you have the time to read them all and try to apply what they teach you. The real situation is quite different. Most people never read them.

They just promote them and unfortunately, the quality of those books is not good. I mean you can find this information elsewhere on the internet for a cheaper price.


Pros of 4 Corners Alliance Group

  • Compensation plan
  • Affiliate program


Cons of 4 Corners Alliance Group

  • Products are not so good ( PLR books)
  • Complicated payout plan
  • Hugely relies on recruitment


4 Corners Alliance Group is a classic MLM company that provides you with mediocre products that you won’t find easy to promote simply because the quality of the info is not so good and many of those books can be found elsewhere for a cheaper price. And your success hugely depends on your recruiting efforts. Finally, there are too many negative reviews of 4 Corners Alliance Group on the internet. Allow me to show you a much better program with a more realistic approach. I’m a member of this program and it’s FREE to start.


4 Corners Alliance Group MLM opportunity overview

Some MLM companies have nothing to offer and the only way to become successful with them is to recruit other people so they join under you and you earn a commission. This type of MLMs require an advertising budget in order to buy traffic and send them to the main MLM site through your affiliate site.

The more people you invite the more of them may want to join the program and in this case you can earn a commission. This method requires a lot of budget because traffic is not cheap. There are some sites that sell cheap traffic but this type of traffic is useless because it’s untargeted.

Targeted traffic will cost you a lot of money because you need a lot of visitors because most of them won’t join your advertised MLM opportunity. Another option is recruiting using offline methods.

This method requires experience in order to be able to convince people to join your advertised program.

Some MLM programs have real products and you have to have selling skills and hold home parties in order to make sales. Some people achieve success with such opportunities thanks to being good at sales.

I’ve seen very few MLM programs that offer quality products but even in that case their products are not cheap. They are way expensive than other similar products available on the market.




In this particular case when it comes to 4 Corners Alliance Group, they suggest that you promote a collection of financial books that are not unique.

You can find some of these books on the internet for a cheaper price. It’s because 4 corners alliance group doesn’t own those books. They bought them somewhere along with resell rights and now are trying to push these books through an MLM type of business.

This type of books is known as PLR content (private label rights) and anyone can buy these books and resell them.

I mean the service and the product 4 corners alliance group has to offer is not unique which means you will be competing with other sites that are promoting the same product for a cheaper price.

Since these books will be promoted through 4 corners alliance group and they have a good compensation plan it means these books won’t be cheap. 4 Corners Alliance Group is promoting financial books through different levels.

Each level will cost you money in order to be able to promote books available on that level. But the main problem here is that some of these books can be found elsewhere on the internet.

For example, here is the 4 Corners Alliance Group product page ( ).

Some of their books, such as Understanding Precious Metals Investments, Financial Literacy The essentials, Binary Options and the Strategies Simplified, Bitcoin and Crypto A Guide for the Rest of us, Credit Card Debt, An Insider’s Guide to Exchange Traded Funds, Economics The Truth Behind The Spin cab be found on this site ( ).




You can buy each set for $9.95. It means promoting them won’t be easy because 4 corners alliance prices are not cheap. Plus I’m sure if you continue your search you will find some of these books on other online book shops or even on

I mean you can promote them without 4 Corners Alliance Group and earn your commissions. Also, keep in mind that most people today before buying an ebook online try to find it on torrent sites for free.

For example, if you type “Financial Literacy The essentials free download” in Google search box you will find some other free books on a similar topic. And this method applies to any other book promoted by 4 Corners Alliance Group.

By all this I mean do you think promoting 4 Corners Alliance Group books is a good income opportunity? Do you really think people are going to buy and read all these books? Most people today prefer watching video lessons over reading ton of material.

It means most people that join 4 Corners Alliance Group do so in order to promote those books and earn a commission. They don’t buy those books in order to educate themselves.


4 Corners Alliance Group products

All in all 4 Corners Alliance Group has to offer 31 books through 6 levels. Topics of books vary from finance to a motivational stuff.

LEVEL 1 – Book 1: Financial Literacy – Understanding Precious Metals Investments

LEVEL 1 – Bonus 1: Financial Literacy – The Essentials

LEVEL 1 – Bonus 2: Financial Literacy – How To Start Your Own MLM Business

LEVEL 2 – Book 1: Binary Options and Strategies Simplified

LEVEL 2 – Book 2: Bitcoin and Crypto: A Guide for the Rest of Us

LEVEL 3 – Book 1: Credit Card Debt

LEVEL 3 – Book 2: Exchange Traded Funds: The Inside Story

LEVEL 3 – Book 3: Economics – The truth behind the spin

LEVEL 4 – Book 1: Multiple Streams of Income

LEVEL 4 – Book 2: Hedge Funds – Why Investors Love Them And Why You Should Too

LEVEL 4 – Book 3: The Insiders Guide to Swing Trading

LEVEL 4 – Book 4: Debt Crisis

LEVEL 4 – Book 5: How to Get Out of Debt and Avoid Getting Ripped Off

LEVEL 4 – Book 6: Binary Options: 5 Valuable Lessons Learned in the Trenches

LEVEL 5 – Book 1: Residential Real Estate – The Essential Guide To Investing In Residential Real Estate

LEVEL 5 – Book 2: Commercial Real Estate – The Essential Guide To Investing In Commercial Real Estate

LEVEL 5 – Book 3: Forex Trading Series – How to Trade Forex With The Big Guys

LEVEL 5 – Book 4: Forex Trading Series – Forex Trading Simplified

Book 5: Forex Trading Series – How To Trade Forex Like A Seasoned Pro

LEVEL 5 – Book 6: Knowledge is Power: The Dow Theory Revealed

LEVEL 5 – Book 7: Just the Facts About American Depository Receipts (ADRs)

LEVEL 5 – Book 8: Secrets To Getting Traction With Momentum Trading

LEVEL 6 – Book 1: Investment Principles

LEVEL 6 – Book 2: Time Value of Money

LEVEL 6 – Book 3: Real Estate Investment Trust (R.E.I.T.)

LEVEL 6 – Book 4 : ETF Trading Series Part 1 – Knowledge Is Power

LEVEL 6 – Book 5: ETF Trading Series Part 2 – The Hidden Keys To Success

LEVEL 6 – Book 6: ETF Trading Series Part 3 -Know What The Experts Know

LEVEL 6 – Book 7 Options Trading – A Birds Eye View

LEVEL 6 – Book 8: Options Trading – The Ins and Outs of Options Trading

LEVEL 6 – Book 9: Options Trading – The Options Trading Deep Dive

Level 6 – Book 10: Forex Trading Series – Thriving in the Forex Marketplace

Level 6 – Book 11: Forex Trading Series – Advanced Forex Techniques

Level 6 – Book 12: Forex Trading Series – The Ultimate Forex Trading Resource

Level 6 – Book 13: Bond Investing Secrets Part 1

Level 6 – Book 14: Bond Investing Secrets Part 2

Level 6 – Book 15: Bond Investing Secrets Part 3

Level 6 – Book 16: Elliot Wave Theory Demystified: Practitioners Tell All

Level 6 – Book 17: Mature Investor Series – Change Your Investments

Level 6 – Book 18: Mature Investor Series – Dividend GoldMine

Level 6 – Book 19: Mature Investor Series – Real Estate

Level 6 – Book 20: Critical Tips for Investing in the Healthcare Insurance Sector

Level 6 – Book 21: Fundamentals of Investing in the Lucrative Healthcare Industry

Level 6 – Book 22: How to Start Investing in Many of the 16 Healthcare Sectors

Level 6 – Book 23: Fundamentals of Investing in the Consumer Discretionary Sector

Level 6 – Book 24: The Consumer Discretionary Sector – Addressing the Impacts of Investing

Level 6 – Book 25: How to Invest in Consumer Discretionary Sector Companies

Level 6 – Book 26: Fundamentals of Investing in the Basic Materials Sector

Level 6 – Book 26: Understanding the Basic Materials Sector as an Investment

Level 6 – Book 27: The Basic Materials Sector as an Investment – Advanced Methodologies

They also have a Starien Digital Marketing Academy which is a training program that will cost you $47 per month. This training course will teach you how to promote 4 Corners Alliance products.

They also have an exclusive newsletter with some tips on how to become successful in your business. On their site they describe their newsletter as a cutting edge, topical information that will help you implement the knowledge so you can become wealthy…

And this cutting edge newsletter will cost you $29.95 per month. You can also promote this newsletter subscription and earn up to 80% commissions from each sale.


As I said above, they have 6 levels:

Financial Literacy Level 1 – $10

Financial Literacy Level 2 – $10

Financial Literacy Level 3 – $25

Financial Literacy Level 4 – $60

Financial Literacy Level 5 – $150

Financial Literacy Level 6 – $300


Levels 1–3 are affordable while starting from level 4 it becomes a real challenge. I don’t think it’s affordable for most people.
I don’t think paying so much money for downloadable books is reasonable. Like I said, anyone can find books on similar topics elsewhere on the internet for a cheaper price.


4 Corners Alliance Group compensation plan

Like any other MLM company, 4 Corners Alliance Group has their own compensation plan that was designed to help you make money. Almost all MLM companies have a very complicated compensation plan and to be honest, I find it difficult to explain how they make their payouts.

The main idea is this: They claim you can join 4 Corners Alliance Group for as little as $18 and earn up to $491.250 by selling downloadable books. Does this sound realistic to you? Do you really believe you can make so much money by selling books? I don’t think so.




The hardest thing about 4 Corners Alliance Group compensation plan is that in order to go from one level to the next you need to find 4 people that will join 4 Corners Alliance Group and stay active within this program.

And for each person that joins 4 Corners Alliance Group you get paid $4. They call their compensation plan 4×6 Forced Matrix which means if you can get 4 people, and those 4 people can get 4 people each, you will have 16 people under you.

In this case your commissions will be $64. But you also need to pay $25 in order to get to the next level which means your profit will be $39, not $64. They also have another compensation plan – 4×7 Matrix + Matching Commissions which is even more complicated than the first one.

It starts from $29.95 monthly. In short, all this was designed to “help” you make more money. This is a theory. Theoretically speaking you can make millions, but in practice it doesn’t happen.

This compensation plan makes sense only IF people that join through you will stay in the program ( 4 Corners Alliance Group). IF… The truth is that most people will NOT stay which means you will be earning decent commissions. Forget about thousands of dollars. This is a dream.

Most people won’t be able to reach levels 4,5,6 because they have to pay the fee which is $60, $150, $300 monthly accordingly.

Commissions are as follows:

Instant commissions – You earn a commission if someone buys one of their available levels

Sponsor’s 100% match commissions – If any of your recruits earns a commission from their recruits you earn too.

Starien Academy commission – You earn from any of your recruits who is a part of Starien program

Newsletter commissions – you earn if someone from your recruits buys a subscription or if any of the recruits of your recruits buys a subscription too.


4 Corners Alliance Group refund policy

You can ask for a refund within 3 days on the first level only ( enrollment fee).


What I don’t like about 4 Corners Alliance Group

The books 4 Corners Alliance Group has to offer are not unique and you can find some of them elsewhere. Prices are not competitive.

Claims are too big and I don’t think you can make $491.250 by selling PLR books. The payout scheme is very complicated and looks good only on paper.

I didn’t find a lot of complaints about 4 Corners Alliance Group which means the program is not so much popular. But it doesn’t mean that 4 Corners Alliance is a ponzi scheme. I don’t think it is.

When it comes to applying that to practice it becomes a real challenge to get people to join 4 Corners Alliance Group. Most people won’t stay and you have to struggle in order to earn a commission or pay for the traffic. The opportunity is not that great and there are WAY better programs out there.


Can you really become successful with 4 Corners Alliance Group?

There are two simple answers to this simple question. Yes, of course you can and of course you can fail too. But your success hugely depends on how good the service or the product you are trying to promote is. 4 Corners Alliance Group products are not so great to be honest.

I personally can’t recommend this program because like I said, there are too many negative reviews of 4 Corners Alliance Group on the internet.

I don’t know anyone who could earn $491.520 with 4 Corners Alliance Group. If you want to join it, it’s all up to you. The program is not a scam. But I don’t recommend it either.


Final word on 4 Corners Alliance Group

In my humble opinion, since 4 Corners Alliance Group requires you to invest your hard earned money in order to make money with their program, I would recommend to keep your money and invest it into something more realistic and reliable.

David’s claim about making $491.250 is absolutely ridiculous in my opinion and I really doubt anyone can achieve this number with products 4 Corners Alliance Group has to offer. I’ve been promoting a high quality program over the past 3 years and yes I’m making money.

But I’m far from achieving this level. I don’t think you can do it with 4 Corners Alliance Group. Plus there are too many warnings regarding MLM companies available on the internet.

I’m not saying they all are bad or scams, but the success rate with MLMs is not so high. Remember, your main task will be recruiting other people into 4 Corners Alliance Group. Do you think you can bring a lot of people to your website? Do you think it’s easy? Not at all.

Without a flood of traffic to your website you won’t be able to earn even a decent income online. It means you have to pay for the traffic. There are even more pitfalls here you are not aware of.

I think from my 4 corners alliance group review it becomes clear that David’s program is not a scam and I can’t agree with those that claim it to be as such.

Believe me, there are much better programs out there and I can recommend you one that I’ve been part of since 2013. It’s FREE to start. Take a look at the link at the end of my review.


Final glance at 4 Corners Alliance Group

  • Compensation plan
  • Affiliate program
  • Products are not so good ( PLR books)
  • Complicated payout plan
  • Hugely relies on recruitment
  • Overall rank: 20 out of 100
  • Final verdict: Not recommended


Want a better program than 4 Corners Alliance Group? Here is my top recommended program to make money online!



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  1. Noni says:

    Hi Rufat

    Thank you so much fir this review, but you are not thinking out of the box here, personally i can reccomend this company to people, people don’t know how to use money, people don’t know how to invest. People need information and skills in order to apply to these.

    should this 4Corners business be introduced to people they will like the idea, if it’s presented to them in realistic way. We misuse cash because of the lack of knowledge we have, but now if you tell a person about this books and how at the same he/she will be earning an income while informing him/herself at the same time.

    As much lazy as people are to read, its time they informed themselves with knowledge and skills to leave a better life. As we all know knowledge is POWER.

    You can say that people can download these books from amazon, its not free like you say because amazon is also making money when we download, do people get paid commission in doing so? NO!

    but now with these 4 Corners thing atleast a person will get commission while selling this books to others. You see how easy it is to market something? You just marketed amazon but you won’t be getting any commission out of it.

    So please people be smart and think out of the box, like he said its not scam, and yes he said you will be earning commision, so why not consider it?

    • Rufat says:

      Thank you for the comment Noni. I understand your points and I agree that when it comes to 4 Corners Alliance you can make some money and that’s why I didn’t say it was a scam. Anyone can give it a try if they want.

  2. WMP says:

    Thanks for writing this review on 4 Corners Alliance Group. It’s a shame that there are so many programs like this one that will not make you very much money regardless of how hard you work at it. I think this program could be more profitable if the books they offered were better. However, Wealthy Affiliate seems like a great alternative, I think I’m going to check it out.

    • Rufat says:

      This program is not so bad to be honest. They make payouts and the compensation plan is good too. This one if different from other scams. But like I said, claims are big and there is no way to earn $500.000 by selling books. But if you work really hard you can make some money with this program. And I agree that the quality of their books is their main problem. In fact, you can spend your money in a much better way with much better programs such as Wealthy Affiliate.

  3. Jesse Collier says:

    Hi Rufat!

    I really enjoyed reading your in-depth review on 4 Corners Alliance Group. I hate companies like this that promote themselves to be able to make people money fast while doing almost no work. And the sad thing is, they do fool a lot of people into falling for their scheme and ultimately losing a lot of money. Do you know anyone or have you yourself fallen a victim of one of these scams?

    • Rufat says:

      I can’t say that 4 Corners Alliance tries to scam people. In fact, they have products to offer though their are not so great. But it’s already good thing that they have real products, have compensation plan in place and give you some tools to use. Still I don’t feel comfortable to recommend 4 Corners Alliance Group simply because I know many other quality programs out there that provide much better products and don’t make big claims like David does.

  4. Gomer Magtibay says:

    Thanks for this article about 4 Corners Alliance Group. This is an eye opener for those involved or wanting to involve in this program. May their eyes be opened, so they won’t waste valuable time and money.

    Being a former MLMer, what I can say about these programs is, those people thinking it will be the way for them to build an income for life, they will soon discover that they have become the source of income for the company and the owner. Truth hurts but it must be accepted.

    • Rufat says:

      Generally speaking I can say I agree with you. Many programs do exactly as you say. This one has some pros but still I can’t say it’s good enough to recommend it. As a former MLMer you learned your lesson regarding MLMs and know that MLM business is not for everyone. Since you are a member of WA I understand that your experience with MLMs is not as good as with affiliate marketing. And it’s not surprising because most people fail with MLMs. But still 4 Corners Alliance is not so bad. They have a good compensation plan and it’s much better than many other MLMs that I’ve seen so far.

  5. Derek says:

    Thanks for the reviews. Some really interesting ideas on here. Im interested in learning a little more about the wealthy affiliate program because I see that 4 Corners Alliance Group is not something I have interest in. It doesn’t look like a realistic opportunity. When it comes to WA, It seems like it could have some potential. a few questions.

    1. I’m unhappy at my job. I would like to build a website that affords me the opportunity to quit my current job and work full time online. are there other members at wealthy affiliate that were able to achieve this?

    2. As i said i work full time. i also have 2 children. realistically how much time should i expect to invest in building a successful website per week?

    • Rufat says:

      You’re right here. I think 4 Corners Alliance Group is not realistic opportunity though it’s absolutely possible to make money through this program. Their main problem is that they promise that you can make close to $500.000 by just selling PLR ebooks. Is that real? Sure, it’s not. You have to own a big online book shop or something like to be able to make a lot of sales. Otherwise it’s not possible. Of course you can make some money, but not as much as David claims you can. Regarding Wealthy Affiliate, this program has a more realistic approach that you can apply to any business, but results are not guaranteed. The more time you invest the more results you can expect. I think if you can work on your online business 10 hours per week within a year or so, you can expect some good results.

  6. Mark says:

    Any time you have to invest significant amounts of money to be involved with any company online red flags should go up in my opinion. While the topic of whether or not MLM’s are legit is a contentious one for sure it’s always a matter of buyer beware. Do your research and make the best educated decision you can.

    • Rufat says:

      In fact, 4 Corners Alliance Group doesn’t require a lot of money compared to other expensive programs that I’ve seen so far. But the main problem here that I see is that for example you can promote any book available on for free and earn a commission for each sale that you make. In case with 4 Corners Alliance Group, you should first buy their books in order to be able to sell them. In fact, there are many affiliate programs that allow you to promote their products for free for which 4 Corners wants you to pay money. But they have a good compensation plan that may be interesting IF you can ton of people to your affiliate site. Finally, this opportunity doesn’t look like much appealing to me.

  7. luciahnjer says:

    Am getting to know it for the first time and i like the enlightenment.
    There are so many people who are taking advantage of others in the name of making money online

    Such kind of information is good for helping those who are desperate in making money online so that one doesn’t end up in the wrong hands. Which other scams have you come across?

    • Rufat says:

      I understand what you mean. I’ve seen many programs that try to take advantage of others and many people lost lots of money as a result of that. But in this case, I didn’t say that 4 Corners Alliance was a scam. In fact, it’s not a scam though some review sites that I’ve come across consider it a scam. But I think it’s unfair to call a program a scam when it’s not. They do it for many reasons known to them. I just wanted to make things clear and let you know once again that 4 Corners Alliance is legit, but I don’t recommend it because I know many other legit and WAY better programs and I don’t think investing your money into 4 Corners Alliance is the best option out there.

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